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Chapter One

Angel Island

Derek Rayne, precept of the San Francisco Legacy House, was pacing in the luxurious living room glancing from time to time at an old clock hanging on the green wall. He was so excited! A dig supported by the Luna Foundation,of which he was the chairman, in New Mexico had discover an Aztec mirror made into a necklace, dating from the 9th century. The jewel was representing the time or so the inscription on the contour of the mirror said. The lack of expertise of the archaeologist made them realize of the importance of their discovery, they decide to send the necklace to the Luna foundation. The package was to be expected any minute now, but even while Derek was so excited, worry wouldn't quit his mind. His long time friend and colleague, Philip Callaghan, was soon to be arriving but with the rain, many accidents had occur since the roads were slippery. He considered Philip like his younger brother even if he would never admit it and sometimes like his own son.

And he missed him so much and now he coming home. It was marvelous since Philip was an expert of ancient languages and some of the inscription on the treasure needed translation. Derek thought of Philip as family, that's probably why he missed him so much. He remembered an argument with Nick Boyle about Philip's departure, any argument made Derek's day more sadder, since he considered the House like his own family. He had a real one. His sister Marina, that he saw a few times a year was frustrated at him for being obsessed by his work. He knew she wanted to best for him but still, it hadn't help him much. His mother and him didn't get along well, probably because of the same reason Marina had - she thought it was insane to continue his father's work after what he did to them and to him.

Derek quickly shook his thoughts and memories filled with sorrow out of his head. Now was not the time to think about the bad days with Philip was coming home after an long assignment. The front door bell rang, waking Derek from his thoughts. Either Philip or the necklace they were waiting for had arrived and both were good news. Derek was joined by The Legacy's head researcher Alexandra Moreau, both met at the bottom of the stairs and smile at each other before almost running to the door. Alex almost collided with Nick Boyle who was primarily in charge of security, a title he took seriously after what happened when the two sons of an sorcerer decide to regain the medallion which possessed their father's magic and they defeated the Legacy security alarm. He rushed before them, also excited by the arrival of his long time friend. The door's bell rang again and Nick opened it revealing a post office messenger.

Derek motion to the man to enter and took gently from the man the box and nodded to Nick to tip the man, generously. Alex and Derek transported the heavy box to the secret Legacy lab and put it on the main table. Both grinned with excitement, waiting for the others. The others were Dr. Rachel Corrigan, Nick Boyle and Philip... Derek smiled softly at Alex who was grinning.

She look like a kid just before Christmas, he thought looking at her, Philip's sudden departure had affected them all.

Rachel Corigan finally arrive with Philip and Nick close behind. Derek did something out of the ordinary by walking toward Philip and hugging him. Rachel smiled and took Philip's arm under hers.

"Look what I find on the porch!" she exclaim to Derek, Nick and Alex.

Alex repeated Derek's action and said in Philip's ear. "Thank god you're back, our humble precept was beginning to turn us crazy here!" Both laughed at her comment, then Derek took Philip's arm and motioned to the others to take their seats.

"So what t' worry, nothing urgent I hope!" exclaimed Philip.

"Well, we need your help. Open the box Alex, while I explain to Philip and Rachel what is there to do," said Derek over his shoulder.

Rachel and Philip followed Derek at one of the computers and show them the inscription on the box, it took no time for Philip to take the job over with the help of Rachel. Derek approached the station where Nick worked when Derek's sight manifested itself. His vision blurred as he difficultly saw the Aztec necklace with a shinning mirror large like an balloon at its center, it's long strand of pearl and emerald danced before his eyes, dropping from Alex, braking itself on his arm when he tried to retrieve it. Derek screamed and shut his eyes tightly as he heard Katherine Corrigan, Rachel's eight year old daughter, surprisingly near him, screaming from the pain as one of the pieces cut her neck. The vision blurred again and slowly let him recover. Something touched his arm, he jumped but the comforting sight of Rachel stopped him from feeling any fear.

"What happened?" she said, worry making her voice tremble. With a reassuring smile Derek replied, "Nothing I felt dizzy a minute, I'll be all right."

Alex turned toward the precept, and asked for his aid. A brief meeting was to be held in a few minutes and the necklace was quite heavy and fragile to transport. Derek jogged over to her and held a part on the necklace to help transport it. Katherine Corrigan came in with a bleeding scar on her fist. Almost at the same moment that Kat arrived next to Alex' side, a small object flew into the meeting room, surprising and frightening Alex into dropping the necklace on Kat. Reliving his vision, Derek screamed in horror and pain as the mirror part broke on his upper arm, cutting his vein. Alex tried to retrieve the broken glass but didn't succeed much as she cut herself too. Kat stepped back when a fragment scratch her neck. She let out a painful cry and pressed her fingers on the cut.

The necklace fell on the ground letting a blinding light which took away the current history and went in another order, sacrificing the Legacy members into an parallel dimension, holding them prisoners for maybe ...forever.

Chapter Two

Derek's Awakening

Derek Rayne opened his eyes, dizzy, and realize he was lying on his back since he was looking at a ceiling. He rested a minutes before asking himself where he was and what had happened. He didn't think he was home after taking a quick look around the room. It didn't look like anything like his castle. Again deep in his thoughts and suffering from a headache, he closed his eyes only to open them a few minutes later when a chilling child's scream came from the next room. Derek jumped out of the bed, trying to pinpoint the origin of the scream. He opened the room and found himself in a hallway. The cry continued, again and again and didn't seem to stop. Derek began to open door after door, becoming desperate as he open the closest door to him. The scream was louder as he entered. The room was in shade of green and blue, dolls and toys on the library and on the bed. Two silouhettes moved in the dark, Derek recognized that the belonged to that voice. Rachel Corrigan's 8 years old daughter screaming hard at a middle age lady.

"What's going on here?" ask Derek, confused, but yet relieved to know he wasn't alone.

Katherine Corrigan looked up at Derek, relief was on her face

"Mr. Bloom, I'm so glad I don't know what happened here but your daughter suddenly freaked out.." manage to said the woman, with white hair and a British accent.

Derek bent down and opened his arms so Kat could take refuge in them. Uncomfortable, the woman mentioned that she must depart, Derek lifted up his eyes to her, happy that she wanted to leave, her presence scared Kat. She paused in front of the door and begun making lousy excuses. But Derek made her shush, assuring her it was nothing. She nodded then bid her farewell to him and Kat. Derek turned his gaze to Kat...

"Do you understand any of it?" He asked, Kat shook her head and shrug. Derek put her on the floor, took her hand and decided to go on a search for Rachel and the others who, Derek hoped, were near. His mind wondered why the woman called him Mr. Bloom and thought Kat was her daughter. Did she know him? Was he suppose to know her, and also why didn't he feel like he belonged here in this house, that seemed, after the departure of the nanny, so quiet....


The house was big and luxurious, seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, a spacious kitchen but nobody home. No Rachel, no Nick, no Alex, no Philip. Exhausted and still very much confused he took Kat in the living room, to keep his thoughts in order, and how to comfort his frightened companion. From the journal paper said it was the same day when the necklace arrived. The news seemed familiar as those he read earlier, but still something was wrong...

His permit said he was Shamus Bloom, the man who was possessed by Azrael when they were investigating the fifth sepulcher. Derek flinched with that memory it brought back to him, the horrible memory when Nick and him found Julia Walker dead, hanging on a scarecrow. It reminded him that Julia's death might have been his fault.

Derek took another look at Kat's birth certificate he found in the bureau earlier, while searching for the others. Katherine Ann Bloom, her mother's name was Wendy ------- . Derek closed his eyes thinking how familiar the name was, as he open his eyes he find himself looking into Kat's eyes. Shesat beside him, he put his arm around her.

"Where's mom?" she ask in a small voice.

Derek fell ill for a second he didn't know either, but they have to, but for now Kat was the priority and she must be hungry, both of them needed energy and strength. As Kat ate something, Derek turned on the TV to see what was happening in the world. He had called the Luna Foundation, but no one answered. The operator told him that number didn't exist. Kat joined him in the living room. Derek was going through some papers he had found earlier when the reporter announced himself on the TV.

"This is David Prager for CTV news update...."

Derek almost fainted, choking on the glass of water he had been drinking. He had seen with his own eyes this man dying, killed by a train. Yet he was in perfect shape on the television. Derek had almost begun thinking he was dreaming when Kat's voice told him the contrary.

"Derek what's wrong, what's happening?"

"Nothing Kat," he said with an unsure smile. Better give her no more worry she already have for tonight, because maybe I am wrong maybe it's not the same David Prager that went with Alex in Loyola, I have seen weirder things. "I thought I knew this man on the TV but I guess I was wrong."

Finding his reaction acceptable, she turned back her attention on the screen, the news continued and Derek came around to the thought it wasn't the same man, when the announcer revealed images from Angel Island and a short interview with the chairman of the Luna Foundation, and host of an upcoming charity function, Winston Rayne.

to be continued..

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