Just Another Night in the Legacy

A short story by Elaine
    "If its day or night, Even if you're wrong or right, I'll reach out a helping hand, Something to cling to, If you should fall, Well I've been through it all, I wish you love, Really do, I wish you love."

Alex walked around the control room stretching muscles cramped from sitting at the computer for the past two hours. Reluctantly, she returned to her seat to continue the seemingly endless search of Legacy listings on stolen or lost paintings. Shaking her head she was still unsure how she had let Derek talk her into working tonight. Not that she had any concrete plans, but still....tonight of all nights. It was Valentine. The night for lovers and those who believed in love. And though there was no one she was romantically involved with, she enjoyed the idea of prowling the streets of San Francisco watching those who were. Agreeing to stay had canceled her intention to stop at several of the local clubs, where she'd sit in the midst of happy strangers and maybe if she was lucky find one that she could tolerate and dance herself senseless. Instead here she sat tired and in definite need of a masseuse. Damn, when am I going to learn. Just because Derek feels an issue is earthshaking doesn't mean I have to buy into the concept. "I want to go dancing, " she said for ears that were not around to hear.

The computer's annoyed beeping brought Alex back to the present. She looked down to see that her finger was still pressed against the enter button and that she'd missed several pages of entries. "I don't believe this," she said stabbing the page up button until she found a listing she remembered reading before. " And I don't intended to be here all night!" She said stubbornly rubbing at tired eyes. If you don't stop talking to an empty room, they're going to come and give you that shot. She thought pushing herself away from the console.


Maybe this will keep me sane, she thought placing a plate of fruit and a large glass of tea on the console. As she reached for the mouse an idea came to her. That's what I need, something with a beat. With a smile, the click of the Favorites button, a light pull on the mouse; the deep, sensuous voice of the DJ filled the room.

"Welcome to the music for lovers weekend. From the station that is making your weekend special. The voice of America, St. Louis' Mix 97.1."


Appetite appeased, spirit lifted Alex completed the search and began printing applicable topics, all while her soft tones joined those of the various vocalist. She was concentrating on the hum of the printer, when the words of current song came to the front of her conscious mind.

"You better call Tyrone (call him), tell him to help you pack your ####. You need to call Tyrone (call him) tell him to come on. That's the song the children at the center have been raving about. She listened closely. By the time the song had ended, she was smiling broadly. Can't wait till Thursday, I'll "Tyrone" Jay until he cries uncle.

The DJ's voice interrupted her thoughts of planned vengeance. "From Regina Bell to Luther, the difference is variety on the Mix, 97.1 The best sounds in the country. Music for lovers everywhere, here's R. Kelly's 'I Can Fly'."

"I use to think that I could not go on..."

Alex paused as the singer expressed her feelings with his words.

"That life was nothing but a awful song...If I can see it then I can do it, If I just believe it, there's nothing to it, I believe I can fly..."

Alex wrapped her arms around herself and swayed gently to the soulful plea. A slight chill told her that someone was about to enter the room, she turned to see Nick walking towards her, a small smile of greeting on his lips.

"Just got back. Can I join the party?"

"No party, just another late night." Alex walked over to the printer to retrieve the last print out. She put it in a folder and added it to the pile to be put on Derek's desk in the morning.

Nick walked further into the room. "What has the workaholic got you doing tonight?"

"Derek got a word from one of his sources that several original paintings of _____ are up for sale on the black market. He needed the regular background info before deciding what steps to take next."

"Sounds like a dream date to me."

Alex smiled warily. " was your date?"

"She liked the card."

She touched his face with her fingers. "Does this clenched jaw mean that her address is not going into your little black book."

Nick smiled. "I didn't even pull out my pencil."

Alex placed her arm across his shoulders. "I'd hoped that one of us was having a nice Valentine."

Nick grinned. "I did. I gave her the perfect ride home, top down, speed 70 miles per hours."

"You didn't." Alex said slapping his arm.

"During dinner she received a call from her roommate that her current off and on old flame was at the apartment waiting to see her. So I helped her out."

"Sorry Nick."

"Nothing lost." He said walking over to the computer console. Reaching over he turned up the volume on the speakers.

"Ladies and gentlemen it is deep in the midnight hours, here's some music for those close to the ones they love. For those of us who are alone, this is for the nights to come. From the mighty Mix 97.1.

"If I can see it then I can be it, just believe it, there's nothing to it, I believe I can fly..."

Nick tapped the back of Alex's hand. "Let's end this night on a high note. Alexandra Monroe would you care to dance with me?"


"...spread my wings and fly away...I believe I can fly..., Because I believe in me, I can fly..., If I just spread my wings."

Alex willed her herself to relax and closed her eyes, allowing herself to hear the music. Nick pulled her closer.

"Thanks Nick."


The DJ's voice could be hear underneath the music. "The night has passed into day and its time to me to rest. In the quiet hour this is the mighty sound of Mix 97.1"

Alex moaned at the DJ's words. "He's right it's late."

Nick let her step away. Alex's eyes moved over Nick's face memorizing each line and facet. There was kindness and strength in his eyes. Determination and judgement in the lift of his chin. And that mouth. Alex's head tilted slightly. "Nicholas old buddy..." Her lips brushed softly, sisterly against his. "Thanks for being my friend."

He tightened his grip on the hand resting in his. "Always."

"If its day or night, Even if you're wrong or right, I'll reach out a helping hand, Something to cling to, If you should fall, Well I've been through it all, I wish you love, Really do, I wish you love."


Nick caught up with Alex outside her bedroom door. "I finished the security check. We are running in the morning, right?"

Alex took his wrist in hers and pointed at his watch. "Yeah, see you in 10 minutes."


This offering was a break from a story that has grown and become more of a job than I intended it too. NOTE: The characters of PTL belong to Trilogy Entertainment and no monies have parted hands. I just like writing about their world.

The talent of the following artists have been mentioned: R. Kelly, Erkyah Banhdu and Peabo Bryson. I lucked up on St. Louis' Mix 97.1 on the internet. It's a great listen. Comments and criticism are welcomed at

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