What happens when a mysterious shield transports the Legacy gang to the past? Only problem is that the past is 1997 and someone else's future.

Part 1

Angel Island, San Francisco., 2009

Kat Corrigan walked down the steps in her nightgown, her stomach hungering for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She smiled as she finally reached the kitchen remembering when she did this as a child and got into trouble with her mother.

Kat opened the refrigerator and looked for the jelly. She covered her arms as the cold air from the frigde came to her. The silk attached to her skin as she reached for the jelly.

"You always did like your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Kat."

Kat smiled as she heard her Precept's voice. Nick Boyle stood at the entrance to the kitchen, his arms crossed at his chest and a wide smile on his face. Kat turned, the jelly jar in her left hand and her grin widened.

Nick sat the at the glass table by the window and leaned in his chair, a habit he couldn't get rid of over the years. Kat put the jelly on the counter and went to the cabinet to get the peanut butter and bread. She turned to Nick suddenly.

"You want some?" she asked balanced on foot. Nick nodded his head from side to side. "So why'd you come down here Nick?"

"I was wondering who was making all that noise down here." he answered.

Kat chuckled as she put the peanut butter and bread on the counter. "Well at least you didn't bring your pistol."

Nick laughed and admired the young woman from afar. She'd grown so much from the little girl he use to give piggy back rides to one of the most dependable people on his team. He smoothed his hair back and realized that he needed a haircut.

Kat finished her sandwich and sat down next to Nick. She stared at his hair and then reached for it. Nick jerked his head back wondering what she was doing.

"What?" Nick asked looking at Kat. Kat gazed at his hair again and smiled.

"You're getting gray hair old man." Kat commented.

Nick smoothed back his hair again remembering the gray strands he saw in the mirror this morning.

"Shows experience." Nick said with a half smile.

"What you really doing up Nick?"

Nick sighed and tapped his fingertips on the table. She asked so many questions.

"Your worried about Derek coming over tomorrow, aren't you?" Kat asked.

Nick stared her in her eyes. It always amazed him how good she was at knowing his feelings about things. That wasn't her sight, that talent was her mother's. She looked almost like Rachel except that she was younger, had brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes.

"Yeah. I'm a bit worried about him coming." Nick admitted.

"I don't see why. I mean he's proud of what you've done with the Luna Foundation."

"I know, but it's kinda like I want everything to be perfect."

Kat took a bite of he big sandwich and chewed. She raised her eyebrows and put a finger up to Nick. Kat got up from the seat and went to the cabinet to get a glass. She then got some milk from the refrigerator. The peanut butter was stuck to the roof of her mouth and she needed to get it off.

"So you can shove it in his face, right?" Kat said after she swallowed the milk. She put down the glass, wiped her mouth and returned to her chair.

"No! I never shove anything in Derek's face!" Nick exclaimed.

Kat smirked at Nick and lifted sandwich. She then dropped it remembering what happened earlier.

"C'mon Nick! Every since Derek became Head Precept of London House and you became Precept of San Francisco it's been like a friendly competition to see who runs this house better."

Nick tried to seem amazed but knew she was totally right. Kat smiled and so did Nick.

"Man, I've missed him." Nick said staring at his hands.

Kat touched his right hand and he looked up at her. "Me too."

A thought came to Nick as Kat let go of his hand.

"Who in the house?"

Kat knew what he meant. Sometimes he needed a reminder of we're everyone was at the time.

"Kim's in Puerto Rico with Kevin. Claudia's in Paris researching the tablets. Me and Dexter are the only ones here."

Nick smiled as she mentioned Dexter and she hit him in the shoulder.

"We're just friends." Kat said guessing at what Nick was implying. "The only reason I didn't go with Claudia was because Derek was coming, not because Dexter stayed."

"Whatever." Nick said amused by Kat blushing.

"Well that's who's here."

Nick stared at her sandwich and rubbed his goatee. "You gonna finish that?"

"Yeah. As soon as you go to bed." Kat replied.

"Are you trying to tell me something kiddo?" Nick said acting as though he were hurt by the remark. Kat smiled, he hadn't called her that in a long time.


"Good." Nick answered. "By the way, Derek is bringing over something he wants us all to see so I suggest we get our sleep in now."

Kat frowned and glanced at her unfinished sandwich. Nick got up and patted Kat's shoulder.

"I'll go to sleep Kat. Finish your sandwich."

Kat grinned as Nick left the kitchen and chewed on her sandwich.

The next morning

Derek Rayne stepped out of the Lincoln with a sigh of relief. The trip from the airport was a bit long, but it was worth it. Derek rubbed his hair back and smiled at the small castle in front of him and memories flooded his mind. He glanced at the plaque on the stone wall that said Luna Foundation in gold print and sighed once again. He went to the door.

"Who is trying to gain entrance." The cold mechanical voice from the speaker said.

"Derek Rayne, head of the London House." Derek answered. He was slightly surprised by how easily it slipped off his tongue.

"Put your eye to the identification pocket."

Derek went to the side of the oak door and leaned his head against the small cushioned box. Derek put his left eye to the small black circle in the center of the box and it flashed a bright light into it. Derek blinked for several seconds and backed away.

"Twenty first century technology my foot." he whispered to himself as he rubbed his left eye.

"Identification falsified! Identification falsified!" the computer screamed. An alarm sounded throughout the entrance and Derek covered his ears and closed his eyes shut. The door opened and a young man popped out, going to the computer.

"Computer shut down!" He yelled. The computer beeped and the alarm turned off.

"Voice recognized as Dexter Parker." the computer said. "Obeying all commands."

The computer beeped again and was heard no more. Derek dropped his hands from his ears and open his eyes to see the young man in front of him.

"Sorry Dr. Rayne. The computer still has some bugs in it we have to work out."

Dexter looked at the computer again and sighed his glasses bounced as he did it. Derek glanced over the young man. He was wearing a gray sweater with old khakis and small frame glasses. He looked very intelligent and tough despite what he was wearing.

"That's alright." Derek answered as he looked into the door. He suddenly remembered he left something in the Lincoln. He turned back to his car and walked to it. He opened the door, reached in and pulled out something wrapped in silk cloth. He handed it to Dexter.

"Could you please put this in the control room for me?"

Dexter felt the bumpy contours of the object underneath the silk as Derek handed it to him.

"Sure I can do that. C'mon in Dr. Rayne. Nick should be down in a few minutes." He replied entering the door. Derek chuckled. Dexter seemed like a butler instead of a member of this house.

Derek followed him and breathed in deeply seeing his old home again. Everything was the same as it was when he left three years ago.

"Derek!" he heard someone yell at the top of the stairs as he reached around the bend. He looked up to see Kat running at full speed down the steps.

Derek smiled, she was truly radiant. Her hair, which was in a ponytail, bounced perfectly as she ran down the steps. Kat's smile melted his heart as she finally reached the bottom of the stairs.

Kat jumped up and hugged him with all her might. Derek lifted Kat off her feet and then put her down. She let go and then hugged him again.

"It's so good to see you again!" Kat said rocking him from side to side. Dexter laughed at the whole scene and went up the stairs to the control room.

"It's great to see you too." Derek answered his smile getting bigger and bigger by the moment. She pulled back and looked at him. Kat stopped at his hair and smoothed it back with her hand.

"You and Nick sure are getting old."

Derek laughed. His hair had gone steel gray on him. He still looked good but respectively older.

"Looking at you I don't feel it." Derek replied staring down at her. "I bet you line up all the men in San Francisco."

Kat blushed and let him go, her blue eyes brightening. She wore a white T-shirt with denim jeans.

"And have you and Nick kill them. I don't think so. So how's London House treating you?"

Derek pointed to his hair and Kat laughed. "That bad huh?"

Derek chuckled. He remembered when he first got the job and thinking that it would be a bit easier than it was. Derek now, instead of taking care of one house, had to take care of all of them. That was enough to make anyone's hair turn gray.

"You want to go to the drawing room and discuss it or are we just going to stand here?" Kat continued.

Kat took his hand and lead him into the drawing room and sat Derek down on one of the many sofas. She sat down next to him on the white sofa with blue flowers and looked him in his eyes.

"So how's it going over at London House? Is it really that bad?"

Derek attention was averted to something else in the room suddenly. Derek turned and glanced at the black piano and an instant smile appeared on his face. He got up slowly, ignoring Kat's question, and went to the piano. He rubbed his fingertips against the smooth keys and sighed. Kat cleared her throat.

"Oh, I'm sorry Kat. It's just I haven't played this piano in ages. I should have brought it with me to London." Derek said as he gazed at the strings inside the piano. Kat slowly rose.

"Yeah and deprive everyone of playing it. It gets lonely on Friday nights around here, you know that." Kat joked.

Derek sat down on the small bench and began to fiddle with the keys. He stopped and removed his coat, he then started to fiddle with them again.

"What should I began with?" Derek wondered aloud.

"How about something from Bach or Mozart?"

"No I want something simple and easy." Derek answered fiddling with the keys some more. A thought came to him. Derek started to and Kat smiled at his selection.

"B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name oh." Kat sung along with the music.

"I hate that song!" Nick exclaimed standing in the entrance. Derek stopped playing immediately and went to Nick. " Hey Derek, how's it going?"

Nick put out his right hand and Derek shook it and embraced Nick with a hug. Kat grinned and tenderly hit the piano keys. Both men turned to her and wondered what Kat was doing.

"Back together again." Kat said getting closer to them both. Nick chuckled and Derek smile brightened the room.

"I thought you were going to comment." Nick replied.

Derek stared at Kat for a long time. He and Nick practically raised her and he was truly proud of the person she had become. She had turned into a beautiful twenty-one year old and continued to grow as a person despite some setbacks in her past.

Nick tapped Derek's shoulder. "Derek, you want to see me in my office for a moment."

"Your office." Derek answered raising his left eyebrow. "Just remember it was my office for many years before you came along."

Nick laughed and got closer to Kat. "Not anymore."

Kat laughed and covered her mouth. Derek just smirked and put his eyebrow back down.

"C'mon Derek, we have a lot to discuss and Kat has to continue her work on that case with Dexter."

"A girl's work is never done. See ya later Derek." Kat said leaving the drawing room. Derek and Nick watched her leave.

"Nick, she grew too fast." Derek commented.

" I know. I'm glad she did."

Nick and Derek left the room and went to Nick's office. Nick sat down behind the desk and tried to suppress a laugh. It felt so good to see Derek on the other side of that desk. Derek sat down on the other side a bit uncomfortably.

Derek sat down and glanced at Nick. He grinned as he saw the long strand of gray hair growing on Nick's head.

"I see Kat's not the only one who growing too fast. You're practically as old as me."

Nick eyebrows raised and he laughed. "You never joked as much as you do now Derek. I'll never be as old as you."

Now Derek laughed. "Nick you're forty and I'm fifty-five. Trust me. You'll be my age very soon."

Nick lowered his brows and sighed. He missed being young. He remembered the times when he could run four miles easily. Now he'd be lucky if he ran two.

Nick stared at Derek. He was still as handsome as ever was and was older than Nick. The only things that had changed about the Derek in twelve years was his hair and his outlook on life, and that had changed very little. Derek was still hiding his feelings from people but not as much as he use to.

"Have you heard from Alex lately?" Derek asked looking down at the desk in front of him.

"Yeah. She's still taking care of her sister."

"Is her sister getting better?"

"Nope, only worse Derek." Nick replied solemnly

Derek cursed underneath his breath and leaned back in his chair. If Alex lost her sister she would be crushed. It hurt him to have her go through something like this alone. Her sister had gotten breast cancer and since Alex's grandmother had passed away Alex was the only one who could take care of her. Alex had to choose between the Legacy and her sister and she chose her sister hands down. Nick had asked if she could move to Angel Island, but Alex refused and wanted to stay in New Orleans with her sister alone. Now it seemed her younger sister was going to succumb to her illness.

"They always come to destroy things, don't they Nick?"

"What destroys everything?"

"Pain and misery. They destroy everything." Derek said, pain in his voice. "They just destroy people."

Nick stared at Derek again and knew he was thinking about what happened to Rachel and Philip so long ago. Derek blamed that on himself like he blamed everything else on himself. Nick looked at his hands. Both remained silent.

* * *

Dexter adjusted his glasses as he looked at the computer screen. Kat stood over him her hands on his shoulders. A bright smile came across her face as the data came across the screen.

"They're fakes Dexter! You were right! The paintings are fakes!" Kat almost screamed.

"I told you." Dexter said taking off his glasses. Kat rubbed his scruffy blonde hair in a fluttering motion. He glanced up at Kat with his piercing brown eyes and smiled with a boyish grin.

"I believe you owe me something."

Kat's smile disappeared and she sighed. She dug into her pocket and got out twenty dollars.

"Thank you kind Miss for giving kindly to the Dexter Parker fund. It is appreciated." Dexter laughed putting the money in his pocket.

"Yeah, Yeah." Kat commented.

"You know you like it when I take money from you."

Kat smiled and jokingly kissed his forehead. She backed up and he tenderly grabbed her arm and turned his chair around. Kat stared into those eyes that seemed to go on forever as he pulled her to him. Dexter put his lips on hers and she didn't back away. They pulled apart suddenly as Kat realized what she was doing.

Dexter kept his eyes closed as he let her arm go. "Oh Kat, maybe next time we'll bet on who'll kiss who."

"Oh no, we won't." Kat said turning away from him. She had slipped with him. She didn't mean to kiss Dexter but she did. Dexter was handsome, intelligent, sweet, and sometimes annoying. But even when he was annoying he was charming, like he was now. Kat didn't want a relationship with him, just his friendship, but now it seem unavoidable.

"Kat listen, if you're uncomfortable with..." Dexter began.

Kat closed her eyes as a vision suddenly hit her. Rachel screamed to her and reached out but Kat could do nothing but stare at the horrific scene before her.

"Kat!" Dexter yelled out, but his voice seemed distant to Kat. He was standing in front of her now, his hand grappled to her forearm. Kat looked into his eyes and saw the worry in them.

"Damn." she whispered to herself. That vision was too much for her. Kat had to take a seat.

Dexter helped her to a chair and she put her elbows on her knees and her hands over her eyes. Dexter knelt down on one knee to see if she was okay.

"Kat, you okay? Do you want me to get Nick or Dr. Rayne."

"No I'll be fine Dexter." Kat answered.

At that moment Derek and Nick came into the room. Nick went directly to her and Derek stood back.

"What happened?" Nick asked bending to one knee beside Dexter. Kat's face turned slightly pink as she felt the hot tears burning down her face.

"I don't know. I think she had a vision." Dexter said putting his left hand on Kat's sunken shoulder.

"Kiddo are you okay?" Nick asked.

"Stop asking me questions! You want to know what's bothering me? I'll tell you!" Kat yelled revealing her pain stricken eyes as she put her hands down angrily. "I saw Mom again! Same screams. Same blood. Same everything, okay!"

Dexter removed his hand from her shoulder and Nick stood up.

"Kat it wasn't your fault. You weren't there. You couldn't have saved her, Philip, or that little boy." Nick said reaching for her.

"Let's just drop the subject please. I'm going to my room." Kat stammered.

Her tears streamed more and more down her face and her eyes became red. Kat rose from her seat and slowly ran out the control room. Derek let her pass.

"Kat wait!" Dexter yelled. Derek put his right hand on the young man's chest as he tried to pass. Dexter stopped.

"Let her be. She'll be fine." Derek said. He looked out of the control after her and found himself unsure on whether she really was going to be fine.

Later that day

"So what do you know about it so far Derek?" Nick asked touching the golden shield that was laid on the table.

The shield was no bigger than a hub cap. It had large handles the sides and a picture of a lion in the center. The lion was golden and stood up on its hind legs while its upper paws reached out seeming as though it were going to attack something. Strangely the lion's mouth was closed and so were its eyes. A blue background made the lion look surreal.

"They found it in Ireland. Seems a shepard was tending his sheep and just found it in an open field." Derek answered.

"He just found this lying around? Man, that's a new one." Nick said taking a seat. Dexter joined him and so did Derek. The conference room was silent for a few moments.

"It looks like its origins or from England, not Ireland. Probably made in either the 1400's or 1500's." Dexter commented looking at the design.

Derek glanced at the Dexter and smiled. Dexter was good.

"Derek somebody just sold this to the Luna Foundation? This thing looks like its worth more than you paid for." Nick said picking it up.

"Yep and I want you to put it in the Hall of Antiquities."

Nick stared up at Derek and grinned a wide smile. "With pleasure."

Kat walked in at that moment and took a seat. She'd been crying all morning and it showed on her face. Everyone stared at her then turned their attention back on the shield.

"So when do you want to present it?" Derek asked looking at Nick in his face.

"Don't know. I'll call you when I do." Nick replied, his face serious. Kat gazed at the shield.

"Can I see it?" she asked putting her hand out. Nick handed it to her and she grabbed it with both hands.

Kat brushed her fingertips over the lion. She looked at the shield intently as though she were trying to look through it.

"It's very pretty." Kat commented. Kat touched the inside of the lion once more.

Kat blinked her eyes as she saw words appear on the shield. At first she thought she was imagining things but then she saw Derek rise from his chair with a surprised look on his face. Kat stared at the shield once more as everyone surrounded her. The glowing white words became brighter and brighter with every word pulsing like a heartbeat. Kat began to read them out loud.

"Time is forever. The past will be the future. May god protect you."

Kat closed her mouth as the lion open its eyes. She dropped the shield and everyone backed up. The lion gave a great cry as light brighten the room. Kat grabbed the shield quickly as the light enveloped the conference room. When the light disappeared everyone was gone.

Part 2

St. Paul's Catholic Church, San Francisco., 1997

Elizabeth ran through the church door at top speed with her foster son beside her. Right now she had safety from the evil that was chasing her. Elizabeth held Isaac's hand tightly and he tried to weasel his way free. They got to the front of the church and stopped.

"Let me go!" Isaac yelled finally shaking her off. Elizabeth stared down at the small boy as he massaged his wrist.

Isaac stood still even though he wanted to run. His foster mother had been acting strangely for the past few days but to break into a church at 2 am was insane.

"Sorry." she said softly. Elizabeth brushed her fingers on top of Isaac's head and smiled.

"What in blue blazes is going on out here?" A voice from the left side of the church rang out.

Elizabeth turned towards the direction of the voice and protectively got in front of Isaac. Philip appeared from the darkness of his chambers, his eyebrows drooped slightly at the sides like a man who was just awaken from slumber. The young priest looked haggard and his clothes were wrinkled.

Philip walked to Elizabeth and then stopped as he noticed Isaac behind her like a curious baby cub who wanted to explore its surroundings.

"Elizabeth how'd you get in here?" Philip asked, recognizing a member of his congregation. "And with Isaac."

Elizabeth stood still and said nothing as Isaac sat down on one of the pews in the first row. He looked at Philip and then at Elizabeth.

"We broke in." he said taking the earphones out of his bag full of clothes. Philip turned his gaze to Elizabeth.

"We had to. Father can I talk to you for a moment?" Elizabeth asked, her eyes pleading.

Philip didn't know whether to be angry or confused. No one had ever broken into the church before but there are first times for everything.

"Yes. Join me in my office." Philip said leading the way. Elizabeth followed him.

Philip entered his small office and sat down in the old wooden chair. He watched as Elizabeth came in a stood in front of his desk. Her posture was stiff and wooden as she paced from side to side of the office. Elizabeth's makeup was smeared on her light brown face, it seemed as though she had been crying. She stopped and looked at Philip.

"I really didn't mean to break into the church its just that I'm really scared right now." she babbled.

"Of what?" Philip asked sitting straight up in his seat, his alarm apparent.

"I can't tell you! I just need you to take care of Isaac for a while, just until I can solve my problems."

Philip stared at her silently for the moment. She probably was in real danger. He could tell from her eyes.

"What is it? What's the problem? Maybe I can help you."

"I can't tell you. You would think that I'm crazy if I did."

Philip smiled. "You'd be surprised at what I believe."

"Not this. I just need you to take care of Isaac, that's all."

Philip rose and went to her. He reached out and took her hand softly. "Trust me. Just tell me what's going on."

Elizabeth looked down at his hand and sighed. She really did trust him, who wouldn't, he was a priest.

"You know the things you talk about in your sermons. Like demons and possessions and stuff like that." Elizabeth said.

"What? Is someone possessed?" Philip asked.

"No. It's like something's chasing me. It's not a demon, but its something very evil. Something I can't describe."

"Elizabeth." a deep voice whispered in her right ear. "You can't hide forever."

Elizabeth glanced at the direction of the voice and let go of Philip's hand. Philip read her fear as she walked backwards to the door leading out of the office.

"You think that a priest can help you and that boy but you're mistaken. I will have you and destroy Isaac."

"You won't harm Isaac!" Elizabeth screamed opening the door. "I would die before you hurt him!"

Philip followed her out the door trying to quite her down. She was looking all around her at a rapid pace as if she were trying to find something. Father Malsin ran out of his chamber.

"Philip what is going on here?" he asked.

Elizabeth turned away from Philip and walked to Isaac who had taken off his earphones.

"Isaac I'm going to leave you with Father Callighan for a little while."

"Liz where you going?" Isaac inquired as he stood dropping the ear phones from his small hand. Elizabeth rubbed his dark brown face and gave him a half smile.

"A place that you can't."

"You coming back Liz?" he asked, fear and panic playing in his eyes.

"Of course sweety. I'll be back in no time, okay?"

Elizabeth hugged him and Philip stood behind her. Father Malsin just stayed silent wondering what was gong on. Elizabeth turned back to Philip.

"Make sure nothing happens to him." Elizabeth said as tears stung her eyes. She didn't want to leave Isaac but she had no choice. It was the only way to protect him.

She ran down the aisle from Philip before he could object and busted through the door. Isaac went into the aisle and called her name as Philip ran after her. He reached the door to see the busy streets of San Francisco but saw no sign of Elizabeth.

San Francisco Harbor, The next day

Kat awoke with a nauseating feeling in her stomach. She coughed out the sand in her mouth and looked to see where she was. The sun was hot on her back and made the sand on the small beach glow.

"What the hell!" she whispered as she pushed herself up. Kat had been face down on the beach and had sand all over the front of her T-shirt and jeans. She dusted herself off as she rose to her feet and looked around.

Derek was rising beside her, his eyebrows covered with sand. He got up and wiped his face off .

"Kat you okay?" he asked looking at her.

"I'm fine. What I'm wondering is where we are." Kat replied.

She heard Nick moan behind her and slowly turned to help him up. Dexter pushed himself up to his knees and then grabbed his stomach. He threw up right on the beach. Kat twisted her face in disgust as she watched this display and asked Dexter if he was alright.

"Yeah. I feel better." Dexter said as Derek helped him up. He took off his glasses and wiped his mouth and brow.

Nick gazed out to his left and saw the dock crowed with people and knew where they were.

"San Francisco Harbor." he whisper loud enough so everyone could hear. "How'd we get here?"

Derek shrugged, all he remembered was being in the conference room and suddenly here.

"Where's the shield? " Kat asked looking at the sand. Everyone joined in on the search for the shield and combed the beach. Derek saw the golden plate slightly buried in the sand and picked it up.

"I got it!" Derek yelled as he dusted off the shield. Everyone went to him and looked at the shield. It had no words on it what so ever and the lion's eyes were closed like before. Nick gazed at Derek with sand on his goatee.

"Derek, next time someone gives you something, make sure it doesn't transport anywhere."

Derek sighed and turned his attention to the dock.

"We better get back to Angel Island to find out what happened."

* * *

Derek removed his jacket as they continued their walk through the busy dock. The crowd was unusual for this time of year and it was unseasonably hot. Dexter had removed his sweater and unbuttoned his cotton shirt underneath. Nick removed his jacket and shirt to reveal a black tank top underneath.

"How can it be so hot in December?" Nick asked stopping by the gray rail by the bay.

"It wasn't this hot when I arrived Nick. In fact it was quite cold." Derek said unbuttoning the top part of his gray shirt.

Kat fanned herself with her hand and puffed out a breath of air. She was lucky because she had on a T-shirt but it was still hot.

"Something's wrong. We really have to get back to the Legacy." Dexter sputtered.

Kat stared around the scenery when something familiar caught her attention.

"Softy's Frozen Ice Cream," Kat began. "but that place closed down six years ago."

Kat walked across the dock to get a better look and everyone followed her. The store was off the dock and had its own parking lot. The shop had a large ice cream on top of it and a strange arch that was on the side of the building.

"Yep that's it kiddo!" Nick said remembering taking her there countless times over the course of her childhood.

Derek spotted a newspaper machine and went to it. He checked his pockets to see if he had 75 cents, which he did. He wiped his brow and put three quarters in the machine and prayed that what he thought wasn't true.

"I can't believe this!" Kat almost screamed. She watched the people stream in and out but she especially spotted a little girl in a pink pair of shorts with a white shirt. Her hair was long and brown like Kat's and she smiled as she looked at the giant ice cream cone.

"Hey she looks just like me when I was..." Kat began but she didn't finish her sentence as she saw Nick grabbing the girl and swing her around.

But it wasn't the Nick she was traveling with. That Nick was beside her. This Nick was much younger and didn't have a goatee. Derek looked up from the newspaper and at Kat. He then gazed back down at newspaper.

Rachel walked out of the store as the younger Nick put the girl down, her blonde hair shined in the sunlight. She bent down and said something to the girl and the younger Nick giggled.

"Mom." Kat whispered, wanting to believe what she saw. Kat was filled with joy and confusion. It couldn't be true, but here it was, right before her.

Derek glanced at Rachel as he heard Kat and his heart stopped for a moment. Rachel was like he remembered her. It felt like he was dreaming.

"Rachel." Derek whispered going towards Kat.

Nick gulped as he saw Rachel. Seeing her surprised him more than seeing himself. This was the last thing he ever expected to see. He wanted to look some more but then saw Derek running to Kat, newspaper in hand.

Kat wanted to run to Rachel and was about to when Nick grabbed and stopped her. He had to get out of sight before the younger Nick saw him and keep Kat from going to Rachel. He took Derek's newspaper as Derek came close and opened it with one hand while the other was tightly holding on to Kat's arm.

"Let go of me damn it!" Kat yelled, averting attention from some people passing by.

Derek took her hand and let Nick cover his whole face with the newspaper. He lead Kat away as quickly as possible.

"Derek what in the hell are you doing?" she screamed as they got into a small alley between two shorefront stores. "That was mom!"

"I know that's why I pulled you back."

"But that was mom!" she argued.

"Katherine don't you think it's strange to find your dead mother on the shorefront!" Derek yelled. He hadn't meant to be so cold but he had to make her understand. Derek saw the hurt in her eyes as she realized what he said.

"Kat we're not in the right time. We're in the year 1997. The past." he whispered.

Derek grabbed her shoulders as tears streamed down her face. Derek looked out into the bay. He hated to see her cry.

"We must have triggered something on the shield and it transported us here."

"That was me back there with mom wasn't it?" Kat asked leaning against the red brick wall. Derek turned from the shore and gazed into her blue eyes which were filling again with tears.

"Yes Kat, it was."

Kat tried to suppress a cry but she failed. Sadness overwhelmed her and Derek took her in his arms and let her cry on his shoulder. He closed his eyes and rocked her from side to side. He knew the feelings she was going through, he felt them himself.

"Derek the coast is clear." Nick yelled from the entrance of the alley, still holding the paper in his hand. Dexter was behind him.

Derek let go of Kat and she sniffed and wiped her noise.

"You going to be alright." Derek whispered putting his head on hers.

"I'll be fine." Kat answered wiping her eyes. He kissed her forehead and turned to Nick.

"She alright?" Nick inquired as Derek got close to her. She still stood on the wall and looked to the sky.

"She says she's fine but I don't think she is." Derek replied honestly.

Nick gazed around Derek to see Dexter trying to comfort Kat by holding her. Nick looked back to Derek with a worried look on his face.

"How are we going to get back to the right time?" Nick asked. He'd seen the date on the newspaper and it wasn't good.

"I don't know." Derek said. He looked back to Kat. "Only time will tell."

Angel Island

Philip sat in Derek's office as he watched Derek put his fingertips together. Explaining this to Father Malsin was difficult. He knew explaining it to Derek would be a bit easier.

"Is the boy in danger?"

"Yes, it seems that way." Philip answered. "Elizabeth said she'd rather die than have Dexter hurt to whatever she was talking to."

Derek sat up and rest his chin on his fist and leaned on his forearm. "Where's Isaac now?"

"In the drawing room with Alex."

"Philip do you have any idea of where his foster mother may be?"

"No." Philip replied. He was becoming tired of Derek asking him questions, but knew it was needed.

"Derek can he stay here a few days while I search for his mother? She really might be in danger. Elizabeth is part of my congregation and I would feel responsible if anything were to happen to her."

"Of course Philip. We'd be glad to take care of the child. But on one condition." Derek answered.

"What?" Philip asked. What in the world could Derek want in return.

"That we help you find Elizabeth."

Philip smiled. "Of course Derek."

* * *

Alex played chess with Isaac while he blasted Biggie Smalls in his walkman. He smiled as he got to the last black box on the board.

"King me."

Alex smiled and put on of her pieces on top of his. Isaac was beating Alex at this game badly.

"How can you hear me with that music as loud as it is?" Alex asked. She could hear every word of it.

Isaac leaned back and put off his earphones. "Simple. I can't help but pay attention to a beautiful woman like yourself."

Alex smiled and moved her man to the right block. For an eleven year old he sure was a flatter. Isaac put back on his earphones and blasted his music again. Alex heard the door open. Nick, Rachel, and Kat walked into the drawing room.

"Who's this?" Nick asked seeing the young boy at the small table. His skin was dark brown and he was dress in a nice blue shirt and baggy jeans. His hair was cleanly shaved to where only the fuzz was really visible.

Isaac removed his earphones and stood up. "I'm Isaac Brown."

Isaac put out his hand and Nick gladly shook it. "Nick Boyle glad to meet you."

"Rachel Corrigan." Rachel said. Isaac took her hand and kissed it politely. Rachel stared at Alex and slightly giggled and so did Alex.

Isaac turned his attention to Kat who stood quietly beside her mother. "And what's your name?"

"Katherine, but most people call me Kat." she replied. Derek and Philip walked into the room to see that everyone had been introduced.

"I see you've all met Isaac." Derek said. Everyone nodded their head. "Good, because he's going to be staying here for a while."

Isaac looked at Philip with and angry expression on his face. "You're leaving too. Aren't you?"

Philip was taken aback by what Isaac said and bent down to stare him in his eyes.

"Yes. I'm going to look for your mother."

"Liz isn't coming back and if you go looking for her neither will you! Just like everyone else who's tried to help me!" Isaac yelled backing away. Isaac jaw was tight as Philip reached out his hand for the boy. Isaac smacked his hand away and suddenly grabbed his stomach.

Isaac gave a low scream as he fell to the floor. Rachel was by his side in seconds. Rachel tried to quiet him but couldn't. Finally the boy fainted.

Downtown San Francisco

Derek sat at the hotel room's table and stared at the sun going down through the window. His thoughts spread between Kat and seeing Rachel again. He remembered the last time he and Rachel spoke and the words of anger they said to one another. If Derek had know what would have happen later he would have kept his mouth shut.

Derek turned to see Dexter by Kat's bedside going through her long hair with his fingers as she laid silently. Nick had went out in search for dinner 10 minutes ago. Derek stared back at the newspaper to see the date. When he had first seen it he thought it was some weird illusion caused by the heat. It took him two more looks to realize it wasn't.

Nick open the door with his hands full of fast food. Derek got up to help him with the heavy load of hamburgers and French fries as Dexter got the sodas.

"You hungry Kat?" Nick asked putting his share of food on the table.

Kat nodded her head from side to side and sat up. She rose from her bed and went straight for the door.

"Hey, Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Nick requested.

"Out for some fresh air. You mind?"

"No, go ahead. Just take Dexter with you." Nick said taking a seat.

Kat sighed and waited for Dexter to button his shirt. As soon as he did she went out the door. Dexter went towards the door and Derek suddenly grabbed his arm.

"Make sure she doesn't do anything foolish."

"Of course Dr. Rayne. Wouldn't think of it." Dexter replied as Derek let his arm go.

Dexter left and Derek watched him go down two floors to get to the parking lot and catch up to Kat. Derek sat down and looked at his food but really didn't feel like eating.

* * *

Kat kept walking until she reached the street. She knew that Dexter was behind her but really didn't care. Kat walked on and on not saying a word to Dexter. All she wanted to do was get on a trolley a ride as far away from the hotel as possible. She finally reached one and hopped on. Kat paid the driver the last of her money and sat down to enjoy the view. Dexter sat down next to her.

"Where are we going?" Dexter asked finally breaking the silence. Kat simply looked out into the city.

"We're going to Angel Island, aren't we?"

Kat gazed into his eyes and nodded.

"Why? If Derek finds out he's going to have your head."

"Forget Derek!" Kat yelled coarsely. People on the car stared at her for a moment and then started to mind there own business again.

Dexter began to become angry. It was just like her to drag him into situation like this because she knew he would follow willingly.

"I have to see mom again! I have to see her Dexter, don't you understand? I don't even have to talk to her or have her see me! Just to see her would be enough!" Kat said. All she would do was sneak in and out, it would be that simple.

"If you get discovered you could really mess things up."

"How bad can I mess up Dexter!" Kat replied. "Help me Dexter. You use to be a hacker. You could sneak me in easily."

"No." Dexter said with anger. "I not going down for this!"

Kat sighed. She would have to use the big guns for this. She didn't want to do it, but she had to. Kat kiss him ever so softly on his lips and saw the shock on his face when she did it. He kissed her back and Kat felt the electricity go through her and knew that Dexter felt it too. She pulled away and looked into his eyes once more.

"Please Dexter." Kat begged. Dexter licked his lips and sighed.

"Okay I'll do it." Dexter answered. He put his lips back onto hers for a quick kiss and sat back.

"I am such a sucker." Dexter thought as the trolley continued its journey through San Francisco.

Angel Island

Kat crawled slowly through the bushes inside of the Legacy gates. Dexter followed closely behind looking nervously every which way. It wasn't because he was scared, it was because he was too cautious for his own good. Dexter had already disarmed the front gate and they were making their way to take out the cameras. They got closer to the castle and hid in a nearby bush.

"Alright the security cables should be right their on the right wall. I'm going for it." Dexter said removing his glasses and placing them in his pocket. "Stay here."

Dexter jumped out of the bush and swiftly ran towards the right wall of the castle and saw the small security box. He opened it and yanked out the sensors and camera cords. He walked out into the open and waved to Kat to get out of the bushes. Kat rose with a big smile on her face.

* * *

Nick sat in the control room and spotted a figure on the security cam. Suddenly the cameras were gone. Nick checked the sensors to find they were shut completely down. Nick left the control room. He had to get his gun.

* * *

Kat climbed the tree slowly and Dexter followed her climb for climb. She knew Rachel was in that room, she sensed it. Kat got to the branch which got a good view of the small guest room. Rachel was examining the small boy and Derek stood behind her. Philip was on the other side of the bed wiping the boy's brow.

Kat smiled. She missed Philip almost as much as she missed her mother. He was so young and caring, just as she remembered him. Kat felt the vibrations of Dexter joining her on the tree. He looked into the window with her.

Kat paid attention to the small boy almost immediately. It was him, he was the one who started it all. He was the one who got her mother killed. Kat looked back at her mom once more, tears stinging her eyes. She was going to save her. She was gong to save her mother and Philip no matter what the cost. Katherine Corrigan wasn't going to be cheated twice.

Kat saw the younger Derek stare at her suddenly. Their eyes met and he knew she was there.

"Damn it! He found us!" Kat whispered as Derek started for the window. Dexter started to climb down the tree and Kat tried to join him. She heard the branch crack underneath her weight. Kat screamed as the branch gave way and felt herself falling. She felt herself hit the ground and the breath being knocked out of her.

"Kat!" Dexter yelled. He climbed down quickly and jumped the last few feet. He went to see if she was okay.

"Kat baby, are you okay?" Dexter asked looking over her. Kat nodded her head but found that she couldn't get up.

Dexter heard a slight click behind him. He turned slowly to find a Glock 9 pointed to his face. Nick Boyle was behind the trigger, his face stern and deadly serious. Dexter raised his arms up in surrender. It was going to be a very long night.

Part 3

Downtown San Francisco

Derek and Nick sat at the small table and examined the shield for the third time. Nick was becoming frustrated and it was truly beginning to show.

"How the hell are we going to get home if we don't know how the hell we got here?" Nick yelled putting the shield down hard.

Derek didn't say a word. He was to busy paying attention to the clock. It was like waiting for Kat to come home from a date. Derek felt the hair on the back of his neck rise as the vision hit him. He saw Kat falling from a tree and Dexter going to her. The last thing Derek saw was a young Nick pointing a gun at them.

"Damn it!" Derek yelled getting up from his seat. Nick was alarmed by this sudden burst of anger from Derek.

"What is it?"

"Kat and Dexter went to Angel Island and got caught by you." Derek replied grabbing his coat. Nick grabbed his jacket too and followed the angry Derek out the door.

"This is my fault. I should have went with them. I'm their precept, I'm responsible for them."

"No Nick, Kat should have know better." Derek harshly replied going down the stairs.

Nick looked up at the night sky and prayed that Kat didn't tell them who she was. Derek just walked faster and faster with every angry thought. They were going to Angel Island and in a hurry.

Angel Island

Dexter put the cold compress that Derek had given them and put it on Kat's head as they both sat in the drawing room. Nick sat on a sofa on the far side of the room as Derek stood above them.

"What are you doing on Angel Island?" the younger Derek asked.

Dexter and Kat stayed silent. Kat's head was killing her and Derek's voice was only making it worst. She was still recovering from her fall and Kat only hoped she didn't have a concussion. Dexter kept his now broken glasses in his free hand and had the compress on Kat's head. He knew he shouldn't have went along with her half-baked plan but it was too late for that.

"We're tourists." Kat answered with a small smirk. She wasn't trying to be smart, just funny.

"So tourists know how to disable our fences and cameras." Derek replied.

"If they're skilled enough." Kat said putting the compress of her head. Rachel walked into the room and Kat watched her every movement.

"How's the boy?" Derek asked his irritation showing.

"He's alright and sleeping quietly."

"It won't last long." Kat commented. Derek and Rachel turned to her immediately and Dexter looked as though he'd been caught with his pants down. Kat covered her mouth and stared at her mother.

"What do you know about Isaac.?" Derek requested. Dexter thought of something quick.

"We saw him through the window." Dexter replied.

"Which brings us to another question. How'd you get pass our security?" Nick inquired. He took the house's security personal because he installed it and was curious about how two kids could get pass it.

Kat remained silent at that point. No use in digging a brand new hole for herself. Besides what could they do to her.

* * *

Kat was freezing in the basement of the Legacy House. When she was a kid she thought this was the greatest place in the whole house. Now Kat realized it was the coldest.

"I can not believe they stuck us in the basement to stay overnight." Dexter said sliding over to Kat. "I hadn't realized it before but Derek's a real jerk."

Kat laughed. That was the first time Dexter ever called Derek anything but Dr. Rayne. Dexter smiled and embraced her softly to keep her warm.

"Y'know when you think about it. It's not that bad to be stuck in the basement like this." Dexter said, tenderly kissing her neck. Kat put her head on his shoulder.

"Nope. Not at all." Kat answered closing her eyes and putting her hand on Dexter's chest. Soon both were asleep like babies.

* * *

Derek walked up to the Legacy fence followed by Nick. It took them what seemed like forever to reach this far. Derek was slightly out of breath and put his hands to his knees. Nick was concentrating on the fence. He picked up a rock and threw it at the electric fence. The rock simply hit it and fell, no crackle of electricity poured from the fence.

"Looks safe." Nick commented. Derek stood straight.

"Looks can be deceiving."

Nick paced to the fence and slowly put out a hand. He grabbed the fence and closed his eyes quickly. Nothing happened.

"I see Dexter put his skills to use." Nick said climbing up the fence. Derek followed him over.

Derek glanced around to the see where the hidden cameras were. Nick followed his gaze.

"I assume he took out the security cameras too." Nick commented, seeing the little red dot on the camera wasn't on.

Derek stared around and saw the castle in the distance. Derek ran fast and swiftly as he ran to the castle. Nick ran with him until they got to the front door. They then stood to the side of the entrance.

"Okay how are we going to get in?" Nick asked. A thought came to him. " I got it! I can sneak in as the present Nick."

"No Nick, that goatee will give you away. I'll go in, you sneak around back to see if you can get in through the balcony."

"Excuse me Derek, but you have gray hair. They'll spot you in seconds with that. Secondly, how the hell can I climb to the balcony."

Derek looked at him and smiled. "I'll have to take that chance."

Derek then went to the door. "And Nick you're a SEAL, figure it out."

Nick chuckled and went behind the bushes as Derek looked at the door. Derek had forgotten he needed a key to enter the door. It would look unusual if he knocked to gain entrance into his own house. He turned to the direction of Nick wondering if he had a key or not. Nick knew what he was thinking and waved him on. Derek breathed in a knocked on the door.

Frederick answered and looked Derek up and down. "Dr. Rayne what are you doing outside and what happened to your hair?"

Derek swallowed. "What's wrong with my hair."

"It's steel gray sir." Frederick answered.

"I don't know. I guess it was a long night." Derek replied. He wasn't one the best at lying but he tried. He put on one of his charming smiles and walked into the door.

"What happened to your keys sir?" Frederick asked.

"Must have dropped them. Don't worry I'll look for them later."

Frederick looked him up and down once again and closed the door. Frederick went about his business saying something about needing a raise. Derek sighed and went around the bend to the stairs. He ran up the stairs and stared around. He saw the entrance to the control room. Kat and Dexter were probably in there and he had to wait and see if anyone was inside. Derek hid behind the grandfather clock and waited patiently.

* * *

Nick got out of the bushes after Derek entered the castle. He slowly ran across the soft grass and noticed it was starting to rain. He ran until he spotted the balcony. Nick exhaled and tried to figure out a plan that would gain him entrance. Suddenly the basement window caught his attention.

"Why didn't I think of this earlier?" Nick said to himself feeling the rain getting heavier on his head. He went to the window and peered in.

At first he just wanted to sneak in through the window. Nick then saw Kat asleep on Dexter's shoulder and realized that he lucked out. He smiled, glad that Kat was safe, but he was also very angry at her. How could she be so irresponsible. Nick chuckled as he realized he would have done the same thing if he were younger and that he sounded like Derek.

Nick put his hands on the window and tried to open it, but it was stuck. He then realized he'd be too big to fit through it anyway. Dexter looked up as he was awakened by Nick trying to get through the window. He shook Kat and she too awakened. Dexter rose and went to the window.

"Nick! How'd you get here?" Dexter asked as he tried to get his voice through the window.

"Don't worry about that. I'm about to get you both out of here."

Dexter saw two feet standing behind Nick and his eyes widened. "Nick behind you!"

Nick was stiff for a moment as he felt the presence behind him. He turned slowly around to find himself staring at himself. Both Nicks had a look of shock on their face but the older Nick was able to handle it better. The younger Nick had a gun pointed to the older ones head.

"What type of trick is this?" the younger Nick asked.

The older Nick put his hands up in a surrender position but surrendering wasn't what he was going to do. ON ( older Nick) moved quickly taking YN's( younger Nick) shock for granted and pushed the gun out of his hand. ON tackled YN to the muddy ground and punched him in his face. It felt rather strange to be fighting himself but he had to do it. ON got up and started to run. He had to regroup and make another plan. Suddenly he heard a shot ring out and a sharp pain in his leg.

ON fell to the slippery ground and felt his face hit the wet grass. He grabbed his leg and tightened his lips. ON was bleeding and the pain was pure agony. YN had shot him. ON slightly giggled at the realization of this as YN came above him. ON put his face off the ground and turned to the younger man.

"Nice shot."

* * *

Derek heard the shot ring out and tried to get from behind the clock, but stood still as he saw his younger self come out of the control room joined by Alex. He saw Alex and Derek go down the stairs at a quick pace and removed himself from the clock.

Derek was about to find out what the shot was when he thought better of it. Whatever it was he was sure that Nick had gotten away. Derek entered the control room to see that Kat and Dexter weren't there but someone else he wasn't expecting was.

Rachel was about to exit the control room when Derek entered and almost bumped into him. He opened his mouth slightly and then closed it, knowing that it would look slightly strange if he kept it open like that. Derek stared her in the eyes and both were still for a moment. Finally, Rachel backed up.

"Derek I was just about to join you." Rachel began noticing Derek clothes. "What happened outside?"

Derek stood still as he tried to think of a lie he could say to her. "Nick thought he saw something outside and slipped. His gun went off by accident."

Rachel knew something was wrong with that. Nick wasn't that careless with his guns. Derek sensed this and wished he would have come up with a better excuse. Rachel got closer to him and examined his clothes some more. This made Derek slightly uncomfortable and it showed on his face.

"You had time to change your clothes?"

Derek looked at Rachel and exhaled. He'd forgotten how observant she was. He was slightly relieved that she couldn't see his hair color too clearly in the dimly lit room.

Derek stayed quiet, he had no answer for her question. He was staring at a dead woman, that's all Derek was thinking. Or at least she would be. The thoughts that were going through his head were rapid and complex, but his feeling weren't. They were the simplest part. Confusion, happiness, joy, anger. All were simple. Derek shook them all off and went to the business at hand.

"So Rachel, what do you think of the two we brought in earlier?"

* * *

Alex couldn't believe what she was seeing before her. Two Nicks, one pointing a gun at the other. Derek stood at her side with the same expression on his face, pure surprise. The younger Nick seemed stern and distant as he pointed the gun to his double. It was sort of trick to him, some sort of illusion that he wanted to be rid of.

"Who are you?" The younger Nick asked, the rain dripping off his nose. He'd asked the question four times and received no answer. He wasn't leaving until he got one.

The older Nick simply flinched in pain and grabbed his thigh again. Derek noticed the blood slowly dripping into the grass as ON held his leg. He put two and two together.

"Nick you didn't have to shoot him."

"I didn't know what he was going to do next Derek. I had to defend myself." YN answered still pointing the gun at the older Nick.

Derek turned to see two people staring at him through the basement window. He then turned back to Nick.

"Put the gun away and lead this man to a guest room Nick." Derek commanded.

"But Derek what if he tries something? I can't take that risk."

"Nick I truly doubt he'll try anything. You shot him, he's probably not going anywhere." Alex said.

"But-" Nick started.

"But nothing Nick. What would you have us do? Leave him out here to bleed to death in the rain? He needs medical attention now. We'll discuss who he is later." Derek said.

Nick looked at Derek then at Alex with anger. If he had his way he'd leave this thing outside forever. He wasn't usually this cruel, but it isn't everyday that you fight yourself and win. Nick had no idea who this person was and wouldn't risk the safety of this house to give him medical attention. But then again it wasn't his choice.

The younger Nick slowly lowered his gun and put it back into it's holster. He then went to ON held out his hand. ON gazed at the hand and then took it. Then Alex went to him and put ON arm over her shoulder. Together YN and Alex started for the castle as the rain continued to pour holding on to ON with all their might.

Derek stared at them as they entered the castle. He then glanced at the basement window to see the youngsters still looking at him. The one who looked like Nick came for them, Derek could feel it, but he didn't know why. He had a feeling that this wasn't going to be the only surprise in store for tonight.

* * *

Rachel cautiously answered Derek's questions. She knew something was seriously wrong but went along with it anyway. Derek continued to question her about the two young people they found earlier when she noticed the gray hair on his head. Rachel remained silent about this, not knowing what Derek would do if she pointed it out.

"I guess they seem harmless enough." Rachel said, answering one of his many questions.

Derek nodded his head. Suddenly the control room entrance opened to reveal another Derek. Rachel did a double take as she saw the two and the older Derek turned around.

"Oh damn." the older Derek whispered underneath his breath.

Downtown San Francisco, Mickey's Tavern

Elizabeth sat back in the small booth and took another sip of the gin she was drinking. She was becoming depressed by the minute. She wanted to be with Isaac so badly, but she knew that she couldn't. That would put him in too much danger.

Elizabeth glanced around the dark and empty bar and took notice of the bartender cleaning tables in the back. She silently thanked god she had some sort of peace, even if she found it in a bar. For the last four years of her life Elizabeth had been protecting Isaac from something truly evil. Now she could get the thing away from Isaac and destroy it, hopefully.

Elizabeth stared around again and turned back to the other side of the booth to find a man waiting for her. His red hair and eyes to match seemed to brighten the dark room. His white suit fit him nicely as he smiled and shifted in the booth. That smiled pierced right into Elizabeth's soul.

"You wanted to see me?" he asked.

Elizabeth shook a little but held her seat. It had been two years since she'd seen Pyrus and she wished that she'd never seen him at all.

"Yes I did."

"That's a surprise. I always come to visit you not the other way around."

Elizabeth gulped and drunk some more gin. Pyrus chuckled at the sight of her scared. How her beautiful brown skin turned slightly pale at the sight of him. Oh how he wished he could have her for himself, but he had business to attend to, and that was more important than anything.

"You must want to talk about Isaac, so spill." Pyrus said, his deep voice sending shivers up Elizabeth's spine.

She stared at him a moment, observing his pale white skin and ruby red eyes. Elizabeth tried not to let the fear grip her, but it was. She got control of herself and let go of her glass.

"I want you to leave me and Isaac alone." Elizabeth pleaded.

"Do I look dense to you. I was sent to do a job and I'm going to do it." Pyrus answered taking her drink. He drunk the rest of it and slammed it down on the table making the glass shatter. Pyrus enjoyed terrifying her too much.

"Nothing personal Liz. Never was."

"Why do you want to kill Isaac?" Elizabeth demanded. "He's done nothing to you."

"Because that's what my employer wants. Isaac would become a major thorn in my bossman's side if he lives. So if he lives I don't get that bonus I want." Pyrus answered touching his face tenderly.

Elizabeth didn't like the hunger in his eyes as he looked at her. She knew he would kill her too if the price was right.

"I could do things for you that you could only dream of."

Suddenly Elizabeth's anger took over her fear. She reached and slapped Pyrus hard and saw his eyes turn flaming red. Elizabeth struggled out the booth as Pyrus grabbed for her and ran out the door at full speed. She ran fast down the rain slickened sidewalk, her boots clogging in the puddles. Elizabeth ran faster and faster bumping into people on her way through.

Elizabeth looked and the ran into the street and across. She got to the sidewalk and looked back. Elizabeth turned to see Pyrus towering in front of her. She tried to flee once again but Pyrus took her arm and shoved her to a wall. He then threw her into the open alley beside her. She felt herself thrown into a puddle and tried to get up. Pyrus pushed her chest down with his foot.

Elizabeth let the tears go down her face. He was going to kill her, she had failed Isaac completely. She looked into his eyes to see how they had become cold. Pyrus put his hand together and said words that Elizabeth couldn't understand. It wasn't any type of language she ever heard. Suddenly a blue fire appeared around and in his hands.

Pyrus finally met her eyes as he lowered his hands to her chest. Elizabeth shook as the burning pain hit her. Her thoughts were on Isaac. Finally she found peace in a curtain of blackness.

Angel Island

Rachel came into Isaac's room to find Philip by his bedside. Philip had changed into casual clothes and was looking at the boy serenely as he slept peacefully. Philip glanced up to see Rachel and gave her a faint smile.

"Hi Rachel."

Rachel took a chair and sat down to the other side of the bed and examined Isaac. He was peacefully still and angelic. She touched Isaac's face and smiled. Rachel then remembered what had happen.

"Philip you won't believe what's happening downstairs! I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself."

Philip's interest peaked suddenly as he heard the excitement in her voice.

"There are two guys downstairs who look just like Nick and Derek. That noise outside was Nick shooting the person who looked like him."

"Is that person hurt badly?" Philip inquired, knowing sometimes Nick aimed to kill.

"No, its only a flesh wound to him thigh. He'll be alright."

Philip sighed and turned his gaze to Isaac. "Do you think their the one who are after Isaac and Elizabeth? Could they be trying to impersonate Derek and Nick to get in the house?"

"I doubt it. The one who looks like Derek has gray hair and the one who looks like Nick has a goatee. If they were trying to do that they could've done a better job."

Isaac moaned loudly and jerked as if he were in pain. Rachel noticed he was sweating and got a napkin from her pocket. She wiped the sweat off his forehead and neck. Rachel unbuttoned the first button on his blue shirt so she could get the sweat there. She noticed a black line on the first part of his chest. Rachel unbuttoned his shirt further and at a faster pace as Philip watched.

"What in the hell!" she whispered.

Isaac has a deep black mark going down his chocolate skin from his chest to his stomach. He also had a horizontal mark crossing from his left rib to his right one. It looked like a cross.

To be continued...