Highlander: The Legacy

by Michelle C. 


Turning-of-the-century. December 31, 1999 11:59 p.m.

He looked into the dirty window. His eyes were fixed on a grand and strange site before him. A sword fight. "I can't believe I'm witness to a twentieth century sword fight." The man said. He looked at his watch. "Oops, I mean a twenty-first century sword fight." He shut up as soon as he saw one of the men cut off the head of the other.

The woman who watched in the corner didn't even scream out in horror. It was as if she
knew this was going to happen. The winner of the sword fight dropped his sword and
opened his arms wide and waited. The outsider watched in awe.

Suddenly, without warning, a blue light began to climb out of the
dead body. It circled around the warehouse and struck the winner square in the chest.
The outsider watched as the winner was lifted off the ground screaming in pain. Or was
it pleasure? Perhaps a mixture of both.

"What the hell is this?" The outsider asked himself. Finally the light, which could only
be described as lightning, depleted, leaving a tired man crumpling to the ground. The
outsider watched as the female ran up to the man. She picked up his sword and helped
him to his feet.

"That was big one. You OK?" The girl asked. Neither of them noticed the outsider at
the window. "Yeah. Let's get out of here and hide the body." The winner said weakly.
The girl looked up to the window and saw the outsider looking in. "Oh crap. You don't
have a Watcher do you?"

"No. Why?"

"Well my Watcher's out of town and this guy was hiding."

"Yeah so?" The man was beginning to get frustrated. "So either you were finally found
out or we have trouble. Look." the girl pointed to the window. The man looked up in
time to see the outsider run off. "Damn. Come on Shorty. We have to move fast."

"I told you not to call me Shorty, Big Nose." The girl gathered the dead man’s head while the man gathered the body and sword. All the while they were
thinking that this outsider could be trouble.

Chapter One

Nick walked up to the false wall of the Legacy house and waited for
the computers on the other side to scan the retinas of his eyes. The false wall was in the
living room of the giant castle. All who visited the Luna Foundation do not know of The
Legacy and their purpose in the world. They do not know of the false wall that hides
high-tech computer equipment on the other side. When they entered the living room
they saw lots of antiques and a wall with a geographic sailing map.

When the light left the pupils of Nick’s eyes, the wall faded to almost
invisibility and Nick stepped in. He looked around the small hidden
room. He looked at all the computer screens and the fax machines and
everything else.

“Will they believe me?” He asked himself, “They have to. I mean we
deal with this type of thing everyday... sort of. Most of the time its evil spirits that are holding a
grudge.” He finally noticed Alex working at one of the computers. He looked at the big
screen on the wall to see what she was working on.

"Hey Nick. I think I might have figured it out." she said as she
switched the screen to something else. "The Alcatraz thing?" he asked. Alex had been
investigating some mysterious lights that kept appearing over the prison for two
months. "Yeah. Take a look." She flashed a newspaper clipping onto the screen. It was
dated twenty years ago. It talked about the light and showed a picture of the prison and
its island.

"So what's the answer?" Nick asked her. He walked over and stood
beside her. "Take a look at this picture. What do you see?"

"I see the island and lots of fog. So?"

"The fog is one of the reason the light is there." Alex filled in. Nick's face grew to a frown. "But light gets absorbed in fog. How can it cause this light to appear?"

"Well Nick, it’s because sometimes the fog is so thick it bounces
around. This case is similar to the case of the Holy Saint. You know, where the statue of
Mary would get hit by light and the image would bounce around on the windows then
show up on a wall."

"So you're saying the light bounced around in the fog and appeared on
the guard tower?"

"Exactly. The light came from the Lighthouse and was bounced around so many times
and when it hit the tower it made it appear as if it came from no where." Alex finished.
She brought up a diagram she created. It showed light hitting various points of the air
around the island. "Good job Alex. Derek will be impressed." Nick patted her on the
back. "Where is he by the way?"

"He's at the University. I thought you had a date tonight." Alex questioned. "I did...she
stood me up." Nick sat down and got a far off look in his eyes. He didn't hear Alex
talking to him. He rubbed his hand through his hair. He was thinking about what he
saw. "Hello? Earth to Nick. You OK?" Alex asked waving a hand in front of his face. Nick
shook his head waking him from his thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, uh, I need to talk to Derek and the rest of the group. When
he gets back tell him we have to have a meeting tomorrow...er, I mean
later today. I'm going to bed. Night." Alex looked after him as he left
through the still almost invisible wall. When he walked through the wall returned to it’s
visually solid state. She scratched her head wondering what was wrong with him.

9:00 p.m. - Jan. 1st, 2000

Nick, Alex and Rachel waited for their leader, Derek, to get back from
the University of California. Nick kept refusing Alex and Rachel’s pleas for him to tell
his story. He kept telling them he wanted to wait for Derek.

Derek walked into the conference room and closed the doors behind
him. He set down the briefcase in his hand down on the table. He sat
down next to Nick. "Sorry I'm late. I had to talk to one of my students. She's one of the
brightest I have and she had some interesting questions." Derek said, "So what's the
news, Nick?" Nick rubbed his hands together. He stood up and began pacing the room.

"I guess you could say early this morning or late last night I saw
something strange. As I told Alex, I got stood up by my date so my New
Years was lousy so I decided to walk around. Well it was almost midnight, so I decided
to head back to my car. As I was walking, I passed by this old fish warehouse and heard
metal clanking." Nick began. "Metal clanking?" Rachel asked. Nick nodded. He stopped
pacing and walked back to his chair. He turned it around and straddled it.
"Yeah. I walked over to the fire escape and climbed up it until I
found a clear window. I figured the warehouse must have been bought but I didn't
know why some one would be working in it on New Years, the turn-of-the-century, no
less, so I wanted to investigate. I looked into the window and saw something I never
thought I would ever see in my life time."

"Don't keep us in suspense Nick." Alex pleaded, "Is it a case for the Legacy?"

"I think so. But you tell me when I explain it to you." Nick coughed.
He folded his hands together and laid his forehead upon them. "What I
saw inside that warehouse was a sword fight."

"A sword fight? In twenty-first century San Francisco? You have to be
kidding." Rachel stated. "It was a sword fight. Two guys were fighting while a girl, I
believe, was watching from the corner. She didn't try to stop them and she didn't seem
too shocked either. It was as if she had seen this before." Nick stopped. Derek leaned
back in his chair. “Nash.” Derek thought to himself. "Derek? Does this ring a bell?" Nick
"I remember a case that the police called, ‘The Head Hunter Murders'
or something like that. It was out in New York around 1985. A lot of
headless bodies were being found. The police had two suspects, a Russell Nash and
Victor Kurgan or Kruger...I don't remember. Victor ended up dead and Nash
disappeared but was later seen in Scotland...."

"Let me interrupt you Derek. There's more to the story." Nick said.
"More?" Alex asked. Nick nodded. "When one of the men was beheaded, I'll call him
man 1, a strange white light came out of his body and seemed to form what I can only
call a lightning storm. It circled around the warehouse. Man 2 was waiting for it. The
storm came down and hit man 2 sending him to his knees. Lights shattered and I heard
man 2 scream. It was a loud scream. It was mixed with pain and what I thought was
pleasure. The girl wasn't shocked by the storm either."

"Well the papers and/or the police reported lightning storms with the
murders. This is interesting." Derek said. "Were you seen?"

"Yeah. After the storm the girl went over to man 2 and grabbed his
sword. She helped him up and they both looked at man 1 for a little bit.
She must have heard something in my direction because she looked up to where I was.
The thing is I didn't make any noise and I didn't hear any sounds from inside."

"Did you get any of their features? Hair colors, looks?" Alex asked.
"Not really. I think I got their hair colors. The lights were dim but just light enough. I
got the features of man 1 because he was facing me. The girl stayed in the shadows and
the lights were almost off when she stepped out. The hair colors of the girl and man 2
looked like they were either black or brown. Man 1 was a tall black man. His face had
scars all over it. That's all I could see."

"All right at least that's something.” Derek said. “We'll officially start this investigation
tomorrow but we can get our positions on the subject.
Tomorrow Alex will run that description through the computer and see if she can get a
name for the dead man. Rachel and I will take a look at
the crime scene and see what we can find out at the police station."

"And me?" Nick asked. "You will take over my classes tomorrow. I have a meeting with
one of my students after school. You think you can take that too?" Derek asked. "Yeah.
What's her name?" Nick replied. "Her name is Marie Patterson. She's in my history and
English classes. She's a bright student and she has a real future ahead of her. She won't
need much help on the history because her uncle is a history professor at the university
but I want you to help her the best you can." Derek said.

"Derek, why are you giving me a run down on this girls life? It's only a meeting."
Nick asked. "I know, but I feel this girl is special I had a vision about her
and..." Derek stopped. "And?" Nick asked. "And...you." Derek finished. "Don't tell me
you're playing love connection now." Nick rolled his eyes. "No, not that way. But you
two are connected in some way." Derek shook his head. "Lets adjourn Rachel needs to
get back to Kat before her baby-sitter goes nuts. And we all need some sleep." Derek
picked up his briefcase and handed it to Nick. "Here's all my lesson plans and the
graded papers that I want you to pass back. If you don't remember all the students
names, get one of them to help you. You've been watching me teach so you shouldn't
have too many problems. Goodnight everybody." Derek stood up and left the room.

"So you might be meeting your future wife tomorrow." Rachel smirked. "He said not in
that way." Nick groaned out then he yawned. He was more tired than he looked. He
stood up and turned his chair around and pushed it in. "Night you guys."

"Night Nick." Rachel and Alex said in unison. "So how do you think their connected,
Alex?" Rachel asked. "I don't know Rachel. I haven't had any visions about Nick. If I do
I'll let you know. You get home to your daughter now." Alex replied then stood up and
also headed to the door. "See you tomorrow Rachel." "Yeah." Everyone headed to their
respective places to sleep, only to meet up the next day. They had no idea of what they
were getting themselves into. They were emerging into a whole new wave length of the
unknown - The Legacy was about to meet a couple of Immortals and some of their

The next day.

Nick drove his cherry red convertible down University Lane. He
listened to the radio as he drove. As soon as the news came on, he
listened for any news about a headless body being found. Near the end of the report
something about it came on. Nick turned up the radio.

"A headless body was found floating in the bay. The head was
decapitated from the body and was found sitting on the beach. The body
was found early this morning by Ryan MacKinly. MacKinly was jogging on
the beach when he first discovered the head. He said he then looked out to the ocean and saw
something floating in the water. He swam out to it and
pulled it in. When he realized what it was, he ran to a phone and called
the cops. The body has been identified as Zane Adams. Details are
extremely sketchy. We will keep you informed as details are released."
The reporter on the radio said. Nick let out a small laugh. "That'll make Alex' job easier.
Zane Adams, eh? Well Mr. Adams, who were you fighting?" Nick asked himself. He
arrived at the University and parked the car, then headed to Derek's classroom.

Marie stood outside her class talking with Methos. "I'm telling you Adam, we should
contact Joe and ask him if you were found out. And if there's another Watcher in town
that could have seen the fight." Marie said in the lowest voice possible. "Marie, if he is a
watcher than he has more problems than we do. He's a pre-immie. Our job is easy,
when and if he dies, why we're in town than he might believe us better since he saw me
fighting and he saw the Quickening?” Methos explained calmly.
"But Adam..." Methos then interrupted her plea, "Don't worry. I have to get to class or
else my students will get curious and think I'm seeing someone. And they'll be
extremely disappointed when I tell them I was just talking with my 'Niece'." Marie rolled
her eyes. "Oh what a drag." she said sarcastically. Methos turned and started to walk
away but stopped when he felt the faint buzz of a pre-immie. "That's him. I recognize
the buzz." Adam walked back to her. "You have got to tell me how you do that." Marie
stated. "Who is he?" Adam asked. "I'm not sure. I see him with my professor every now
and then. I didn't know he was a pre-immie." she replied. "Maybe you were just to far
from him to feel it." Adam remarked. "Yeah, maybe." Marie watched as the man entered
the classroom. "Well keep an eye on him. I gotta go. See you at lunch." Adam walked off.
"Yeah," she replied as she watched him walk off, "I'll keep an eye on him. "Oh, boy."
Methos mumbled as he walked off. “So much for a semi-normal life.” Marie thought. She
entered her class room.

Chapter Two

"Hi my name's Nick Boyle. You might have seen me around talking with Derek Rayne
at some point in time. I work with Derek at the Luna
Foundation." Nick explained to the class. Marie looked at him. He was around 5'6" with
short brown hair and a slight 4 O'clock shadow. He looked to be around 23 or 24.

Nick scanned the classroom. His eyes fell upon Marie siting in the
front row. Something about her made him nervous. Perhaps it was the way she was
looking at him? He didn't know. She had dark brown hair and the best Hazel eyes he
had ever seen.

"I'll be taking over Derek's class today." Nick stated. Marie raised her hand. "Yes... uh..."
Nick paused, not knowing her name. "Marie Patterson, at your service." Marie offered.
"Oh,” remembering this was the student Derek had mentioned, “you had a meeting
with Derek after school right?" Marie answered politely, "Yes, sir. Where is Professor

Nick answered, "He had business. I've been instructed by him to take his place so we can
still meet after school."

'Uh-oh. Me and Methos are in trouble.' Marie thought. "Could we make
it at lunch instead? Me and my 'uncle' have something we have to do
after school." Marie asked out loud.

"Yeah, sure. No problem." Nick pulled out the lecture notes Derek had
in his briefcase. "Derek gave me his lecture notes and papers to hand
back. Marie would you hand them back?"

"Sure no problem." She got up and took the papers from him and began passing them
back. She had a horrible feeling in her stomach. The
feeling that the rumors of a secret group being here in San Fran was
right. Her and Methos were in trouble. Big trouble.

"I'm afraid it won’t be a free day today. Now take out some paper and
take notes." The class groaned like High school students. Even college students hate
notes. Throughout the whole lecture, Marie watched
Nick. He had witnessed a Quickening and was a pre-immie. She knew she might not be
the one to teach him, but he was going to be one, not that he would find out what she
was before she left San Fran. She was only a Junior in college and had more years to go.
Her college years were going to be interesting all right. Almost as interesting as her
whole life.

Later at lunch, Marie met up with Adam and they both got their lunches
and went to meet Nick. Nick sat eating a sandwich and reading an article on a war
situation in Cuba. The articles said that the Cubans were
fighting each other for more rights.

"Mr. Boyle." Marie said as her and Methos walked up. "Please call me Nick." He said.
"This is my uncle Adam Peirson." She introduced them.
"Nice to meet you. Please sit." Nick said. Marie and Methos sat
across from Nick. "Let me just finish this article and I'll be right with you."

"No problem." Marie said. Nick continued to read his article. Marie
and Methos whispered to each other. "Adam, I think we do have a problem." Marie
stated. "How so?" Adam asked. "I think he's a member of that group I told you about."
she answered. "But you said they were just rumors, you're jumping to conclusions."
Adam remarked. “I know, but sometimes rumors do come true and jumping to
conclusions is not necessarily a bad thing. He might have told the other members and they might investigate and immortals as we know it will be in deep..." Adam cut her off and said,
"You're just scared. Don't worry." Marie added, "Adam we need to contact Joe at least. He might be able to find something out."

"He watches immortals Marie. What could he find out?" Adam said. "I don't know.
Something, anything. It won't hurt to try." Marie said as Methos groaned at her.
"Whatever, Marie. You're a worry wart." he remarked. "Yeah well, when it comes to
immortality and losing heads..." Methos let out a small laugh at the Marie's statement.
They started eating their lunch as they waited. When Nick finally finished he folded up
the paper and laid it down.

"So what did you need help with?" Nick asked. "I just had some English questions.
Mainly about the Hamlet thing." she stated. "The Hamlet thing?" Nick asked. Methos
stifled a laugh. "Teenage slang, eh?" Nick remarked. Marie laughed. "Teenage slang? Man, you must be old." Marie joked. "I'm not ‘old’- 24 is fairly young." Nick stated proudly. "So what's the question?"

"What's with this play? I mean Hamlet is named after his father but doesn't have a junior
at the end. How did they tell each other apart? Oh, and the mom marries the brother-in-
law after the dad dies. What's up with that? Its like inbreeding or incest or something."
Marie asked. "True, it is strange to us. But back then during the Elizabethan period,
Shakespeare time, this was probably perfectly normal. This sort of thing probably
happened every day." Nick said.

Methos smiled to himself. "It was... sort of." Methos thought, "Shakespeare was a wise man but not good at conversation. I hated him at parties."

"Why didn't Hamlet get to take the throne after his dad died?" Marie asked. “Because
its not really father-son succession unless there is no
brother to take the throne. It goes through the brother and than to the
brothers son... etcetera. It would eventually get to Hamlet." Nick
answered. "I think that seems totally nuts but I can live with it." she stated. "Good.
Anything else?" Nick asked. "No, thanks Mr....." Marie began but Nick put a finger up to
silence her. "Please call me Nick." he offered. "Oh, right...sorry. Thanks, Nick." Marie and
Methos stood up. They shook hands with Nick and walked off for their last class. They
were out of range when the other immortal showed up so they didn't feel her presence.
But she saw them walking and she felt the pre-immie. She purred. "Methos with a pre-
immie, that's something I haven't seen in a long time." The female said.

Chapter Three

Methos and Marie walked down the street to the apartment building
they were living in. It stood high above the rest and was the nicest
looking one on the block. It had a teal trim and white based paint. It
was recently renovated so it had brand new facilities and was heaven
among middle class men and woman. Methos and Marie could call it home.

Marie and Methos stopped right before the entrance of the building.
The buzz rammed into their heads like a bullet being shot from a gun.
They looked around. They saw a woman with short blonde hair, which was obviously
dyed, walk across the street. Methos smiled and walked up to her. They gave each other
a hug and kissed on the cheeks. "What are you doing here?" Methos asked as they
walked back to Marie. "I was in the neighborhood. Who's she? New girlfriend?" The
female asked. "She's one of Duncan's and Connor's students. More Connor's. Meet Marie
Patterson." Methos introduced. "Oh! Not a girlfriend?" She asked again. "Not a
girlfriend. She's my friend and I'm teaching her some of my moves and she's teaching
me hers." Marie watched them talk about her. She was wondering when Methos would
introduce her. "She's pretty. Love those eyes. You must be nuts or gay not to have
fallen for her. And we both know its not gay." The woman said. Marie
blushed. "There are a number of reasons why I haven't fallen for her." Methos said. He
scratched the bridge of his nose. "And they are?" The woman asked. "One is we're too
good of friends and I don't want to be more then that. She may be beautiful but so is
every other girl on this planet. Two, she's too young. And three, Richie would hate me.
He's gotta thing for her."

"Oh, ‘Little Richard.’ And you aren't with him?" The woman asked Marie directly.
Marie shrugged. "Because I realized I don't like him. He's a friend yes but not a lover."
Marie answered, "Uh, who are you?"

"Guess we weren't properly introduced. I was going to teach you but I
was busy with another girl. I'm Amanda." Amanda held out her hand. Marie shook it.
She looked confusingly at her. "The Amanda? The thief?" Marie asked. Amanda
laughed. "The very same. Glad to hear Duncan actually tells people about me. Nice to
finally meet you." Amanda said. "And you. I've heard so many stories about you. How
you constantly seduce Richie to get what you want after everything you and Duncan
have been through. Oh, and how you are a master thief but seem to get caught a lot. Oh,
and how you helped Kalis escape and..." Marie was going to continue but Amanda
stopped her. "I get the picture. So who was that cute pre-immie you guys were talking to?"

"Trouble." Marie answered Amanda. "Trouble? What kind?"

"Marie's over exaggerating. Don't worry, Amanda, we can handle it.
Marie's just being paranoid. Well, let's get out of this heat. Come on
up Amanda." Methos asked.

"All right, Methos darling." Amanda said. She patted him on the rear.
Methos blushed. Marie raised and eyebrow and had a wicked grin on her face. Methos
gave her a don't-even-ask look. They headed up to the
apartment to talk. Methos looked into the apartment and began to get
lost in thought. The apartment was a nice two-bedroom place. It had a kitchen and a
small living room and was comfortable enough, but Methos was beginning to miss Paris.
Marie and him had been in San Francisco for a year. It was a lovely place. California was
a lovely place. It was great in the summer but he loved Paris in the Springtime. Marie
and Methos would drive down to L.A. every once in awhile to hang at the beaches.
It was fun, Methos would meet lots of woman but
California girls didn't compare to French ones. At least to him they
didn't. He knew it was time to go back but he would miss Marie's company more then
he missed Paris. He felt like he had a daughter. She was a grown woman, immortal and
mortal, and he knew she wouldn't stick around him too long. He loved being a parent.
The feeling rushed in on him as he stood in the doorway lost in his thoughts, he did
love her but not in a romantic way like Richie, but in ways he hardly ever loved
someone. As a friend, sister, a daughter, a cousin and a traveling companion. He had to
decide whether or not he liked Paris more then he liked her company. He wished he
could have both but Marie just started college and he couldn't ask her to leave it. And
she'd most likely be traveling as soon as she graduated. He knew Marie would visit but
he would still miss her.

"Earth to Methos! Are you just going to stand in the doorway air-conditioning the
whole building?" Marie asked. She awoke Methos from his thoughts. He stepped inside
and closed the door. "What's wrong? You've been a zombie since you opened the door?"
Marie asked. "I was just thinking. It might be..." he started. "Be time for you to go back to
Paris." Marie finished his sentence. "Yeah, but I know you won’t be coming along." he
said sadly. "Not if I don't have to." Marie agreed. "Do you want her to go?" Amanda
asked inquisitively. She raised an eyebrow. "It’s like having a roommate." Methos answered, "so what did I miss?"

"Amanda and I were talking about how badly we want you and your manly five-
thousand year old body." Marie joked. Amanda laughed. "Ooh...she's so cool!" Amanda
said. "Of course. Tweedle Dumb and tweedle even dumber." Methos joked. Marie
kicked him in the shin. Methos yelped in pain and grabbed his shin. "Hey, can't I joke
too?" he asked. "No!" Marie and Amanda said in unison.

"So what were you really talking about?" Methos asked. "I was telling her about Nick
and the rumors I heard." Marie answered seriously this time, "and now I'll be calling
Richie so he can get hold of Joe that way I don't have to bother Duncan." Marie walked
over to the phone. She picked up the receiver and dialed the Dojo. Marie sucked in a
deep breath and let it out. "She hasn't talked with Richie since the Toronto incident.
When Richie confessed his love." Methos explained. "Ooh...problem." Amanda watched
as Marie prepared herself.

"DeSalvo Martial arts. Richie Ryan speaking. How may I help you?"
"Uh, hi Rich. It's Marie." Marie spit out. She wasn't sure what to say.
"Marie? Hey how ya doing?"
"I'm doing good...in college now. Going to the University of
California out in Berkeley. How about you? Mac told me about the DQ."
"I'm doing OK I guess. Connor and I went to Mexico. He helped me out a lot. So what's going on? Why'd you call?" There was a hint of bitterness in his voice.
"don't be like that Rich."
"Like what?"
"Like an... don't be mean."
"Trying to refrain from cussing?"
"Richie, I need help with something so shut up! Its important!"
"I need you to get a message to Joe. Do you think you can get it to him?"
"Yeah he's back in Seacouver. What is it?"
"I need him to see what he can find out from Watchers in San Fran. I
need to know if they have had any run-ins with another secret group.
Methos and I just had a little run in with a pre-immie that may or may
not be a part of this group. I may be paranoid but I just have this feeling."
"Yeah and we all know what happens when you get this feeling. I'll
give the message to him tonight. I'm going to the bar later."

"Thanks Rich. So have you talked to Mac at all?"
"You know that wasn't him when he fought you? Mac would never have tried for your
"Yeah I know. It doesn't make it feel any better. I gotta go Marie.
The fencing class is going to begin."

"OK. Uh, Rich?"
"Are we.. I mean... can we still be friends? 'Cause I mean I don't
want our friendship to end this way. 'Cause it would be dumb to let this
get in the way. I mean... I just don't want to be more than friends with
you. Please tell me you understand. I've been trying to figure out if I
did but the truth is I don't."
"I understand Marie. It would be dumb to let a thing like what
happened take away our friendship. I still love you though.
Maybe in a century or two?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it OK?"
"Friends. Talk to you later, Marie."
"I promise I'll call again sometime."
"Bye, Marie."
"Bye, Rich." Marie hung up the phone. She was happy her and Richie
made up.

"So?" Methos asked. "Richie'll get the message to Joe. Guess we wait." Marie answered.
"I'm telling you its nothing." Methos said. Marie sat on the couch. Methos sat next to her.
"We'll see. Methos. We'll see." And indeed they would. Rather soon.

Chapter Four

Nick walked into the Legacy house. And walked to the conference room. He found the
rest of the members of the Legacy, except for Philip who was on sabbatical. "Welcome
back, Nick. You talked with my student?" Derek asked. "Yeah. She's a bright girl." Nick
answered. "That she is Nick." Derek said. "I even met her Uncle Adam Peirson." Nick
added. "What was he like?" Derek asked. "Quiet. He didn't talk much when he was
around. But him and Marie were whispering about something." Nick remarked.
"Suspicious of something Nick?" Rachel asked. "No. It's not unusual for people to
whisper but..." Nick stopped. "But what?" Rachel asked again. "Something seemed
different about them. Her uncle looked in his mid-20s but he seemed older some how. A
lot older." Nick answered. "How much older?" Alex asked "I don't know. Just older." he said.

"What did you find out Alex?" Derek asked. "Not a thing. The description fit a man
named Zane Adams but Zane died at birth in Scotland over fifty years ago. So this man
stole his identity." Alex answered. "There could be two Zane Adams." Nick suggested. "I
thought of that. I ran a check over every possible place but no other Zane Adams came
up. Only the one from fifty years ago." Alex said.

"Hmm... Rachel and I came up with some interesting things. That
warehouse Nick talked about was completely demolished. There wasn't a body or blood.
But it did look like something had been moved from the center of the warehouse. The
place looked like a tornado hit it." Derek informed the others. "And a headless body was
found as said on the news. I heard it why driving to the University." Nick added.

"OK so the police know about it. So now what?" Alex asked. "We get hold of the other
houses and see if they have had anything like this happen." Derek answered. "I'll go do
that." Alex said. She got up and went to the computer room.

"What else?" Rachel asked. But Derek's face went blank. He was having
a vision. Visions of swords clanging together and bright electrical storms slamming into
people. Sites of an unconscious girl filled his head but the face was not clear. "What did
you see Derek?" Nick asked. "Sword fights, electrical storms and an unconscious girl."
Derek answered. "So, do you know what it means?" Nick asked. "No. Lets just keep
seeing what we can find out." The rest of the group left the room. Derek's vision had
startled him.

Chapter Five

Marie slept restlessly in her bed. Dreams flooded her mind. Like
waterfalls. They were about what would happen if the story of immortals got out.
Extreme dream sequence!

One of the new members of the hunter groups shouted. Marie, Methos, Richie, Duncan and Connor were trapped. One of the hunters walked up to Marie and raised his sword up. He began to swing down.

Marie sat up with a start. Sweat dripped off her forehead. She
wiped it away with the back of her hand. She stood up and walked to her dresser. She opened the smallest drawer and pulled out her journal to begin writing.

January 2nd, 2000 2:35 p.m.

My night was plagued by nightmares. Methos says I worry too much but somehow I don't think so. I think I'm worrying over something important. I have been in San Fran. for, I guess, a year now and I believe I have had a run in with the secret society that supposedly exists out here. Maybe I am over reacting but I seriously don't think so. Since I took Jacob's Quickening back in Toronto I've been getting weird sensations every time something is going to happen. I can't describe what they are but they're there. And I get dreams like the one I just had. Only this time me and my friends were being chased by a new group of hunters. Only these hunters weren't lead by Horton. These ones were much deadlier. I woke up right before one of them cut off my head. I hope this one was just a dream and doesn't become a reality. Methos can say I worry to much but what's a little worry? Better then not worrying. I at least made up with Richie. We're friends again. I hated hurting him the way I did. But I can't lie and say I love him and hope in a century or two I really do. We have a lot in common, sure, but we're only meant to be friends. Maybe now that I got this out of my system I
can sleep soundly. I hope I am worrying over nothing.

Methos cooked breakfast for Amanda and Marie. Marie came walking out with a yawn
to the fragrance of bacon and eggs. She saw Amanda watching Methos cook. Marie
smiled. She walked over to Methos and looked over his shoulder.

"Mmm. A man that can cook. You're going to make some lady very lucky. What's the
occasion?" Marie asked. "Well I heard you tossing and turning in your room last night
and figured you could use a decent breakfast." Methos answered. "Oh, how sweet. Now
if only its edible." Marie joked. Methos punched her in the arm.

"Are you sure you two have nothing going on?" Amanda asked. "Oh, she figured it out
Methos. You're right Amanda, me and Methos have a secret love triangle going on. We've been dating each other since the turn-of-the-century." Marie joked. Methos laughed hysterically. "Ha-ha. I love your witty sarcasm Marie." Amanda said. "It’s part of her careful personality. Now if only she can get a life to go with it." Methos said with a smile. "Oh, screw you Methos." Marie said. She grabbed a piece of cooked bacon and pulled herself onto the counter top to sit. "Hey, we have a lovely family going down don't we?" Methos asked. Before Marie could answer, there was knock on the door. Marie hoped down and went to answer it.

"I'll get it Uncy Adam." She said in her best little kid voice. Methos laughed. Marie
walked over to the door and opened it. She looked
out to see two people she didn't expect to see. "Who is it Marie?" Methos asked. "You
wont believe it. Come in you guys." Marie said. She opened the door wider and let the
two men in. Methos looked up from the pan. A look of shock crossed his face. "Joe,
Richie. What are you guys doing here?" Methos asked. "I figured it would be better for
me to give the information I found in person." Joe answered. "Yeah, right." Marie said as
she walked back over to Methos. "So Uncy Adam, can I help?"

"Can it with the Uncy crap. We aren't in school." Methos said. "Ah, but its so fun."
Marie pouted. "So...Amanda, what brings you here?" Richie asked. "Visiting an old
friend." Amanda said. "Yeah a very _OLD_ friend." Methos agreed. "An old friend. Gee
that makes sense." Richie said. "Well, I'm old, we're friends, 'nuf said. So you guys
hungry?" Methos asked. "Always." Richie said. Joe nodded.

"So what did you get?" Marie asked Joe. "Last Night I contacted Watchers all over. It
turns out in many spots around the world, there are rumors of a secret society like the
Watchers, only they investigate evil spirits and things like that. The groups members
have been seen around immortal battles." Joe explained, “I know they were members
because they all have the same ring. It's a ring with a fancy looking L."

"Could be normal cops." Methos suggested. "Yeah with the same ring?" Marie asked
sarcastically, "He thinks I'm worrying over nothing."

"I think you are worrying over something. The thing is, this group has
discovered immortals many times for over 3,000 years. But when the heads stop rolling,
they stop appearing." Joe continued, "why all the interest?"

"Because I heard rumors of a group here and someone witnessed Methos taking a
head but didn't report a murder. I find that very strange," Marie said then added "tell
me, is that worrying too much?"

"No you have reason to worry." Joe said. "Ooh! I told you! Next time believe me." Marie
said. "I find it hard to believe a twenty-one year old immortal. Especially one that's only
taken twenty-one heads." Methos joked. "Arrogant bastard." Marie also joked. Methos
finished breakfast and they sat down and ate.

"So, how have you been Marie?" Joe asked. "Good, I'm still keeping that journal. So
how's Mac?" she asked. "He's kind of depressed. He's thinking of going back to
Seacouver to talk with Richie. Connor flew out to Paris to talk with him." Joe answered.

"You ready to talk to Mac about the DQ?" Marie asked Richie. "I guess. I have to do it
some time." Richie answered. "Good answer. So last time I saw Mac and Joe he said you
had a new girlfriend. Who is she?" Marie asked. "Her name's Jaimey. She's so sweet. You
have to meet her." Richie said with a twinkle in his eye. "Oh, how cute. He has a twinkle. You, my boy, are in love. You never had that twinkle with me." Marie stated.
"No, he didn't. Congrats Rich you're over Marie." Methos said.
"Yeah now you can have her." Richie thought. Marie shook her
head as if she knew what he was thinking. They finished breakfast. Marie helped
Methos clean up. After everything was cleaned they went for a walk. They
didn't know the Legacy was working as hard as they could to crack this case.

Chapter Six

Nick and the members of the Legacy sat in the park discussing the
case. "Do we have any ideas on what's going on?" Nick asked. "Well, I contacted The
Legacy house in New York. They said there was a
headless body found the other day. The area was demolished around it."
Alex answered. "So it’s a conspiracy?" Rachel asked. "I think it’s just a group of people
who live in the past." Derek said. "These people have problems." Nick said. They
stopped talking and heard the sounds of swords clashing together. "Its happening
again!" Nick got off the bench and ran to the sound of the fight. The others followed.
They came to another warehouse. "What's with these people and warehouses?" Nick
asked. They looked inside the double doors and saw two people fighting. Man one was
of average height. He had black hair and looked either full or half-Mexican. The other
was only a boy. He was blonde and looked about ten. "Come on, Kenny! Fight like a
man you weak pathetic little boy!" the man yelled. "That's right, I am a boy!" Kenny
shouted back. "But I'm much faster then you Rodregez!" Kenny plunged his sword deep
within the man’s chest. He screamed in agony. Kenny pulled his sword high above his
head and prepared to swing down. "I know...there can be only one." The man said.
Kenny smiled and swung his sword down. Nick and the others watched as the Quickening escaped the fallen man’s body.

"That's the light show." Nick said. The Quickening crept out of the fallen body. It rose up to the sky in tentacles. It slammed into the boy hard, knocking him to
his knees. He screamed in pain. He seamed to grow half an inch as it soaked into him.
The Quickening engulfed him then ended and the boy bent over on all fours and
groaned in ecstasy. He got to his feet keeping his back to the Legacy members. The faint
buzz moved through him like water moving through a clear tunnel. He walked off with
a smile on his face. "Time to pre-immie hunt. Got to win that damn prize." Kenny
growled. He ran around and ducked behind a trash can. As the members left, Kenny
followed closely behind. They arrived at the castle. Kenny looked
around the grounds of the castle. He noticed their own helicopter. The
place was huge! "WOW! Maybe I should warm these people up before I kill their friend.
He smiled evilly. "This is going to be fun."

The Legacy members entered the conference room. They gathered around the table.
Nick rubbed his hair. Kenny walked up to the window of the conference room and
opened it up slightly to hear what they were saying. "Was that the man you saw?" Derek
asked Nick. "No. The man I saw was older. He was also taller. Derek what is going on?
Did the New York house ever solve this case?" he asked. "Unfortunately, no. My father
helped them and kept strict records of what they saw. My father reported that they saw
the electrical storm and found beheaded bodies. The cops had Russell Nash as a suspect.
Other then that nothing." Derek answered. "I'll run that name through the computer. I'll
see what I can get." Alex said. As she said that Derek's face went blank. A vision began.
Pictures of sword fights and Nick’s death began flashing through his head. He also
heard a name being called out. "What did you see Derek?" Rachel asked. "Sword fights,
lot's of them. Some of the ones I saw dated back to the beginning of time. Even before
the Legacy. I saw..." Derek stopped and choked up. He looked at Nick. "What?" Nick
asked. "I saw your death, only you came back. And I heard a name being called out. Alex
when you run Russell Nash run a Connor MacLeod as well." Derek told her. "Why?
What's the significance of these names?" Alex asked. "I don't know Alex. There has to be
something. Its up to you to find out what." Derek replied. "I'll see what I can find." Alex
stood up and left the room.

"I have to go before Kat gets worried." Rachel said also standing up.
She left the room as Nick stood up. He was ready to leave but Derek
stopped him. "Nick, what I saw was terrifying. Be careful on this one. I promised your
father I'd look out for you." he stated. "I will Derek, I promise." Nick said. He left the
room leaving Derek alone. Kenny sat down on the ground.

Connor MacLeod? Duncan? Kenny thought to himself. This is interesting. If I hang around I
might get more then a Pre-immie I may get a whole immie. OH GOODIE! ' He rubbed his
hands together with a mischievous smile.

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