Bran Jordan has just been transferred to the SanFransico Legacy house form the Chicago House. Where she must stop a demon which killed her parents and leaving her with a scar down her back, Killing more than 20 people. Now Callisto is killing people in SanFransico. Can this new member stop a demon before she destroys the Legacy and SanFransico?


"Daddy!" The young girl called out, her short brown hair hung in a tangled mass on her shoulder. The man was being tossed carelessly around the room - his body was like a rag doll. Her mother's body lay beside her and fire had sprung up though the floor as if Hell had been let lose.

A women with raven black hair, a dress of blackest leather, and metallic armor around her slim figure, stood in the center of the room. Bran could only scream in horror as her father's life less body fell limp to the floor which was stained red with what looked to be at least the blood of twenty people. Her parents' were just part of the mixture.

"You can't stop me Bran. You are to young to understand. Join me and I will teach you the ways of evil and all its glory. Together we will destroy my enemies, the Legacy, and it will perish in their own fires that sent me to Hell!" the demon demanded.

"Never!" Hatred filled her voice, rage burned in her eyes there was nothing that would stop her from sending this monster back to where she came from. The book, of course, the book ! Bran thought as she scampered though the burning room. The book lay on the floor, the one with the fancy "L" on the front cover. She slipped past the demon who was planning on how to kill the ten year old or how to get her to join her, Bran wasn't sure. The book in Bran's hands was heavy, it's pages torn and blackened by the flames. Where is it! Where is it! she thought as the pages flashed by.

"NO! YOU STAY AWAY FROM THAT BOOK!" the demon screamed.

BINGO! She began chanting the words. Before she could finish the line, pain ripped down her back and she was flung against the opposite wall.


Blood now dripped down her head from a gash she had received earlier. "I WON'T LET YOU!" cried Bran. The words had been embalmed in her mind. The chant poured out of her mouth. " YE DEVIL BE GONE! RETURN TO WHERE YE CAME FROM! LEAVE THIS WORLD AND ITS PEOPLE! RETURN TO THE FIERY HELL IN WHICH YOU CAME FROM! YE DEVIL BE GONE!..." the words sprung from her mouth as the demon, Callisto, was sucked down in to the fiery floor. Darkness soon fell around the room and blackness filled Bran Jordan's eyes.

Chapter One

Chicago, Illinois Jan. 27,1997

On the windy banks of Lake Michigan, a light snow fell. Bran Jordan watched over the waves as they hit the icy shores. The Chicago Legacy House had been following up on a poltergeist that had been terrorizing a family. The ghoul had been murdered twenty years earlier and wanted revenge. It had murdered six people before they stopped it.

As she typed up the last sentence in to her data record log on her desktop, her cellar phone rang. "Bran." Her voice echoed in to the phone and a stern voice sprung from the holes. "Bran, it's Jason. I need you to go to the San Francisco House and help out an old friend of mine."


"Dr. Derek Rayne. Bran, it will be a transfer. I need you to get packed up and head over there as soon as possible. We will send your stuff airmail so it will get there quickly."

"Why me?"

"You are our best demon and spook expert and not only that, you can hack into almost anything and can translate almost any language, from Latin to ancient Mongolian."

"You're flattering me."

"Bran those aren't the only reasons. This demon's name is Callisto."

"C-A-L-L-I-S-T-O!?!" Her voice started to shake.

"Since you sent this demon back to where he came from when you were little, I figured you could help them do it again."


"Bran, you told me that the reason you joined the Legacy was to fight demons and ghosts. You did that and more. You have became a 'ghostbuster' in the living flesh." A small laugh escaped Bran's lips.

"Jason, how do I get there? I have never been to San Francisco before. I never really looked at any maps or anything."

"I'll have a map downloaded to your car's computer main frame."

"I'm glad I keep that suitcase packed and in the trunk of my car."

"I am too. Good luck, Bran."

"Jason, do you know what Bran means? It is the Celtic mythological god of the nether world. Talk to you later"


"Yeah." The phone lines went blank. Bran soon packed up her stuff and headed for her Jeep Grand Cherokee and piled it in. Switching on her computer a map that showed her location and her exact path she would take. Then the engine roared to life and the young woman was off.

San Francisco Legacy House Jan. 29,1997

The phone had been ringing off the phone for the last hour and half. So we have ten people coming and twenty who aren't, Nick thought he had been answering the people RSVP-ing for the last hour. Then the phones suddenly stopped and one phone rang.

"God, Derek! What is the idea? Nobody can get a hold of you guys!" an unfamiliar voice had belched out of the phone.

"Luna Foundation. Nick Boyle speaking. How may I help you?"

"Nick! I'm sorry. I thought Derek had answered the phone. Can I talk to him please? It's very important."

"Hold on." What a jerk! Nick found Derek in the computer lab along with Alex, Rachel, and Philip. "Hey Derek some raving lunatic on the phone for you."

"You get a name?"


"What line?"

"One." He then picked up the phone, "Hello, Derek Rayne. How may I help you?"

"Derek, it's Jason Michael of the Chicago House."

"Jason, good to hear from you again. I got your fax this morning. What's with all the information about you transferring a member of your House to here?"

"Well, I'm sending one of my finest to your House because she has worked with Callisto before. Not only that, she was the one who had sent her it back to hell about twelve years ago."

"How can that be? No one survived that encounter with Callisto."

"That's not true. Bran was ten at the time and was spared with only a slight concussion and a nice size scar down her back. She has dedicated her entire life to stopping things that go bump in the night."

"Bran?...Bran Jordan?"

"You know her?"

"I meet her when I was about thirty-one, in Chicago. I was asked to go to a funeral. I don't remember the person's name though."

"Jason, why are you doing this?"

"Doing what? Just helping out! I thought friends looked out for friends?"

"That isn't the only reason," Derek commented.

"She knows what you are dealing with, she can translate almost any language - by memory, she can hack in to almost anything if she wanted to and last but not least, she is our lead specialist on demons and specters. Besides, she needs to get away from Chicago. She left two days ago and she should be there some time oday."

"Jason!" The phone line went dead. Wonderful. This is just wonderful! Derek thought.

"What did he want?" Philip asked politely.

"Jason is an old friend of mine. It appears he has sent one of his best. Her name is Bran Jordan and apparently she has dealt with Callisto before," the Precept replied.

"That's it?" Rachel questioned.

"I met her before. What will she be now twenty-three, twenty four?" he thought aloud then continued, "And not only that, she has become a accomplished hacker, translator and expert in the field of paranormal encounters."

"What does she look like?" Nick smiled.

"I have no idea, all I know is she will become a member of this House and she'll be here sometime today."

The group grew quiet, letting the silence slip into the electronic equipment and their minds.

Chapter Two

Somewhere on Highway 80 - Jan.29, 1997

Bran sat in her Jeep Grand Cherokee. Empty coffee cups were scattered on the car floor, some music was blaring out profanities. She had been driving nearly three days straight and had fallen asleep at the wheel twice. Luckily, she was on farmland and no cars were near. She was in California, she had crossed the border at least three hours earlier. San Francisco's silhouette was on the horizon. I'm going to stay awake, I'm going to stay awake, I'm going to stay awake, I'm going to stay awake. Bran chanted in her mind Now what? Her computer screen was going blurry, and a static buzz filled the air. Damn! My computer can't fail on me now. "Christ, there go my directions!" A rest area, Great! Just my luck I can call the Dr. Rayne and get some direction there.

She soon had pulled in to the small complex , punched in the numbers and waited for someone to pick up the other line. "Luna Foundation, Father Philip Callaghan speaking. How may I help you?" The Irish voice exploded from the speaker.

"Mmm… is a Dr. Derek Rayne there?" Her voice was timid and shy.

"Hold on I'll get him for you."


"Derek some lady on the phone for you, it might be Bran." She heard in the background.

"Put it on the speaker phone," Derek responded. "Derek Rayne speaking how may I help you?"

"Dr. Rayne? It's Bran Jordan. I seem to have lost my directions and I have know clue where I'm going. Do you mind helping me out a little?"

"No, not at all. Where are you?"

"Ahh, rest area 39 just off of highway..." A yawn interrupted her sentence. "Sorry, I'm little tired. I'm just off of highway 80."

"OK, here is what you do get of at exit 59C and then head north on Banks road, till you get to Duncan Ave. Where you should take a right and then go straight. You will then take a ferry across to Angel Island. Then go to the only castle there."

"Thank you so much, Dr. Rayne I really appreciate your help."

"Please, call me Derek."

"Derek it is, I'll be seeing you shortly." Then the phone line went dead.

The Legacy members were all seated in the lab when the call came in and were anxious to meet their newiest member.

"So that was Miss Jordan?" Nick said thoughtfully

"She sounds very tired, I think we should let her get some sleep when she comes in. She won't be in that great of a condition and she'll probably collapse on the stairs if we aren't careful," Rachel stated with concern.

" I agree. She is going to need some rest and I think we in away owe it to her since she has come her on such short notice and driven such a long way," Alex chimed.

"It is settled then. When Miss Jordan comes in, we'll send her off to get some sleep," Derek confirmed the groups concurrence.

About an hour later the group saw a black Jeep Grand Cherokee pull in to the drive, complete with extremely loud music. "She is going to damage her eardrums. With the music that loud," Rachel commented. The car soon pulled to a stop and out pilled a young woman her hair hung loose in a ponytail. Her red flower pattern skirt flowed down to her ankles where they met with a pair of brown hiking boots. Her black coat hung unzipped to revealed the oversized gray sweater inside. When she knocked at the door, Nick was waiting to receive her. He then escorted her in to the den were she met up with Derek, Alex, Philip and Rachel.

"It's nice to meet you all." Her voice was run down and drained, her eyes were shoot.

"It was unanimously voted before you arrived you should be allowed to get some sleep first," Derek announced.

"How long has it been since you last slept?" Rachel asked politely

"Oh, good four days. I was just about to head home for some sleep when Jason called and sent me here. I didn't even have time to pack. He said he would send my stuff, but in Chicago you never know," she yawned again

"Come on. I'll show you to your room," Nick politely offered. She is pretty cute, I must admit that! The two walked slowly out the den and up the stairs, where she found her bed. It was a twin-size bed with a seafoam green comforter and an extra blanket at the foot of the bed. The bedroom itself was made up of light woods and simple colors. Just before Nick left she had already collapsed into a deep slumber on top of the comforter. He placed the extra blanket on her and left the room silently.

"She's sleeping, she nearly didn't make it in to the bed," Nick informed the group.

"I wouldn't blame her for that after staying up for four days straight. I think Jason is working his members way to hard. She is suffering from fatigue," Rachel commented

"Jason said Bran was coming as quickly as possible because of Callisto," Derek added.

"What did you get on Callisto so far Alex?" Derek questioned

"It appears that she has had a grudge against the Legacy for a little over 2,000 years. Callisto managed to get out about twelve years ago, killing 23 people and half of the Chicago Legacy House. Bran was said to be the keeper of the demon. In a police report there was a statement made by Bran about twelve years ago, 'she was out for revenge, that's all she wants. That's all she'll ever want'"

Silence filled the room until Alex snapped everyone back into reality. "She lost both parents to Callisto and was adopted by a Legacy member. She was at the hospital at the time of her statement. Bran was suffering form sever blood loss and a slash down her back that took 180 stitches to close it up, and a light concussion too."

"Sounds painful," Kat was at the door she was dressed in a school uniform

"What are you doing here so early?" Rachel questioned her bright eight year old daughter

"Early? It's four o' clock . School has been out for at least an hour. Who is Bran?"

"Bran is the newest member of the Legacy. She is sleeping now so you can't talk to her, but she'll be up sooner or later." Philip responded to Kat's question.

"I hope she is nice."

"I'm sure she is sweety. Why don't you go play out side for a little while OK?"

"Yeah" The little girl skipped out the door and into the bright blue afternoon. The rest of the afternoon was quiet and rather peaceful. To peaceful…

Chapter Three

Somewhere in San Francisco Jan 29,1997

A Dark haze filled the room, a line of fire crossed the floor. A woman, a demon, of the past was dressed in a black dress, her raven black hair hung loose at her shoulders. Swirling metallic lines sped down to the floor. "You can't defeat me little girl! I will win! I will ALWAYS win!"

"Callisto" The name clung to her throat.

"You should have joined me when you had the chance, but NO you went and joined the LEGACY. Bad move." An evil laugh flowed through the room. "Now, I guess you are going to die with the rest of them. The only difference is you are going to die first and very, very, slowly." With that the flames exploded around her. The heat singed her flesh, the flames grew hotter and hotter, nipping at her throat. The only sound that could be heard was the ghastly laugh of a demon.

Bran flew down the stairs, not even noticing the clothes she was wearing. "DEREK!" she found them in the library. Then the group turned to see the commotion Bran was making. "She comes, she is going to attack very, very, soon." They could see the sweat and tears on her face.

"How do you know? What has happened?" Alex questioned.

"Callisto uses fire, blood, innocents, she is growing stronger. I had this dream was her using all those things. She called me a little girl, my best guess is she is trying to make weaken me. She also said I would be the first to die. Call it a feeling, a hunch… she is going to strike, and we have to prepare for it." The group aloud the statement to soak in.

"Alex, Philip, get into the computer lab, find out everything you can on recent disappearances, that leave a single line of blood, it would be slanted. Rachel and I will go into the library, and see what we can use to get this demon, and send Callisto back to Hell. Bran, Nick go and check out the streets, for anything you can find out about, Callisto, or places where we might be able to find her." The group dispersed immediately, Bran changed quickly, into a pair of tight jeans, and an oversized black wool sweater. "Nick" Derek called after the young man.


"Take care of her and yourself." Nick only nodded and meet Bran by the red ford mustang. She smiled warmly, they hopped into the car, and headed off on a demon hunting mission in the San Francisco morning fog.

In The Car

"So where should we start our search?" Nick asked

"Any Caves? Woods? Sewers? Subways? pretty much anything dark. She likes it there."

"How is it that you know so much about Callisto?"

"When I was twelve she took way part of my soul. In exchange for a piece of hers, It's not the greatest deal I know." Nick sat silently, so did Bran. Is she working with Callisto? Or with us? "I know what you are thinking Nick, no I am not working with her. Once she is put in Hell for eternity, my soul will be free from her, and I will be me as a whole once again."

"Does Derek know this?"

"No, just you. You can tell them if you want though, they have a right to know."

"So all these years you, knew she would be back?" The older man's voice was becoming slightly irritated now.

"Yes, but I didn't know when. I couldn't know when, and that's why I joined the Legacy, so I could find out how to keep her there permanently. Nick I am a good person, Callisto couldn't beat me then and I won't let her beat me now. I've grown to strong for her."

"That's why she's trying to make you feel like a little girl again?"

"Yes, but I won't let her win. By the way, where are we going?" She asked the driver

"Basetone cave the darkest place I know. It's said to this ancient vampire burial ground." Nick was using his spookiest voice possible.

"Sounds like I fun place." She looked at him cautiously "Is it safe."

"I hope so, but I'm packing just in case."

"Good idea." She pulled out a colt 45 and loaded it "So am I" Nick could only wonder, here was the newest member of the team, and she was carry a gun. She cares a gun, interesting. She then slid the gun into her back pants pocket. She then pulled out two small flashlights setting one by Nick while the other rested in her hand.

Basetone Woods

The car drove into a wooded area, a sign pointed out the cave. When the car came to a stop, Nick was the first out. Offerings had been left, blood and some bread. "So you aren't the only one who knows that she drinks blood."

"This is a vampire burial ground you know, but there is something wrong."

"What's that?"

"The fruit and the bread. A vampire would cures you if you offered it to them, fruit" She shook her head sadly "they only drink blood. Sometimes they can be so jealous because they can't eat it. They cures you for being normal, and for bringing up there past." She stood up from the squat she was in while examining the offerings.

"Let me guess, your a vampire expert too." She looked at him and smiled, and a shallow chuckle.

"Something like that"

"Something like that, what is that suppose to mean?"

"Nick there are many types of vampires, I only have an overview of them." She had started into the cave, Gun in one hand and flashlight in the other. "These guns won't stop her, but I'm hoping they'll would slow her down a little."

"You smell that?" Death was around them, they could smell a large bloody body of some sort, maybe animal or human they couldn't tell.

"Yup" The flashlights swirled the cave walls as they went in further. "There!" A line of blood tilted on a slant, but something was different. There was a body probably a woman in her late 40's early 50's they weren't sure. Her face had been mauled and torn apart, blood oozed down the walls. "Oh my God" Bran uttered, Nick moved closer Bran couldn't look anymore and turned around shapely. Nick stopped and placed his hand on the plasma. It's still warm.

"She hasn't been dead long, the blood is still warm"

"She is close, Nick. I feel like she is breathing down my neck." They couldn't see the women in black or that she was covered in blood, and the smile that covered her face. They heard her laugh though, they heard her laugh. "Nick, I think we have a problem."

"BRAN, BRAN, BRAN you should have joined me while you had the chance, that silly prayer you said. It can't stop me anymore. Nick TAKE A NAP!" She howled out, Nicks body flew into the wall, and then fell limp to the floor. "YOUR MINE NOW!" A wicked grin spread across her face. A wall of fire encircled Bran, the flames grew closer and closer still. She frantically searched for away out, there was none in sight.

Then Callisto appeared in front of Bran, she moved her left arm up and around in a half circle. Pain shoot through Bran's helpless body, blood started to trickle down her face. Her back caught fire, and the flames went up her neck through here hair. She collapsed, then as sudden as it started, it was over. Bran lay still as death, blood down her face, bruises covered her neck and back. Her pulse was weak and slowing by the minute. Her screams had rung through the woods, ambulances where on the way. Nick could barely open his eyes, to see if she was breathing, blood ran down his neck where it had hit the caves slimy wall.

Legacy House Jan 29, 1997

A phone rang, when Derek answered and, he was greeted by a nurse. "Dr. Rayne we have two people here, one says he knows you, the other is in surgery. The names are Nick Boyle and Bran Jordan, would you like to talk to him."

"Yes, please." He responded

"Derek, I couldn't do anything to help her. It happened so fast." Nick voice was shaking

"How I she?"

"She has some and a punctured lung, a broken rib, and a lot of bruises. She should live though."

"How are you?"

"Never better, I have concussion along with six stitches on the back of my head." His voice was different, quieter some how "Doctors say I will live too. Bran is in surgery at the moment. You might want to come down, we are at the San Francisco Memorial Hospital." The connection was broken. Derek immediate called a meeting.

When they were all there, he began. "Bran and Nick are at the hospital. Bran was in surgery when I last talked to Nick. He has concussion. But he is fine otherwise"

"How's Bran?" Philip asked

"She is suffering from a broken rib and a punctured lung. I'm going to head down to the hospital. Anyone is welcome to join me." he offered.

The group's silence was to much, they pondered Bran's outburst early that day. "Callisto uses fire, blood, innocents, she is growing stronger. I had this dream was her using all those things. She called me a little girl, my best guess is she is trying to make weaken me. She also said I would be the first to die. Call it a feeling, a hunch… she is going to strike, and we have to prepare for it." Her voice seemed ghastly now, her normal tone had vanished, the voice of a ghost replaced her.

"I'll come" Philip replied,

"Me too" Rachel chimed in

"I'm going to stay here, and do some more research, so we find out how to stop this monster. Before anyone else gets hurt."

Chapter Four

Bran was out of surgery a half an hour after Nick’s phone call. Philip now sat by the small Hospital bed which held a young woman. He could now see her dark brown eyes under her lashes. Her mouth moved, yet no sound could be heard coming from throat. "I’m here." He took her hand it to his "Nick, Derek, and Rachel are in the cafeteria getting some coffee." She smiled and looked at a notepad and a pen that rested on a the small table beside her. Philip placed the pad on paper under her hand, and placed the pen in her figures.

Philip, I know you can’t here me. I’m so weak. Please help me, help me. Listen to me Philip.

"Bran, did you say something?"

Hear my thoughts, your thoughts are mine. All you have to do is read the words, I will hear you.

"What words?" with a shack hand she slowly wrote the PETRICLEAS.

You’ll know the words, don’t worry you’ll know.

Suddenly her eyes rolled into the back of her head, where only white could be seen. "Bran?" He could no hear the long buzz of the monitor, it was now informing the doctors of a death, that they could possible stop.

Philip was quickly shuffled out the door and into the hall, where he watched and, silently prayed to God to save her. Nick was one of the first people to get back. "What happened? " He knew the answer , he could see that instant Bran’s body jumped up from the table as the electrical currents spread through her body.

Somewhere in San Francisco

An evil laugh leapt from the demons throat.. "Welcome Bran, Do you like my home?" It’s voice echoed in the large room, and then the Callisto laughed, so cold that her laughter lingered in the midnight black room. The only light was streaming far above Bran, and even then it was so faint Bran could barley see her feet. Bran’s hands were bond tightly behind her back, and her mouth was gagged closed, her head throbbed, from the beating it had received earlier that day. The same hatred that filled here eyes as a young girl, as she watched her parents die, now rage like a flaming fire of hate that could never be stopped. "Very good Bran, you are learning hatred. You can still join me." Callisto walked closer to the young women "Join me, together we can rule the world and everything in it. What do you say ?" The demon slid her icy hand down Bran’s cheek letting the gag fall free to the floor and off Bran’s lips

"You can go to Hell. Even if it means I have to go with you."

"You know that would be nice you coming to live with me and everything, oh course I’ve been their, and it’s really a lovely place. I don’t see why it gets such a bad reputation. Now I guess it’s your turn to go and visit, except I wont becoming with you. " She raised her arm and pointed it at Bran. Lightning flew away from the demons icy finger tips. Pain flooded over Bran, she could fell the air leave her lungs, and her very heart threaten to exploded.

God I know you are out there please help me, stay strong. I must stay here. I can’t leave not yet. I promised Nick I wouldn’t let her win. Please help me keep my promise, please. Bran’s pray leased the pain , and helped her sour and aching mussels relax. And suddenly she could fell the legacy, she could hear Philips prays and Nick’s cry for her to stay with them, and she could fell blood ooze from a newly developed cut on her forehead. Nick please, don’t worry I’ll stop her. I’ll stop her. Bran whispered in her mind.

Back at the Hospital

Some of the members of the San Francisco Legacy house watched in silence as there newest friend and team member slipped from life and passed on to death, and there was nothing they could do but pray and watch helplessly as her coma worsened. The entire Legacy could hear Bran’s cries for them, to be strong. Don’t let me go please, help me by reading the words. Her cries were so desperate, so lonely *Philip don’t let me go, please I can’t go yet., I just can’t.. They could hear her tears as they fell from her tan cheeks and fall to the floor. Please, read the words. You must read the words. It is so important that you read the words. That is the only way you can help me, read the … Her voice trailed off into silence.

The doctors gave up after twenty minutes, trying to bring the young woman back from the died. But as the left to inform the four standing outside the window of Ms Jordan’s death. A small beep could be heard form a monitor. She was alive, but why and how they weren’t sure. The surgery went well and her injuries weren’t serious enough to kill her, she got in here and treated as soon as possible. She should have made a full recovery. This shouldn’t have happened. One of the doctors thought .As he left a steady pump from the heart of the died woman, could now be heard. It’s steady rhythmic beating was slow but constantly now from the monitor. The doctor went back to examine the body, her pulse was there. Impossible!

"NO!" The demon howled in protest "But don’t worry, I’ll still beat you in the end Bran. I’ll beat you along with the Legacy. Make no mistake about that!"

" Nurse, I want a cat scan of Miss Jordan’s brain, and some blood test run."

"Yes, doctor" He scribbled on a piece of paper necessary for the test to be ran. He handed it over the short nurse that stood by his side, waiting for him to fill out the orders. He handed them over to the woman and she was off making the arrangements. The doctor left after filling out a few more papers, and turned to go talk to the people who stood silently looking in on there friend.

"Dr. Rayne? My name is Dr. Pettrea"

"Nice to meet, is she going to be okay?" He’s head turned back to Bran , who now laid still and silent.

"Truthfully I’m not sure"

"What do you’re not sure?" Nick intrude on the conversation "Your a doctor you are suppose to be able to help her!" His voice was shaken, Philip’s hands rested on Nicks shoulders.

"She’ll be ok Nick. She’ll beat this, God is with her." Philip was trying to comfort Nick who shook off Philips grip from his shoulders and walked into Bran’s small room. He then sat down by her bed where Philip had sat, and took up her hand, and began to talk to her.

"Hi Bran, it’s me Nick. I don’t know if you can hear me or not. They’re not sure what happened." He stopped and looked up at the others who had continued the conversation with the doctor. Bran, tell me how I can help you. Please. He looked back down at t he woman who only hours ago was bursting with life, his hand rested gently on her check. In a way remind me of Liz. You are both so nice to be around, always smiling. I wonder if you ever thought about being a teacher? Nick had to look up again, when Derek , Rachel ,and Philip walked back in the doctor had not followed.

"Nick, the doctors still aren’t sure, why she is in a coma. They think that she’ll come out of it in a couple of days." Rachel stated. A swirling mist soon filled the air beside Bran’s bed. And a demon appeared through the fog, a wide grin on her had along spread face from ear to ear. She walked across the room and slid her hand over Bran’s forehead.

"Oh cute, Nick she is going to die soon and there is nothing you can do about it. I mean look at!" her finger pointed, towards the small a mirror on the wall. They could see Bran, her mouth was gagged close, dried blood was caked down her face. While her arms where tied tight, behind her back. She was lying on the floor, they could see deep cuts and small scraps, and bruises that covered her face and arms. She awoke and looked up, she smiled. Don’t forget Philip to read the words. She mouthed and all heard her voice. Except for the demon. And Nick, like I said, Callisto can’t beat me not now, not ever. The mist dissipated into nothingness and the demon vanished and image of Bran faded into their own reflections. The group said nothing, at the steady beat of a heart on the monitor.

To be continued...

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