LegacyWeb's Petition to get POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY seasons 2-4 released on DVD

We, the undersigned, respectively ask that MGM and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment release seasons two, three, and four of the television series POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY on DVD. (The season one DVD set was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on region 1 DVD in February 2006 with region 2 following in March 2006.) - PETITION STARTED ON 23-SEP-2007

*** Update: Season Two on DVD-R is available from Amazon.com ***

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1731 Signatures

2007/09/23 15:49:39 Clair UNITED STATES Anxiously awaiting the rest of the seasons of this superb supernatural series on DVD!
2007/09/29 19:57:24 Sharon Short UNITED STATES This was one of the best shows to ever be on TV. Please release seasons 2-4 for the P:TL fans.
2007/09/29 20:30:48 Mary Wilkerson UNITED STATES  
2007/09/29 20:53:14 Valery King UNITED STATES  
2007/09/29 21:08:36 LaQuana Nicole Davis UNITED STATES PTL has alot of fans...because of our loyalty we deserve seasons 2-4 on DVD!
2007/09/29 22:23:52 Rowena Lincoln Pettus UNITED STATES P:TL is a fantastic show; please release seasons 2-4
2007/09/29 22:25:07 Marissa Pettus UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4; best show ever
2007/09/29 23:18:27 Toni Nolan UNITED STATES Would be great to see all the rest of the remaining seasons on DVD eventually!
2007/09/30 01:53:24 Helena RUSSIAN FEDERATION Please do it! In our country we have no chance seeing PTL again. DVD release is the last hope
2007/09/30 02:03:00 Bob Holmes UNITED STATES  
2007/09/30 02:06:01 courtney UNITED STATES  
2007/09/30 09:56:03 Erma UNITED STATES Purchased Season 1 the weekend it came out and anxiously awaiting completing my DVD set!
2007/09/30 10:08:23 Heidi GERMANY Please release the restly seasons of this wonderful series!!!
2007/09/30 10:41:55 Ceri UNITED KINGDOM  
2007/09/30 10:41:58 Aira LATVIA  
2007/09/30 11:00:49 Sharon Rice UNITED STATES I would definitely purchase Seasons 2 through 4 if the DVDs were available.
2007/09/30 11:06:01 Dona UNITED STATES Please release remaining season on DVD!
2007/09/30 14:15:33 Randi UNITED STATES  
2007/09/30 15:08:05 Victoria Monds UNITED STATES Why release season 1 but not the rest!!!!! That's a horrible tease!!!! GIVE US PTL!!!!!!
2007/09/30 15:46:47 Kisha Caldwell UNITED STATES  
2007/09/30 16:03:18 Pam Saba UNITED STATES Please!
2007/09/30 16:15:15 Caroline DeVoe UNITED STATES Don't keep us waiting any longer! Please release the rest of the seasons of this wonderful show!
2007/09/30 17:44:56 Cathy Nastick UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons. P:TL was and still is one of the best shows of its kind.
2007/09/30 18:48:51 Shirley Smith UNITED STATES I have been waiting a long time for you guys to release this show on DVD, I collected the first
2007/09/30 19:11:11 Jeffrey Stewart UNITED STATES A great show' we want it on dvd'
2007/10/01 03:26:01 Natahanna ross UNITED STATES There are very few shows that i would waste spending money on and this is one i would love to own.
2007/10/01 09:06:40 Joyce H. Cherry UNITED STATES I hope in the near future, that MGM or some similar motion picture company will produce a movie
2007/10/01 09:44:22 Michele Driscoll UNITED STATES  
2007/10/01 09:59:21 April Guadiana UNITED STATES P:tL was one of the best, and I want to own it so I can keep the spirit of the Legacy alive
2007/10/01 12:22:28 Suzy UNITED KINGDOM Would love it, I have the first series.
2007/10/01 16:11:47 April Macholtz UNITED STATES  
2007/10/01 18:23:17 Andrew Jordan UNITED STATES This is a very unique and creative television program that should be entirely released on DVD!
2007/10/01 19:07:47 Terry Hurst UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2, 3, and 4 on DVD. Can't wait to add them to my collection.
2007/10/02 06:13:36 Terri Timme UNITED STATES This show was and is still my favorite to watch. Please release the remaining seasons on DVD!!!!!!!!
2007/10/02 08:21:20 Kya ITALY  
2007/10/03 18:47:44 Vickie Swanson (LadyViper) UNITED STATES I'd love to own all the season of PtL on DvD
2007/10/04 08:30:02 Mike Oliver UNITED STATES Please release the remaining seasons!
2007/10/04 14:19:46 Bruce D. Schifrien UNITED STATES  
2007/10/05 20:07:21 Rebecca Worwood UNITED STATES This was a great show, and I would like to be able to watch it again!
2007/10/06 03:23:33 Tabathia UNITED STATES Really Really!!! want the rest of the seasons please release all on dvd!!!!!!!!!!
2007/10/06 12:09:07 Karen UNITED STATES The 1st season is excellent please release the rest!
2007/10/06 13:07:18 anthony UNITED STATES please release the rest of the poltergeist series i have season 1 and am wanting more
2007/10/06 15:09:21 Eleanor UNITED KINGDOM  
2007/10/06 15:16:58 Catherine Welsh UNITED KINGDOM  
2007/10/06 15:35:23 Ron Gilliams UNITED STATES Please release season 2 - 4!
2007/10/06 18:31:37 rene dante ponce UNITED STATES  
2007/10/06 18:50:07 Maria UNITED STATES How much longer must we hold our breath? I will like to see the release of 2-4 ASAP.
2007/10/07 05:43:09 june miodownik UNITED STATES We having been waiting too long.
2007/10/07 22:30:11 Karla Ingle UNITED STATES  
2007/10/08 00:12:57 Frances Miller UNITED STATES This is a very well done show with fine acting and storylines. Please release the other seasons!
2007/10/08 10:28:39 Rosemary Loera UNITED STATES Too bad the show was not continued!
2007/10/08 13:37:51 Colleen O'Gara UNITED STATES Amazing show. Please release and people will buy!!!
2007/10/08 16:57:08 Ian Jackson UNITED KINGDOM Please release PTL 2-4 we are all waiting for it!!!!!!
2007/10/09 17:37:19 Nadeďa FRANCE  
2007/10/09 23:30:05 R.W. UNITED STATES Don't keep us twisting in the wind !!!
2007/10/11 00:35:03 Lindsey Hall UNITED STATES This show tot me to fight the monsters under my bed, not run from them,Let me complete my collection
2007/10/11 02:02:56 Lyse Adams UNITED STATES Please release season 2-4; we have waited long enough!
2007/10/11 02:28:32 Craig Lister UNITED KINGDOM You've released the first season. So its only fair and polite to release the 3 remaining seasons.
2007/10/11 05:29:09 Sherry Holtry UNITED STATES This is a rare & wonderful series and has earned the special right to be called a new TV classic.
2007/10/11 16:33:07 Alexandra FRANCE Please release season2-4 !!!
2007/10/11 21:36:46 Sarah Stevenson UNITED STATES  
2007/10/11 22:24:32 Jacqueline A Ross UNITED STATES Dying to get the WHOLE series on DVD especially 2-4 what's the holdup?
2007/10/12 01:28:36 Pamela Saepae UNITED STATES My daughters and I all loved the series and would love to get all the seasons on DVD.
2007/10/13 12:40:39 Vicki UNITED STATES  
2007/10/13 16:24:22 Yulia Potapova RUSSIAN FEDERATION Please!!! It is the only one chance for us in Russia to watch our beloved TV show again!!!
2007/10/13 16:29:29 Johnny UNITED KINGDOM  
2007/10/14 01:06:23 Timothy A. Greenleaf UNITED STATES I have the entire series on dvd but would stil purchase them if MGM released them professionally....
2007/10/14 19:35:52 Maura UNITED STATES One of the best sci-fi shows ever! Please give us the rest on dvd!
2007/10/14 23:28:02 Patricia King UNITED STATES  
2007/10/15 14:20:58 Julien PATRIER FRANCE I am French and I want the 4 seasons on DVD !
2007/10/15 16:20:14 Luca stoppa ITALY Please, it's so many years i'm waiting for the last 3 seasons!
2007/10/16 13:03:09 Jason Underhill CANADA Have been waiting so long for 2-4! Come on MGM!
2007/10/16 17:17:32 Michelle Ferreira UNITED STATES Really surprise that it has taken so long for 2-4 to be released. Are you going to release them?
2007/10/16 18:26:00 lynn UNITED STATES  
2007/10/17 13:19:03 Peter Finzel UNITED STATES Absolutely love the show. Really want to see seasons 2-4 again
2007/10/17 17:39:36 Abigail UNITED STATES One of the few shows I remember and wish I had on DVD, especially since I don't have cable.
2007/10/17 23:13:00 Shonna Rhein-Gariepy UNITED STATES Have got my husband hooked with Season one, we've been waiting AGES for seasons 2-4! HURRY PLEASE!
2007/10/18 11:50:14 Cecilia UNITED STATES Cyber kick to get these dvds out from where they're stuck!
2007/10/18 15:31:37 Elodie FRANCE I am French fan and please release season2-4 !!!
2007/10/18 17:34:25 Sheri Brady UNITED STATES Please release the rest of this series. It has a strong fan base that would support the release.
2007/10/18 18:11:22 Erin Christine UNITED STATES Anxiously awaiting the release of these three seasons! I need to know what happens in season three!
2007/10/18 18:14:51 Christine Wagner UNITED STATES PLEASE release seasons 2-4!
2007/10/18 18:33:01 Tina UNITED STATES  
2007/10/19 07:06:04 Nicolas Blandou FRANCE  
2007/10/19 07:18:22 Ed UNITED STATES PLEASE release seasons 2-4!
2007/10/20 15:22:28 Jim UNITED STATES P:TL Has to be the greatest Supernatural/Horror series ever been made. Please release ALL of series
2007/10/20 16:10:55 G. McMaster UNITED KINGDOM  
2007/10/20 18:40:46 Abe H UNITED STATES One of the best shows ever! You can't release one season without releasing them all.
2007/10/20 21:28:18 aron wallis UNITED KINGDOM seasons 2-4 must be released i missed the tv runs and need to see the rest!!!
2007/10/21 10:33:15 De Schampheleer L. BELGIUM Please release seasons 2-4 on region 1 and 2
2007/10/21 20:58:30 brianna UNITED STATES  
2007/10/22 11:37:34 Maria A Williams UNITED STATES My favorite show! I have season 1 but would buy a box set of all seasons in a heartbeat. Please!
2007/10/22 18:19:22 Jane UNITED STATES The sooner the better.
2007/10/23 01:23:13 Lauren Maddison UNITED STATES An excellent show. DVD production is extremely cheap nowadays. So why not put it out there?
2007/10/23 19:30:33 M. Hutchins UNITED KINGDOM Excellent series. Please let us see it on DVD
2007/10/24 17:50:44 Gilda Zanardi ITALY there are so many other people willing to buy these 3 seasons, please. region 1 and 2
2007/10/24 21:21:09 carol Karwowski UNITED STATES  
2007/10/25 04:23:31 Mark Tipton UNITED STATES Comlpete the series! please release P:TL seasons 2-4
2007/10/25 16:16:56 Delia Higgins UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons
2007/10/25 20:20:22 Ian Fabry UNITED STATES It's a show that's better with subsequent watchings. I'd love to see the rest again...
2007/10/25 23:01:20 peggy hindy UNITED STATES bring it back
2007/10/26 00:37:32 terri polick UNITED STATES This is the best show ever.
2007/10/26 02:18:04 Sarah Brumfield UNITED STATES If it can't be on TV, it needs to be on DVD.
2007/10/26 20:06:55 ant UNITED KINGDOM you should have not released season 1 unless you were to release all seasons
2007/10/26 20:50:26 John UNITED STATES  
2007/10/27 00:00:51 Sara VanHulzen UNITED STATES  
2007/10/27 00:56:28 Sue Marie UNITED STATES  
2007/10/27 01:52:31 Jeremy Hanes UNITED STATES I love the show let us see it.........
2007/10/27 14:21:43 Cheryl Weiser UNITED STATES please complete the series on DVD.
2007/10/27 16:32:36 Greg UNITED STATES Please relase the rest of this brilliant show on dvd.
2007/10/27 17:14:01 Janet Laird UNITED KINGDOM I love this show so please release the remaining seasons on dvd
2007/10/27 18:09:18 Deanna UNITED STATES i love the show
2007/10/27 18:11:03 Michael Estepq UNITED STATES please release the series and continue it is the best
2007/10/27 18:16:00 j nemo UNITED STATES  
2007/10/28 11:36:56 Dr. Bradley W. England, Th.D. UNITED STATES  
2007/10/28 15:46:31 Lesley BELGIUM Anxiously awaiting r2 release
2007/10/29 12:17:15 philipot FRANCE  
2007/10/29 14:11:14 Joe Trgovac UNITED STATES High quality series deserves full release
2007/10/29 23:36:21 James Todd UNITED STATES God it seems like Im going to have to wait forever for you guys to release season two three and four
2007/10/30 10:44:00 Elizabeth M Hannigan UNITED STATES  
2007/10/31 15:43:40 Araina Marie Holdness CANADA I miss Derek ,Rachel ,Nick adn Alex . oh how i miss you San francisco Legacy House
2007/10/31 18:44:16 Linda Cazad UNITED STATES Sex & The City, Gilmore Girls, Degrassi ... How about releasing the remaining set of a QUALITY show?
2007/11/02 12:52:53 t cooper UNITED STATES Please release season 2 - 4 on dvd region 2
2007/11/02 22:19:03 HC UNITED STATES PLEASE RELEASE THEM! It's a great show and I want to buy all the seasons to watch!
2007/11/03 10:43:46 Nat RUSSIAN FEDERATION Please release seasons 2-4!
2007/11/03 16:06:12 Jennifer Spenny UNITED STATES  
2007/11/03 16:29:13 Michel Roupin FRANCE  
2007/11/03 21:16:59 Tim Pinfold UNITED KINGDOM It is a shame not to release such a good series that set the scene for many others to follow
2007/11/05 03:09:21 Leanna Bohrer UNITED STATES please i love this show
2007/11/05 11:07:50 Tabathia Michael UNITED STATES I really want the rest of the seasons on dvd i miss watching them please release them for all of us
2007/11/06 00:28:53 Zander Nyrond UNITED KINGDOM Why let three seasons of this show sit on your shelves making no profit for you?
2007/11/06 03:32:50 Dave UNITED STATES Please releast them
2007/11/06 14:44:11 Patti D. UNITED STATES WOULd they just RELEASE the rest of the seasons ALREADY!
2007/11/06 16:38:06 Marc Abelé UNITED KINGDOM Come on MGM where is the rest of this fantastic series!
2007/11/06 18:24:13 Greg Boll UNITED STATES A great show that, with proper promotion, would fare well on DVD release. Keep it going!
2007/11/06 21:31:03 Olga Maksimovic UNITED KINGDOM Please release them!!
2007/11/07 18:33:24 joseph r eisenhauer UNITED STATES  
2007/11/07 18:53:24 Beth Cox UNITED STATES Please, I'm dying to get these ........PLEASE
2007/11/08 02:28:48 Sara Smith UNITED STATES  
2007/11/08 03:37:11 Caty Heddle CANADA I really really want the DVDs!
2007/11/08 17:33:14 James Konig UNITED STATES Very anxious to see seasons 2-4 on DVD soon! Thank you!
2007/11/08 23:48:38 Joe Ringer UNITED STATES  
2007/11/10 17:28:43 Charlie Stewart UNITED STATES  
2007/11/10 18:52:13 Leigh Gardner UNITED STATES  
2007/11/10 20:58:20 Chaz Savage UNITED STATES  
2007/11/11 03:30:37 Kathy Barton UNITED STATES My son and I are very anxious to see the rest of the seasons.
2007/11/11 21:33:14 Karen UNITED STATES One of my all time favorite shows
2007/11/11 21:49:53 j. fox UNITED STATES please, the interest is out there. release the additional seasons!
2007/11/11 23:16:17 Ronnie Smith UNITED KINGDOM Need i say more please, please release the rest of the seasons,
2007/11/12 06:47:49 George Crosby UNITED STATES  
2007/11/12 15:28:54 John Allshouse UNITED STATES The remaining seasons of PTL are automatic buys, please release them
2007/11/12 19:14:25 serena faust UNITED STATES  
2007/11/13 00:43:00 Chel Mulligan UNITED STATES Please release the remainging seasions of PTL
2007/11/13 16:58:36 Elaine Robinson UNITED STATES  
2007/11/15 07:58:00 william garner UNITED STATES excellent show, needs to be part of the dvd television family.
2007/11/17 17:17:36 Darren H UNITED STATES I really would like to see the other three seasons put on dvd...considering never saw 4..
2007/11/17 21:36:31 linda peele UNITED STATES please help me make my best freind's collection complete
2007/11/18 05:00:53 Mouse UNITED STATES please release the remaning seasons!
2007/11/18 21:14:16 junior UNITED KINGDOM Waiting not so patiently for seasons 2-4 to be released
2007/11/19 01:55:11 Joel Cerio UNITED STATES I recently discovered this show and thoroughly enjoyed it. It would be nice to have it out on DVD.
2007/11/19 18:34:19 stacey UNITED KINGDOM  
2007/11/19 22:42:30 Su Belcher UNITED KINGDOM I really, REALLY need the PtL seasons 2,3 & 4 release - please with extras for region 2
2007/11/20 13:32:59 ann UNITED KINGDOM  
2007/11/20 22:30:45 Dan Jacobsson SWEDEN This is the best occult TV-series ever made
2007/11/21 03:05:16 Keith A. Duncan UNITED STATES It's completely unfair that you released Season 1 yet refuse to release Seasons 2, 3, & 4.
2007/11/21 08:55:30 Chris SWEDEN The release of all the other seasons is a must for this wonderful series!!
2007/11/21 23:26:20 Pam Steele UNITED STATES please put seasons 2-4 on disc. I watch season 1 over and over.
2007/11/21 23:28:03 Allen Steele UNITED STATES I watch them with my wife over and over. we need them.
2007/11/22 12:24:35 Jason UNITED STATES We've been waiting since season 1 came out!
2007/11/22 16:23:16 Roy Jordan AUSTRALIA I loved Season 1 on DVD. This show was never shown in Australia so would love to buy Seasons 2 to 4
2007/11/22 21:12:52 Jeff Oglesby UNITED STATES  
2007/11/22 21:35:39 isabelle FRANCE  
2007/11/23 02:11:43 Steven Sutherland UNITED STATES This was one of my favorite series.
2007/11/23 09:54:06 Chris King UNITED KINGDOM Dying to see more
2007/11/23 16:32:45 Toni Walker UNITED STATES Please put P:tL Seasons 2-4 out on DVD! It's one of my all time favorite shows!
2007/11/24 07:00:47 Peggy Cazad UNITED STATES Have been a fan of this show since I was six. Now that it's off air, how else can we see it?
2007/11/24 08:12:49 Brad Ellis UNITED STATES Give us, the fans, the rest of the P:tL stories on DVD!
2007/11/24 18:54:32 Greg Skaalrud UNITED STATES Pleeeeze release the rest of the seasons on dvd
2007/11/26 04:34:10 Owen Miller UNITED STATES Please don't leave us hanging.... We REALLY want the rest of the seasons! Please!
2007/11/26 06:34:10 Gagavitz Posada UNITED STATES Unfairness to the fans aside. Think of the profit it will bring!!!
2007/11/26 08:53:42 Robert Noel UNITED STATES If The X-Files can have all 9 seasons released on DVD, why can't P:TL release 3 more?
2007/11/28 00:56:41 Kelly Ryan UNITED STATES Please give us the other 3 seasons!!! I LOVE this show.
2007/11/28 12:52:04 Havellant Barbie HUNGARY THE BEST :)
2007/11/29 04:43:23 Erin UNITED STATES Waiting for the other seasons, they are teasing us with the release of only seaon one!
2007/11/29 12:38:18 Holly Ding UNITED STATES  
2007/11/29 18:29:43 Ingrid FRANCE please
2007/11/30 00:41:14 George Britt UNITED STATES Waiting for the other seasons, seeing you have released season 1 don't stop now..
2007/11/30 13:16:25 Milos Horvat UNITED STATES I love the show! Please release the last 3 seasons.
2007/11/30 19:27:55 Veronica Rose UNITED STATES Have bought the first season any all novels - please release seasons 2-4
2007/12/01 04:43:05 Kelly Crea UNITED STATES I love this show and want to be able to watch it whenever I can so please release the entire series.
2007/12/01 13:11:52 Daniel Zwicker UNITED STATES I have to go to work about half way through the show, want to by the entire series on DVD.
2007/12/01 19:33:45 Mary UNITED STATES Please release the series! Then my sister will stop complaining and we can clear space on the DVR!
2007/12/01 20:30:15 denise millar UNITED KINGDOM I'd love to get the rest of this brilliant series on dvd
2007/12/01 23:16:58 Karen Orange UNITED KINGDOM  
2007/12/03 19:01:20 Irene Melnikova BELARUS Please release the entire series ASAP
2007/12/04 02:00:43 oscar estrada MEXICO i need the rest of the series
2007/12/04 18:48:35 Hubert Bernauer GERMANY  
2007/12/05 04:16:18 Doug Wadsworth UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the series!
2007/12/06 12:23:29 Marie Belcher UNITED KINGDOM please, for my sanity, release all 'the poltergiest 4'
2007/12/06 22:14:54 Leigh UNITED STATES My favorite show.
2007/12/06 22:15:36 Angie UNITED STATES We want DVDs!
2007/12/06 22:16:33 Angela UNITED STATES My fave show needs to be on DVD please!
2007/12/06 22:17:47 David UNITED STATES Good show.
2007/12/07 23:48:34 Mirna T-V UNITED STATES  
2007/12/08 19:37:30 Andy Somogyi UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the series. If it were released, I would BUY the entire series.
2007/12/09 01:20:14 Jet UNITED STATES  
2007/12/09 03:04:27 Erica UNITED STATES Want it! Want it! want it!
2007/12/09 03:04:47 Keith Dixson UNITED STATES  
2007/12/09 08:33:14 Dusart Jacques BELGIUM I love this series please !!!
2007/12/09 11:57:26 Aaron AUSTRALIA Why stop there??? Please release the last 3 seasons.
2007/12/09 17:52:18 Anika JAMAICA  
2007/12/09 20:07:56 Gemma UNITED KINGDOM desperate to see the other seasons!
2007/12/09 20:43:16 Aaron Earls UNITED STATES Great show!! A complete series box set would be perfect!
2007/12/10 07:06:24 Maureen Houlder UNITED STATES  
2007/12/10 07:06:56 Dan UNITED STATES  
2007/12/11 00:24:02 Debbie Prosser UNITED STATES Great Show!!
2007/12/11 02:19:33 Lygea UNITED STATES I am waiting for the rest of the seasons on DVD!
2007/12/11 06:39:57 Renee Boucher UNITED STATES Sooo want to see the last three seasons out on DVD!!!
2007/12/11 09:47:06 charles hayes cooney jr UNITED STATES please make dvds for seasons 2 through 4
2007/12/11 23:32:12 aj nordall UNITED STATES This has been my #1 favorite show since it first aired. I'd love to have the whole series on DVD.
2007/12/12 05:24:35 crystal cutting UNITED STATES I have been looking for these every where, LOVE this show and would love to see it again Please !!!!
2007/12/12 13:19:22 Megan UNITED KINGDOM Please!
2007/12/12 17:35:50 Marc Taton BELGIUM me and my friends need to see all seasons please
2007/12/14 21:23:32 Miky FRANCE Pleaseeee
2007/12/15 08:59:06 Matthew Heddle UNITED STATES Being an insomniac I could stand something provoking to wacth in the wee hrs.!give me season 2-4!!!
2007/12/16 03:28:42 Monica Sloan UNITED STATES They finally put DM on DVD, now it's time for P:TL. PLEASE!?
2007/12/16 22:35:37 Michael NEW ZEALAND Loved Legacy. Plese give us seasons 2 - 4.
2007/12/17 04:09:30 KeKe UNITED STATES This is an great show. Please honor the fans who love and miss the show.
2007/12/23 06:05:06 Yan Filiatrault CANADA  
2007/12/24 01:22:37 J. Crothers UNITED STATES  
2007/12/25 02:05:11 steve UNITED STATES please, bring it
2007/12/28 20:05:27 Louise Turton UNITED KINGDOM come on. I have just recieved the first season for christmas and i want to know what happens next !!
2007/12/28 21:38:15 Andrea CANADA failure to release the remaining seasons would be a mistake; many fans are anxiously waiting to buy!
2007/12/29 11:51:02 Kameron Ross UNITED STATES i would buy every season if i could! come on already and kick out with the rest of the series!
2007/12/29 18:38:01 Mindy Vance UNITED STATES  
2007/12/30 01:26:02 Valentina Zago ITALY please please I want every season..and in Italy is unavailable :((
2007/12/30 01:49:11 Denize Knaap NEW ZEALAND family and friends love the PTL first season, we would like to buy 2-4 seasons thankyou!!!!!
2007/12/30 06:37:44 Drew Bergstrom UNITED STATES  
2007/12/30 09:11:51 leila al-lahham UNITED STATES waiting for the next season
2007/12/30 22:17:50 danielle UNITED KINGDOM please!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!
2007/12/31 00:49:19 margaret dean UNITED KINGDOM please put all the season PTL on dvd
2007/12/31 19:27:47 Dave UNITED STATES  
2008/01/01 09:44:01 Robert UNITED STATES  
2008/01/01 18:11:51 Christine UNITED STATES  
2008/01/01 18:46:02 Mary Andreatta UNITED STATES Please release these
2008/01/02 11:57:32 Dana Domirani RUSSIAN FEDERATION Please!!!!!!! Want it!
2008/01/02 13:48:33 Johnny SWEDEN You just must release season 2-4, please!!
2008/01/02 22:04:44 Amanda M Osman Balzell UNITED STATES Anxiously awaiting the release of the rest of the series!
2008/01/02 22:05:01 Bryan Balzell UNITED STATES  
2008/01/03 00:04:43 Steve & Terry UNITED STATES We love this show. Please release the remaining episodes! We'll buy them all. Price be damned!
2008/01/03 05:57:43 jeffrey ing AUSTRALIA Please release the seasson 2-4
2008/01/03 11:38:31 Marc Hawkins UNITED KINGDOM I just loved this program. Please release them all on DVD.
2008/01/03 20:46:29 Roy NETHERLANDS Please release all seasons don't stop at after the first...
2008/01/03 21:25:31 Anna Gee UNITED STATES Please don't leave us hanging here--we don't want bootlegs--release the remaining episodes!
2008/01/04 16:01:13 Michelle Ward UNITED KINGDOM After being reintroduced to Poltergeist; The Legacy from finding the dvd's in a store, I need more
2008/01/05 02:28:10 Chris UNITED STATES What are you waiting for? Now's the time!
2008/01/05 11:01:17 J. Botha SOUTH AFRICA What is taking You so long to release the rest of the Series?
2008/01/05 17:52:03 Patricia UNITED STATES PLEASE just realeas the other seasons already! What is taking so long?
2008/01/05 18:55:46 Greg UNITED STATES This was a great series. I used to watch it faithfully later in the evening in the late 90s.
2008/01/05 21:50:19 Greg B. UNITED STATES a must have
2008/01/05 23:30:53 Cathi McGhee UNITED STATES  
2008/01/06 02:41:32 Erica UNITED STATES  
2008/01/06 08:22:03 James Shaughnessy UNITED STATES  
2008/01/07 08:31:08 Tracy Hollenbeck UNITED STATES  
2008/01/07 23:21:33 Brandi UNITED STATES Release them!! please!!!! i love them too much
2008/01/08 18:30:20 Karin Meester NETHERLANDS I am a great fan of Poltergeist the Legacy and I hope that the will be soon avalaible on dvd.
2008/01/09 02:57:40 atiya spence UNITED STATES i love this show and i have season 1 already
2008/01/09 18:53:10 Brenda UNITED STATES These are good stories, why don't you release the rest?
2008/01/09 20:51:30 Felicia Wetzig UNITED STATES Please, My entire family loves this show
2008/01/09 21:02:46 gene oscielowski UNITED STATES  
2008/01/10 06:14:27 Angela AUSTRALIA I loved the first session and can't wait for the rest to be released
2008/01/10 19:18:42 gaëlle FRANCE  
2008/01/10 22:21:25 loots fabrice BELGIUM please make dvds for seasons 2 through 4 thank!
2008/01/11 12:43:16 Billy Ross UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/01/12 14:38:06 nrvous ESTONIA  
2008/01/13 05:47:17 James UNITED STATES I can't wait till you put out all the sesons of POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY
2008/01/13 06:20:06 Mark Arendtsen UNITED STATES Please. This program really is THAT good!
2008/01/13 07:53:46 Lee Mackes UNITED STATES Enjoyed season 1 and look forward to the rest!
2008/01/13 14:56:46 Jill Moody UNITED STATES I LOVE this show & I would love to have Seasons 2-4
2008/01/13 19:12:17 Cata CANADA would love the next seasons
2008/01/13 23:05:37 Mirko Zeppenfeld GERMANY Please release the seasons 2-4 on DVD. PTL was one of the best mystery-series ever made
2008/01/14 04:43:52 Rae UNITED STATES all I can say is pretty please
2008/01/14 09:26:22 Rya UNITED STATES please release the rest of the seasons
2008/01/14 09:45:04 Alan Beck UNITED STATES If you release season 2-4 on DVD I'll buy it, as I'm sure will many others.
2008/01/14 19:09:41 Lonnie Richardson UNITED STATES  
2008/01/14 20:51:53 Louise UNITED KINGDOM PTL still has many loyal fans after all these years and deserves to be on DVD for us all to enjoy
2008/01/14 23:16:53 Donna Mills UNITED STATES  
2008/01/15 00:40:32 Elianna Nicolai UNITED STATES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Release the other seasons!
2008/01/15 12:24:20 judi UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons.
2008/01/16 07:53:43 Amy UNITED STATES Love, Love, Love this show, I want the DVD's
2008/01/16 14:31:38 Ronit Itzhari ISRAEL I need my ptl fix. love the shaw.
2008/01/17 01:33:28 Janna Brown UNITED STATES PTL still has a loyal fans 8 years later. They deserve the opportunity to enjoy each season on DVD.
2008/01/17 14:35:22 Jos van Domburg NETHERLANDS Anxiously awaiting the seasons 2-4 on DVD, cause they haven't even been broadcasted in Holland! PLZ!
2008/01/18 03:55:27 Robert Wright UNITED STATES Make us happy...release seasons 2-4 now!
2008/01/19 00:06:49 fimedee v. chavez UNITED STATES  
2008/01/19 00:39:30 dave UNITED KINGDOM please please release the remaining three series
2008/01/19 05:59:10 Monica UNITED STATES I mean .. we ARE going to pay to buy them.
2008/01/19 20:44:08 Nancy UNITED STATES PTL needs to be released on DVD
2008/01/20 07:53:55 Bill Polm UNITED STATES Why not produce seasons 2-4. They would sell and are worth it.
2008/01/20 14:32:10 Marina UNITED STATES You guys NEED to release the rest of the season....
2008/01/20 15:43:17 Jenni UNITED KINGDOM Hurry up and make the others please. I've loved the series since I was a kid!!
2008/01/20 22:37:19 Katherine Utz UNITED STATES After viewing season one, I remembered how much I loved this show! Please release the other seasons!
2008/01/21 04:05:21 Doris Woods UNITED STATES Yes I would Love to own all the series
2008/01/21 06:09:36 Malissa UNITED STATES waiting:-(
2008/01/21 17:37:51 Jennifer Noble UNITED STATES I missed much of the other seasons (aside from one) and would love to see them
2008/01/22 14:56:06 Jason Barrett UNITED KINGDOM keep it coming
2008/01/22 18:23:07 Evelyn Lichthan UNITED STATES I would love to see seasons 2-4 come on dvd. Have the first season box set
2008/01/22 18:28:26 Julian Lichtman UNITED STATES We have season 1 on dvd and often. Would love to have the rests of the seasons to come out on dvd.
2008/01/22 18:31:22 Mindy Lichtman UNITED STATES Would love to collect and watch all the seasons on DVD.
2008/01/22 22:01:25 Christina UNITED STATES  
2008/01/23 01:34:03 Joe Clifford UNITED STATES you guys are as bad as the Simpsons, give it up please
2008/01/23 07:11:18 leila allahham UNITED STATES disappointed this was my fav. show and would love the next three season on dvd
2008/01/23 18:07:34 Lindsay Newell UNITED KINGDOM please release s2-4. i have season 1 and need the others!!!!!
2008/01/23 21:41:18 Clive UNITED KINGDOM First season brill, come on and give us the rest !!!
2008/01/24 11:10:17 rowena shew UNITED KINGDOM i love this show and want the complete set i have season 1 please release the rest
2008/01/24 11:34:01 Phillip R. Shoaf UNITED STATES Loved the show, have the first season, want s2-4 on DVD
2008/01/24 20:50:34 Brian Lambert UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/01/25 02:12:57 Jennifer Jones UNITED STATES I love the show, please release the rest of it to DVD
2008/01/25 05:29:13 Shelley James UNITED STATES I can't believe they haven't put s2-4 on dvd yet...it's ridiculous! PLEASE release them soon.
2008/01/25 05:31:14 Emma Webster UNITED STATES Hurry Up PLEASE! I can't wait until seasons 2-4 come out...this was the best show ever!!!
2008/01/25 06:41:53 Jack Parker UNITED STATES I would love to have seasons 2-4 come on MGM!
2008/01/25 07:00:18 Lei B UNITED STATES please release the rest of the seasons! i loved this show!
2008/01/25 08:18:07 Sara Taylor UNITED STATES Please don't leave me waiting.
2008/01/25 20:03:06 Pedro MEXICO Please, this series is just amazing!
2008/01/25 23:10:25 MICHELLE FERREIRA UNITED STATES What is taking You so long to release the rest of the Series?
2008/01/26 00:23:08 Needham M. Smith UNITED STATES  
2008/01/26 23:45:38 Katherine Grossett UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons.
2008/01/27 16:30:02 Ardus Kaine UNITED KINGDOM Got the first season, now want the rest.
2008/01/27 17:49:36 Amanda UNITED KINGDOM what idiots release season 1 if their not going to release the rest!!
2008/01/28 11:10:08 Karin BELGIUM all the seasons need to be realeased :) pretty please
2008/01/29 12:54:59 Scott Armstrong UNITED KINGDOM come on guys. be nice to us
2008/01/29 17:16:41 Sergio ITALY  
2008/01/29 17:31:25 Penny UNITED STATES Please release the series,
2008/01/29 18:58:33 Michael J Tait UNITED KINGDOM It's been 2 years since season 1. PLEASE release 2 - 4, there are plenty of us fans who will buy it!
2008/01/29 20:12:16 Monica SWEDEN Please.......
2008/01/30 04:44:55 Claudia UNITED STATES waiting impatiently......
2008/01/30 15:46:31 Sara Ferguson AUSTRALIA I've just finished watching my season 1 dvds, need more to follow!
2008/01/31 04:44:11 Diane Bertram UNITED STATES Anxiously Awaiting....Please Hurry!!!
2008/01/31 14:25:48 Julett RUSSIAN FEDERATION  
2008/02/01 15:33:26 David Carew UNITED STATES Waiting a long time
2008/02/01 22:50:01 Graham S. UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/02/02 01:22:50 dennis NETHERLANDS you know you need the money
2008/02/02 06:47:06 S. Sloan UNITED STATES Season one was just the beginning.. Season 2 was my favorite, why not release the rest?
2008/02/02 09:27:57 Eileen UNITED STATES  
2008/02/02 20:30:19 Ruth UNITED STATES  
2008/02/02 20:58:42 Sarah Morgen HUNGARY I love the show! I'd like to watch it til the end!
2008/02/04 09:11:37 Pascale FRANCE  
2008/02/04 19:23:09 k.brady UNITED KINGDOM please release 2-4 on dvd
2008/02/04 22:40:42 Jessica UNITED STATES I love this show. I've been waiting for the second season to come out. Please come out!!!
2008/02/05 06:59:11 Jim Meigs UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the series!
2008/02/05 19:19:25 Jean-Loup Thiriez FRANCE always waiting for seasons 2 -> 4 in DVD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008/02/07 13:46:32 Charles Chawalko UNITED STATES Unbelievable Scifi Show From My Childhood That I Need To Seriously Own! Please release the next 3!
2008/02/07 21:33:57 tammy UNITED KINGDOM we can't wait anymore give us season 2,3 and 4
2008/02/08 05:57:00 Leanne AUSTRALIA Please, please, please, release the rest of the series
2008/02/08 19:34:59 Peter FRANCE Please! Please!
2008/02/09 18:57:45 Dawn Duffield UNITED STATES please release these dvd's soon.
2008/02/09 19:51:35 mark MALTA one of the greatest shows ever. It deserves to be entirely released on dvd
2008/02/10 06:17:06 stacie larson UNITED STATES please release 2-4. this was one of my fav. shows. please put them on dvd.
2008/02/10 11:46:48 Daniela Pokorny AUSTRIA PLease!Please! It is the best show ever!
2008/02/10 19:08:12 Isabelle Naveau FRANCE Please, respect your customers and release the rest of the serie ! already two years... thanks
2008/02/10 19:11:54 Kevin Batisse FRANCE We're waiting for already two years for the second season... Please, respect us and release it ! tnx
2008/02/11 15:19:57 Michelle UNITED STATES  
2008/02/11 17:01:27 Gary Gorman UNITED KINGDOM hurry up before we're all pensioners and can't aford it
2008/02/13 00:06:09 waleta morgan UNITED STATES when is season 2-4 coming out?
2008/02/13 02:30:54 Kevin Phelps UNITED STATES release the rest of the seasons!!!!!!!
2008/02/14 01:32:51 Kimberly S Crenshaw UNITED STATES need all the seasons
2008/02/15 11:44:39 sandra UNITED KINGDOM please its fantastic
2008/02/18 17:31:46 Dana Skaggs UNITED STATES Watched on TV and would like to be able to see it again
2008/02/18 22:58:37 Christy Sinner UNITED STATES Pleas release Season 2-4 for extreme fans
2008/02/18 23:17:29 Sandra Kropp UNITED STATES Loved the series very much and would enjoy watching again and again
2008/02/19 17:11:23 Christel Verbeeck BELGIUM Please!!!
2008/02/21 07:03:53 Melanie UNITED STATES Love the show! Have the first season on DVD and been waiting for the seasons 2-4 to come out !
2008/02/21 13:01:12 Fanny FRANCE Very impatient to see the next seasons !!
2008/02/21 14:26:06 Charlette Hall UNITED STATES I loved the series and have the first season DVD. Please release the other seasons!!
2008/02/22 09:38:30 Heather Salmons UNITED STATES Loved this show growing up, would love to be able too watch episodes after season one again
2008/02/22 12:52:34 Thasc UNITED KINGDOM Please release the other seasons as soon as poosible thanks
2008/02/25 00:53:58 Lyse Adams UNITED STATES Love this show; have season 1 on dvd; waiting for season #2
2008/02/25 06:22:02 john Mc Donald UNITED STATES This show was so far ahead of its time. Its the original"Supernatural","Blood Ties","Moonlight"show.
2008/02/25 06:24:26 Jack UNITED STATES Helen Shaver, sex kitten baby. love to see more of her. Yes Please
2008/02/25 19:41:59 shawna chestakov UNITED STATES please please release the rest of the series out on dvd season 2-4 please
2008/02/25 19:44:19 jimmy lehew UNITED STATES why release just one season of this wonderful show, please release them all
2008/02/25 23:07:35 manolo harris UNITED KINGDOM why release season one if your not going to release the others does not make sense
2008/02/27 10:49:52 daniel knowles UNITED KINGDOM PTL so kool get the season 2-4 out on dvd cant wait
2008/02/27 15:35:09 joseph britto UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/02/27 21:08:48 Georgina Mészáros HUNGARY In Hungary season 3-4 wasn't on TV, so we desperately need the DVD
2008/02/28 12:34:53 Kelemen Ágnes HUNGARY PTL the God
2008/02/28 22:50:00 steven BELGIUM i'm already waiting for a long time for season 2,3,4. Why wait? Just Release!
2008/02/29 09:46:35 Kevin Rochester UNITED KINGDOM Unsure why you have not released series 2,3,4. Quality informed occult T.V., please get moving!
2008/02/29 17:29:49 Sheila UNITED STATES ...Why must we wait? It's senseless to release only 1 season of a show. Especially 1 people want!!!!
2008/03/01 01:44:13 Sylvie CANADA what are you waiting for, one of the best series EVER!!!!
2008/03/01 04:33:07 Nancy Wilson UNITED STATES  
2008/03/02 01:09:33 Dylan UNITED STATES  
2008/03/02 05:18:07 brad vincent UNITED STATES  
2008/03/02 13:36:09 BeaverCassidy FRANCE Please exit the other seasons on dvd, I need the emergency!
2008/03/05 12:41:23 Dusart BELGIUM Please,I love this series !!!!
2008/03/05 20:43:58 Kathleen Morris UNITED STATES I am anxiously awaiting season 2-4
2008/03/05 23:47:42 Marc Taton BELGIUM we need to see the season2-3-4 on dvd
2008/03/05 23:49:54 Aurelie Bomben BELGIUM i'd like to buy the season 2 on dvd!!!!!!
2008/03/05 23:52:36 Will BELGIUM WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
2008/03/06 15:12:18 Nancy Anido UNITED STATES I love this series also would love for a new season to return.
2008/03/06 17:00:00 Karan S UNITED STATES  
2008/03/06 19:38:11 Linda Howes UNITED STATES I need the rest of this series! It was the BEST!
2008/03/06 20:47:53 Yanira Canals UNITED STATES I love the series. Pls bring it back on DVD
2008/03/07 22:14:02 ron NETHERLANDS  
2008/03/08 07:36:15 vetal UKRAINE I'm waiting for Season 4 on DVD
2008/03/08 08:52:00 Paula Stout GREECE we neeeeed seasons 2 3 4 pleeeese
2008/03/08 13:58:18 Terry Fairs UNITED KINGDOM After watching the 1st series in the UK, I never had a chance to see the rest of the episodes. :)
2008/03/08 15:50:25 karine FRANCE Please!
2008/03/08 18:35:47 Lois C. Popp UNITED STATES Please, please make this possible as soon as possible
2008/03/10 05:06:07 Jennifer S. UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4 of this wonderful series!
2008/03/10 22:47:38 Ava Blair UNITED STATES I would really like the rest of the seasons to come out. Thanks so much!
2008/03/11 21:09:57 Kovács Dávid HUNGARY  
2008/03/12 22:19:42 Melanie GERMANY I believe that the fans have a right to get the remaining seasons on DVD!!
2008/03/13 03:05:44 Susan UNITED STATES PLEASE! I love this show!
2008/03/13 18:58:26 adele gunter UNITED KINGDOM bring it back
2008/03/13 22:49:20 sarah UNITED KINGDOM please release poltergeist the legacy on dvd season's 2 to 4 so i can watch and enjoy
2008/03/14 07:59:41 crystal cutting UNITED STATES Love this show and want the rest on dvd PLEASE!!!
2008/03/14 12:53:21 Suzy Osbaldeston UNITED KINGDOM I would definitely be interested in buying the next few seasons of PTL - please make them available
2008/03/15 14:40:06 Stephane Labelle CANADA This is just a great serie and a must have in a collection
2008/03/15 17:46:46 Yoko Katayama UNITED STATES please oh please distribute the rest of series on DVD/Blu-ray
2008/03/15 18:35:48 Pat UNITED STATES I am awaiting the rest of the series on DVD, watched it faithfully when it was on TV
2008/03/16 03:20:14 kate fawcitt NEW ZEALAND PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008/03/16 03:44:24 Liz M. UNITED STATES PLEASE release PTL seasons 2-4! Thrilling show with unique stories & characters
2008/03/16 17:52:49 Jessica UNITED STATES I will definitely add all seasons to my collection as soon as they are released.
2008/03/17 09:14:07 Aaron Bates UNITED STATES I LOVE this series and would buy every season in a heartbeat. I can't wait!
2008/03/17 20:42:30 maria UNITED STATES Anxiously waiting for the rest of the seasons in New York.
2008/03/17 21:52:03 Arlene Solan UNITED STATES I would purchase this as soon as it is available.
2008/03/18 00:42:28 Jason UNITED KINGDOM I have season one, waiting to own the rest please
2008/03/19 01:10:12 Dave UNITED KINGDOM Enough is enough, Bring out seasons 2,3 and 4 NOW!!!!
2008/03/19 04:28:38 Aaron Foster UNITED STATES Why is only the first season out? This is a bad business decision.
2008/03/20 12:54:29 steve UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/03/20 19:13:55 Paul Nicholson UNITED STATES I been wanting season 2 so bad with "roughbeast".please bring and release the other seasons
2008/03/21 11:29:33 tracey priddey UNITED KINGDOM you have to release season 2-4, my kids wont believe how great the show was.
2008/03/21 18:02:33 Jocelyn UNITED STATES  
2008/03/23 03:12:07 Nikita Sanchez UNITED STATES Anxiously awaiting the rest of the series. Will purchase ASAP
2008/03/23 04:30:42 Rafael Rodriguez UNITED STATES Hoping to get the other sets. The fans are wanting more!
2008/03/25 12:33:12 tracey UNITED KINGDOM please release these seasons
2008/03/25 12:34:32 neil UNITED KINGDOM please release more of them they were great
2008/03/25 19:12:35 Caroline FROMENT FRANCE  
2008/03/25 19:13:19 Francis FRANCE  
2008/03/27 18:42:52 Karen UNITED STATES Love PTL Have season 1 and now just waitign for seasons 2-4.
2008/03/28 14:35:35 Kristy UNITED STATES Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008/03/28 15:03:55 Felicia UNITED STATES Please Please Please release the rest of the seasons of Poltergeist the Legacy. Great Show!
2008/03/28 18:30:18 Gubacsi Zsolt HUNGARY  
2008/03/28 20:08:12 Kim Smith UNITED STATES hell yeah sell it i want it
2008/03/29 07:06:13 Candice Bonner UNITED STATES i love this show i have season one and i need the rest great show have to have it please
2008/03/29 18:22:38 Han Telman NETHERLANDS  
2008/03/31 07:17:31 Jackie Hatcliff UNITED STATES Please, you can't have season one without having the rest of the series.
2008/03/31 17:07:15 Adrienne Foster CANADA please, please release seasons 2-4 on dvd
2008/04/01 23:19:38 Jason Underhill CANADA We've been kept waiting for far too long!
2008/04/02 00:02:46 Adya Green UNITED STATES We need seasons 2, 3 , and 4 on DVD right now!
2008/04/02 15:59:21 Maggi UNITED STATES I own the first season and will buy the others if released.
2008/04/03 12:47:13 Krisztina Baranyi HUNGARY please bring it!!
2008/04/03 17:02:12 Maureen Flynn UNITED STATES  
2008/04/04 14:08:58 Wauters An BELGIUM Please bring it, please!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008/04/04 20:23:16 Andrew Geoghegan UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/04/05 00:46:49 Bobbe P. UNITED STATES Please release season 2-4, have been waiting for a long time.
2008/04/05 01:50:49 lisa b. UNITED STATES please find a way to bring this back on the tele. there are no other intelligent supernatural shows
2008/04/05 19:46:50 Rebekka Platt UNITED KINGDOM I love it and it would be amasing to watch it ALL again and again and again...etc
2008/04/06 23:25:50 Djin Master UNITED KINGDOM All i can do is beg!
2008/04/07 04:31:56 Erica Dixson UNITED STATES  
2008/04/07 12:03:39 Mary UNITED STATES Great show. Please release seasons 2-4!!!!!
2008/04/07 12:07:17 Olga K. RUSSIAN FEDERATION PLEASE release seasons 2-4 on DVD!
2008/04/07 12:41:45 Bianca D. GERMANY Please release the other seasons. PTL is the greatest show!
2008/04/07 19:32:46 Terrell Lowe UNITED STATES I am eagerly awaiting the remaining series on widescreen dvd.
2008/04/08 20:26:16 Terje N. NORWAY  
2008/04/09 14:21:30 Aurora UNITED STATES I am waiting for the release of the rest of the seasons. Please release them.
2008/04/09 15:42:34 Arthur Durl UNITED STATES I'd love to see seasons 2-4 on DVD.
2008/04/10 05:28:18 Matthew Hissong UNITED STATES Hulu would be a fine place for it, too...
2008/04/10 12:29:05 troy tracey UNITED STATES one of the best series of all time and nothing out but the first season something is wrong here
2008/04/10 14:36:06 Alvin S UNITED STATES pls I love this series and sad I cant get the rest of the series!
2008/04/10 15:33:52 Sheryl Reynolds UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4!!! It's a wonderful, addictive show!
2008/04/10 18:23:03 Lisa williams UNITED STATES I bought 2 copies and put them all in my Zune.Please Hurry we are waiting
2008/04/11 16:52:30 james smith UNITED STATES please release 2-4 i love this show
2008/04/11 17:55:24 gaumerd FRANCE  
2008/04/12 05:26:13 Thomas Shoffield UNITED STATES please release seasons 2-4 this show rocks
2008/04/12 22:43:43 Levi UNITED STATES I loved this show as a kid, I really want to see the rest of the seasons on dvd.
2008/04/12 23:53:59 Denise Mueller UNITED STATES  
2008/04/13 03:18:31 Michael S. Gill UNITED STATES I have been waiting for years to collect this set. Please release seasons 2-4 on DVD.
2008/04/13 16:52:17 Dwayne G. UNITED STATES Not fair to only releae one season and not the rest! Seasons 2-4 would be greatley appreciated!!!
2008/04/14 17:44:40 Tim Veihl UNITED STATES Please,please,please!!!!!! I've been anxiously awaiting the other seasons since Season 1 came out.
2008/04/15 04:50:35 Roger Moore NEW ZEALAND Fantastic show I`ve been waiting for more dvd releases of this show
2008/04/15 17:41:29 Juanita J Nesbitt UNITED STATES It is a well acted, well written show. Why aren't seasons 2-4 on DVD? I would purchase them.
2008/04/16 21:44:39 karen boyce UNITED KINGDOM Have waited eons for this collection.Please release seasons 2-4 on dvd.
2008/04/18 13:15:20 rebecca s, kingsley UNITED STATES please release the remainder of this series on DVD w/ cc for deaf or English subtitles.
2008/04/19 02:11:18 Les Trauth UNITED STATES  
2008/04/20 05:07:35 JAY P. MAYER UNITED STATES  
2008/04/20 07:06:53 Roo Whitethorn AUSTRALIA A wonderful show! But when are the other seasons going to be available? I look forward to them
2008/04/21 05:09:22 Frances Miller UNITED STATES I'm looking forward to having the complete series on DVD. Please make it possible.
2008/04/22 22:10:48 Shannon Price UNITED STATES Please Realease the other seasons this show rocked and I can't wait to get the other three seasons
2008/04/24 14:42:00 Shannon Kapp UNITED STATES I really love this show!!! I want to buy all of those seasons, keep in my shelf and to watch often!!
2008/04/26 02:52:44 Ruth Weaver UNITED KINGDOM Please release seasons 2 - 4 on dvd.
2008/04/27 11:37:30 Kevin Gould UNITED STATES Please! You can't leave us hanging like this. We have to see the remaining seasons!
2008/04/27 16:06:07 stephanie carroll UNITED STATES they don't put shows on anymore love this series.
2008/04/28 04:46:38 Peter Padro UNITED STATES guaranteed to buy every season on day 1!
2008/04/29 08:47:09 maureen tallon UNITED STATES  
2008/04/29 22:01:55 Alan Lockwood UNITED STATES This show is awesome.. can't believe no one's released the 2nd season or more yet!! hurry up!!!
2008/04/30 03:16:34 Sam Guzman UNITED STATES  
2008/04/30 03:38:19 Dennis M UNITED STATES An excellent series that filled a necessary gap in programming.
2008/04/30 14:07:16 Olivier Mol BELGIUM Need plz
2008/04/30 19:43:35 Srewart Smith UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/04/30 19:44:28 Alan Smith UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/04/30 19:45:09 Susan Smith UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/04/30 21:52:24 Lawrie McC UNITED KINGDOM I love Poltergeist the legacy. It makes me really unhappy that only one season was released on dvd.
2008/05/01 09:33:09 Pamela UNITED STATES Please dont let season 1 be a solo release.
2008/05/01 12:51:18 Rita Marx UNITED STATES This's my fave show of all time! REALLY! Plz release the rest of the show!
2008/05/01 21:19:08 Penny UNITED STATES pls I love this series and sad I cant get the rest of the series!
2008/05/01 21:42:46 Rosetta Barnes UNITED STATES I have season one would you please release season 2 thru 4 I love this program
2008/05/02 14:36:40 Marythea Irving UNITED STATES This was the very, very best sci-fi show I ever saw on TV! Please put it on DVD!
2008/05/02 15:45:56 Bruce D. Schifrien UNITED STATES  
2008/05/03 02:18:43 Kat Bell UNITED STATES I've been anxiously awaiting seasons 2-4 on DVD
2008/05/03 03:08:45 Marissa Kennedy UNITED STATES  
2008/05/03 03:09:25 Robin Griffin UNITED STATES  
2008/05/03 22:58:18 Shani UNITED STATES Have been waiting & waiting. This is a quality show. PLEASE release seasons 2-4!
2008/05/04 01:02:59 Adrienne L. Davis UNITED STATES Please release season 2-4
2008/05/04 11:51:16 Geoff Stewart AUSTRALIA What's the delay? Please release the rest of this great series
2008/05/05 01:47:16 Michel Melendez UNITED STATES What are you waiting for? Release this show!
2008/05/06 11:24:27 Sabine Aures GERMANY It´s one of my favorite shows on TV and I still have not seen some episodes. So please release it.
2008/05/06 11:53:26 Bernhard Kronner GERMANY I have only seen the first season on DVD and I really like it! So release more of it!
2008/05/06 20:00:49 Phil Adams UNITED STATES Bring on the rest of the seasons...the first season alone will not do.
2008/05/07 02:59:05 Jessica UNITED STATES you cannot release season one and not the other seasons, it is just not right for all the fans
2008/05/07 04:35:21 Nick B. UNITED STATES HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!
2008/05/07 05:39:08 Tim Greenleaf UNITED STATES This is one of the best Sci/Fi/Horror shows ever. It deserves to be memorialized on DVD.
2008/05/07 17:29:58 Christopher DeAndrade UNITED STATES  
2008/05/07 18:53:25 Roberta Gilbert UNITED STATES Anxiously awaiting the release of Seasons 2-4 of Poltergeist: The Legacy. Bben waiting YEARS!!!
2008/05/09 10:28:00 Emmanuel Guntz FRANCE If the printing of DVDs is too expensive, give them the permission to download the episodes!...
2008/05/09 19:21:31 Mike UNITED STATES i like the series
2008/05/09 22:42:01 Tammy Suto UNITED STATES Less popular shows have been released so please release the rest of the seasons to this.
2008/05/10 01:11:37 Wayne Roach UNITED STATES I would love to have the complete series.
2008/05/11 01:19:06 sarah UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/05/11 02:27:01 David barham UNITED STATES With all the horrible shows being released on DVD, a good show like this one should be released
2008/05/11 09:26:43 Mark Landin UNITED KINGDOM Please release seasons 2-4 of this great show... want the episode featuring WWE The Undertaker!!!
2008/05/12 03:18:06 Sharon T. UNITED STATES I miss this show so much please release the rest of the seasons.
2008/05/12 12:21:44 Lisa Fairchild UNITED STATES Just watched the first season and can't wait to see the rest.
2008/05/12 19:55:27 Jana UNITED STATES I love this show! For all of us devoted P:TL fans, please put the other seasons on DVD!! Thanks
2008/05/16 15:00:45 Petit alain FRANCE PLEASE release seasons 2-4 on DVD!
2008/05/16 17:21:29 MARET Elodie FRANCE please I love this series and sad I cant get the rest of the series!
2008/05/17 17:12:06 Alane Johnson UNITED STATES PLEASE relase the entire series, I want them all!!!
2008/05/18 05:24:33 Heather McLernon UNITED STATES  
2008/05/18 17:24:43 frances marinaki SOUTH AFRICA i have the first season am desperate for the complete colletion please release seasons 2 - 4
2008/05/20 00:34:30 Robin Smith UNITED STATES Please, please, please give us Poltergeist the Legacy seasons 2-4 on dvd! I want them! PLEASE!
2008/05/20 18:35:33 stephen stanley UNITED KINGDOM please release seasons 2 to 4
2008/05/20 20:21:21 Adrianne Coates UNITED STATES Waiting to own the rest of the series
2008/05/20 20:34:14 Brad UNITED STATES Let's get the rest of the seasons on DVD, NOW!
2008/05/22 11:04:15 A. M. Smyth IRELAND Eagerly awaiting region 2 release of Seasons 2 to 4
2008/05/25 01:15:05 Christine Parks UNITED STATES Give us a break! Please release seasons 2-4 on DVD.
2008/05/25 11:42:41 nicola adams UNITED KINGDOM very special programme,please release seasons 2 etc
2008/05/25 17:54:40 Anne Hudson UNITED STATES  
2008/05/25 22:26:53 Sandra Ramos PORTUGAL Please reales seasons 2, 3 and 4
2008/05/25 22:30:51 Margie Bebee UNITED STATES I am waiting for you guys to get off of your butts and release the rest of the seasons!!!!
2008/05/26 15:44:30 Deb Townsend UNITED STATES I really hoped that when season 1 came out the others would soon follow. Please bring them out!
2008/05/26 17:15:52 Ivy Faulkner UNITED STATES I must have these dvds Please!!!
2008/05/26 20:05:27 Eric Gordon UNITED KINGDOM I havent seen the show but my girlfriend wants to see it.
2008/05/26 20:46:59 Shelley Love UNITED STATES I am waiting to buy seasons 2-4, please release them on DVD.
2008/05/26 23:01:53 Terrell L. UNITED STATES I own Poltergeist the Legacy-Season One, a terrific series, please release the others on DVD soon.
2008/05/28 00:06:26 Willard Onellion UNITED STATES I just discovered this series when i bought season 1. Please put out the remaing 3 seasons.
2008/05/28 03:42:29 KD Patterson UNITED STATES Wonderful show - bought Season 1. MGM, where are seasons 2-4???
2008/05/28 13:29:49 Lola Lohne NORWAY Love this show, hope to get it on DVD
2008/05/28 19:44:33 Tracie Hicks UNITED STATES This is a awsome show. I would love the whole collection.
2008/05/29 08:07:26 Kevin Gurnick UNITED STATES yeah i used to watch them on showtime when they first came out but never had the chance to see all
2008/05/29 15:36:09 Kellie Mattis UNITED STATES Please release the remaining seasons. Thank You
2008/05/29 21:26:50 Michelle F. UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4 this show deserves to have all the episodes released to the fans!
2008/05/29 22:19:08 Monique Hercules CANADA i just loved this series , i already bought season 1 but would love to have in my collection S-2-3-4
2008/05/31 05:42:11 Carolanne Szoke UNITED STATES PLZ release the rest of the series! It's too good not to!
2008/05/31 20:27:07 sara ealy UNITED STATES I want season 2 already!! It's my favorite season and they never play it on TV. Please release S-2
2008/05/31 21:48:46 Jennifer Leonard UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/06/01 01:54:48 Jamila H UNITED STATES Come on MGM! We need to see the rest of the seasons!
2008/06/01 22:29:24 Sarah Harrison UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4
2008/06/02 00:55:48 Mike W Howland UNITED STATES I would buy them all
2008/06/03 00:42:09 Tonya Cannon UNITED STATES what good is season 1 w/o the rest of them? I greatly enjoy the DVD's from season 1.
2008/06/03 00:46:00 maryann rees UNITED STATES Ahhhhhh!!!! I need to see it before I die!!!!!
2008/06/03 09:05:16 C. A. Castodio UNITED STATES There is MONEY to be made people. What are they waiting for....
2008/06/04 10:49:36 trudi banks UNITED KINGDOM my son is hookedon this he was too young to see the original series please release the rest
2008/06/04 20:02:36 Ramiro Santana UNITED STATES one can hope that seasons 2-4 will be released
2008/06/05 11:18:20 C Muir SOUTH AFRICA Season One was great - When are the rest coming?
2008/06/06 00:16:21 Vickie L McLaughlin UNITED STATES  
2008/06/07 06:53:27 Donna Hewitt UNITED KINGDOM Please release season 2-4 of this wonderful series.
2008/06/09 00:34:27 Duong FRANCE A quand les saisons 2 ŕ 4 en dvd?
2008/06/09 17:58:05 Troy UNITED STATES Poltergeist the Legacy is a great series, that deserves all its seasons on dvd.
2008/06/09 18:32:56 Maureen Houlder UNITED STATES This show is definitely worth watching again!!!
2008/06/09 21:57:24 K Graham AUSTRALIA Season One was fantastic!! What good is season 1 without the rest !!
2008/06/10 00:35:05 Bob Houlder UNITED STATES Please release Seasons 2 - 4 of Poltergeist: The Legacy on DVD. It is an excellent series.
2008/06/10 03:29:07 David UNITED STATES please release seasons 2 - 4 of Poltergeist: The Legacy...a series too good to stop with the first 1
2008/06/10 04:06:27 Gary Hay AUSTRALIA Came across the DVD for the first series and really enjoyed it More please!
2008/06/10 20:33:14 Russell Stacks UNITED STATES Please release season 2
2008/06/11 01:07:03 Fran UNITED STATES Please release season 2
2008/06/11 01:49:26 Michelle Harris UNITED STATES Oh please, Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please
2008/06/11 03:29:39 Janet UNITED STATES PLEASE PLEASE RELEASE Season 2 & 3 I need it
2008/06/12 17:27:21 nsimons UNITED STATES  
2008/06/12 18:07:16 Mark Landin UNITED KINGDOM This series was great and has set the bar for many other shows that try to follow in its footsteps
2008/06/13 08:56:26 Janey AUSTRALIA And why not make a season 5 too....?
2008/06/15 04:46:06 Jesus M Ruiz UNITED STATES Been a long wait, where are they?
2008/06/15 08:29:57 Geoff Allen UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/06/15 13:07:43 Alison Jones UNITED KINGDOM Please release the next seasons, :(
2008/06/15 14:39:45 ANTO FRANCE I WOULD BUY THEM ALL . PLEASE...............
2008/06/15 18:25:48 Heather Iversen DENMARK Please release - quite a few fans here in Denmark and we need more!
2008/06/15 23:04:30 Aaron Strudwick UNITED KINGDOM Love this show.....need the whole collection
2008/06/17 17:17:01 Renata P CZECH REPUBLIC Complete the serie on DVD, please
2008/06/17 20:05:40 karen dick UNITED KINGDOM they should release them because if they are going to relese season 1 why not the rest
2008/06/19 00:53:01 Mark Kazmierczak UNITED STATES  
2008/06/21 10:11:42 Ben UNITED KINGDOM Brings back good childhood memories, Hurry up season 2 getting impatient
2008/06/21 21:11:59 ken reeder UNITED STATES I'll buy the COMPLETE SET
2008/06/22 13:43:06 Sonja Gebhardt GERMANY Please I love the show and I just NEED to have it!!!
2008/06/23 01:10:13 Rafael UNITED STATES Come on guys release the dvd sets. There are fan all over the world would like to have them.
2008/06/23 23:06:00 Glenn Cipriano UNITED STATES  
2008/06/24 00:18:41 Andrew J UNITED STATES I bought the first season and I will buy the rest if made available.
2008/06/24 18:20:13 GARY TOTH UNITED STATES Have season 1, waiting for the other seasons !!!
2008/06/24 20:29:47 Penelope Suzanne Coe UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/06/24 23:10:56 Raquel Sanchez UNITED STATES I am ready to but them all!
2008/06/25 01:33:57 Lisa Mason UNITED STATES It's really hard to find a good supernatural collection. Anxiously awaiting the other seasons.
2008/06/25 10:43:01 lauren gilliland UNITED KINGDOM Please put this on dvd we had 2 wait long enough 4 seaon 1 to b released!
2008/06/25 20:28:57 Jerry Hawkins UNITED STATES Hurry up!!!
2008/06/26 04:50:20 Paul Aman UNITED STATES  
2008/06/27 21:49:29 Bridget Essa UNITED STATES  
2008/06/28 03:54:01 Pamela UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons. PLEASE!!!
2008/06/28 11:05:26 John Bartram AUSTRALIA  
2008/06/28 21:48:16 Lori Slivensky UNITED STATES please, please, please!
2008/06/28 22:27:03 Beth Foley UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/06/29 17:23:05 David Cowperthwaite UNITED KINGDOM Would love to see Seasons 2-4 on DVD and would certainly buy them!
2008/06/30 23:00:37 Samuel & lisa Fairchild UNITED STATES lets go guys, time to release the rest of it
2008/07/01 09:19:02 Sabrina L. GERMANY Please release the seasons 2-4 on DVD soon!!!!!!
2008/07/01 20:10:59 laetitia FRANCE j'ai toujours adorée cette série et je n'en n'ai jamais raté un episode
2008/07/01 23:51:20 Heather Steinke UNITED STATES  
2008/07/02 20:54:20 John J UNITED KINGDOM My wife and I love this programme. Its about time we were given series 2-4
2008/07/05 01:06:27 Connie Lamparter UNITED STATES Been waiting 2 years for rest of seasons to be released!
2008/07/05 23:12:26 Timothy Clark UNITED STATES I couldn't believe it when they cancelled this show, now they won't release Season 2 thru Season 4?
2008/07/06 01:42:16 DAVID MAKI UNITED STATES Get seasons 2-4 on dvd be quick now!!!
2008/07/06 11:02:25 Annette UNITED STATES  
2008/07/06 16:37:47 kevin Barlett UNITED STATES Everything else is being made easy on dvd this set would make aslot of money for this company
2008/07/07 19:18:03 karen dick UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/07/07 20:51:23 Heather UNITED STATES Wanna hurry on releasing more of the seasons, my season one is getting tired it's getting warn out.
2008/07/08 03:13:14 Ginny Silverman UNITED STATES When are you going to get the message! PLEASE release seasons 2-4 of this series!
2008/07/08 11:59:03 Yves Villeneuve CANADA  
2008/07/09 04:33:30 Dale Hull UNITED STATES Anxiously waiting for 2- on DVD
2008/07/09 06:18:10 Mindy UNITED STATES  
2008/07/09 15:17:36 Tom Erik Ljunggren NORWAY One of the best shows ever aired. Please release the remaining seasons on DVD!
2008/07/10 01:09:43 S. Anderson UNITED STATES  
2008/07/10 10:25:51 mirela ROMANIA i would like to see the others sesons on dvd too. i have the first season...hope you make it soon
2008/07/10 11:18:42 Penny Smout AUSTRALIA We have had heaps of enjoyment and cant wait for the release of the rest of the series
2008/07/10 11:20:12 Natasha Oneal AUSTRALIA Be fair - give us the rest - please
2008/07/11 14:32:10 Jason Kilrea CANADA you can't release just 1 of 4 can you?
2008/07/11 14:32:20 april benway UNITED STATES must have
2008/07/12 05:57:17 Johnny Rovell UNITED STATES Please put more seasons on DVD. And while youre at it how about starting a next generation series?
2008/07/12 15:48:08 NIKKI BROOKS UNITED KINGDOM ptl is the best and think it is only fair that you release the other seasons
2008/07/12 21:04:51 Justin Card UNITED STATES  
2008/07/13 03:49:00 Jo Anne Marcus UNITED STATES  
2008/07/14 00:40:27 Fabienne Bichara CANADA All the seasons were great!
2008/07/14 12:24:53 See Jason SWEDEN Please
2008/07/15 00:01:20 Molly Pagel UNITED STATES This is a great show and all the seasons deserve to be out on dvd
2008/07/15 17:28:36 Dorinda Medenis UNITED STATES This was a great show why tease us by only releasing season 1. We need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008/07/15 17:30:59 Diana Thomas UNITED STATES really enjoying season 1 would love too get the rest of them.
2008/07/16 10:35:22 Jarod Rains UNITED STATES Release the rest and I'll buy it
2008/07/16 10:37:48 Pete Dumont UNITED STATES Please release 2, 3, and 4
2008/07/16 22:03:04 Charmaine Fritchey UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4
2008/07/17 08:23:01 Devon Brookshyre UNITED STATES Thi sis a great show, please release the rest of the series
2008/07/18 13:29:19 Chris Jones UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/07/18 19:40:21 Puck GERMANY Poltergeist the legacy has a huge Fancommunity in germany, please release the last 3 Seasons, please
2008/07/18 21:49:01 susan ruzicka UNITED STATES Please release rest of the seasons
2008/07/19 16:43:54 Lois C. Popp UNITED STATES I would like to know what the hold up is, after all every episode of Dark Shadows was released.
2008/07/20 12:56:38 Elliot BOUVET ISLAND

2008/07/20 21:13:49 TRANCHARD Aurélien UNITED STATES j'adore cette série et particuličrement des épisodes de la saison 4 et je regrette de ne pas lavoir
2008/07/20 22:34:28 jacquette johnson UNITED STATES Hurry I need seasons 2=4
2008/07/20 23:22:05 Bengt Karlsson SWEDEN I'm eagerly awaiting the release of seasons 2 to 4 of this wonderful show. Please don
2008/07/21 01:57:50 Jean-Michel Goulet CANADA Please release season 2, 3 and 4 on DVD Can't wait anymore !
2008/07/21 06:51:18 Robert Carpenter UNITED STATES One of the few shows you look fawerd to watching every time it comes on!!!!!
2008/07/21 15:30:27 Maureen Grant UNITED KINGDOM Please stop torturing us with only Season 1. make with the rest.
2008/07/23 01:35:05 Kevin Viator UNITED STATES Can't wait for Seasons 2-4
2008/07/23 15:00:30 Lucie Riegertova CZECH REPUBLIC  
2008/07/23 16:07:54 Jean Lester UNITED STATES Where are seasons 2-4 can't wait anymore!!
2008/07/24 14:35:55 Tonia UNITED STATES Please, don't tease us with season 1 and not deliver the rest of the seasons.
2008/07/24 16:38:54 nick paparounas GREECE please release season 2,3,4 on dvd please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008/07/25 01:27:41 teresa schweitzer UNITED STATES  
2008/07/26 01:16:26 samantha roberts UNITED STATES can,t wait for seasons 2-4 i missed season 4 on tv. So please release them i already have season 1
2008/07/26 11:56:13 Kiva UNITED KINGDOM No matter how small the fanbase may be percieved to be by you guys, we're a loyal bunch. More PTL!!!
2008/07/26 14:31:52 steven clarke UNITED KINGDOM you cant leave us hanging on with just season 1! Seasons 2 -4 on dvd NOW PLEASE!!
2008/07/27 06:01:31 Esther White UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons of Poltergueist The Legacy. It was and is a fantastic show a
2008/07/27 20:12:57 Reka Lorincz HUNGARY  
2008/07/28 02:10:10 kimberley bova UNITED STATES  
2008/07/28 21:45:30 Christine Martin UNITED STATES Would love to have the rest of the seasons on DVD.
2008/07/29 01:24:47 Louise Seymour UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/07/30 01:49:32 Slone08 UNITED STATES Tired of watching season 1; I need the rest of the seasons
2008/07/30 07:38:13 Paul McCarthy AUSTRALIA This is a Great series, Why are you denying us the rest of it?
2008/08/01 03:29:39 Heather Gillespie UNITED STATES Please release
2008/08/03 14:26:28 Rachel McM IRELAND I love this show!!! please release the rest of the series!!
2008/08/03 19:10:54 Kim Wright AUSTRALIA Pull your fingers out and give the fans what we desperately want.
2008/08/03 21:24:32 Ina Martin UNITED KINGDOM Please release the rest of the series on DVD,I love it to bits,waiting for my season 1 DVD to arrive
2008/08/04 01:53:48 Kathleen McGinn UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the series!!I l have season 1!
2008/08/04 08:09:15 wayne green UNITED KINGDOM you should not release any seasons on dvd if you've no intentions of completing them, it's unfair .
2008/08/04 20:11:43 L Dunn UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2,3&4.
2008/08/04 23:38:53 julia UNITED KINGDOM Please please release it been waiting for a long time loved it when it was on tv got the season 1
2008/08/05 02:53:51 Amber Elswick UNITED STATES I would love to have the other seasons on DVD...PLEASE!!!!!!!!
2008/08/06 00:52:00 Desmond Pulnardi UNITED STATES It is past time
2008/08/06 21:37:05 Nirla PERU I just finished watching the first season and i would like to have released the next one
2008/08/07 00:29:50 Jamie CANADA  
2008/08/07 20:42:27 Ruth Carrillo-Hernandez UNITED STATES I bought season 1. I'll buy the rest as well.
2008/08/08 11:42:12 Rebecca Gell UNITED KINGDOM This is so much better than some of the trash on tv, please release the rest of the seasons
2008/08/08 12:32:08 Edie UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2, 3, and 4!
2008/08/08 12:36:35 bernadette byrne UNITED KINGDOM Loved the seies-there is such a lot of rubbish on dvd why cant this excellent seies be appreciated f
2008/08/08 15:50:36 Laura UNITED STATES RELEASE!!! RELEASE!!!!!!!!!
2008/08/08 16:28:15 Adam Taylor UNITED STATES  
2008/08/08 19:12:25 Amanda Moses UNITED STATES wonderful show, was raised on it. Would buy if the other episodes were released
2008/08/09 12:06:48 Marian UNITED STATES One of the best shows ever. Enjoy watching season 1, but really would love to have the other 3 too
2008/08/09 23:07:09 Alexandre Brodeur CANADA please.....
2008/08/10 11:33:57 laluque marie-françoise FRANCE s'il vous plait pouviez vous sortir la suite de cette série car elle me tiens ŕ coeur
2008/08/11 05:20:01 Frank J Miller UNITED STATES  
2008/08/11 15:09:39 Jean Russell UNITED STATES  
2008/08/11 16:47:59 Kathy Franklin UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the series!
2008/08/11 17:44:26 michael D UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons!!!
2008/08/12 04:47:28 MILLIE RIVERA UNITED STATES MGM - Why tease us with just Season 1? Fans are anxiously awaiting the rest of the series
2008/08/12 13:11:42 Stephen Pearson UNITED KINGDOM I want to check this series out after seeing one episode but what's the point if you can't buy 2-4
2008/08/12 21:12:57 William Meikle CANADA It's more than time this excellent series had a full release... what's the hold up?
2008/08/13 01:41:29 colin jones UNITED STATES please make all the seasons im a hude collector of good tv series
2008/08/13 17:41:48 Chris Warnes UNITED KINGDOM PLEASE RELEASE The rest of the series
2008/08/14 16:06:28 Colin Rumsey UNITED KINGDOM Loved this series......Please release the rest of the series, I would buy it whatever region
2008/08/15 16:44:53 Kim Smith UNITED STATES please release the remaining DVD's I have the 1st one and would like the collection
2008/08/16 16:27:37 Rebecca Elgey UNITED KINGDOM please release seasons 2-4 love the show!!! have season one watched it many times
2008/08/18 09:20:38 Donna Mills UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the series
2008/08/18 19:22:20 Chris Hawks UNITED STATES I love this show......PLEASE release the remaining seasons
2008/08/20 02:36:27 Dale Moore CANADA  
2008/08/20 14:19:04 Ryan Herndon UNITED STATES Terrific series deserves full DVD release... how about a new movie, too? THANKS
2008/08/21 02:22:47 Jan Gerstlauer UNITED STATES  
2008/08/21 08:17:17 Maureen Grant UNITED STATES Is anyone from MGM listening to us we want series 2,3 and 4 please.
2008/08/21 16:30:59 Frank UNITED STATES  
2008/08/22 02:57:50 Kenneth Mc Loughlin UNITED KINGDOM Enjoyed this series for what it was.would to have seasons 2 - 4 on dvd .
2008/08/22 12:34:11 Paivi FINLAND Please release the complete series in a box
2008/08/22 21:00:32 marie UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/08/23 13:54:56 Mark Robins UNITED STATES This series is one of the few I can't wait to get on DVD - NOW
2008/08/25 00:50:36 Janet Bell UNITED STATES I have waited for seasons 2-4 since season 1 was realeased. Please release them.
2008/08/26 04:49:51 shawna meyers UNITED STATES How much longer do we have to wait? This show rocks!!!!
2008/08/26 13:39:07 Angie Sloan UNITED KINGDOM I loved this show i have season 1 and would love 2 have seasons 2-4 to complete my collection
2008/08/26 14:56:46 nick UNITED STATES  
2008/08/26 22:43:12 Debbi UNITED STATES  
2008/08/27 13:11:27 Michael Smith UNITED STATES A great series. With the first season on DVD, it makes no sense not to follow with the others
2008/08/28 13:09:52 Thomas Puttrich UNITED STATES This show deserves all seasons on DVD....it was superb entertainment
2008/08/28 19:41:11 Barry Godfrey UNITED STATES Best Horror Series Ever.
2008/08/28 22:06:17 Ben Lear UNITED STATES Judging from clips seen of season 3 this series gets better with each season. We miss this.
2008/08/29 00:25:52 Debbie UNITED STATES PLEASE release the rest of the seasons! I think we have waited long enough!
2008/08/29 00:29:08 Chris UNITED STATES I would really LOVE to get the rest of the shows.
2008/08/29 00:30:02 Claire UNITED STATES I'm waiting.........
2008/08/29 00:30:24 Clay Dabbert UNITED STATES  
2008/08/29 03:10:42 Vikki Sorel UNITED STATES  
2008/08/29 03:41:55 Mary Ruland UNITED STATES this was an awesome show, wish they would even do re-runs if nothing else
2008/08/30 03:32:07 michelle devine UNITED STATES  
2008/08/30 23:38:48 Nancy HUNGARY  
2008/08/31 05:44:22 Lisa Wallace UNITED STATES YES please I love this show
2008/08/31 16:38:59 Frances Baye UNITED STATES  
2008/08/31 17:42:11 june noble UNITED KINGDOM i loved this show still do and i think we have waited long enough for the rest to be release.
2008/09/01 02:16:35 Angie UNITED STATES Still waiting. Please release seasons 2-4 on DVD!
2008/09/01 04:40:40 kyle UNITED STATES  
2008/09/01 04:55:36 Sean Johal UNITED KINGDOM I've seen far less popular shows on dvd which ran not even a complete season
2008/09/01 05:28:47 Jane Jordan UNITED KINGDOM I got season 1 on DVD as it was released and would love to see the rest of this much loved series
2008/09/02 02:30:40 Melissa S. UNITED STATES  
2008/09/02 17:24:55 Becky UNITED STATES really want the rest of the seasons on dvd please please please release them.
2008/09/03 22:21:07 kathy johnson UNITED STATES  
2008/09/04 00:08:53 G Polyzos UNITED STATES Excellent Series -- please release these DVD's so that I can complete my collection
2008/09/04 07:42:09 N. Rijke NETHERLANDS Loved the first series and have ben waiting forever for the release of the other ones.
2008/09/06 03:11:45 Darlene C. UNITED STATES What is the hold up! Release the series!
2008/09/06 20:09:12 phil burnett UNITED KINGDOM please bring the rest out,so many people want the rest on dvd to complete ther collection.
2008/09/07 11:33:42 Dawn Michelle Duffield UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4!!!
2008/09/07 22:59:31 Cathryn Riise UNITED STATES would love to own the all seasons of Poltergeist 2 -4. i miss the show
2008/09/08 01:22:43 erik coleman UNITED STATES make it available
2008/09/08 23:02:33 laurie driedger CANADA I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW..please bring it to DVD>
2008/09/13 00:04:31 R. Nicholson UNITED STATES Please give us all seasons of this GREAT SHOW!
2008/09/15 06:40:30 Nancy Rentz UNITED STATES Please! I love Poltergeist, The Legacy and I will buy seasons 2-4 as soon as each is available.
2008/09/15 12:42:05 s.whittaker UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/09/16 18:56:10 tracey howells UNITED KINGDOM come on we need the last 3 seasons considering some of the trash that gets released on dvd .
2008/09/17 07:17:22 Terri Edwards UNITED KINGDOM One of the best shows ever!! Please release seasons 2-4. Thanks.
2008/09/17 20:19:34 Jennifer Jones UNITED STATES Tlhis was a great show. Please release seasons 2 - 4. Thank s
2008/09/17 20:49:26 Brian UNITED KINGDOM Great series - loved first DVD (bought in Laos!) - realease the rest!
2008/09/18 18:14:51 Ypie Algra NETHERLANDS Please, please, please release seasons 2-4, Im realy loving this show.
2008/09/18 19:23:52 Tracy UNITED STATES please release the rest of the series
2008/09/19 16:05:30 Kenneth Mc Loughlin UNITED KINGDOM one of my favourites from way back. Would love to complete the series on dvd.
2008/09/19 18:47:37 Tim van Rossum NETHERLANDS Best tv-show ever! Waiting for Dutch release!
2008/09/20 10:51:43 Sir Liston Thomson UNITED KINGDOM Good show but letting customer down by not releasing 2-4 box set
2008/09/20 20:05:53 PAUL E BUTTERFIELD UNITED STATES Great show! Suggest you leave the original theme intro for all season 2-4 episodes when released.
2008/09/21 20:28:28 Robert Matthews UNITED KINGDOM Been waiting for seasons 2-4 to come out on DVD for ages, is it ever going to happen?
2008/09/22 12:12:08 Siobhan Kelly UNITED KINGDOM Please release seasons 2-4, desperate to add them to my collection.
2008/09/22 14:34:25 NANCY ANIDO UNITED STATES Great Show!!!Been waiting for seasons 2-4 out on DVD. Why did this show stop?
2008/09/22 18:21:59 Marsha White UNITED STATES PLEASE release the remaining seasons! We would love to buy them!
2008/09/23 14:35:16 Sam Massarella UNITED STATES It's an awsome show!
2008/09/24 05:15:41 Krystal Rochon UNITED STATES Season One is out and we have been left begging for more. Please give it to us.
2008/09/24 10:15:25 Jules Joss UNITED KINGDOM Why not?
2008/09/25 15:58:09 Christopher French UNITED KINGDOM Please release Seasons 2-4. UK tv only showed the first 2 seasons and I would love to see the rest.
2008/09/27 11:58:54 Lindsay Bainbridge UNITED KINGDOM Please please please release Seasons 2 - 4.
2008/09/28 04:21:40 Nita M UNITED STATES One of my favorite shows
2008/09/28 15:33:29 Wendy UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/09/28 23:22:53 Amanda Baker UNITED STATES This was one of my favorite shows of all time! I'd love to own the entire series!
2008/09/28 23:51:59 Audra DeMenge UNITED STATES would love to see the rest of the series
2008/09/29 07:23:44 Victoria Phillips UNITED KINGDOM Please release the remaining series
2008/10/01 16:41:49 Susan Bullock UNITED STATES  
2008/10/02 00:43:41 Debbi UNITED STATES How long do we have to wait???????
2008/10/02 05:30:27 Avi Goldstein UNITED STATES Please bring the rest of the seasons of this great series!
2008/10/03 00:57:25 Elizabeth Jones UNITED STATES Why stop at Season One?
2008/10/03 02:54:06 Florence Levesque CANADA What's going on? How much longer do we have to wait?
2008/10/03 12:08:43 Melissa Coates UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/10/03 15:01:26 lynn duncan UNITED STATES These would be a great sellers! Please release the next 3 seasons right away!
2008/10/05 09:08:46 Andreas Kluth GERMANY can't wait for the missing seasons to come out on dvd; one of the best shows on TV
2008/10/05 18:43:08 Jennifer Tripp UNITED STATES I love this show, bought season 1 the month it was released and been anxiously awaiting the rest.
2008/10/05 20:13:14 Kay Parrish UNITED STATES  
2008/10/05 22:35:40 Julie UNITED STATES So what is taking so long anyway?
2008/10/08 12:50:32 tony holt UNITED KINGDOM bring out seasons 2 3 4 it was a great programme id like to see the rest. pull your fingers out mgm
2008/10/08 22:00:42 gail ali UNITED STATES i can wait for them all too be release.
2008/10/09 17:59:27 Tara Williams UNITED STATES Please satisfy the many fans of this excellent series.
2008/10/10 12:44:37 isabel peterson joltea UNITED KINGDOM WHY RELEASE 1 AND NOT THE OTHERS
2008/10/12 16:15:04 Andi HUNGARY I love this show! Please release the rest of the series
2008/10/13 01:18:46 Alelia UNITED STATES I am looking forward to the releases of seasons 2, 3 and 4.
2008/10/13 12:25:59 Lucas Fudge UNITED STATES this show was one of the best serieses on television at the time, this should be released to DVD
2008/10/15 14:44:29 MIKE KENNEDY UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4!
2008/10/15 16:18:47 Bert D UNITED STATES  
2008/10/15 21:26:18 debeuf tony BELGIUM One of my favorite shows
2008/10/16 04:49:20 candice bonner UNITED STATES i love this and i want all the seasons on dvd please
2008/10/16 14:08:58 Randy B. UNITED STATES LOVE the Show and want more
2008/10/16 18:45:59 Pattie Camilli UNITED STATES Please, I am waiting for the season 2-4. I am in hell for not having the rest of the seasons.
2008/10/18 03:42:48 Sharon Peters UNITED STATES A great show and want to own seasons 2, 3 & R. Please?
2008/10/18 21:46:50 m black UNITED KINGDOM wish they would make more
2008/10/19 15:56:59 Patrick McGuire UNITED STATES please release seasons 2-4!
2008/10/19 21:11:59 Ronda Pennycuff UNITED STATES I think this is a really good show and can't wait for the other seasons to come out on dvd.
2008/10/20 23:04:04 Jess F. UNITED STATES I love P:TL and have season 1. I would really like to add seasons 2 through 4 to my DVD collection.
2008/10/21 21:22:21 Vanessa K. GERMANY I would definately buy seasons 2-4 on dvd!!
2008/10/21 22:30:27 Shindo - Ki Rodriguez UNITED STATES I love the show. It was one my favorite shows. I would love to have seasons 2 -4. i have season 1.
2008/10/22 09:51:49 Verity UNITED KINGDOM We have three DVD sets of Season 1 in my family. We would all like Seasons 2 -4 asap.
2008/10/22 22:43:23 Eric O UNITED STATES Love the show haven't seen it for awhile. Why release season one on dvd and not the rest. Not Smart
2008/10/23 05:34:53 Mike M UNITED STATES  
2008/10/23 17:49:11 Takács Piroska HUNGARY  
2008/10/23 18:52:59 Ursula Harkin UNITED KINGDOM please
2008/10/24 05:30:25 Sarah Eggars UNITED STATES  
2008/10/24 08:55:19 gache cecile FRANCE j'aime cette serie
2008/10/24 15:03:12 Robert Reine UNITED STATES Looking forward to them on DVD, esp season 3
2008/10/25 15:32:48 Michelle Sansby UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/10/26 01:27:07 James Lehan UNITED STATES I really would like to see seasons 2-4. That's why I hesistate buying MGM season sets.
2008/10/27 00:57:19 Benny UNITED STATES Seasons 2-4 NEED to be released...Please!!
2008/10/27 07:13:20 Lyse Adams UNITED STATES Please put seasons 2-4 on DVD;If you will make them we will buy!!
2008/10/27 17:19:35 A Somerville UNITED KINGDOM I enjoy the series so much that I would like to have all four seasons
2008/10/28 01:53:55 Karan Jain UNITED STATES Fantastic series whose DVD release is overdue.
2008/10/28 18:03:31 Anna Faber NETHERLANDS derek de lint is a fantastic actor one of the best from Holland. we want to have all his work on dvd
2008/10/29 12:38:13 Melissa Bryant-Pearson UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/10/30 02:43:12 leonard O'Grady UNITED STATES  
2008/10/30 10:40:58 Paula Bush UNITED KINGDOM Please release seasons 2 - 4 on DVD it was a brilliant show!!!
2008/10/30 23:56:51 Janet McNerney UNITED STATES I have season 1. Please release 2-4. I love this show.
2008/11/01 14:06:31 Ann Mefford UNITED STATES Don't be a tease! Release the rest of the seasons!
2008/11/04 14:06:45 A. Kurth GERMANY Please, don't let the fans wait!
2008/11/05 22:07:33 Jenn O'Neill UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4. This is my favorite show and I'd love to be able to watch it again.
2008/11/05 23:24:33 Jane UNITED STATES I hate having only one season of the show. Please bring out the other 3!!!
2008/11/06 04:50:05 Chryl kaisler UNITED STATES this was an excellent series. Will buy other seasons if you would release seasons 2-4,
2008/11/06 13:42:50 F Neville UNITED KINGDOM Please release season 2-4, this was an excellant series and it is a shame you have only released one
2008/11/07 00:09:32 Pam UNITED STATES  
2008/11/08 07:23:11 Virginia UNITED STATES  
2008/11/08 21:11:53 Christina UNITED STATES  
2008/11/09 16:45:30 Karina SWEDEN Where are season 2 - 4? I'll buy them as soon as they are released!
2008/11/09 17:47:51 maria rojas UNITED STATES anxiously waiting,huge fan
2008/11/10 07:55:21 Patricia NETHERLANDS  
2008/11/10 20:42:23 Myriam UNITED STATES where are the rest of the series?
2008/11/10 20:47:14 Naomi UNITED STATES Can't wait... really would love to have them. I want the whole collection.
2008/11/18 12:08:33 Melissa H. UNITED STATES One of the best tv series. I really want the entire collection.
2008/11/18 19:35:30 Walter UNITED STATES Id like to see the rest of this on dvd soon.
2008/11/19 09:08:35 Edwin NETHERLANDS One of the best supernatural series i have ever seen!!
2008/11/20 10:54:30 Natascha H. GERMANY It's such an awesome show. Please release seasons 2-4! I'm desperately waiting!
2008/11/20 17:12:42 Natascha.D GERMANY Don
2008/11/22 22:17:29 PIERRE LANGLOIS CANADA  
2008/11/23 23:40:50 Ron Outmaijjer NETHERLANDS one of the best series ever!!
2008/11/25 07:58:30 Helmut Kronthaler GERMANY  
2008/11/26 19:34:29 Ellen Ferraro UNITED STATES I love this series, have Season 1, want the rest please on dvd!
2008/11/26 21:54:12 Michelle UNITED KINGDOM Please release the rest - i'm dying to see the rest of them!
2008/11/27 14:01:20 Dale Moore CANADA  
2008/11/28 22:03:52 Penelope Suzanne Coe UNITED KINGDOM really NEED the other series on DVD please
2008/11/29 04:56:41 Kevin Julius UNITED STATES Come on...let's get 'em out there.
2008/11/29 23:06:44 ROBERT LISE-MAY FRANCE please, please please !!!!!!!
2008/11/30 18:14:26 Cheryl Rich UNITED STATES It is one of the BEST series ever
2008/12/01 01:20:11 Andrea UNITED STATES  
2008/12/01 15:25:00 Frederique Brengel FRANCE Please, you are the best, give us our serie in France
2008/12/01 19:05:01 Rowena Lincoln-Pettus UNITED STATES Please Please Release Seasons 2-4
2008/12/05 17:42:57 Mike Devine UNITED STATES I need this show to live
2008/12/05 18:09:45 Donna Wylde UNITED KINGDOM Why the first but not the rest
2008/12/05 18:18:08 Jill Kane UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons. I loved the show and would like the rest released
2008/12/05 23:07:13 La-Kecia UNITED STATES Please , Please release seasons 2-4. I am on the net everyday looking for hope.
2008/12/05 23:09:45 Jackie UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons. My daughter searches everyday for hope.
2008/12/05 23:10:54 J.T. UNITED STATES If you release the rest of the seasons, my daughter will release the computer.
2008/12/06 04:05:14 Sarah UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons!!! Its not fair to give us only one!
2008/12/09 16:10:56 Alicia Stabler UNITED KINGDOM Why only release one series? Poltergiest now has a cult following much like that of American Gothic.
2008/12/10 20:46:42 Szabó Andrea HUNGARY  
2008/12/11 18:00:05 Maureen Flynn UNITED STATES  
2008/12/12 09:27:48 claudine vandeleene BELGIUM great series!! please let us enjoy the following seasons!!
2008/12/13 03:24:43 Delana Darrow UNITED STATES I loved this show its one of reasons I love sefi so much please release the other seasons soon...
2008/12/13 15:45:42 Ben Asquith UNITED KINGDOM Hooked with just series 1. need to see rest Plz
2008/12/13 20:38:44 Murphy, Vivian UNITED STATES I have season one but I sure would like to have the rest of the collection I love this show /
2008/12/15 21:17:59 carol a fischer UNITED STATES hooked-need to have the rest
2008/12/16 16:28:29 Josele SPAIN Please continue releasing 2nd 3rd and 4th seasons.
2008/12/17 00:38:18 Samuel S. Williams III UNITED STATES Great Show! I wanna see the rest!!! ASAP!!!
2008/12/18 01:55:11 Jane UNITED STATES I wants it!
2008/12/18 23:13:23 tranchard aurélien FRANCE i like thise show and the season 4 is the best
2008/12/21 20:37:27 Anja Berthelsen DENMARK This is one of the best shows ever! Please release seasons 2-4 on dvd. Please.
2008/12/21 22:05:41 Ginny Silverman UNITED STATES What's the hold-up for Seasons 2-4 release?
2008/12/22 14:36:04 Jochum Roosma NETHERLANDS So many DVD-releases. Why not the rest of "The Legacy"?
2008/12/23 06:10:35 Kristen Dollar UNITED STATES There are people willing to pay to get this series: why not release it?
2008/12/23 18:09:01 Marcel veer NETHERLANDS alot of people are waiting for the rest of the seasons
2008/12/23 18:43:09 James Allen Todd UNITED STATES Love the show it was what got me hooked on the craft
2008/12/24 13:23:55 james rico UNITED STATES  
2008/12/25 10:24:16 Lee Scott UNITED STATES I would absolutely buy seasons 2,3 and 4! Please put them out for all of us fans!
2008/12/25 22:05:25 Julie Ainsworth UNITED KINGDOM Please Put The Other 3 Seasons Out,Save Us From Bad Copies!!!!
2008/12/26 02:58:54 Kathy Jose UNITED STATES I just got Season 1 for Christmas and would love the remainder.
2008/12/27 00:10:18 Jennifer Monnin UNITED STATES Love the show. Please release
2008/12/27 06:12:56 Clarissa Grimmett UNITED STATES I would like to get the rest of the seasons to collect and watch
2008/12/27 21:00:56 Elizabeth Laws UNITED STATES  
2008/12/28 01:19:16 Iola Foreman UNITED STATES please put the other seasons on dvd.
2008/12/29 03:27:58 Rheya Ramsey UNITED STATES I want very much for seasons 2-4 to be released on dvd, I would snap them up in a heartbeat!
2008/12/29 13:17:04 jean-paul therby FRANCE svp il faut editer les saisons 2, 3 et 4 de Poltergeist
2008/12/29 19:28:34 Ana G UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2 3 & 4 for your loyal fans
2008/12/29 19:56:46 samantha kearns UNITED KINGDOM  
2008/12/29 21:52:53 Miss Gaynor Taylor UNITED KINGDOM There is a market for this series of dvd's. Take a hint MGM and release them.
2008/12/29 22:24:28 wendell wilson UNITED STATES already have season 1 on dvd. looking for of seasons
2008/12/29 23:10:33 shirlanna jones UNITED STATES me and my husband have been looking for season 2,3,and4
2008/12/30 04:07:18 tuesday peyton UNITED STATES bring it back, seasons 2,3 and 4 the legacy
2008/12/30 23:31:06 Kelly C UNITED STATES  
2008/12/31 00:52:33 Tracy Brown UNITED STATES Looking forward to the release
2008/12/31 05:50:27 Alicia UNITED STATES  
2008/12/31 05:51:32 Sean UNITED STATES we want seasons 2-4 now!!!!!
2008/12/31 05:52:54 Joyce UNITED STATES I love this seires
2008/12/31 05:53:57 Chrissy UNITED STATES  
2008/12/31 07:59:40 Lori Slivensky UNITED STATES need it!!!!
2009/01/01 22:07:07 Akiva Sweeting UNITED STATES need it now!
2009/01/01 22:10:39 stacey sweeting UNITED STATES Please release all of the seasons of poltergeist the legacy. I love this show. Hurry!!!
2009/01/02 02:41:12 ART UNITED STATES Would like to have the rest of the seasons 2-4
2009/01/03 01:34:57 Erik Struble UNITED STATES Please allow us these shows ASAP
2009/01/03 20:01:00 Patrick McGuire UNITED STATES please release Seasons 2-4 on DVD.
2009/01/04 01:24:11 crystalmbratcher UNITED STATES i think they should release the show's seasons on dvd
2009/01/04 18:24:54 Tom Stephenson UNITED KINGDOM Loved this show, really want to see it again.
2009/01/05 23:58:49 Daniel Johansson SWEDEN  
2009/01/06 02:12:53 Darius Lee UNITED STATES I'm a guaranteed buyer if you'll release it.
2009/01/06 11:04:59 Thorsten GERMANY please release the other season & release them in german !! :)
2009/01/06 17:24:33 Steven marc Simon UNITED STATES this was an outstanding seriess, that has kept us fans waiting too long for the release of sesaon 2.
2009/01/07 20:17:10 Sanna Blom NETHERLANDS  
2009/01/10 19:33:40 Patrick Ooghe BELGIUM PLEASE!!! Let the other season on DVD , if you can sell season 1 you must let buy also the other 3
2009/01/10 23:46:39 Stefanie M. IRELAND please release season 2-4. i love this series
2009/01/11 03:21:44 Adrienne Davis UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009/01/13 17:26:26 Maria UNITED STATES Waiting for the rest of the seasons.
2009/01/13 17:37:17 Aaron M. UNITED STATES I love this series....Please release more!
2009/01/14 03:02:46 Ashleigh UNITED STATES Anxiously awaiting the rest of the seasons! Loved the 1st season!
2009/01/14 03:17:09 B.A. Fredstrom CANADA This is one of the best paranormal fictional series ever produced and it deserves to be on DVD.
2009/01/14 16:05:08 FRANCOIS T. FRANCE please release season 2-4
2009/01/16 04:45:34 Wendy Munn CANADA I'd like to see the rest of this series and dvd is my only way.
2009/01/18 02:47:10 stacey UNITED KINGDOM Great show would love to have all seasons on dvd
2009/01/18 21:28:42 Andrew Pearson UNITED KINGDOM If only to stop my wife from moaning that I should check Amazon again! Please! For my sanity!!!!
2009/01/19 11:51:00 Arjan Schepenaar NETHERLANDS really looking forward to see the other season's!
2009/01/19 15:07:12 Suzanne Morris UNITED STATES Anxiously Waiting!!!
2009/01/19 21:56:40 LISA ARMITAGE UNITED KINGDOM  
2009/01/19 21:59:09 Hayley Hickman UNITED KINGDOM  
2009/01/19 22:01:09 Ian Cropper UNITED KINGDOM  
2009/01/22 02:51:12 Amanda C UNITED STATES  
2009/01/22 04:05:07 turgay FRANCE J'attend avec impatience l'intégrale des 4 saisons réunis dans un męme coffret !
2009/01/22 22:39:12 Jessica Hyland UNITED STATES Please release these DVD's!!! Please!!!
2009/01/23 01:49:53 Thomas Shoffield UNITED STATES please release seasons 2-4 this show rocks
2009/01/25 18:26:46 Chris Pezzareallo CANADA Awesome show! It is a tease to only own the first season! Anxiously waiting for the other three!
2009/01/27 01:34:59 Amy W UNITED STATES would love to have the entire series please release it soon
2009/01/28 01:24:29 Adrienne Foster CANADA I agree, i would really love the rest of the seasons on dvd
2009/01/28 21:20:35 Paul Johnson UNITED KINGDOM I sculpted a creature for season 2 but I didn't get any photos.
2009/01/29 00:28:47 Lisa Jayne O'Neill UNITED KINGDOM I think this is a fab series. Would love to see Derek ob British TV as a Consultant on Holby City
2009/01/29 06:06:17 William Tusing UNITED STATES I hope P.L. season 2-4 reaaly does come out on dvd, it was my favorite show. thanks.
2009/01/29 08:23:41 Gary UNITED STATES  
2009/01/29 14:45:43 Christopher Carpenter UNITED STATES Please don't keep us waiting any longer ... give us the rest of the seies on DVD!
2009/01/30 13:25:26 Victoria Cullen UNITED KINGDOM I loved this serise and cant wait to own the nest DVD! Please!
2009/01/30 19:56:08 Rosita Mercier CANADA It was one of the best show ever!
2009/01/30 21:23:49 Jennifer UNITED STATES Please put out the rest of the seasons on dvd, it would be incomplete if they weren't.
2009/01/31 05:29:39 Veronica Lattimer UNITED STATES I'd like it if the other seasons would come out on DVD
2009/02/04 02:06:50 Elizabeth A Keep UNITED STATES As soon as these are released I will buy them!
2009/02/04 21:35:29 Tasha Royer UNITED STATES This series is amazing! Please give us the other seasons on DVD!
2009/02/05 12:59:26 Kris Van Dyck BELGIUM  
2009/02/05 14:19:55 Suzanne Newcomb UNITED STATES Great show. Would love to own all the seasons on DVD. Please release
2009/02/05 22:55:37 ALLEN STEELE, III UNITED STATES please put seasons 2-4 on disc. I watch season 1 over and over.
2009/02/07 00:35:30 Diane M UNITED STATES Please release seasons 2-4 on DVD!
2009/02/08 09:20:49 Miguel Esparza UNITED STATES Ready to buy; where are the rest of the seaons? It's been 2 years!!!
2009/02/08 13:35:00 Jon Bradshaw UNITED KINGDOM Hurry up and get it out!
2009/02/08 13:49:02 Elisabeth Welser HUNGARY J'adore cette série
2009/02/08 18:55:08 Melissa CANADA Please please! I miss it so much!
2009/02/08 22:47:38 Brandi UNITED STATES Please release the rest of the seasons. It was a great show!!
2009/02/11 01:39:43 Sean Reeves UNITED STATES  
2009/02/11 06:32:07 Joshua Critzer UNITED STATES please do it
2009/02/11 12:47:59 Sarah UNITED KINGDOM Please i'm sick of watching the other less entertaining stuff that's out now
2009/02/11 16:34:40 Ayla UNITED STATES There are profits to be made by releasing the rest of this series.
2009/02/13 05:36:43 Brian Tesch UNITED STATES I love this show - it was wonderful
2009/02/14 01:13:07 Tina Morris UNITED STATES  

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