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  Alex couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned, her mind filled with the sounds around her, creaking floor boards, ticking clock, the dripping of rain outside her window. Above all the words from the diary echoing in her mind. For the past two week she and Derek had been translating the diaries of one of Asia's most famous courtesans. It was filled with her sexual exploits and advice. Often during the past two weeks, they'd had to excuse themselves to take a break from the sexual tension translating it caused. Finally, Derek had decided that Alex could complete the task, of adding them to the Legacy Databases without his help.

"Coward." She had called after him, as he'd left the room.

Alex laid there for several minutes. Before she finally acknowledge, that it was just built up sexual tension, that she had no suitable outlet for. She decided that what she needed was to exhaust herself by swimming some laps. She stood on the landing listening for the others. She knew Kat and Rachel were at their home. Nick had turned in early in preparation for a short skiing vacation with his childhood friend. He was to leave early the next morning.

Her senses reached out for Derek. He slept soundly. Satisfied that she would not be disturbed or found out, she headed for the pool. Alex stood on the pool's edge gazing into the water willing her aroused body to relax. Dropping her robe she dived gracefully into the water. The heated water felt like silk against her skin. She began her laps crossing the pool over and over, until her limbs cried uncle. She slowed down letting herself float on the surface. She floated their suspended in peace, the unwanted tension draining away.

Her eyes flew open when she felt the water disturbed near her. She stood up looking for the cause. Derek sat on the side of the pool. His submerged feet moved gently back and forth. "How long have you been there?" She asked. "No don't tell me, just go." She swam away from him trying to hide her nakedness.

"Awhile. Long enough to appreciate the scenery. Something woke me and I decided I needed some exercise." He smiled. "Since when did you take up skinny dipping?"

Alex pushed back her damp hair. "Go to bed, Derek."

"I'd rather swim a few more laps with you." He unbelted his robe.

Alex squeaked, "No."

"Come on, Alex we're both adults. Besides, I promise to be the perfect gentlemen." He crossed his chest over his heart with his finger, then added with a gleam in his eye. "If you want me to."

He dived into the pool. Alex moved further away, her mind made up to take up his challenge, and soon she was matching him stroke for stroke. By the 4th lap, he had out distanced her. Alex once again floated in the water, waiting for a chance to reach her clothing. Tired, she closed her eyes just for a second, her body in that stage of exhausting where sleep was almost impossible to keep at bay. Anyway Derek is heading for the other end of the pool and as soon as he flips under I'm going to be out of the pool and on my way to bed. When she opened eyes she realized her mistake, because he floated a breath away from her. "We should do this more often."

Alex smiled, "Next time, properly attired."

"Oh, I think we're dressed alright. I could get use to seeing you in that outfit."

Alex blushed. "Derek, didn't we discuss taking things slow? You know one day at a time. I don't want to destroy a friendship for a few moments of pleasure."

"Neither do I." He said seriously. Then teasingly he continued. "I think my ego is hurt."


"A few moments of pleasure. I do believed I could make it last longer than that."

"I bet you could." She whispered.

"How about I prove my point?"

Alex's eyes widened, she shook her head no and swam away. Derek followed. He soon had her trapped against the side of the pool.


"You got that right. Derek, please don't push this any farther. I've had a difficult night as it is. And your teasing isn't helping."

"Horny are we?"

"Derek!" Her tone meant to warn him away.

Derek serious moved yet closer. "I want this Alex."

"Derek. I've made myself satisfied with our friendship. Why are you pushing the boundaries?"

Derek's hands cupped her face. "Because it's time, love."

Alex grew angry and used it to smother the desired his touch was causing. "Why now Derek? Why not last year or last month?"

Derek hauled himself out of the pool and walked to where their robes lay. He slowly put the garment on and knelt down, reaching his hand to her. Alex, deciding that modest was moot at this point accepted. She stood before him, the water dripping down her rapidly cooling skin. Derek placed her robe around her shoulders, holding it as she slipped her arms into the sleeves then tied the belt around her.

"Don't push me away, Alex."

She sighed deeply her head resting on his chest.

"Come on." He grasped her hand and escorted her into the kitchen. She sat at the table and watched as he put together a tray. He pointed to the glasses. She picked out two and chose the wine to go along with the fruit, cheese and bread. They went to his room.

"Why don't you shower, I'll wait."

When Alex finished she leaned head first out of the door. "I don't have anything to wear."

He pulled a pajama top from his dresser and handed it to her.

He showered and joined her on the floor, while she dried her hair. He took the towel from her and finished, She then returned the favor.

Alex sighed as she stretched out her legs. Derek eyed them appreciatively, handing her a glass of wine and a plate. "What's the saying? Legs up to here." He marked a place under his chin.

She laughed.

"I like that sound."

"I like yours too. We just don't hear it often enough."

They ate in companionable silence. Alex grew suddenly shy when she realized that she'd been staring at his hands for the past few minutes. She watched their movements as he clasped his wine glass or tore a piece of bread. As his student at the university, that was the first thing she had noticed about him. The strength that they implied. And over the years as they'd worked together, she'd felt their tenderness and support on more than one occasion.

She wanted more and as if reading her thoughts, Derek moved over to her. His hands pulling her close, they moved over her gently, searching, hoping to ease the tension he saw mirrored in her face.


"Shh, no words. This night is my gift. No doubts, no regrets, no promises." He kissed her softly, tenderly. His lips trying to transmit his caring.

Alex returned the kiss, pressing her body against his. Her fingers moving over strong shoulders into the hair curling softly at the back of his neck. They broke the kiss reluctantly each breathing hard. Derek's eyes stayed closed, his fingers tightened on her shoulders.

"Umm, that is what I call dessert."

Alex smiled. Her lips placing kisses along his jaw line up to his ear, stopping to gently suck on his earlobe. Derek moaned as her lips continued their slow, tortuous journey, to rest against the pulse beating rapidly at his throat.

Alex shivered in anticipation. She tensed as his fingers traced a pattern on her upper thighs. They moved to cup her face, his thumbs rubbing over her lips. His finger moved from her lips down her chin to a point just above the first button of his night shirt. He lowered his head pacing a light kiss there. His lips felt warm and comfortable against her flesh. Alex stiffened, thinking about what the others would say if they knew what was happening between then.

Derek felt her withdrawal.. "Be here with me, Alex. Let go."

She heard his words. This is what I want, what I've been waiting for. And if tonight was to be the only night we can have then so be it. Derek could feel her body slowly relax. He opened the pajama top button by button never taking his eyes from hers. Where his fingers had lingered seconds before his lips now burned a trail down the middle of her body. He reveled in the feel of skin softer than his own. Her color sharply defined the lines and contours of her form. Sliding the fabric off her shoulders, he bared flesh that ached for his touch. Moist lips closed over the sensitive mounds. Needing a respite before she lost all control she took his face in her hands, her mouth searching hungrily for his. Her tongue pressed his further apart to touch the interior of this mouth, her tongue caressed his with aching slowness. She sucked eagerly on his tongue enjoying his wetness, the taste of him melting away the loneliness she had been living with for the past four years. While Alex's tongue was ravishing his mouth, Derek's hands had not been idle. They had made a slow and gentle exploration of heated flesh.

Taking control he eased Alex down onto her back. Leaning over her, he studied the body beneath his own. Alex smiled her readiness. His mouth claimed hers once again as he lowered his body onto hers. Hand and glove the thought echoed in both their minds.

Derek moaned, arching into the pressure of Alex's fingers as she guided him to where she waited. She held him, moving with him, the heat of him traveling through her. He moved into the silkiness of her and moaned as she clasped herself tighter around him. His pulse beat against her lips, fast and strong. She felt the trembling in the muscles of his thighs as he fought for control. It ended in trembling muscles, labored breathing and joyful hearts.

Alex sat up sweating, looking around her bedroom. She sighed, thankful that she was truly alone. It was just a dream. It was just a dream. At breakfast she avoided looking in Derek direction, her cheeks warm. Unable to sit there any longer she made some lame excuse and almost ran from the room. Derek watched her leave, a slight smile on his face. He turned to meet a questioning look on Nick's face with a shrugged. Alex carefully avoided him for most of the day, thinking that she was safe and that he couldn't possibly have shared her dream.

She was actually sneaking into the dinning room when Derek stepped around the corner in front of her. They stared at each other for a long moment. His thumb rubbed against her bottom lip, "Last night was sweet, Thank You." His lips replaced his thumb. The kiss quick and light. "I'm starving, how about yourself? " He walked back into the room leaving her to gaze after him.

The End

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