"Everyday Angels" by Selena

        "We are everyday angels, be careful with me, cuz I’d like to stay that way."
- JEWEL "Everyday Angels"

Nick Boyle closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. He sighed. Why do I always burn the midnight oil like this? He wondered. It never does me any good in the morning. But then again, he had gotten a lot of work done this evening too. Plus, if there was one thing Nick loved it was being in the castle when everyone was asleep. Maybe I should join everyone and turn in, Nick thought sleepily. Suddenly he heard a female giggle from somewhere behind him. "Hello?" Nick called. "Who’s there?" A giggle and nothing more. "Hello?" he called again. Must be my imagination, Nick thought. "Well, good night whoever you are," he called on his way out of the control room.

He he. Gabrielle thought. He’s a cutie! I’m going to like it here, I think. ******* "Derek, did you move my jewelry case?" Kym Gardner-Rayne asked her husband. Derek looked up. "No, of course not. It’s over there on the night table." He pointed. "I didn’t leave it there," Kym muttered, picking the case up. "Maybe you forgot," Derek suggested. "I didn’t," Kym insisted. He smiled at her. "I’m sorry, you never forget. What was I thinking?" "I don’t have any idea," Kym replied. "Well, anyway," Derek started to continue, but he was interrupted by a giggle. He paused. "Kym, did you just giggle?" Kym looked at him indignantly. "Derek Rayne, I do many things, but I do not giggle." "Someone did," Derek said. "And I left my jewelry case on the night table," Kym answered. "Maybe we’re both just a little out of it this morning." "Could be," Derek said thoughtfully. He grinned at her. "Maybe we should start getting more sleep." "No," Kym smiled back at him. "We won’t be doing that." A soft giggle came from the other side of the room.

Oh, I like them, Gabrielle thought. They’re a nice couple. I don’t want to leave this place, I like it here. But I must keep a low profile; I don’t want to be found out.

If I have to hear that song one more time, I’ll go bonkers, Rachel thought with a sigh. Her daughter Katherine had been playing that blasted "MMMBop" song all day. I have to get out of here; this is not how I wanted to spend my day off. Rachel cried to herself. "Kat," she called. "Come on down here! We’re going to the shopping for the day." "Can I bring my tape?" Katherine called down. NO! Rachel screamed inwardly. "Um, better not, sweetheart," was what she said. "The tape player in the car has been acting up lately." "Okay," Kat called back. "I’ll be right down." She turned off her music. Thank God for small favors, Rachel thought gratefully.

"Hey," Kym said as she stepped into the kitchen. Philip looked up. "Hey what?" he said. Kym smiled as she poured a cup of tea. "Hey is merely my greeting to you. I keep forgetting you are not from this country," she said the latter with a thick Irish accent. Philip grinned at her. "Neither is your husband, my dear." "I am well aware of Derek’s background," Kym laughed. "You’re well aware of what?" Alex entered the room. Kym and Philip were still laughing. "I’m aware that Derek is Dutch," Kym said. Alex rolled his eyes. "Well, duh," she said. "You’ve been married how long, and you just now figured that out?" Before Kym could explain Derek came in. "Have any of you seen the journal of Sebastian Wellenex?" he asked. "No," Kym said, trying to compose herself. "Why?" "I was just looking for it," Derek replied. "I could have sworn that I left it on my desk…" "Hey, where’s Nick?" Alex interrupted. Philip looked around, as if Nick might pop up somewhere. "I’ve no idea. I haven’t seen him all morning." "He’s probably just still asleep," Derek said quickly. "So not one of you has seen the journal?" "Nope," they chorused. The precept furrowed his brow. "All right then." "Derek," Kym called as he was leaving. He turned to face her. "Yes?" "Is it really that important?" He shrugged. "I suppose not. Would someone go wake Nick up please?" "I will," Philip volunteered. Kym smiled at Alex. "Excuse me," she said. "Of course," Alex replied. Kym followed Derek. "Derek!" she called. "Derek, wait a second." He turned around. "Yes, Kym?" "The book," she said. "Do you need it for anything important?" Derek smiled. "Oh, no nothing like that," he said. "Don’t worry yourself about that, sweet." Kym paused. "All right, I was just curious. Are you all right? You seem a little…odd this morning." "Odd?" Derek said. "I am not acting odd at all." "You just seemed a little off, that’s all I meant," Kym said, quickly. "I didn’t mean to upset you." "I am not upset," Derek snapped at her. Oh this is horrible! Gabrielle thought. They’re fighting! They can’t fight, not those two. In her hurry to figure out what to do Gabrielle accidentally knocked the journal off of the shelf. THUD! Both Derek and Kym looked over at the shelf from where the book had fallen. Kym stepped over to it. "It’s the journal," she said quietly. Derek suddenly felt very foolish. "Oh." She handed it to him. "Here you go." "Thank you," Derek paused. "Kym, I’m sorry I snapped at you." Kym smiled gently at him. "That’s okay." I wish she wouldn’t be so understanding, Derek thought. Now I really feel like a jerk. "But, if you ever do it again I’ll be forced to take drastic action," Kym informed him. Derek smiled.

Now what? Gabrielle wondered. Are they made up?

Kym turned to leave the room.

No! Gabrielle thought. To prevent Kym’s exit she slammed the kitchen door.

"Did you do that?" Kym asked Derek. He shook his head. "No, I didn’t. Did you?" "Nope," Kym replied. She shrugged and tried to open the door. "It’s stuck," Kym announced. Derek stepped over to the door and tried to push it open. "It certainly is," he agreed. Kym smiled at him. "And a big strong guy like you can’t open this little tiny oak door?" He smiled back. "I take it that I’m forgiven?" "I was never mad."

Yea! Gabrielle inwardly cried. All is well again!

Derek looked around the room. "Did you hear something?" Kym shook her head. "Nope." She kissed him briefly. "Have fun with your journal." "Yeah," Derek nodded absently. "Earth to Derek," Kym said. "Are you okay?" Derek blinked, and came back to reality. "What? Of yes, I’m fine." She gently ran a hand through his thick hair. "Okay, then. Don’t work to hard." "I’ll try not to."

Whew, that was a close one. Gabrielle almost sighed with relief. I must be more careful about how much I noise I make. They must not know that I am here!

"You know what I’ve always wondered?" Nick asked. "What have you always wondered?" Philip asked absently. "How is it that they can make so many movies out of one plot?" His Irish friend looked up in confusion. "What?" "Think about it," Nick insisted. "Out of one plot they made three poltergeist movies." Philip considered. "You mean like those awful Friday the 13th movies?" Nick grew defensive. "Hey, I happen to like those Friday the 13th movies." Alex entered the room. "Hi, guys. What’s up?" Nick filled her in on their conversation. "So what do you think?" he asked as he finished. Alex grinned. "Well, I happen to be partial to the Batman movies." Philip rolled his eyes. "Batman? A man dressed as a flying rodent. There’s an idea." "It grossed millions," Alex said. "That’s got to account for something." Philip shrugged. "I suppose so. But you’d never catch me doing something like that." "I hope not," Nick laughed. Derek stepped into the control room. "Hello all." "Derek, do you prefer Batman or Jason?" Nick asked. The Dutchman gave him a blank look. "Excuse me?" "Jason or Batman?" Nick pressured. "Jason who?" Derek seemed genuinely confused. Kym entered the room in time to hear the last part of the conversation. "Nick, don’t confuse Derek," she scolded gently. "Sorry, Mommy," Nick rolled his eyes. "I was merely asking Daddy whether he preferred Batman or Jason." "Who is Jason?" Derek asked, growing frustrated. "A movie killer," Kym answered absently. "Don’t bother yourself with it." "All right," Derek said. He still seemed confused, but decided not to push it.

He’s cute! Gabrielle thought. All those men are. I love their accents. She giggled softly as she thought of Derek’s confusion.

"Okay, who giggled again?" Nick asked. "Huh?" Kym and Alex looked at him. "Which one of you is the giggler? I heard someone giggling last night when I was in here and now I heard it again. Who’s doing it?" Nick repeated firmly. Alex said, "Nick, neither one of us is ever in the control room as late as you are. How could we have giggled at you?" "Come to think of it," Derek said. "I heard someone giggle this morning as well." "Well, wow!" Kym rolled her eyes. "Then you know what that proves? You’re both crazy as opposed to only one of you being nuts. I haven’t heard any giggling lately." She paused. "Or it could simply mean that you both have women on the brain." Now a glare at both gentlemen. "You, my dearest Derek, should absolutely not be thinking of other women giggling, and what would Nina say Nicholas?" Alex laughed out loud at Kym’s semi-teasing, semi-accusing tone. Philip was just beginning to join in when they all heard a giggle. "Did you hear that?" Nick asked smugly. "I did," Alex said. "I did," Philip agreed. "I heard it," Derek concurred. They all turned to look at Kym. She stared back at them and sighed. "All right, all right, I heard it too."

Whoops! Gabrielle thought. Now I’ve gone and done it! I’m going to be in so much trouble. She kept her mouth shut and prayed that they would give up.

"I don’t hear anything now," Kym said after they had sat in silence for a few moments. Derek nodded. "Well, perhaps we should just go on with things," he said. "If anyone hears anything…unusual, please let me know." "Yes, Sir!" Nick gave a mock salute.

I’m okay, Gabrielle thought. For now.

"Kym?" Derek said, later that evening, as they sat relaxing in the study. "Hmm," Kym replied, snuggling deeper down into the couch. "Do you think that there actually is something going on in this house?" he asked. "Honey, there is always something going on in this house," Kym said, with a soft smile. Derek smiled briefly and then once again grew serious. "Really, do you think something supernatural is going on here?" Kym lifted up his hand. "See this ring? The pretty blue and gold one? This means that you’re a precept of the Legacy. The Legacy is an organization that deals with the supernatural." "Very perceptive of you, my dear." "Thank you very much," she rested her head on his shoulder.

Aww! Gabrielle thought. How adorable! I like them so much. She walked over to Derek. "Tell her you love her," Gabrielle whispered in his ear.

"I love you," Derek whispered. "Mmm, I love you too," Kym replied. "Where did that come from?" Derek looked confused, but recovered quickly. "I just wanted to tell you," he said. "Oh," Kym’s voice sounded very sleepy. "That’s nice."

That is nice, Gabrielle agreed. Now what can I do? Suddenly, Gabrielle felt a cold chill come over her. She looked over and gasped. No, she thought. It can’t be. But it was. Xavier was standing right in front of her. Gabrielle…the whisper came over her as an icy wind.

Kym sat straight up, nearly hitting Derek on the chin. "Did you hear something?" she asked. He smiled. "I thought that I was the one who heard things." Kym waved her hand at him. "No, I’m serious. I heard something." Derek grew concerned. "What did you hear?" "A name. Gabrielle." "Gabrielle," Derek repeated slowly. "Who’s Gabrielle?" " I have no idea," his wife answered. "I don’t know anyone named Gabrielle."

Uh oh! Gabrielle thought. They know my name! I’ve got to get out of here! She turned to leave but Xavier was blocking her way. Leave me alone! Gabrielle cried. You can’t run away, he whispered. You can’t run away. Gabrielle fled past him and ran to find safety.

"Derek, tell me that you heard something," Kym said. Her husband stood beside her. "I heard something. I’m just not sure what I heard." "Hello?" Derek called out. "Is anyone there?" Silence was his only answer. "Apparently not," Derek seemed satisfied. However, Kym wasn’t. "I heard something," she insisted and started toward the door. Derek sighed. We almost had a nice evening. He thought, before following her.

Father Philip Callaghan sat in the living room, enjoying a good book. Suddenly he felt a burst of warm airflow past him and what sounded like someone saying you can’t get away. Philip stood up and extended his hand to feel the air in front of him. It was ice cold! "Saints preserve us," the priest whispered. Kym ran into the room, with Derek following close behind. "Philip!" she cried. "Did you just hear something?" He nodded and extended his hand. "Come here." Kym walked over to him and took his hand. "What?" she whispered back. He placed her hand directly in front of them. "It’s so cold!" she cried, pulling her hand back. "I know," Philip said. "Now put your hand over here." He placed her hand in Gabrielle’s direction. Kym was puzzled. "It’s warm over here." Derek sighed. "Different air temperatures? You two are concerned over a difference in temperature?" "Come over here and feel this, Derek," Kym said. "There really is a difference." The precept walked over and repeated Philip and Kym’s actions. "There is a difference," he admitted.

Gabrielle had never been so terrified. Oh, no! She thought. I don’t want them to find me. Xavier must have been thinking the same thing. I’ll be back, he hissed before he vanished. You can’t run away.

"What?" Kym said. "What did you say Derek?" "Nothing," Derek replied. "I didn’t say anything." "Philip?" The handsome priest shook his head. "Not me." "Well, then who said that?" Kym seemed frustrated. "Who said what?" her husband matched her tone with a smile. "It sounded like ‘you can’t run away’." "You can’ run away," Philip repeated. "Who can’ run away from what?" he mused. "I didn’t even hear anything," Derek pointed out. "Did you Philip?" "No," he confessed. "Not since you two ran in here." "Oh, you’re both getting old!" Kym cried. "There was someone here!" Derek and Philip fought to suppress their laughter. "I’m younger than you are," Philip pointed out, unable to hide his smile. Kym gave an exasperated groan. "Fine, fine, excuse me. Then, Derek, you’re the one who’s getting old." Derek couldn’t help himself. He laughed out loud. "I think it is you, my dear, that is the one a little off kilter this evening. You are the one hearing things, after all."

Gabrielle giggled softly to herself. Poor Kym! She thought. But it is rather funny. Still, she wished the two men would stop teasing that poor woman. Maybe I should speak up. She giggled again as Philip made another comment. Then again…

Kym Gardner-Rayne glared at her husband and her young parish priest. "No, Father Callaghan, I do not need to get more sleep at night!" The two men roared with laughter. "Ahh!" Kym shouted. "Forget I said anything!" "We’re sorry, Kym," Derek said, laughing still. He’s laughing, Kym thought. Derek is actually laughing. A smile touched her lips, but she tried to look angry with them. "Fine, enjoy a laugh at my expense." Philip Callaghan smiled himself when he too noticed that Derek was laughing. He also took note at the warmth and love in Kym’s eyes when she "scolded" her husband. "We really are sorry," Philip said. "Maybe you just shouldn’ make teasing you so easy!" The woman threw her hands in the air, but she too was laughing. "Okay, okay! I’m sorry for being such an easy target." Derek put an arm around her. "It’s all right. You’re forgiven." Philip nodded in agreement. "You are hearby absolved, my child." Kym bowed her head, in mock respect. "Thank you, Father." Philip snickered. Kym sighed softly. "What is going on here?" she mused. "I wish I could tell you," Philip said, with a glance toward Derek. "But whatever it is it appears to have stopped now." "Philip’s right," the precept chimed in. "And it’s getting late. So why don’t we get some sleep, okay?" Kym nodded. "All right." She smiled at the younger of the two men. "Good night Philip." He nodded. "Good night Kym, Derek. I’m going up too."

Gabrielle slowly reentered the room, after the three of them had left. How did Xavier find me? She wondered. Then it hit her. Hitchcock must have sent unleashed him. I remember now! Oh, no! she moaned. They’re all in terrible, terrible danger!

Alexandra Moreau tossed and turned, trapped in a dream. She saw the group standing together with two people she didn’t know. She heard a loud noise and saw those two people turn to look at them. Alex heard herself scream and then…she woke up. "Ahh!" Alex screamed as she was jarred awake. "Ahh!" Nick ran into her room, still blinking sleep from his eyes. "Are you all right, Alex? Did you have another nightmare?" The young woman took a few deep breaths and tried to clam herself down. "Yes, I’m all right, and yes it was another nightmare. Thanks, Nick." The ex-SEAL nodded and smiled. "Sleep well." Alex herself nodded and lay back on the pillow. "I’ll try," she murmured. Alex lay in her bed for quite awhile before she finally fell asleep again.

Down the hall, Derek too, was having a bad dream. However, his was nothing like Alex’s. The precept’s dream was full of fire and sadness and blackness. It reminded him of the dreams he had had after Alicia died, except this dream seemed much more vivid and real. Like Alex, Derek cried out as he came awake, which in turn awoke his wife. "Derek!" Kym cried wrapping her arms around him. "Shh, it’s okay. I’m right here." "I…I didn’t mean to wake you," Derek said. "I’m sorry." Kym kept her arms around him, as he had done for her so many times. "It’s all right," she replied. "Bad dream?" He nodded. "Alicia?" she whispered into his hair. "No," Derek said. "Not about Alicia. I’m not sure what it was." "Okay," Kym said. "Okay." She lay back down, pulling Derek with her. "Go back to sleep." He closed his eyes and smiled. It’s rather funny. Kym would make a fabulous mother.

"It was the weirdest thing Derek," Alex said the next morning. "I’ve never dreamt anything like that before." The Dutchman considered. "Was it like a vision?" he inquired. "No," Alex said slowly. "Not really. I’m not sure what it was." "Well…" Derek debated telling her of his own dream, but decided against it. "What do you make of it?" His companion sighed. "I don’t know." "Well," Derek gave her a comforting pat on the hand. "I wouldn’t make too much of it right now." In truth the Precept was worried. What could Alex’s strange dream mean? The two sat in silence for several moments. Nick entered the kitchen with a bright smile on his face. "Good morning!" Neither Alex nor Derek answered. "Well, you two sure know how to suck the life out of a good mood," Nick commented dryly. No answer. "Mmmbop, bop, bop, do, wop, do bop," Nick sang while he made his coffee, hoping to get a rise out of Alex and Derek. Kym entered the room and covered her ears. "Nick! Please stop singing that song!" He obliged and said, "At least someone is awake this morning. These two," he gestured to Alex and Derek. "Don’t appear to be here this morning." Kym walked over to Derek. "Hello?" He blinked and looked over at Nick. "I heard you singing. I just chose to ignore it." Nick grinned. "I know." Kym bent and kissed her husband briefly. "You do seem rather serious this morning," she commented. "I had a nightmare last night," Alex confided. "Oh," Kym glanced at Derek. He shook his head slightly indicating that she was not to mention his dream. "Is anything wrong?" Kym asked. Alex shook her head. "Derek doesn’t seem to think so." Kym glanced at Derek and raised an eyebrow. To Alex she said, "Well, Derek is usually right." "Are you in pain now?" Nick asked. "What?" Nick gave them all his little boy grin. "Well, any second now Kym’s nose is gonna shoot out about a foot. Derek is never right!" Derek glared at Nick, while Kym and Alex laughed. "You really are in a good mood," Alex commented. "And why not?" Nick said. "It’s a beautiful day and everything is fine!" he practically skipped out of the room. "Sounds like Nina was here last night," Philip commented after nearly being knocked over.

Who’s Nina? Gabrielle mused.

"Jealous?" Kym teased. "Not at all," Philip replied indignantly. "I am a priest."

What? Oh no! What a shame! Gabrielle silently mourned. To waste a face like that in the priesthood!

"Uh huh," Kym said. "Well, you’re a man first." "Must you be constantly reminding me?" Philip grumbled. "Didn’t you sleep well either?" Derek asked his young friend. "No, no’ really," Philip replied. "I had this feeling that someone was watching me."

Double oops. Gabrielle thought. I can’t believe he knew I was there. I thought he wasn’t one of the psychics ones!

"Creepy," Alex said, rising from the table. "If you all will excuse me I have some work to tend to." "Hello?" Katherine Corrigan called as she entered the house. "Hi," Kym called back. "We’re in the kitchen!" Kat breezed in, followed by a weary looking Rachel. They all greeted each other warmly, unaware that they had a silent observer.

Who is this? Gabrielle wondered. Are they friends?

As if in response to Gabrielle’s question Katherine looked over at her. The adults were engaged in conversation so the little girl approached the stranger. "Hello," she said. "I’m Kat. Who are you?" The stranger’s eyes looked shy. "I’m Gabrielle. You can see me?" "Yes," Katherine replied. "Can’t they?" "I don’t think so," Gabrielle answered. "Oh." The little girl’s next question was inevitable. "What are you?" Gabrielle seemed flustered, "Well, um, I’m an angel." Katherine nodded. She should have guessed. Gabrielle looked like an angel. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Plus, a dead giveaway was the sparkling wings that proudly adorned her back. "Oh," being a child Kat easily accepted the answer. "Why are you here?" Before Gabrielle could answer Rachel called out to her daughter. "Kat, who are you talking to?" The little girl faced her mother. "Gabrielle," she replied. "Who’s Gabrielle?" Rachel asked, the smile fading from her face. "She’s an angel," Kat replied brightly, oblivious to her mother’s fear. Derek, however, picked up on Rachel’s discomfort. "Really?" he asked. Katherine nodded. "Oh yes. She even looks like one!"

Uh oh, Gabrielle thought. They can’t know about me yet! She fled.

"She looks like an angel?" Derek looked around the kitchen, not expecting to see anyone. "Well. Where is she?" Now, Katherine too, looked around. "I don’t know. She was here a minute ago. Honest!" "I believe you," Derek said seriously. "Will you tell me when she comes back?" Katherine considered for a moment and then nodded slowly. "I guess so. If she says it’s okay." "Thank you," he smiled at the little girl. "No problem!" ---------------------------------------

"Gabrielle," Kym muttered as she looked at the translation she was working on. "Who is Gabrielle?" "Talking to yourself again?" Derek asked. Kym scowled. "I’m in a bad mood." "Why?" he looked over her shoulder at the translation. "I don’t know, I just am," Kym complained. Derek attempted to tease her out of her bad mood. "You’re whining." "I am not," Kym whined. She paused. Oh God, yes I am! "All right I am," she admitted. "But I can’t help it." Derek smiled at her. "I think you can. But, how is that translation coming?" "Fine, it’s coming along fine. But I just can’t stop thinking about Gabrielle."

Thank you.

"I’ve been doing a lot of thinking too," Derek said. "Katherine isn’t the type to lie about things like that." "I agree," Kym said. "But if she is telling the truth then that leaves us with a bigger problem. Who is Gabrielle?"


As Father Callaghan looked over his sermon for the next day’s mass Gabrielle was the farthest thing from his mind. However he was on her mind. She was sitting next to him and reading the notes as well. Well, well, Gabrielle. I’ll dare say that you have a bit of a crush on the young priest here. Xavier materialized before her, his red eyes glowing. Go away! Gabrielle cried. Xavier grinned madly. You ran to him when I appeared before, as well. Hmm, Gabrielle have you taken a liking to Father Philip? Leave me alone! Gabrielle screamed and ran to the nearest crucifix. Okay, the fallen angel growled. If I can’t play with you then maybe I’ll just play with Philip! He knocked the young priest off of his chair and laughed demonically. Philip blinked and realized that he was staring at the ceiling. Well, how did I get down here? He wondered. Just a second ago he had been going over his notes. Suddenly, without warning, Philip realized that he was being levitated off the ground. Put him down! Gabrielle screamed at Xavier. Leave him alone! Now Philip was about three feet off the ground. Lord, help me! Philip prayed, Meanwhile, Gabrielle threw herself at Xavier screaming for him to put Philip down. Your wish is my command, Xavier said as he dropped Philip, Philip barely had time to register what had happened when he felt himself being dragged along the floor towards the church. "Stop!" he cried at the invisible being. But Gabrielle would not, could not stop. She had to get Philip to the church, to safety. Xavier would not follow them there, she knew. And, sure enough, he stopped at the entrance to the sacred place. You can’t stop me; I will fulfill my goals! But, he retreated. Philip sat up, breathing hard. "Wha’ just happened?" he asked aloud. "No, matter, I am getting out of here!"


"Earth to Nick. Earth to Nick," Nina Camile repeated. "Hello?" Nick smiled at her. "I’m here." Nina leaned back. "Well, it certainly doesn’t seem like it." "I’m sorry," Nick apologized. "It’s just that we’ve had a lot going on around here lately." Nina nodded. "Important business, right?" "Right," Nick agreed. "But I am taking tonight off and we can do whatever you want." The two of them agreed to go out, but when they opened the door they found Philip standing there. "Philip!" Nina cried. "Are you all right?" "Yes," the man nodded. "I’m all right. Just had a bit of a fright is all. Is Derek here?" "Yeah, he’s upstairs," Nick replied. "Thank you," Philip said, before heading up the stairs leaving the couple staring after him. "What the…" Nina asked, bewildered. "Forget it," Nick grabbed her hand, unwilling to give up his night off. "Derek can handle it. Let’s go."


"What?" "You heard me, Derek. I was dragged around by something I couldn’t see." Derek leaned forward anxiously. "So you were literally lifted off the ground?" Philip nodded. "Yes, quite literally." The precept was now growing rather fearful. "You didn’t see or hear anything at all?" "Wait a minute," Philip said. "I did hear something. It sounded like whispering." "Whispering," Derek repeated. "Could you make out any of the words being said?" Philip shook his head. "No." Derek reached over and pushed the button on the intercom. "Kym, would you come in here for a moment?" "I’m at your beck and call, master." Kym replied over the intercom. "Thank you darling," Derek’s voice was heavy on the sarcasm. Kym stepped through the office doors. "Yes, my lord?" Derek rolled his eyes. "Philip has just had a rather…interesting experience. Philip recounted his experience to Kym. After he finished she locked eyes with Derek. "Do you think that there’s some connection between this and Gabrielle?" she asked. The precept toyed with a pen. "It’s possible." "Gabrielle," Philip interjected. "You mean Kat’s imaginary angel?" "Maybe she’s not as imaginary as we thought," Kym said. "Well, why would an angel want to hurt me?" Derek considered. "Maybe she’s not really an angel. Maybe that’s just her disguise." "Like Senephra," Philip agreed. "Senephra," Kym paused. Derek had told her so many stories that she couldn’t remember them all. "Which one was that?" "The Egyptian princess," Derek replied. "Oh." Kym paused again, trying to remember that story. "Well, it could be like that. Or Gabrielle might not have come alone." Silence. Then Derek said, "Philip, would you please ask Alex to run the name Gabrielle threw the computer?" "Of course," the young priest left quickly. "Quite a long shot," Kym commented. "I know," Derek set the pen down, but not before Kym saw it shaking. She leaned over and covered his hands with her own. "Your hands are freezing!" Kym cried and began rubbing Derek’s hands vigorously trying to warn them and stop the shaking. Derek let out a ragged breath. "I have a horrible feeling about this." "Me rubbing your hands?" "No, no," Derek shook his head. "About this whole thing with Gabrielle." Kym abruptly stopped trying to warm his hands, although she did keep them clasped tightly in her own. "Have you had a vision?" "No, not yet," he sighed. "Kym, for the first time in my life, I’m scared." Derek is scared? Oh God, help us. This is going to be bad! But that wasn’t what Kym said. "Everything will be fine," she whispered. She kissed the top of his head. "I’d like to believe that," Derek replied. "Have I ever lied to you?" He smiled. "Not lately." But, my dear, I don’t think that this is something that you have control over.


Katherine Corrigan lay in her bed reading a book and humming to herself. I should go to sleep, she thought. It’s almost 9:30! She turned off the light and lay back against the pillows. Down the hall, Kat could here her mother listening to the television. She was just beginning to drift off when she heard her name being called. "Kat…" The little girl sat up and looked around. "Hello?" "Kat…" "Mommy?" she asked tentatively. Gabrielle appeared before her. "Kat…" "Gabrielle!" Kat was relieved, she had thought that something bad was coming. "You must flee here, Katherine," Gabrielle’s tone was dead serious. "Go quickly." Kat knew that now was not the time to dawdle. She scurried out of the bed and down the hall. "Mommy, Mommy!" "Katherine, what is it?" Rachel asked. "We have to go, Mommy, right now." "What? Why?" Rachel looked up and glanced at the doorway. Her face knew extremely pale when she saw the angel standing there. "Who…" "I am Gabrielle," the angel said. "You must leave here now, Rachel. It’s not safe." "I don’t understand," Rachel began. "Please," Gabrielle said desperately. "There’s no time to explain." Rachel nodded, grabbed Kat and fled to Angel Island.


"Thank you so much, Kym," Rachel said, after she put Kat to bed. "You’re always welcome here," Kym said. "You know that." The psychiatrist nodded gravely. "Kym, I saw her. Gabrielle." "Katherine said that you did. What did she look like?" Rachel closed her eyes. "Like an angel. Not scary at all." "Well, I suppose that’s good," the other woman said. "I’m going to talk to Derek." "Wait for me," Rachel said.


Half an hour later, all the members of the San Francisco Legacy house sat in the conference room. Nick looked at his "family". He wasn’t happy about ending his date, but he knew that it had to be important if Derek called an emergency meeting. "Did you come up with anything?" Derek asked Alex. She shook her head. "No, I’m sorry Derek. The computer was on the fritz." Nick sighed. "Guys, what is going on?" And so the next fifteen minutes were spent explaining to Nick what had happened over the evening. "So how to we get to this Gabrielle?" Nick asked. "I wish I could tell you," Alex answered. "But I really have no idea." "Neither do I," Philip agreed. "There’s nothing in the Bible about finding an angel when you need one." Derek opened his mouth to speak, but Gabrielle appeared before he could get a word out. "Gabrielle?" Kym asked. "Yes, hello," the celestial being smiled at all of them. Then her expression grew serious. "You are all in grave danger." "What do you mean?" Derek asked. Gabrielle fixed her huge blue eyes on him. "Derek Rayne. Randolph Hitchcock has never forgiven you for the death of Alicia. He has released a new evil upon you and your house and is coming to claim the thing you love most." "What?" Nick said. "What are you talking about?" "He has released the ancient evil," Gabrielle continued, ignoring Nick. "The fallen angel Xavier. He comes to this house to wreak Hitchcock’s wrath." "That’s right!" an evil voice boomed. They all turned and saw the angel-devil Xavier. "I have come," he announced and fixed his fiery eyes upon Derek. Kym saw where Xavier was looking and stepped over Derek and put a protective arm around him. "You can do no good here," Xavier sneered at Kym. "You leave her alone!" Gabrielle said and pushed Xavier out of the way. The two angels continued their fight, while Hitchcock entered the room unnoticed. "Fool!" Hitchcock cried upon seeing Xavier fighting with Gabrielle. "Can’t you do anything right?" "Randolph…" Derek began. Hitchcock waved a hand at the precept. "Silence, Derek. I gave this moron a job to do and he could not complete it." A sigh. "I suppose I’ll just have to do it myself." He withdrew a gun from his coat. Rachel gave a startled cry. Randolph flashed her an evil smile. "Oh don’t worry my dear," he cocked the trigger and aimed the gun. The pair on the floor stopped fighting and stared in horror. A gunshot sounded and for a moment all was still. Then a scream cut through the night.



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