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Part 1

St. Mary's Hospital, New York., 1949

" Hold on!" the nurse yelled wiping the sweat off the young woman's forehead.

"Damn it! Stop the pain!" the woman on the bed screamed holding her stomach. The woman was giving birth. The pain was unbearable as she started swinging her arms uncontrollably.

"Hold her down!" the doctor yelled. The nurse quickly held down her arms with all her strength.

"I see the head." the doctor said calming down.

"Hold on sweety, hold on!" the nurse said letting her release go. The woman screamed loudly as the baby finally came out.

"I got him! I got him!" the doctor yelled smiling. The small baby gave a inhuman cry and opened its eyes.

"Oh my god!" the doctor whispered. The nurse screamed.

"Winston where are you?" the woman asked just before she fainted.

Legacy House, Gobi Desert., Same time

Winston Rayne looked at his brother with pure hatred, his hands trembling with fury.

"Daniel, you've gone too damn far!" Winston said picking up his sword from the wooden floor.

"You're going to kill me Winston?" Daniel asked with a slight chuckle.

"You've turned to the darkside! You've killed my friends!"

"It means nothing." Daniel said calmly. "The Legacy is nothing. Your fighting for a lost cause."

Winston's anger grew. He moved towards his brother with swiftness, his sword up and about to strike.

"Join me." Daniel said as the sword was almost two inches from his face. The sword stopped. Daniel was surprised, he thought it would be more difficult than this. "Let me show you the truth."

"I know the truth!" Winston Rayne yelled, his sword still in the same place. Winston stood still for a few seconds.

"You don't seem so sure."

Winston raised his sword again, this time intending to strike. Suddenly he was whirled into the back wall. The pain was unexplainable, it reached from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. Winston wanted to scream, but wouldn't give his brother the satisfaction of seeing him in pain.

"Now do you see!" Daniel yelled raising his hands in triumph.

Winston got up slowly, trying not to fall again. " I see nothing, Daniel."

"You were always stubborn, even when we were children." Daniel replied getting closer to Winston.

"You betrayed me and your family!" Winston said leaning against the wall.

"You mean my wife and child. Don't worry they'll be with me."

"Damn you!" Winston screamed as he attacked again. Daniel was caught off guard. Winston sliced him on the side of his arm. Daniel screamed and fell backwards, sliding on the floor. He got up and reached for his sword on the mantle. Both Winston and Daniel looked at the twin swords. Their father had given the swords to them when they were younger.

"Ironic, isn't it? That I'll kill you with this sword." Daniel whispered. There was a loud banging at the door behind Winston. The old Legacy house echoed with the noise. Daniel smiled.

"The boy has balls, I must admit."

Winston turned quickly, a mistake that could've cost him his life, but he didn't care. "William go back!" he screamed. Daniel swung, but Winston ducked. William Sloane broke through the doors, cross-bow in hand. His teenage body shook as he shot the arrow.

"You missed." Daniel said looking at the arrow in the wall. Daniel swung at William, but Winston blocked it with his sword.

William backed away. He now knew it was Winston's fight, not his. Winston swung true and hit Daniel on his side. Daniel fell to the floor again. Winston struck the sword into Daniel's chest. Daniel gasped as he grabbed the sword buried his chest.

Winston's heart sank as his brother slumped and closed his eyes forever. Flames enveloped Daniel and he disappear only leaving his and Winston's swords. William came closer to Winston.

"Let me show you the truth." Winston said repeating the words his brother had said. Winston now had to wonder, what was the truth?

St. Mary's Hospital

Patricia looked at her child. She knew Daniel was dead, she could feel it.

"Dammit Winston! Why did you do this!" she said to herself. Someone appeared before her.

"My name is Martiso. I was sent to give you something."

"What?" Patricia asked holding her baby tighter. Martiso looked up to reveal his eyes. Patricia screamed and the baby child grinned.

Angel Island, San Francisco., 1997

The control room was silent as Derek relaxed in his chair. He had just spent two days researching a strange talisman that a friend had found in the Amazon jungle. He hadn't had any sleep. Usually he would have had Alex to help him, but she was in New Orleans with her sister. Nick was in Seattle to see his mother and Rachel was at home with Kat. He had the mansion all to himself.

Derek yawned softly, his hazel eyes twinkled. He got up and decided he needed to sleep. He could finish his research later. He reached the stairs and stopped. The hairs on the back of his neck slowly rose. Derek knew what that meant and slowly prepared himself for a vision.

Derek had the sight ever since he was five and saw his cat get run over by a car. It actually happen two days later and Derek's mother asked him why he didn't cry. He simply replied that he already had.

The flashes went quickly, and he saw many images. He could see a sword in his hands and blood on his face. Another flash revealed him crying over someone, Derek looked down and saw his friend Peter, the precept of the Sydney house.

Derek shook his head. That vision was more powerful than he would admit.

"Damn, I need some sleep." he said to himself.

" Derek Rayne turn around." a familiar voice said from behind him. Derek turned around.


" It is me, as you can see."

"What have you come for?" Derek asked looking at the small woman.

"To keep you and your friends from danger. From someone who is not a stranger." Christina answered in her usual rhyming form.

"From what? Protect my friends from what?"

" The truth." Christina said. "Someone lies when he's by your side. The truth will come. Rather have that than none."

Christina disappeared, leaving Derek standing there.

"Damn it, why doesn't she talk normal?", Derek said, walking towards the phone. He picked it up and dialed. "Hi, can I speak to Rachel Corrigan please?"

London House

William slowly drunk his vodka with pleasure. The sting of it going down his throat felt good in a weird way. He looked at the glass and smiled. William should have been home with his wife, but felt he should stay at his Legacy House. Milani looked at her precept with curiosity. How he could stay here all night was beyond her. Milani looked at the comm link as it beeped and answered it. Peter Monteur's sandy hair seemed white as he looked at the comm link.

"How are you Peter?" Milani asked, her French accent made it sound slightly different. Peter understood.

"I'm fine. Where's Sloane?" he asked. William turned at the sound of his name.

"He's right here." Milani said, looking at Sloane. William placed his glass on his desk and went to the link.

"Sloane, how are you?" Peter said.


"Sloane, I need your help. Sydney House has been getting strange paranormal readings inside our house. At first, we thought it could be just and electrical flux, but then strange things started to happen. Desks and vases started flying everywhere. Then, last night, one of my members, Melissa, disappeared without a trace in front of our eyes."

"Why didn't you contact me last night?" Sloane said.

Peter lowered his head. "I thought I could handle it myself." William tried to hold his smile back, but couldn't. "What are you smiling about?" Peter said, offended.

"You remind me of Derek." Sloane said, his smile disappearing.

"I guess I do." Peter said, thinking of his old friend.

"I'll check it out, send some assistance." Sloane said, admiring the young man for coming to him for help.

"Thank you William." Peter said. The screen went blank.

Miliani looked at Sloane. Then smiled. "You and Derek still argue?"

"No, just bicker. In fact we haven't done that since we rescued his sister from D'Arcy." William said, his eyes going back towards his vodka glass.

"Yeah." Milani said. She remembered Derek telling her about why they argued. It had something to do with the second sculpture. Derek was obsessed with it and Sloane tried to stop him. To make a long story short, Derek got the sculpture and Sloane and him hadn't gotten along since. It was nice to see at least they didn't argure, but there was still much hostility. "Pity." Melani thought. "They would make a great team."

San Francisco, Rachel Corrigan's house

"Derek, you sure it was Christina? Maybe it was your imagination." Rachel said, sitting on the couch.

"I don't think so." Derek said, sitting at the opposite end of the couch. He looked at her eyes and saw the concern.

She remembered the last time Christina visited, getting Nick, Alex, and Derek in the hospital, not to mention putting her through an emotional rollercoaster. Through that adventure, she also learned that she could trust Derek with her and Kat's life.

"Do you think this is about Kat?" she asked, fear playing on her face.

"I don't know, Christina talks in so many riddles I don't know what she's trying to say." Derek said, the stress showing on his face.

Rachel looked at him and smiled. "Derek, when was the last time you slept?"

"Two days ago." Derek replied honestly.

"You should go to my guest room and get some sleep."

"No, I'll be alright, in fact I'm going back to the Legacy." Derek said getting up. He walked to the door. The telephone rang.

"Rachel Corrigan here." Rachel said. "Oh yes, he's here. Derek, it's for you."

Derek walked to the phone, his eyes almost closed. Rachel walked out the living room to check on Kat.

"Derek, I want you to report to Sydney House and see what's going on." William's voice said over the phone.

"What, no hello?" Derek said, closing his eyes for a second.

"Derek, Peter needs your help. I don't have time to explain, I want you to report down there as soon as you can, preferably tomorrow morning. I'll join you as soon as I can."

"Peter--what's wrong with Peter?" Derek asked, his eyes now wide open.

"I'll explain later." William said and hung up.

"No 'bye' either." Derek said as he put the phone down. Derek remembered his vision and shuddered. "What ever happened must be important." he thought.

Rachel came down the stairs with ease. She looked around to see if Derek had left. She slightly giggled as she saw Derek asleep on the living room wall.

Sydney, Australia

Peter slowly reached for his gun as he saw something cross the hallway away from the control room. The Precept had known fear, but not absolute terror until now. The demon that called itself Martiso had killed everyone except him. He now believed Melissa turned to dark side. After all they'd been through, being friends, then lovers, he couldn't believe she turned on him. Martiso had appeared an hour after Peter had called Sloane. Martiso wasted no time. First, he killed Nicole, then Bradley, next Crystall. Peter tried to save them but it was too late. Peter closed himself in the control room. Martiso didin't come after him. Now Peter believed that Martiso was coming in. "I'll get him before he gets me." Peter said to himself. He opened the screen and walked out, gun pointed in front of him.

"You don't need that." Martiso said from behind Peter. Peter's gun flew out of his hand. Peter turned slowly. "I'm not going to kill you, if that's what you think. Well, at least not yet." Martiso said, smiling.

So normal looking, for a demon, Peter thought. Peter shook the thought. If he wanted to live, he needed to pay attention.

"Join us." Martiso said, offering his hand.

"Never!" Peter said slapping Martiso's hand away.

Years ago, Martiso would have killed him instantly, but the Master had taught him patience. "You're making a mistake." Martiso said, gritting his teeth.

"Where's Melissa? She in on this too?" Peter yelled, anger in his voice.

"She's safe."

"So that means she went over." Peter said, clenching his fists.

"No, beloved, it means I made the right choice." Melissa said. She appeared, dressed in a tight black dress. Her once blue eyes were now black.

"Melissa, was this your plan?" Peter asked, getting next to them both.

"No, but Martiso gave me a choice and I made the right one."

Peter couldn't believe his ears. He loved her, thought he knew her. Now she had joined the dark side. This was too much.

Peter attacked Martiso with his bare hands. Martiso grabbed him and lifted him as if he were a child.

"Mistake, big mistake!" Martiso said and pushed Peter against the wall.

"Wait, wait." a voice from the darkness said.

"Master!" Martiso said, keeping Peter in his grip.

The man stepped from the darkness. "I'll do the honors." the voice said. He reached for his dagger. Peter noticed the handle, it's demon eyes sparkled.

" I'm going to enjoy this."

Rachel Corrigan's House., 12:45 a.m.

The scream woke her up instantly. At first she thought it was Kat, but realized it was a masculine scream. "Derek!" she said to herself.

She ran to the guest room and knocked on the door. Kat peeped her head outside her door.

"Mommy, what was that?" Kat asked rubbing her eyes.

" Don't worry about that, just go back to sleep."

"It sounded like Derek." Kat commented.

"Go back to sleep!" Rachel yelled to her daughter. Kat yawned and slowly went back to her room and closed the door. Rachel knocked on Derek's door again, this time harder.

"Open the door damn it!" Rachel yelled. "Open it or I'll get my keys and-"

The door opened to revealed Derek in his boxers, his tall frame towering over Rachel. His eyes were wide open and he seemed scared. It passed quickly as he saw anger in Rachel's face.

"Are you okay?" Rachel asked standing in the doorway.

"I'm fine, just a dream." Derek said rubbing his head. Rachel noticed a small cut on Derek's eyebrow and pushed him inside his room. She didn't want Kat to hear what she was about to say.

"What the hell is that!" Rachel said pointing to his eyebrow. "And what was that scream about!"

Derek turned and looked towards the mirror and saw the cut on his head. At that moment it started to bleed.

"Sit down." Rachel said as she pushed Derek to the side of the bed. "I'll get some bandages and you start explaining." She went out of the room quickly to the bathroom down the hall. Derek held his head slightly.

"Don't touch it!" Rachel said with the first aid kit in hand.

Derek put his hand down and started to explain. "I had a dream, I'm not sure it was a dream, all I know is that it was terrifying." Derek said looking at Rachel putting ointment on his head. " And I guess I bumped my head on the night stand getting out of bed."

"Tell me about the dream." Rachel said.

"I saw an old friend, Peter, in the darkness. Then I saw him cut from top to bottom. That's when I woke up." Derek said flinching as Rachel put the Band-Aid on.

Rachel sat down beside him and kissed him on the cheek. She felt slightly sorry for him, not being able to tell whether a dream was a dream or a deadly vision. Derek turned towards her and their eyes met. He remembered Christmas Eve when they had kissed. The moment was forever in his mind, he had tried to comfort her about her husband and son, and found something there that neither one of them expected. Derek remembered the taste of her lips, the softness of her touch. He shook the thought off, now was not the time. Derek got up slowly and got his shirt and pants.

"Where are you going?" Rachel asked staring at him.

"To catch a flight to Sydney. I have to see if he's alright Rachel." Derek said putting on his pants. Rachel nodded and understood. Derek turned to her putting his shirt and then his shoes on.

"If I don't come back, tell Sloane and Nick to stay away from that place."

Rachel didn't even want to think about that, but she still nodded. Derek went to the door.

"Derek!" Rachel said. Derek turned around.

"Be careful."

Derek looked at Rachel and smiled. "I will."

Part 2

New Orleans, Louisiana

"But that was two nickels and a quarter." Alex said her voice slurred. Alex only got truly drunk when she was in pain, or really enjoying herself and this was one of those times. She hadn't planned to get drunk, but her sister took her to a few bars and that what's she was.

"No, I said $2.50 lady." The bartender said. Alex's sister, who was also drunk, giggled and then fell of the stool. Alex laughed and then turned back to the bartender.

"Listen, I think you two have had enough to drink. Call it a night." the bartender said looking at Alex's sister laughing on the floor.

"No, no garcon! More brandy coming my way." Alex said helping her sister get up.

"Get out! It's closing time anyway." the bartender said.

"Fine, I'll find somewhere else to party then." Alex said grinning. "C'mon sis', let's leave."

As they exited the bar, they saw the action of the French Quarter, drinking, smoking, just having a good time. Alex looked at her watch. If she were still at the Legacy she would have been asleep by now, but since she was in New Orleans and with her sister she decided to let the good times roll. Suddenly, a fierce vision came over her. She sobered quickly.

"Derek is in trouble!" Alex said leading her sister to the nearest pay phone.

"Hey! What's the hurry?" her sister asked with drunkenness. Alex didn't answer her question as she dial the San Francisco Legacy house.

"Pick up damn it! Pick up!" she yelled at the phone. Fear was the only thing she felt as she hung up the phone and left the booth. Alex yelled for a taxi. She decided she was going to leave her sister at her grandmother's house and leave for San Francisco as soon as possible.

Sydney, Australia

Derek arrived at Sydney house and found no one answered the intercom at the front gate. He got out of the car he rented at the airport and looked at the gate. He finally decided he needed to scale the fence and that's what he did. He ran up to the house and could smell the stench of dead bodies before he reached the door. Derek went back over the gate and open the trunk of his car. He reached in his bag and grabbed his sword and hopped over the fence again, what ever was in there, he was prepared for it. He ran back to the house and opened the door slowly.

Dead bodies seemed to be everywhere, their eyes open, terror in them. Derek looked at he first victim and saw her death, saw the demon slowly crushing her throat. He flinched, at times like these he wished he didn't have the sight he was gifted with. Something dropped on his head. It felt like raindrops, but Derek knew it wasn' t raining. He looked up, and held his breath. The man was hanging from the ceiling upside down, blood dripping from his head. Derek gulped and moved slowly, ignoring the man's blood that was dropping on his head.

"Peter!" Derek yelled hoping his friend was alright. He looked through the hallway and turned on the lights. At least the power works. he thought trying to think of something good that happened in this house. He went into the control room and check around. He went out of the control room through the second exit. He looked around the hallway.

"My God!" Derek whispered to himself. On the wall, his friend for 10 years was hanging, cut from top to bottom. Derek went to him and let him down, removing the knife the was stuck to his hands. He laid Peter on the carpet and looked him over.

"Peter! Peter!" Derek yelled as he shook him. He wouldn't except Peter's death, couldn' t except it. This was his friend, he deserved better than this. Derek looked in Peter's still open eyes and saw his death, felt his pain. He was in Peter's shoes. He looked up but couldn't see the person who was stabbing him. He saw Melissa, her eyes now black. He saw another, his eyes black too. He felt another's presence but couldn' t see it. All he saw was blackness and the dagger handle that seemed to be smiling as it slowly killed him. Derek became himself again. He held his friend as the tears slowly came down his face.

Later on that day.

Derek watched as the coroners took the bodies away, their expressions mortified. Derek just sat and waited. The police had already taken his statement and left. They would never solve the case, he knew, but still he cooperated. Sloane walked in with a look of concern while Milani watched the bodies being taken out.

"What in the hell happened?" Sloane said looking at Derek. Derek stood up.

"I don' t know Sloane."

Sloane saw the confusion and sadness in Derek's face. " Is everyone dead?" Sloane asked.

"Everyone except for Melissa. I think she turned over to the darkside." Derek said. He looked at his bloody clothes, so did everyone one else.

"Are you hurt?" Milina asked as she went to Derek.

"This is someone else's blood."

"We're going to back to San Francisco to find out exactly what happened here." Sloane said. "Milani, go get the security disc, that will give us some information into what's going on here."

Derek picked up his sword and thought of Peter. What ever is going on I'll find it and destroy it. Derek thought.

Angel Island, San Francisco, The next day

Derek, Alex, Sloane, Rachel, and Nick looked at the video of the Sydney house. Everyone but Derek was shocked by what they saw. Nick paid particular attention to Melissa. He closed his eyes in anger. How could you do this? Nick thought. If anyone betrayed the Legacy he never thought it would be Melissa. She had the most reason to hate the darkside. A wizard killed her brother, Walter, while he was with the Legacy. Now that Nick thought about it, it was a reason for her to hate the Legacy too.

"It would be an inside job. That's probably how they got in without being detected." Nick said leaning in a chair by the computer.

"But they were detected." Sloane said looking at Nick. "Peter had paranormal readings in his house before they showed up."

Nick turned slightly to the screen. It hurt to see Melissa on the darkside. Rachel saw his pain and patted him on his back as she went to the screen. "Who is that?" Rachel asked pointing to the screen. Nick froze the image for her. Melissa on the right, the other man on the left.

"Which one? The one on the left or center." Derek said. Everyone in the room turned to him. No one saw the third person, but Derek knew he was there.

"Close up on the center. In the shadows."

Nick typed in the command. They could see the outline of a human image.

"Lighten the image." Sloane said getting closer to the screen. Nick lighten the screen, they now saw the man that Derek saw, but in a black and white haze. The hairs on Derek's neck rose. Derek closed his eyes.

Manhattan, New York., 1970

Derek looked across the apartment in amazement, a smile crossing his face. His hands rubbed together warming him up. He went towards the the big window that almost took up the entire wall. He had a view of all Manhattan here. The empire state building glowed in the distance. "It' s great!" Derek said. Micheal smiled, he enjoyed seeing his cousin happy. He hadn't seen him smile much since the death of his father and decided to enjoy the smile while it lasted. Micheal admired his cousin from the door. Derek had grown so much from the boy he was to the man he became.

"Derek, don't get too excited, it's only temporary." Micheal said getting behind Derek an grabbing his shoulder. The building was being sold in the morning, Micheal needed the money to close a deal with a coporate giant. All he had to do was move out of his apartment, and since Derek was here in America on business he asked him to help. As soon as Derek had gotten into the apartment, it was like he was a child again, he started searching through Micheal's things with a smile on his face.

"I'm going to check out the rest of this place!" Derek said with that Dutch accent Micheal loved to hear. "I can't believe your father use to own this place!"

"Yeah, me neither." Micheal said. " You can go ahead and check out the rest of this place. I have to go and pack up the rest of this stuff."

Derek didn't even wait until Micheal finished his sentence before he bolted out the door. He reached the elevator and pushed the button for the basement. He didn't know what possessed him to press the button, but that's what he did. The elevator door opened the door to reveal a dark room. He looked around and stepped out of the elevator. He felt like he was playing hide and seek with his older sister. The basement was dark, but not so dark that he couldn't see. Wondered the path between childhood and adulthood. He smiled to himself and choose childhood. Ever since he'd joined the Legacy he was always too busy to enjoy himself, now was his chance.

Derek looked around and spotted a giant chest by the wall, it had a strange design of what seemed like dragons but he wasn't sure. He looked at the hatch and noticed there was no lock on it. He lifted the hatch and paused. He thought about not opening it and respecting his cousins privacy, but once again the child in him won over. He started to open the chest.

"Get away from that!" Micheal yelled as if he were scolding a child. He turned on the lights and looked at Derek. Derek stood like a grown child caught doing something he wasn't suppose to. Derek turned back to himself immediately and looked up.

"Just curious."

Derek saw anger in Micheal's eyes and decided to step away from the chest. Micheal looked as though he would kill Derek on the spot.

"What was in the chest?" Derek asked his demeanor becoming his own again.

"Something my father gave me before his accident. I don' t want you to go near it again." Micheal demanded.

"I won't." Derek promised. He respected his cousin wishes and walked past him to go towards the elevator. He then turned.

"Micheal, aren't you coming?"

"I be up in a little while I just have to take care of some business down here."

Derek looked in his cousin's eyes and swore he saw a glint of hate in his eyes. Derek went into the elevator and thought nothing about it.


"Are you alright?" Alex asked putting a hand on his shoulder. Derek looked around to notice everyone staring at him.

"I'm fine. I just need to go to get some coffee. I'll be alright."

"Well you kinda zoned out there Derek. You sure?" Nick asked getting up from his seat.

"I' m fine!" Derek said more harshly than he'd have like to. He left the control room.

"He's taking this hard." Alex said worried about her friend.

"No kidding." Nick replied. " Everybody is."

Chinatown, San Francisco

Ingrid stepped onto the street, her cloak becoming tight as she quickened her pace. She wasn' t suppose to be here but a friend needed her advise. She truly wished she was back at her home helping those in need, but being a nun was all flowers and daisies. She turn back to see the same man following her. He wore bandages across his face and had a very strong build underneath the trench coat he was wearing. He quickened his pace with her, fear gripped her.

"Wait! Ingrid wait!" the man said, his voice familiar. Ingrid stopped and turn towards him. The streets were empty as the sun went down.

"That's unusual." Ingrid thought looking around. The streets of San Francisco were not usually empty.

"You are Ingrid Rayne, aren't you?" the bandaged man asked. Ingrid nodded in agreement. He came closer to her.

"Who are you?" Ingrid asked. It was time for her to ask some questions.

"A man, just a man"

Ingrid looked at him. "Where do you know me from?"

"I've known you since you were born."

Fear gripped Ingrid again as he reached for her hand.

" I won't hurt you, I would never hurt you." the bandage man said, reading Ingrid's eyes. For some strange reason she trusted him. "Come with me." he said.

Ingrid looked at his hand and then grabbed it. They disappeared as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

St. Paul's Catholic Church, San Francisco

Philip worked hard at the sermon he was going to read for Sunday morning mass. As a ritual, he always worked on it the night before he had to read it. Right now he was paying for that ritual.

For god is the center of the universe and makes good coffee, Philip wrote. He rubbed his eyes and laughed at the mistake. Being a priest wasn't easy and he needed some comic relief along the way. He had to admit to himself that he was tired.

"I need to take a break." he thought. He heard a noise outside. "That's strange. I thought I was the only one here tonight."

Philip got up from his chair and went outside his chamber. He looked around. "Probably mice." he said to himself.

"Not quite, young Philip." a voice said coming out of nowhere.

Philip looked around again, he knew he wasn't that tired. he looked at the alter and the man appeared. Philip knew not this wasn' t an ordinary visitor.

"My name is Martiso. I have come for your answer."

"What answer?" Philip asked confused. It slightly remind him of his Legacy days.

"Whether you will join us or perish like the others." Martiso said.

Philip raised his eyebrow, this did remind him of his Legacy days. "This must be the bad guy." Philip thought.

"For what? Good or evil." Philip asked, knowing the answer.

"What is good to you is evil to us." Martiso said. Philip took this time to look at his opposition. Martiso was big, very big.

"Then you work for evil."

"I work for the truth."

"Then I must work for the lie." Philip said looking around to see where he would run to. Normally, he wouldn' t have even thought about running from a situation like this, but right now he had nothing to defend himself with. He didn't even have his prayer book handy and seemed to forget most of the prayers he knew by heart. "I truly don't need this right now." Philip thought.

"You're a demon aren't you?" Philip asked a prayer coming to his mind.

"Maybe, maybe not. Why don't you do something about it little man."

For the first time in a long time, fear overtook Philip. He backed away from Martiso, holding his tiny silver cross chained to his neck.

"God can't save you, only my master can." Martiso said leaning on the alter

"Your master can go to hell!" Philip yelled. Martiso became furious.

"So be it." Martiso said. Suddenly he leaped off the alter straight at Philip.

Part Three

Angel Island, San Francisco., Same time

A scream broke throughout the Legacy house and everyone woke up. Nick was the first to reach Derek' s door.

"Derek, Derek!" Nick yelled, gun in hand. If anything had happen, he would be ready. Sloane and everyone else came behind him.

Nick asked Sloane to hold his gun and tried to break down the door. During his third push the door opened. Nick would have fell if Alex hadn't grabbed him. Everyone looked at Derek. He was in his robe, his eyes were blood-shot and he was trembling.

"Philip is in trouble, I have to help him!" Derek said, fear in his eyes. Derek had seen one friend killed by this evil, he would be damned if he saw another. Rachel pushed him back into his room and onto the side of his bed.

"Your not going anywhere. At least not now."

Derek's trembling became more severe. Rachel sat with him and hugged him. She noticed he was cold.

"You're freezing!" she said grabbing the cover on his bed.

"Don't worry about me, go help Philip!" Derek said. Rachel hugged him tighter trying to calm him down and keep him warm at the same time.

"Nick and I will go check on him." Sloane said motioning Nick to follow him. Nick went towards his Precept with concern.

"It'll be alright." Nick said patting Derek on the back. "We don't need you to lose control, you might be the only one to get us out of this madness." Nick thought to himself as he walked out of Derek's room with Sloane.

Derek was still trembling and Rachel stroked his black and grey hair. She hated to see him like this. Sometimes she thought he was the person with the most control over themselves in the group, including herself. Right now, when they needed him in control, he wasn't. He was lost just like the rest of them, probably more so with his visions. Rachel leaned her head against his, hoping that Philip would be alright.

"I'll go cook some soup." Alex said, sensing that Derek wouldn't talk with everyone around. Malina followed her lead.

"And I'll go get some blankets."

They left the door open leaving Rachel and Derek alone. "What did you see?" she said lifting her head to look at Derek.

Derek looked at her. He wondered what it was about her that made people speak their minds, and why it always worked on him. Maybe it was her eyes, her hair, or just her, all he knew is that he always felt comfortable with her.

"I saw Philip in danger, the same man who helped kill Peter leaped at him. I-I.." Derek stopped, he could complete his sentence and trembled some more. Rachel gentle stroked his chest and said it was going to be alright.

"I'm scared." Derek admitted. Rachel looked in his eyes. It took a lot for him to say that she could tell. She kissed him on the forehead.

"I am too." she said. Derek didn't feel quite as cold now. He looked Rachel in her eyes. The connection was there again, it always was. Both of them were caught in a weak moment, time stood still. He leaned in and Rachel heart started to race. Their lips were about to touch.

"I've got the blankets." Milina said in the doorway. Rachel and Derek slowly pulled away from each other.

St. Paul Catholic Church, San Francisco

Nick walked in the church, gun drawn. He felt uncomfortable doing this in a church, but extreme times called for extreme measures. The ex-SEAL carefully looked as he entered. Sloane was behind him looking around also. The church was a wreck, the alter was cut in half, the seat were torn apart, most of the glass windows were broken, and Philip was no where in sight. Nick went down the aisle.

"Philip, man if you're there, answer!" Nick yelled. He was very worried about Philip, what that demon had done to Sydney house, he had a right to be. They had already lost Peter, if they lost Philip it would be too much.

"I'm in here!" Philip yelled. Nick sighed with relief. Nick went to Philip's chamber. The door was all stratched up.

"You hurt!?" Nick asked as he opened the chamber door. He saw Philip rise from underneath his desk, holding his arm.

"Just a cut!" Philip yelled holding his arm. Sloane smiled as he joined them, seeing the ex-Legacy member was okay. Nick went around the table and hugged Philip, then let go. Philip was surprised by Nick's embrace and raised his eyebrow.

"We thought you were lunch meat." Nick explained.

Angel Island

Philip walked into his old home and felt quite comfortable. It had been a while since he was last here, and it felt like home once again. Rachel was the first to greet him telling him to sit down on the nearest chair.

"You don't need stitches." Rachel said examine the cut.

Alex was next to greet him and gave him a great big hug almost knocking him out of his seat. Derek descended the stairs and smiled.

"Hey, hey! You two are going to have to get in greetings later, I'm trying to operate here." Rachel said smiling. Derek laughed for the first time in days and so did everyone else. Nick got the bandages, still chuckling.

"Philip, nice to have you back, even through it's under these circumstances." Derek said over Philip's shoulder. The younger man looked up and smiled. Derek always had a way of showing his happiness by saying something official like that.

"I've missed you too Derek." Philip said. He then thought about his church. "Sweet mother of god! The church is a wreck! How am I going to explain that to the bishop when he gets back home tomorrow?"

"We'll pay for all of the damages Philip, and I will explain what happen to the church." Sloane said. Philip sighed with relief.

"It's time for you to get some rest anyway, you're going to need it. Tomorrow we're going to ask you some questions about what happened tonight." Derek said going towards the stairs. Philip looked at Rachel.

"Shouldn't you be home with Kat?" Philip said wondering about his little friend.

"Don't worry she's with a baby-sitter tonight." Rachel said finishing taping up the cut. Rachel helped Philip upstairs to his room and Alex and Derek watched.

"I'm glad he's back." Alex said looking at Philip.

"Me too." Derek added.

The Next Day

"He said his name was Martiso." Philip said looking at the video tape. Derek and Sloane were behind him.

"He started to talk all of this mumbo jumbo about his master being the savior and that joining him would be a great honor." Philip continued. Derek and Sloane looked at each other.

"Could it be a renegade house?" Derek said.

"No, I don't remember this Martiso guy from any of the Legacy files." Sloane said looking at Martiso closely. "Maybe I need to check them again to make sure."

"Did he make clear who his master was?" Derek asked.

"Nope, all he said was to join him, no specific details." Philip said. Derek looked at Martiso on screen, then Melissa. He put his hand on his chin and started to think.

Boston, Massachusetts

Micheal looked up at the Legacy camera as he killed one of its members. He silently wondered to himself how he must look. It would only be matter of time before Derek found out, so why not make it quicker. After all, this was why he was killing all these people, to get Derek's attention.

"I'll join you!" one of the Legacy members screamed as Martiso had his hand around his throat.

"Really, what's your name little man?" Martiso said smiling.

"Simon!" he said in a panic.

"Well Simon, we don't take weak people." Martiso said crushing his neck. Micheal turned to Martiso.

"You didn't have to do that." Micheal said calmly.

"But I wanted to." Martiso said grinning. Micheal sighed, Martiso would never learn.

Angel Island

"Where's Boston house?" Sloane said angrily, looking at the screen. Everyone was in the control room except for Rachel, she had to go home to relieve the baby-sitter from Kat. All of the Legacy houses were on the screen. Nick smiled, he had forgotten there were this many.

"We don't know. New York house tried to contact them but couldn't reach them." the Precept of Seattle house answered. Derek looked down at his feet and hoped that Boston house was alright.

"Derek! Can you hear me?" a voice called. Derek looked up. No one else heard it.

"Let me show you something." the voice said. Derek then saw Micheal dressed in a black turtle neck with black jeans. Derek's mouth open wide.

Suddenly, he saw everything through Micheal's eyes. He knew where he was, Boston House. Blood was everywhere, he saw bodies twisted in odd angles.

"Oh my Lord!" Derek said to himself. Micheal looked at himself in the mirror so that Derek could see him. He was still as youthful as Derek remembered.

"Derek, this is you. This is your destiny. You' re going to join me whether you like it or not." Micheal said.

Derek had felt a lot of things in his life, but this was the ultimate betrayal. He needed an explanation, but knew he was not going to get one. Suddenly he felt his body being lifted off the ground. He felt his head hit the table. Everything went black.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Derek's House, Holland., 1962

Derek ran through the bushes of his yard with joy, his young body pulsing with excitement.

"Micheal!" he yelled as he reached the red Gremlin on the street. Micheal got out of his car and hugged the boy. He let the boy go and hugged his other cousin Ingrid. His aunt came out of the house and smiled.

"Micheal, so nice to see you again. Why didn't you call?" His aunt said, reaching to him for a hug.

"Short notice, my mother just packed me up from New York and sent me here." Micheal said hugging his aunt. He hadn't been in Holland for a long time, and had missed his family down here.

"Hey little buddy, how about you and me go sight seeing?" Micheal said looking at Derek. Derek looked at his mother for permission.

"Go ahead Derek. Have fun." his mother said. Ingrid turned to her mother to do the to see if she could ride too. "No Ingrid, you haven't finished cleaning your room."

Ingrid pouted her lips and went inside, she turned and looked through the open door.

"She thinks just because she's rich, she doesn't have to clean up." Barbara said looking at Ingrid. Derek got into Micheal's car and stuck his tongue out at Ingrid, she returned the favor. They drove off the Rayne property at top speed.

"This is great!" Derek said putting his head out the window.

"Glad you're enjoying it."

After they were driving a few minutes, Micheal stopped the car in an open field.

"What are we doing here?" Derek asked getting out of the car. Micheal grabbed an empty soda can and through it on the side of the street. He then got out of his car.

"I'm going to teach you something, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, okay?" Micheal said coming up to Derek. Derek nodded his head in agreement. Micheal was 6 years older than Derek, and even though he lived in New York, Derek thought of him like a brother and worshipped the ground he walked upon.

"You see that can right there? I'm going to lift it without touching it." Micheal said.

"Really?" Derek said with wonder in his eyes.

"Yep, watch this." Micheal said closing his eyes in concentration. The can lifted from the ground.

"Wow, how did you do that?"

Micheal opened his eyes and the can dropped. "In my mind. You see I was born with the gift, just like you. I can see things that others can't. Others have the gift, but can only have so much power over what they see. But special people who have the gift, like you and me can do special things with it. Just like what I did with the can."

"How did you know I had the sight?" Derek said. Only him and his direct family knew that.

"I just do."

"Does that mean that any one with the sight can do this?" Derek asked.

"No, only special ones."

" Can I do it?"

"Yes Derek you can."

Derek looked at the can. He knew what he had to do. He closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Derek!" a loud booming voice said. Derek opened his eyes to see Winston Rayne looking at both of them.

"Micheal why didn't you tell me you were here?" he said getting closer to them both.

"I was just sent here." Micheal said. Derek looked up at his cousin, noticing his features, his strong chin, jet black hair. For a second he swore he looked just like...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Derek blinked his eyes open slowly.

"He's coming around."

Derek open his eyes to see Rachel leaning over him. Everyone else surrounded her. A headache came on and he grabbed his head, trying to make it stop.

He dropped his hands and then wondered when Rachel got back. He then noticed he was still in the control room. He sat up.

"What happened?" Nick asked helping his Precept up.

"Micheal," was all he could say. Sloane's eyes widen for a second an Nick took notice.

"I'll help him up to his room." Philip said grabbing Derek's arm. Alex grabbed the other and the left the control room with Derek.

"So who is Micheal?" Nick asked turning to Sloane. Sloane soon noticed everyone was looking at him.

"I have no idea." Sloane said. He knew he shouldn't have lied to them, but he had to. No one must find out about Micheal Rayne, at least not yet. It was to important that they didn't or it would be on his head and everyone else's at the Legacy.

Somewhere in California

Ingrid saw Derek from the pool of water in the cave floor. Somehow the water showed her events that were happening even though she wasn't there. She became worried as she saw Derek being led to his room. She looked at the man with the bandages on his face with anger.

"Why am I here?"

"To be protected from Micheal." the man said.

"I don't need your protection. I want to go back home to help my brother."

"You cannot interfere. It is his destiny." the man said.

"Who are you?" Ingrid said getting closer. The person sighed and unwrapped the bandages. For the first time in her life, Ingrid fainted.

Angel Island

Alex and Philip laid Derek on his bed carefully. "Get some rest." Alex said kissing him on his head. Derek nodded. Alex smiled and left the room.

"Thanks for helping me back at the church. I don't think I'd be alive if it wasn't for you." Philip said looking down at Derek He knew he would always be thanking Derek for one thing or another. Truth be told, he wouldn't have joined the Legacy if Derek hadn't convinced him. Even though he had left the Legacy a year ago, he still had a great bond with these people. Sometimes he even wanted to rejoin, but knew he couldn't. Derek looked up at him.

"You're welcomed."

Philip smiled and walked out the door, closing it behind him. Derek thought in his room about the vision he had earlier. Was Micheal truly part of the darkside? Or was it another trick they would play on him, like the one with Lukas. Derek closed his eyes and thought.

"Don't think too hard. You might hurt yourself." a familiar voice said from the corner of Derek's room. Derek open his eyes and leaned up on his bed.


"Yep. You know your real good at these guessing games, I guess you always were." Micheal said revealing himself from the shadows. Derek got up from his bed and stood before his cousin.

"Don't get angry, I not really here. I'm really somewhere else." Micheal said, reading Derek's fury.

Derek looked at Micheal from head to toe and realized he still looked twenty-two years old.

"One of the advantages of working for Satan, you never grow old." Micheal said, a smile appearing on his face. Derek didn't find it very funny.

"Why did you do this, why?" Derek demand. "You had a bright future with the company you were with. Claira loved you, there was no need for you to join the darkside!"

"Excuse me. How long has it been since you last saw me? What, 18 years! A lot changed in my life. I found the truth that no one was willing to tell me. Claira left me for some jerk! I got fired from my job! But you know what? Satan helped me find the truth, he help me see my true powers, just like he help my father find his," Micheal said. " just like he can help you find yours."

Derek back up with disgust. He wanted to know what the hell Micheal was talking about.

"Your father was a good man. He died in a car accident the night you were born, he didn't join the darkside." Derek said with a look of confusion on his face.

"Your father lied to you! Daniel Rayne didn't die in a car accident, Winston Rayne killed him!" Micheal said clinching his fists together. Derek got in Micheal's face and raised his fist.

"You don't believe your father would kill his own brother. Why don't you ask William Sloane, he was there when your father slaughtered mine!" Micheal said as he disappeared. Derek sat on his bed and put his face in his hands, he needed to think.

Nick looked at the night stars with wonderment. He turned has he heard footsteps on the kitchen floor and turned around. He saw Philip and Rachel enter the kitchen.

"You come down here to eat, or talk." Nick said. He watched Rachel go to the refrigerator and take out the ingredients for hamburgers. The butler had taking the night off, which left Nick with nothing to eat. Not that Nick couldn't cook, he just couldn't cook well.

"A bit of both." Philip answered sitting at the kitchen table.

"You don't think Sloane was telling the truth either." Nick said taking a seat. Rachel turned to Nick.

"No, we don't and I think it will cause us all to get hurt."

"Especially Derek." Philip added.

"I think we should ask Derek about what he saw in that vision he had before he got thrown across the room." Nick said, leaning on his chair.

"I agree. We could have more of an idea of who we're up against." Rachel said as she put the hamburger meat into the pan. They all knew the power of Derek's visions and how much they could be of help.

Sloane looked at the security disc of the Boston House in disgust.

"Damn! Two Legacy Houses!"

Alex and Milani both looked at Sloane. Milani knew that when Sloane got like this it was time for people to watch their steps. Derek walked into the control room, his jaw tighten.

"Alex, Milani, could I please speak to Sloane alone." Derek said, trying to keep his calm. Alex became concerned, she had never seen Derek this mad at Sloane before. Sloane turned to Derek

"It's okay Milani." Sloane said. "Go ahead. Take Alex with you."

Milani grabbed Alex and got out of the control room. She knew both Derek and Sloane too well to know not to get caught in the cross-fire when they were about to argue.

"What do you want Derek?"

"You know damn well what I want!"

Sloane was taken aback by the tone of his voice, he had not expected it.

"If you're angry, you better rethink who you're getting angry at." Sloane said, not backing down from the younger man. " And don't get that tone with me again because I'm not in the mood." Sloane thought.

"Why didn't you tell me the truth about Micheal? Why did you hide it from me?" Derek demanded.

"Hide what?"

"Don't play with me Sloane! You know exactly what I'm talking about! You've known Micheal went to the darkside for eighteen years, maybe even longer and you told no one!" Derek said, his rage becoming greater with every word.

"You're right. I did know he went to the darkside. But I didn't hide it. How could I Derek? You knew! You had to!" Sloane admitted. " Even when he was a child, the darkness was inside of him! Winston knew, I knew, so I know you had to have suspected with that damned sight of yours!"

Derek was silent for a moment, remembering his dream.

"True, I did suspect, but you still should have told me! You should have told me the truth! You should have told me that my father killed my uncle!"

Sloane opened his mouth slightly and gasped silently. The past had finally caught up with him.

"How do you know about that?" Sloane said. Derek stayed silent, realizing Micheal had told the truth. "Micheal told you didn't he? He's the one who threw you across the room, wasn't he?"

Derek remained silent, his anger boiling over, and clenched his fist. The lies were too much for him. Sloane got closer to Derek and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Derek, I'm sorry. That's all I can say to you. Your father made me promise to never tell you or Micheal what happen. He knew it would tear you both apart. The moment he killed his brother, he saw something he wasn't meant to see. The future. He saw you two killing each other, he didn't know it was you until you were much older. He told me later, after you were born, to not tell you or Micheal because of it. After he killed Daniel, he became obsessed with the truth and it lead him to his grave. I knew that if you killed Micheal the same might happen to you, but at a much greater cost. Maybe the Legacy itself."

"So you just let these people die because of a prediction!" Derek said as he pushed Sloane's hand off his shoulder. " Sydney and Boston House were destroyed because of you!"

"Yes. I hold myself accountable for their deaths. But I know what Micheal can do. I know what he's capable of."

"Are you scared of him?" Derek asked.

"No, but I know you will be. Micheal will twist your mind inside out, making you doubt your friends, family, everyone."

"I can handle him." Derek admitted.

"Yes, and die just like your father." Sloane said.

As soon as Sloane had said it he knew it was a mistake. Derek connected his fist with Sloane's face rather quickly. Sloane staggered backwards and regained his balance. He became angry and attacked Derek, landing them outside of the control room and onto the floor. Sloane was on his feet first and punched Derek hoping to knock him out. He had no such luck. Derek got up with unnatural speed and hit Sloane in his stomach. Derek then wrestled Sloane to the floor. Derek had his hands around Sloane's throat. Sloane hit Derek over and over again in his stomach, but only seemed to fuel Derek's anger.

"Stop it you two! Stop it!" Derek heard Alex yell. He felt Nick lift him off of Sloane. Sloane got up and tried to hit Derek, but Philip grabbed him before he could do it. Alex joined him in trying to hold Sloane back. Rachel and Milani help Nick with Derek.

"Calm down, both of you!" Rachel yelled trying to hold Derek back. Sloane stopped struggling against Philip and calmed down. Philip and Alex let go. Derek paused and Rachel, Nick, and Milani let go. Derek was still angry, but not enough to fight Sloane again.

"I don't need this from him." Sloane said, holding his jaw. Derek became annoyed. He walked towards the closet and got his coat.

"If this is what the Legacy is becoming, I don't want any part of it." Derek said as he looked at Sloane.

He walked out of the front door and Rachel followed him. Everyone turned to Sloane. He just continued to rub his jaw.

Part Four

"Derek wait!" Rachel yelled running out the front door. Derek paused.

"What just happened in there?"

"Everything and nothing, Rachel."

"Derek don't give me riddles. Tell me what's going on." Rachel said getting closer to him.

Derek turned around, his jaw tight, tears stinging his eyes.

"I can't take the lies anymore." Derek said. He couldn't hold back his tears. Rachel came close and gave him a hug. Her warmth made him forget his problems for only a second. She pulled back from him.

"Tell me everything."

"I can't." Derek answered. Rachel knew what he meant. "He can't tell you about something he doesn't understand himself." Rachel thought. She looked into his eyes and saw how the moonlight made his hazel eyes sparkle. She had always noticed the pain that almost always seemed to be in his eyes, but the moonlight made it stand out.

"You are so beautiful, Rachel Corrigan." Derek admitted. Rachel smiled.

"And you are very handsome, Derek Rayne."

A year ago, after she had found out Derek's father had killed her mother, Rachel never thought that they would ever be this close. But things had changed. They had found out that they had a bond that neither one could explain, nor wanted to. The stare seemed to last forever, time stood still. Rachel leaned up and kissed Derek softly and he kissed back.

Derek closed his eyes to savor the whole experience. Her lips tasted the same as he remembered. Rachel lost herself in his strong arms and tall frame, hoping that she would never be found. Derek gripped his arms tighter around Rachel and almost lifted her off the ground. Derek open his eyes. We shouldn't be doing this, he thought.

Derek pulled away from Rachel, but wished that he could stay in her embrace forever. It wasn't the right time for it. Maybe one day, but not now.

"I have to go." Derek said, looking into her eyes. Rachel understood and nodded. "Plus, if I stay, I might have to fight Sloane again."

Rachel laughed, understanding his unusual joke. Derek smiled and went to his car and drove away. Rachel sighed. It was going to be a long night.


Ingrid opened her eyes to find a short woman standing over top of her. She got up slowly to observe the woman. She had never seen a man turn into a woman before.

"Sorry for the scare, but I had to prepare," the woman said.

"You must be Christina." Ingrid said as she remembered the story her brother told her about the rhyming spirit. Christina nodded. Ingrid looked over the cave where she was.

"Where am I?"

"In a place between time and space, where you can see everything right in front of your face," Christina answered. Ingrid looked at the pool of water and saw her brother driving away from the Legacy.

"Why am I here?" Ingrid asked.

"To tell me how the story will end after I tell you how it begins."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Two brothers, one of darkness, the other of light, will fight the ultimate battle for right." Christina said looking at Ingrid. "I'm going to tell you something from the past, something your family wished it would outlast."

Christina pointed to the pool. "Your past effects your future, as soon you will see. The only way to change it is up to you and me."

Ingrid looked down at the pool again to see exactly what Christina was talking about.

Somewhere in San Francisco

Derek drove faster than he should have on the streets of San Francisco, but he had a lot on his mind. He thought about what Sloane had said about his father and was wondering whether he was right or wrong about it. "It's not as if you've never kept secrets that you shouldn't have kept." Derek thought.

Derek then thought of Micheal, about the mistakes he had made by not saying anything about Micheal's powers to his father. Maybe if he had told Winston about Micheal's growing power he could have stopped it. Suddenly, the steering wheel turned by itself. Derek grabbed it trying to control the wheel.

The car turned into an empty alleyway and went totally dead. Derek looked up from the steering wheel to find Melissa on top of the hood. She smiled and waved, she then jumped off the car. The car begun to rock and Derek turned to see Martiso on the back of his car, rocking it back and forward. The car finally tipped over.

Derek felt his head hit the steering wheel. He looked up and saw two people with the same face, twins no doubt. They open the door and grabbed Derek by his collar. Derek hit the first one, but the second one hit him right back. They dragged him out of the car, they then threw him to the street. Both of the twins hopped down from the car.

"Derek welcome to my little party just for you." Micheal said smiling. Derek looked up to see that all of their eyes were totally black.

"You know Martiso, Melissa. Oh, but you don't know the twins. Meet Marvin and Poe."

Both of the twins smiled as they lifted Derek to the wall. Derek struggled as he tasted the blood in his mouth, but Micheal hit him in his face and then in his ribs.

"Get my dagger Melissa." Micheal said as his dark eyes looked over Derek's body. Derek stared into his dark soulless eyes to see if the real Micheal was there.

"You remembered the chest my spirit father gave me. I know you did, I was the one who gave you the vision. Well, this is what was in it." Micheal said as Melissa gave him the dagger.

"Spirit father?" Derek thought.

"I know what your thinking, I always have. You see your father kept a lot of secrets. Oh, your going to freak out when you hear this! Before your father had you or your sister, he had me." Micheal said. Derek didn't understand.

"C'mon, I thought you were smarter than that Derek! Before your sweet daddy met your mother, he had an affair with his brother's wife and had me!" Micheal said, smiling. Derek became angry and spit in Micheal's face.

"You lie!"

Micheal wiped the spit out of his face and chuckled.

"Oh, that wasn't gentlemanly-like at all, Derek."

Micheal swung his fist with all his might, hitting Derek in his face. Derek saw everything in a blur.

"Oh no, Derek don't pass out on me now, I have more of a story to tell." Micheal said, taking Derek face in his hand. "Now back to the dagger. It was my spirit father's and he gave it to me. Your probably recognize it as the dagger that killed your friend, but it so much more than that. You see it possesses a power that tells people the truth, the truth about the darkness within all of us. The darkness shouldn't be feared, in fact, it should be embraced as it is."

"The dagger has told you lies, Micheal. It will betray you in the end when it finds someone more worthy." Derek said. "Come back to us, let us help you."

Micheal froze for a moment. He then shook his head. Micheal lifted his shirt, reveal a jagged scar underneath his left rib.

"You see this little brother. This is what the dagger revealed. Through this knife wound I found salvation and so will you."

Micheal dropped his shirt and raised the dagger towards Derek. Derek looked at the handle to see the demons eyes sparkle as it was about to meet its prey. Derek felt the knife go through his body. He also felt the evil enter him and he silently screamed. Micheal smiled.

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