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Welcome to the first collection of Poltergeist The Legacy™ fan fiction and links
! This is a compilation of all the fanfic I received since I began my website in the Fall of 1996 until the time most fanfic writers felt comfortable hosting their own stories (c. 1998.) MaryW., Katy, Michelle and Deb T. were among the first writers who took the plunge and submitted their stories here on legacyweb.com.

Fans are still writing! To read the latest stories, Join the PTLFANFIC mailing list (for ages 18+ only) See Legacy Linkage's P:TL Fanfic Category for more stories that are available on the Internet.

Andrea *
Carol H.
Casey H. *
Dara J.
Deb T.
Grace *
Jennifer P.

Karen K.
Kathryn *
Leah A.
Lona J.

Mary W


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The Writers Story Title (links to story) and Description/Quote Date
Alyssa "Say A Little Prayer" - Inside, it moved contentedly, still relishing the feed it'd had last night. It was kept happy and sustained by the pain it was causing the holder, waiting until night fell when it could properly feed again." 8/2/97
  "Silent Night" - "Both Philip and Kat screamed as the creature leapt up onto the landing in front of them. The thing was huge, an undulating black mass of thick fur and shadow. Eyes red as sunset glowed from its head, heavily taloned claws raking at the floor." 1/6/98

"Future's Child" - "Saint Luke's church, in downtown San Francisco, had been plagued by the demon for several months. Finally, in despair, the pastor had called on his old friend, Derek Rayne."

Alyssa & Leah Ashleigh "Roses Have Thorns" - "....lights, so very bright, heading straight for Nick; the young man's motorcycle skidding out of control and off the road; then a darkness, such a terrible darkness...." 11/7/98
Andrea "Derek's Descendant" *Unfinished 6/6/97
Annie "The Isis Incarnate" - A fellow Legacy member escapes from the prison-like Cairo House and seeks the SF House's help. 8/8/98
Bari "The Awakening" - "Nick looked away from the sky to find his friend hiding at the trunk of her tree. Shivering visibly, she cried out for him, only to disappear from sight entirely within a luscious mist." 5/23/99
Cairistiona "Heaven's Fire" - "Alex closed the door just in time as lightning struck the house, causing the lights to flicker. Derek looked down in shock as he felt an electrical surge pass through him and into the young girl in his arms. She didn't stir." pre 6/97
  "Falcon" - "The difference in time between the sound of the gun shot and the impact of what Nick realized was not a bullet or he wouldn't have even heard the end of the shot, but was instead a dart, was only enough time to move maybe about an inch if he was lucky. Today just isn't my day! Nick thought. " 6/17/97
  "London Bridges" - "Derek shook his head, that couldn't be, she was dead, or maybe he was just crazy. Deciding to divert his confusing thoughts he refrained from what he was going to say and asked instead. 'What are you doing?' Alicia Summers smiled again." 2/1/98
  "Crack!" - It's the worst kind of torment for a man to face, any man. Is it too much for even Nick? 2/1/98
Carla "Darkness & Light" 6/17/97
  "Silent Witness" (Story 1 of 3 ) The Council Wars series. "The shadow observed the house, The priest had taken the tablet to the library and was beginning the translation. As soon as he's done, I'll kill him and then get the tablet. SHE will never know how to be free, but he would." 7/7/97
  "Silent Past" (Story 2 of 3) The Council Wars series. 8/2/97
  "Silent Revenge" (Story 3 of 3) Click here to catch more of Carla's fanfic on her own webspace. 8/15/97
Carol H. "Waiting for Justice" - "Before he had reached the doorway, the sword smashed down bluntly onto the side of his head. The intruder then turned towards Vicky, pulling from his pocket, some thin electrical cord." pre 6/97
"Seven Equals One" - "It had been a long time since Phillip had last been to the Legacy House, and even though he had left on goods terms, at least with Derek, he still couldn't get rid of the feeling of being the prodigal son returning home with his tail between his legs, as soon as he had hit a problem." 7/24/97
Casey Hart "Transfers" (Prologue - Ch 4)Bran Jordan has just been transferred to the SF Legacy house from the Chicago House. She must stop a demon which killed her parents and is now killing more. Click here to go to Casey's webpage with the full story of "Transfers" 6/7/97
Dara J. "The Artist's Way" - "What were the characters like as children? Where did they all fit in together - Nick, Philip, Julia - so they achieved that family feeling now? Obviously there is history there so how far back does it go? So here is one answer." - Dara pre 6/97
  "Echoes of an Angry Past" - "Her cold blue eyes studied the bonfire once last time, then she turned and walked down the road. Another Legacy House gone up in smoke, so to speak, but still so many left to go. She had a mission." 8/15/97
Deb T. "The Dream Walker" This is the second P:TL fanfic ever written and posted to a website. Read the continuing tale of Lissa & Philip in order, starting with "Dream Walker." Fall 1996
  "Aftermath" A short story pre 6/97
  "Desecration" pre 6/97
  "A Truce of Trust" pre 6/97
  "Sacrifices" pre 6/97
  "Promises" (short story) 8/2/97
  "House of Cards" 10/23/97
  "Mercy in the Middle" - Catch the continuing saga of Lissa & Philip now hosted on Carla's webspace... 11/15/97
Eileena NEW! "To Long Life and Passions" - My God not another" Derek thought. "Why does it seem to come in great waves."  2/1/2003
Elaine "A Dream" - It was just a dream, or was it? For all those in the Derek-Alex faction, this is a must-read. 8/15/97
  "Each New Day" - Includes some sexual content. Links have been provided within the story to skip certain parts if you care to do so. "'The journal and the locket will bring her to us, and Dr. Derek Rayne and the others will have no choice but to follow.' 'I understand that we need Alex to find the seal, but once you have it how do you hope to destroy it and your enemies?'" 8/15/97
  "Just Another Night in The Legacy" (short story) - "Alex walked around the control room stretching muscles cramped from sitting at the computer for the past two hours. ... Shaking her head she was still unsure how she had let Derek talk her into working tonight." 4/4/98
Grace "If Wishes Were Fishes" * Unfinished - There's no such thing as Genies .... right? (This was done years before the ep, Wishful Thinking.) 12/26/97
Jennifer Paperman "Ghost in the Painting" - Someone is stalking Nick. A teenage girl and a mysterious painting are the only warning he's got. But are they enough? *** Excellent closure to Nick's past in this early fanfic story! *** pre 6/97
J.J. & Katy "The Table" The SF Legacy House team goes on a much needed vacation to New Orleans. 7/7/97
Karen K. "Soul Mates" - A crossover between Poltergeist The Legacy and Psi Factor 11/15/97
  "Future Generations" - "...her letter requested that Derek allow a Christian and Ayla Reynolds to use the San Francisco House's library for research purposes. The children belonged to a couple recently killed while working with the New York House." 1/6/98
  "Ghost of the Past, Specter of the Future" - "Nick Boyle entered the gym but stopped just over the threshold. He watched Karen Roarke as she moved through a number of deadly forms of martial arts. Sweat glistened off her body as the gym's lights gleamed off the sword she was using in the exercise. " 8/8/98
Kathryn "Through the Looking Glass" * - Unfinished Pre 6/97
Katy N. "Moytura"
This is the fourth P:TL fanfic ever written and posted to a website.
It's recommended to read these in the order listed below....
Fall 1996
  "The Next Time" - Every week the Legacy house battles evil and prevails. But what happens if they don't prevail? What would happen if something went wrong? Fall 1996
  "Stones of the Field" - The next story takes place one week after the interviews in "The Next Time" 96/97
  "Valley of the Woeful Abyss" - A young woman is found murdered in her home. The only clue to the mystery is a missing Egyptian necklace. Asked by an old friend to investigate, Derek and Nick become obsessed with the woman, shutting out everyone else around them and running the risk of losing their sanity altogether in an attempt to put her violent spirit to rest. Pre 6/97
  "The Chieftain's Daughter" A MUST READ COMEDY! Warning: do not drink beverage near you computer while reading this story. Derek wears pigtails. Nick paints his fingernails. Alex and Rachel wonder how to use the men's room. Philip gets PMS. All when a chieftain's daughter gets her hands on an ancient Celtic book of spells.. Pre 6/97
  "Sisters" - In honor of a recent find of the remains of an ancient tribe of warrior Amazon women in Southern Russia near Turkey, I decided to write a story about them. This is dedicated to any woman who ever felt like running off and joining a tribe of warrior women.- Katy Pre 6/97
  "Dreamers Awake" 97/98
  "Love's Labour's Found" - While in Russia hunting down an escaped Legacy murderer, Nick is intoxicated with Galina's doppleganger. Is she what she seems to be? Will it cost Nick and his team their lives, or will love come to the rescue? 97/98
  "Worlds Apart" 97/98
  "A Dante Kind of Hell" 11/7/98
Kell "Promises, Promises"- "Philip lay on the floor, a large knot on the back of his head oozing blood when his father found him. His palm where it had touched the box lid was red and angry with heat. Philip, unconscious, felt nothing of the burn that would disappear days later." 7/7/97
Kethrineth "The Return" - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Poltergeist: The Legacy" crossover fanfic story. 9/5/97
"Chains of Silence" - This story is basically about the first introduction of Philip Joseph Callaghan and Nicholas Patrick Boyle to their calling as members of the Legacy. 9/5/97
Leah Ashleigh C. "The Phoenix Legacies" - "All around him flashed great bolts of electric blue lightening, yet there was no rain. Finally, just before he reached the clearing at the opposite end of the cemetery, he was struck by a bolt of the great blue flame. For endless moments it engulfed him, as the ancient words still flowed from his mouth." 7/18/98
Leah Ashleigh & Alyssa "Roses Have Thorns" - "....lights, so very bright, heading straight for Nick; the young man's motorcycle skidding out of control and off the road; then a darkness, such a terrible darkness...." 11/7/98
Lona J. "The Shaman" *** A must-read...Excellent Derek-Rachel theme! *** "The Scotch's rich peaty flavor always reminded her of Ireland, darkness and druids. Or maybe it was just dark druids, like the haunted soul pounding out Frederic Chopin's Opus No. 9 on the hapless grand piano in the Castle's drawing room downstairs. Derek's impassioned playing gave her yet another reason to be glad that Kat was sleeping with Alex in the old nursery way up on the fourth floor. " Pre 6/97
Maryalice "Minuet" - "Straightening slowly, he looked up and met her eyes. Blue? No, green. No, blue. And felt that peculiar shift in perspective. His vision clouded and her face was replaced with a series of visions -- squealing tires; an explosion; and an image of her, battered and bloody, kneeling by the side of the road. Horrified by what he saw, Derek shook his head and tried (unsuccessfully) to speak." 11/2/97
Mary W. "Sleep of the Dead "
This is the very first P:TL fanfic written and posted to a website.
- "Derek Rayne was working late again, as he had on so many nights since he took over the house in San Francisco. The Legacy's work, hidden behind the reputation of the eccentric Luna foundation, never seemed to end. There were always more dark corners to turn and more demons to banish. There were times when he despaired of ever seeing only the light in life and not its shadows. But he had chosen this life of battle against the dark forces. Hadn't he?"
Fall 1996
  "Knights Templar" (Parts 1 -23 only) Click here to go to the rest of the story (and more) on Mary's Fan Fiction Page Pre 6/97
Michelle "Highlander: The Legacy" This is the third P:TL fanfic written and posted to a website. THE first P:TL crossover with The Highlander. Fall 1996
mrdimond (Haven) "So Fairly Bound" - An enigmatic enemy presents the Legacy with a mystery that may take a lifetime to untangle. 9/5/97
Nickette "Let the Truth Be Known" - A trilogy by two established fanfic writers... 2/1/98
  "No Son of Mine" - Please note that there is strong violent content in part of this story and IS NOT for everyone! 9/4/98
NightOwl "Chorus of the Damned" - "Derek and the others heard Nick's call, but couldn't answer. Bound and gagged, they watched as their captors prepared to ambush the Legacy House's Chief of Security." 10/23/97
Patti Patti's P:TL site no longer exists but her wonderful fanfic stories will live on. Please read and enjoy!  
  "Reve Amant" When dreams become reality and reality turns into a nightmare! 2/97
  "Trial by Fire" Alex learns the true meaning of "forged in fire" 4/22/97
  "Revenge" What do you do when the friend you think you know becomes a complete stranger? 5/2/97
  "Ghost in the Wind Machine" What could happen on the set of P:TL if a couple of ghosts decided to join the cast for some fun! 6/13/97
  "Siren's Song" Philip battles the oldest of Ireland's sprites for the sake of his niece 7/2/97
  "The Walls Have Teeth" The team investigates a gruesome murder in a very haunted house... 1/18/98
Scout "The Journey" - "A transfer from the Milwaukee Legacy House would be arriving within a day or two. Maybe even sooner. Nick had only recently heard the news from Alex....from some of the items being hauled in, he assumed the transfer was female." 2/1/98
Selena "La Volve De La Demonio " - "Kym Gardner tossed and turned in her bed caught in dreams of the past. She saw herself at eighteen running into a large house. 'Derek! Derek!' she called. A very handsome man of twenty-two appeared, seemingly from nowhere. " 7/24/97
  "The Witching Hour" - "Philip glanced at the headline. 'Cults Quickly Becoming San Francisco's Most Popular Religion'. Disgusting.' What does he want from me?' Kym shrugged. 'Beats me. With Derek you never can tell. You should probably just read it.'" 7/24/97
  "The Unusual Gift" - This story takes place six months after "The Witching Hour" 8/15/97
  "A Single Twist of Fate" - "Are you out of your mind?" Derek Rayne stared with disbelief at his mother. "No, I am one hundred percent serious," Barbara Rayne replied. "This is what your father would have wanted and, by God, you're going to do it." 9/5/97
  "Everyday Angels" 10/23/97
  "Moment of Truth" - The sequel to ‘Everyday Angels' 12/26/97
Sherri "The Anniversary" - "Nick reached his room, opened the door and slammed it shut, not thinking -- or now caring -- who he might disturb. He had thought that the run would help him put the day into perspective; that it would help ease the anger he felt as he rose in the morning and remembered the events that transpired one year ago today." 9/5/97
  "The Journal" - A former Legacy member's private journal. 9/5/97
  "Modern Day Job" - He took another swallow of the whiskey and then threw the remainder of the bottle into the ocean; he had not come here to get drunk but to confront God. 10/23/97
  "Child's Play" - "SCENE 1: Upstairs bathroom in the Corrigan house. Kat is talking to her image in the mirror." 11/17/97
  "Divine Intervention" - This is a crossover story between "Poltergeist: The Legacy" and "Touched By An Angel". 12/26/97
  "Amazing Grace" - "'Glory be to Satan ...' the congregation chanted as their leader raised her arms high in the air. 'Glory be!'" 2/1/98
sHolmes "End of Innocence" - "The man smiled evilly. 'So good of you to join us, William. If you would've taken the first elevator, it would've brought you straight here. However, since you brought me Derek and Philip here with you, I can forgive you.' " 4/4/98
Sonja "The Visitor" Nick gets a visitor and the chance to bring back Julia. 8/10/98
Stacey "Darkness Within" - "Winston Rayne looked at his brother with pure hatred, his hands trembling with fury. 'Daniel, you've gone too damn far!" Winston said 'picking up his sword from the wooden floor... 'You've turned to the darkside! You've killed my friends!' " 7/18/98
  "The Future's Past" - "What happens when a mysterious shield transports the Legacy gang to the past? Only problem is that the past is 1997 and someone else's future." 8/2/97
Susan F. "Full Circle" - "Phillip sat back, looking at the letter but not seeing its words. He didn't need to see it anyway, he knew the words—and he knew the emotion behind them...Two hours later he was on the next plane for San Francisco." 4/4/98
  "Black Widow II" - "Their lips met, melded, the tip of her tongue touched his bottom lip, seeking entrance. He moaned and gave it to her, feeling the friction it created as he joined in…… Nick woke with a start and looked around his darkened room, the sheets down about his waist and chest covered in a fine sheen of sweat. He was shaken by his dream and tried to pull himself together even as a knock sounded softly at his door. " 4/4/98
  "The Return of Shamus Bloom" - "'Phillip!' Sara was the first in the group to greet the priest, only to frown and ask cautiously, 'What is it?' Phillip looked at them, at Sara and frowned. There was never a time that he could remember that the woman hadn't been able to pin down his mood. Now was no exception. 'It's,' he admitted with some difficulty as he quickly slipped Rachel a look 'Shamus Bloom.'" 5/16/98
TalgoM "Blood Ties" - A series of stories to be read in order, starting with "Blood Ties" - "Her eyes jerked suddenly upward when she heard a noise somewhere in the house, her face was set in an expression that betrayed none of her fear. Her mind forced out any of the memories from her once happy past. They no longer mattered, holding no strength against her demons. She waited in her lasting silence for what she knew was on its way. " 5/16/98
  "Past Abandoned" 5/16/98
  "Unheeded Warnings" 5/16/98
  "Sight and Shadows" 5/16/98
  "Hide and Seek" 2/08/99
  "Memories Revisited" 2/08/99
  "Regrettable Choices" 2/08/99
  "Forget Me Not" 5/23/99
  "Precious Cargo" 5/23/99
  "Turning Point" 5/23/99
Valery King "Confidence" *** Wonderful Derek story and mature content warning*** "As she passed the next door, it flew suddenly open and a long masculine arm pulled her roughly inside the room. It was him, Derek, a wildly passionate Derek who pulled her to him and wrapped her long dark hair in his fist. " Pre 6/97