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"ChiLd'S pLaY"
by Sherri L. Smith

SCENE 1: Upstairs bathroom in the Corrigan house. Kat is talking to her image in the mirror.

KAT (Angrily):

She makes me so mad! Why doesn't she just accept me for who I am? I hate it when she gets all scared and tells me that we're gonna have to leave my friends! The only time I ever feel like I'm really different is when she makes me feel that way. Well, I'm not leaving and that's that!


Kat? (Pause) Katherine? It's almost time for school. Hurry up, Sweetheart! We need to get going. I have that 9:00 appointment, remember? (Longer pause) Katherine Corrigan, I'm talking to you! C'mon, let's go!

KAT (to mirror image):

Fine! Keep your 9:00 appointment! I hope they can't sell this house. I don't wanna leave San Francisco and my friends!

SCENE 2: The Corrigan kitchen. Kat enters and stands in front of her mother looking very angry.


There you are. I was about to send out a search party. (Pause) What's wrong, Sweetheart? Don't you feel well? (Longer pause) Kat? (She feels Kat's forehead) Oh, I get it -- it's the old silent treatment", huh? Well then, let's go.

SCENE 3: Rachel's car. They are driving to Kat's school.


Listen, Kat. I know you love Derek, Nick and Alex and don't want to leave them. I care about them too. But, like I told you last night, this past ... episode ... that was it. No more! (Pause) I've thought about leaving before and I've let you convince me to stay -- that it was the right thing for both of us. And, maybe it was ... for a while. But, Sweetheart, it isn't the right decision anymore. Not when it's putting your life in danger.

KAT (Angrily):

I wasn't really in any danger, Mom. Nick and Derek and Alex always take care of me ... especially Nick! (Pause) Besides, you're just using this as an excuse 'cuz you've wanted to leave for a long time. Well, I don't want to!


I know you don't, Sweetie. But I have to do what I think is right -- for both of us. We have to leave before this goes any further; before you get hurt ... or worse. I lost your Daddy and Connor; I'm not about to lose you too!

KAT (Pleadingly):

But, Mom, I'm gonna be different wherever we go. I'm still gonna see things other people don't. And, if a spirit or something wants to try to hurt me -- well, it would have a better chance without Derek or Nick or Alex around to help us. Please, Mom, don't make me leave them! They're our family now.

RACHEL (Annoyed):

I'm sorry; my mind is made up. I know you're still going to see things, but we don't have to encourage that ability, Kat. Sometimes ... well, sometimes, I think Derek and Alex take advantage of your abilities. They ....

KAT (Defensively):

They do not! They're my friends and they're just trying to help me understand what I see. You don't understand anything 'cuz you're not like us!

RACHEL (Angrily):

Hold it right there, young lady! You know better than to talk to me like that.

KAT (Ashamed):

Yes, ma'am. (Pause) But don't you get it, Mom. You're blaming them for something that's a part of me. I feel safe with them when the visions come. And then, when that new thing happened -- that thing I did when ...

RACHEL (Interrupting):

Forget about that. I'm not even sure that really happened or that you had anything to do with it. Things have been out of control for the past few days ... and I'm going to get them back in control.

SCENE 4: Legacy kitchen. Nick enters where Derek is sitting with a cup of coffee and the newspaper.


Good mornin'. You're up pretty early, aren't you?


Not really. I'm usually up at this hour. You're just usually out on your run and don't see me this early. Did you skip running today? (Pause) Aren't you feeling well?


I'm fine ... in fact, I've already been out! (Pause) So, do you think that Rachel's gonna think about leavin' the Legacy again?


I'm sure of it. And, with what happened these past few days I can understand her fears. She's worried about Kat and just wants to do what's best for her; of course, I'm hoping she'll decide to stay. I still believe that she belongs here ... and so does Kat.


Yeah. (Pause) But, maybe she's right, Derek. I mean, I'd hate to see em leave the Legacy, but Kat did have a real rough time of it this last time out. Then again, I don't know if Kat could make it out there without us. To her this must all seem like a game ... but we know differently.


And so does Rachel. That's why I'm not sure there will be a next time. At least not one that we'll be able to prevent.

NICK (Shocked):

What do you mean? That this could happen again ... even if they left the Legacy?


Of course. (Pause) Nick, what happened had nothing to do with the Legacy. It had to do with Kat and the abilities that are growing inside her. If they leave the Legacy, her abilities won't stop. And, if they encounter trouble down the road, we might not be there to help her.

NICK (Agitated):

Then we can't let them go! I mean ... we've got to stop em if they're plannin' on leaving. We can't let 'er go unprotected, Derek ... we just can't!!

DEREK (Authoritatively):

Unfortunately that's not our choice, Nick. Rachel knows the sacrifices we make to protect Kat -- particularly the ones you've made; after all, she treated you for the injuries you received this week protecting her daughter. I'm sure she realizes that, protecting Kat, puts us into more danger than usual. (Pause) If Rachel decides to leave, we can't stop them, Nick. All we can do is try to convince her -- them -- to stay; that's all we can do.

NICK (Angrily):

Maybe that's all you can do ... but I'm not just gonna sit back and let Rachel put Kat in danger!

(Nick storms out brushing past Alex)

ALEX (Confused):

Good morning, Nick. (Pause) Well, maybe not. (To Derek) What's with Nick this morning? Is he feeling alright?


We were just discussing Rachel and Kat. I'm sure Rachel must be thinking about leaving the Legacy again and, this time, I'm not sure we can convince her to stay. This time I'm not sure we should try. And, you know Nick, Alex, he's very protective of Kat ....

ALEX (Interrupting):

Wait a minute. You don't mean that he's going over there, do you? Derek, you know Nick ... he could make matters worse.

DEREK (Thoughtfully):

I don't think so. Rachel listens to him; and, so does Kat. I really believe that Rachel and Kat belong here, but I do understand how Rachel must feel; I know how I would feel if Kat were my child. Think about it, Alex. Rachel doesn't have the sight"; she can't fully understand it. Think about how frightening that must be for a parent.


I guess you're right. Ya know, I grew up around Creole superstitions and my Gramma had the sight" as well as Tonya and I did and so it seemed almost normal" to me. But I guess it must be hard for Rachel to understand.


And, Rachel knows that you and I have the sight", but we don't have telekinesis. Neither one of us ever developed that.


I have to admit that that did surprise me. When Nick called us into her room the other night, I was shocked. I really thought at first that Larissa's spirit was trying to possess her again -- not that Kat herself was doing it. But, I did do a little research in our database about it, and I guess it's becoming more commonplace with genuine psychics to be developing that kind of power.


And, if Kat has developed the power of telekinesis, what else might she develop? (Pause) For a child, this kind of power can be very seductive ... and very dangerous!

SCENE 5: Rachel's car. She answers her cellular phone while driving.


Hello, this is Dr. Corrigan? (Pause) No. (Longer pause) No, Nick, I don't want to meet you to talk about this. And you're wrong ... I'm not thinking of taking Kat and leaving; I am taking Kat and leaving. I'm not going through this again ... and neither is she!

VOICE OF NICK (also on a cellular phone):

Look, Rachel, I know you're upset. Just meet me somewhere -- anywhere -- so we can talk about it. Ya owe me that much. (Pause) C'mon, Rachel, what'd'ya say? There's no pressure involved here; I just wanna talk.


Alright. I'm on my way to an appointment with a Realtor. I'll meet you at Antonio's down by the Bay at around 11:00.


Thanks, Rachel.


Don't thank me, Nick. We're not staying!

SCENE 6: Antonio's Restaurant. Rachel is sitting at a table drinking water when Nick arrives.


Sorry I'm late. I stopped by the school to check on Kat.

RACHEL (Shocked):

You did what?! What did you do that for? (Pause) Look, Nick, I know that you care about Kat ...


I care about both of you, Rachel.

RACHEL (Softer):

I know. (Pause) I know. But, Nick, you can't just stop by Kat's school like that. I know you're trying to help -- that you care about her. I know you'd do anything for Kat -- for both of us; but you have to understand, Nick, I can't go through this anymore. I can't let Kat grow up like this.


Grow up like what? Different?? (Pause) Look, I grew up as a kid in the Legacy and I didn't turn out that bad, did I? (Both laugh; serious tone) Listen, Rachel, Kat has visions; the Legacy didn't cause that. I know you're worried about er; you're trying to be a good Mom -- and you are. But, if you leave -- if you take Kat away from us -- who's gonna protect er the next time somethin' like this happens?


If we leave, maybe there won't be a next time.


I know you'd like to believe that, Rachel, but c'mon -- you know better. There's gonna be a next time. Kat's special ... she needs to be around people who can help er learn about it -- not off somewhere unprotected.

RACHEL (Shaken):

I'm scared, Nick. I think about what happened this past week and ... well, I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, ya know?! And you -- you could've died on this last case! I'm really scared; I can't lose her, Nick ... I can't!

NICK (Firmly):

You won't!

SCENE 7: Outside Kat's school. Nick and Rachel are leaning against his car as Kat comes running out. She runs to Nick.

KAT (Excited):

NICK! I didn't know you were picking me up today? (Hugs Nick and turns to her Mom) Hi, Mom! Does this mean we're not leaving the Legacy and San Francisco??

RACHEL (Hesitantly):

Well, to be honest, I don't know. Nick and I have been talking all afternoon about it, but I haven't made up my mind yet so don't be getting your hopes up, young lady! But, Nick wanted to stay in the City this evening and take us to dinner -- (Pause) maybe even a movie. What'd you think about that?!

KAT (Happily):

YEAH!! That sounds GREAT! (Pause) And, maybe Nick could even stay over?


Well, we'll have to see about that. Like I said, don't go get your hopes up, Kat. This is dinner, maybe a movie, and then we'll talk ... OK?!


Sure, Mom!

SCENE 8: Legacy House. Derek enters the Control Room while Alex is working on the computer.


Nick's not back yet?

ALEX (Distracted):

I haven't seen him. I've been trying to figure out why the blood is coming out of the stone that the Brazil House sent to us. So far, I can't really come up with an explanation. All the statistics on the stone itself appear to be normal. (Looks at the time) Wow, I didn't realize it was so late. I've really been engrossed in trying to figure this thing out. (Pause) Maybe Nick's still with Rachel. Have you tried giving her a call?


Actually, I've been trying very hard not to give her a call all day. I figured if Nick went over there, she probably didn't need to hear from me for a while. (Pause) Would you mind trying to reach him on his cellular? I'll go try to reach Rachel.

ALEX (Perplexed):

Is everything alright, Derek? You seem worried.

DEREK (Slightly distracted/confused):

To be honest, I am ... and I can't quite put my finger on why. I keep having these ... feelings"

-- not at all like the usual vision" I get -- and I don't know what they mean. But, they've got me worried ... about Nick.

ALEX (Beginning to worry):

About Nick ... not Kat? I mean, he did take some pretty hard hits when he was protecting Kat, but I thought that she was the one in real danger. (Pause) Do you think he was hurt worse than what he's saying? He didn't tell me that he wasn't feeling well. In fact, he seemed fine this morning -- other than being upset after your conversation.


He said he was fine the other day after everything ended. But, I'm not sure; I have this feeling" that he's in danger somehow.


Well, the spirit of Larissa is gone, right? I mean, you're not thinking it could be back and going after Nick since it was Nick who initially tried to get rid of her, do you?


No, Larissa is definitely gone. It's not that. I'm just not sure what it is -- I wish I knew. I just wish Nick were back here right now.

(DIRECTION: Both turn with relief spreading over their faces as they hear the front door open and close and the sound of heavy footsteps enter the House.)

ALEX (Relieved):

Speak of the devil.

SCENE 9: Legacy House. Alex and Derek exit the Control Room and go to the front entry way.

DEREK (Calling out):

Where have you been all day? I expected you to call.

PHILIP (Confused/Playfully):

Well, I didn't call because I was on a bloody airplane all day. (Pause) How are ya? (Longer pause as he notices worried looks on Alex and Derek's faces) Is everythin' OK?

ALEX (Recovering):

Yeah. We just thought you might be Nick ... he's been out all day and Derek's a little worried about him. (Pause) Welcome home, by the way!


What'd Nick get himself into now?


It's probably nothing. We had a problem this past week ... with Kat. He got knocked around quite a bit during the confrontation with the spirit ...

PHILIP (Interrupting):

So what else is new? When is he ever gonna learn that ya can't fight demons or spirits with brute physical strength?! (Pause) Was he badly hurt?


He seemed alright; he's just been moving a little slow the last day or two. Rachel took care of him. (Pause) And, no, I don't think Nick will ever change ... but that's his strength, Philip; his courage and bravery to face whatever lies in front of him head-on. (Change of tone) And what brings you to San Francisco?


Well, actually I'm in San Francisco on a mission fer the Church. We're gatherin' some clothin' an' funds t'help some o'the areas that've been hit hard by the IRA bombings lately. There's such a need there, Derek.

DEREK (Absently):

I'm sure there is, my friend. And if anyone can fill their void, it will be you! (Pause) I don't mean to cut you off, Philip, but I really do want to try to track down Nick.


What can I do t'help?

SCENE 10: Outside the Tremaine Theatre. Rachel, Nick and Kat are walking to his Mustang parked on the street.

KAT (Excited):

Wow ... that was fun!! I wish we could do this every night!

RACHEL (Laughing):

I bet you do! You're just lucky you didn't have homework from all those days of school you missed, young lady, or it would've been to dinner and straight home to do your homework."

NICK (Playfully):

Oh c'mon, Mom" ... lighten up! Kat's had a hard week and she deserves a little fun time, now.

KAT (Joining in):


RACHEL (Trying to be stern):

Thanks alot, Nick! Ya know, you're not helping here.

SCENE 11: Inside Nick's car. Cellular phone is ringing, Nick picks it up as he starts to drive off.

VOICE OF ALEX (Frustrated):

It's about time you answered! (Calling out) Derek? I've got Nick on the line.

VOICE OF DEREK (Concerned):

Nick ... where are you? Alex's been trying to reach you all day.


It's Derek. (To phone) I've been with Rachel and Kat. Why? What's up?


Alex and I haven't heard from you all day. I knew you were going by to see Rachel but, when we didn't hear from you, we got concerned. You did get tossed around quite a bit this past week.

NICK (Driving/Perplexed/Glancing at Rachel):

Like I said, I've been with Rachel most of the day and then she, Kat and I went to dinner and a movie. I'm drivin' em home now. (Pause) You sure everything's OK?


Philip is here. He's going to be in town for a few days and will be staying with us, of course. I'm sure the two of you would like to get together and spend some time before he has to leave. (Pause) So, you'll be back soon?

NICK (Irritated):

I'll be there when I get there, Derek. (Glances at Rachel) I might stay with Rachel and Kat for a little while so we can finish talking. I think this is pretty important right now; and frankly, I thought you'd agree!

KAT (Shouting):

Yeah ... I want Nick to stay over for the night. Can he, Mom?

RACHEL (Whispering):

We'll see, Kat. (Pause) And don't shout, Nick's driving and he's on the phone.

KAT (Whispering):



What time do you expect to be back, Nick? (Pause/no answer) Well, whatever time it is, I need to see you as soon as you return. Understand?


Yeah. (Hangs up/to Rachel) Wonder what that was about?

RACHEL (Perplexed):

Is everything OK? You seem upset. (Pause) Was it about Kat and I?


I don't know what it was about; and right now, (pause) I don't care!

KAT (Playfully):

So, does this mean you're gonna stay over?

RACHEL (Playfully annoyed):

I said we'll see, young lady!

SCENE 12: Legacy kitchen. Derek is making coffee when Philip walks in.


Alex said ya finally reached Nick and that he gave ya a bit of a hard -- which fer Nick isn't somethin' unusual, now is it? (Pause) Are you alright, Derek? Alex is worried about you; and I have t'agree with her. I've never seen ya like this.

DEREK (Concerned):

I know. Like I told Alex, if this were a vision or something, I'd understand it better. But it's this foreboding, overshadowing feeling" ... I can't shake it, Philip. And I'm concerned about Nick -- very concerned.

PHILIP (Serious):

Alex said that the spirit that was possessing Katherine had tossed im around the room quite a bit; but, other than that, things went alright -- the spirit departed from er, right?


Yes. (Pause) Did Alex also tell you that Kat seems to have developed telekinesis?

PHILIP (Perplexed):

Wait a minute, Derek. You're not thinkin' that little girl'd ever hurt Nick, are you? She adores him. (Pause/said playfully) Besides, he's more on her level anyway, ya know?

DEREK (Stern/Annoyed):

Enough! You're always sniping at Nick, Philip and it's getting to be annoying. My Gott, you're suppose to be a Priest -- where's your compassion??

PHILIP (Shocked/Regretfully):

I'm sorry, Derek. Ya know, I'm just joking around. It's my way with Nick. He does the same t'me; and I don't think he means it any more than I do. (Pause) You're really scared fer him, aren't you?


Yes, I am; and, as I said earlier, I'm not certain why. It might not even have anything to do with Kat and the case we just finished ... I don't know. (Pause) I just know ... until Nick returns ... it's going to be a long night.


So, yer gonna wait up fer him then? (Pause) Well, how bout pourin' me a cup o'that coffee and I'll join ya.

SCENE 13: The Corrigan living room. Nick and Rachel are sitting on the couch and Kat is sitting near Nick's feet introducing him to her doll collection.


... And this one is my favoritest of all. I got her for getting good grades on my last report card. She's the one Mom bought me just before my friend Larissa appeared.

RACHEL (Nervously):

Katherine, I told you that you're not suppose to talk about Larissa. In fact, I distinctly remember telling you that you weren't even suppose to think about what happened the past few days. Didn't I? (Pause as she watches Kat lower her head and nod) Alright. (Pause) I think it's time for you to go to bed, little lady.

KAT (Protesting):

But I wanted to finish showing Nick some of my stuff; he hasn't been over in a long time. C'mon, Mom ... it's not a school night. Pleeaassee ...... Let me stay up just a little while longer.

RACHEL (Firmly):

I know it's not a school night, Kat, but it has been a hard week. Now, off to bed. (Seeing Kat not move) Look, Nick's got to head home now anyway. You heard him talking to Derek on the phone; he's waiting for him to get home.

NICK (Taking his cue from Rachel):

That's right, Kiddo. The boss is waitin' for me and I better get goin' before I make im mad. It's well past Derek's bedtime too you know. (Pause as he stretches out his arms) How bout one for the road?

RACHEL (Rising/watches Kat hug Nick):

I'm just gonna make sure she starts getting ready for bed. I'll be right back.



SCENE 14: Kat's bedroom. Rachel has just left after scolding Kat three or four times about going to bed and going to sleep. Kat sneaks to the door and can hear her Mom and Nick talking by the front door.

KAT (Maliciously):

I know how I can get Mom to let Nick stay. I'll make my dolls dance in the air again. (To dolls) Ready?

SCENE 15: Kat's bedroom. Dolls are dancing in the air to music only they can hear. Kat's laughter and shrieks of delight sound like screaming. Nick and Rachel burst through the door.

RACHEL (Panicked):

Oh my God ... not again!!

NICK (Concerned):

Kat, Honey. Stay right there -- don't move. I'm comin' in to get ya, Sweetheart. Just stand still; you'll be alright.

KAT (Giggling):

It's OK, Nick. There's nothing wrong ... I'm making my dolls dance. Isn't it cool?!

RACHEL (Stern/yet frightened):

Katherine Anne Corrigan, you stop that right now! (Dolls fall to ground/Rachel rushes in and grabs Kat by the shoulders) What did you think you were doing, young lady?! Don't you ever, ever, EVER do that again! Do you understand me?!

KAT (Beginning to cry):

I wasn't doing anything bad. I was just making my dolls dance! (She wiggles out of Rachel's grip and into Nick's arms) I didn't do anything bad!

NICK (Comforting/but still shocked):

It's OK, Kat ...

RACHEL (Interrupting/angry):

It is not OK! It is definitely not OK!! I can't believe this keeps happening to us! Ever since we got involved with you ... Derek ... the Legacy ... our lives have been one great big circus. Well, that's it. Forget it. We're leaving San Francisco and that's final!

NICK (Sternly):

Listen, Rachel, I know you're upset, but get a grip. What Kat just did has nothin' to do with me, Derek or the Legacy! Takin' her away from us could actually end up bein' more dangerous. Think about it. (He glances at Kat) Look, this isn't the time or place for this discussion. What'd ya say, I stay over -- sleep on the couch or somethin' -- and when you're ready to talk, we'll talk?

KAT (Begging):

Pleeaassee, Mom, can Nick stay? I won't do it again ... I promise. I'd sleep better too if I knew Nick was here all night. Pleeaassee?!

RACHEL (Hesitantly):

Well, alright. Only if you really want to Nick. (Turns to Kat) But, that means you go right to bed and right to sleep, young lady. No staying up to visit with Nick. Understand?

KAT (Jumps in bed/Happily):

Sure, Mom. I'll go right to sleep, right now! Good night, Nick (Kisses him and watches as he leaves the room). Thanks, Mom. I promise I'll go right to sleep. (Kisses Rachel and lays down)

SCENE 16: Legacy library. Derek is looking over a file and sipping coffee. Alex walks in, tying her robe shut.

ALEX (Sleepily):

Derek? What're you still doing up? Is everything alright?


I'm waiting for Nick. He was taking Rachel and Kat home and then, supposedly, heading back. I told him I'd be waiting to talk to him.

ALEX (Concerned):

Still feeling uneasy?


Yes. If this were a vision or something more definite, I actually think I'd feel better. But all I keep sensing is this feeling ... as though something is terribly wrong -- and somehow Nick is involved.

SCENE 17: Legacy library. Philip joins Derek and Alex.


He's not back yet?


No; and I've tried reaching him on his cellular phone, but there's no answer.


Well, if your that worried, Derek, I think you should give Rachel a call and see if he's still there or, at least find out what time he left. That would narrow things down.


Alex is right. If yer worried about wakin' em, I wouldn't be; Rachel'll understand. (Pause) Do ya want me t'give er a call?

DEREK (Hesitantly):

Yes; use the phone in my office. (Philip starts to leave to place call, Derek calls after him) And, Philip? If Nick is still there, call me ... I want to talk to him.

SCENE 18: The Corrigan living room. Rachel has just placed some pillows and blankets on the couch and sits down across from Nick.

RACHEL (Apologetic/Grateful):

Listen, Nick, I want to apologize for yelling at you upstairs. It's just ....

NICK (Interrupting):

I know. It was pretty weird watchin' those dolls flying around. (Pause) It's OK; I understand.


Yeah, well, I shouldn't've taken my frustration out on you. I know you're just trying to help. (Pause) And, I also know you're right. What Kat did up there .... Well, it has nothing to do with you, Derek or the Legacy. (Longer pause) But I'm scared, Nick. I don't understand ... what's happening to my little girl?

NICK (Comforting/Honestly):

I don't know, Rach. But whatever it is, you're not alone. I'll stay here as long as you and Kat need me. Count on it! We'll find an answer to this, I promise.


I am counting on you, Nick ... more than you know!

SCENE 19 - The Corrigan living room. Rachel walks over and answers ringing phone. Watches Nick as he transforms the couch into a makeshift bed.


Corrigan residence.


Rachel? It's Philip.

RACHEL (Catching Nick's attention):

Hi, Philip. How are you? Nick said you were in town for a few days.


Yeah, I came by t'day fer a short visit. (Pause) I'm sorry t'be callin' ya so late, Rachel, but ....

RACHEL (Interrupting):

You want to talk to Nick ... right?

VOICE OF PHILIP (A little shocked):

So, he is still there, is he?! (Pause) Well, actually it's Derek that wants t'talk t'him. (Another pause as he talks in the background) Is he gonna be leavin' soon?


Well, actually, he's going to stay here tonight. In fact, he was just making the couch into a bed. (She listens as there is more talking in the background. Nick is standing, ready to take the phone)


Rachel ... it's Derek. I'd like to talk to Nick -- now!

RACHEL (Sarcastically):

Hello to you too! (Pause) Listen, Derek, I don't know why you've been trying so hard to get a hold of Nick today. He's either been with me or with Kat and I all day. He obviously felt it was important to make sure we're alright. (Pause) What's going on?! Is there an emergency of some kind?

VOICE OF DEREK (Irritated):

I'm sorry to be calling your home so late, Rachel; but, I need to talk to Nick. Put him on, (pause) please.

SCENE 20: As Rachel hands Nick the phone, scene switches to the Legacy House - Derek's office. Alex and Philip leave his office, where he has gone to take the call.

VOICE OF NICK (Irritated):


DEREK (Angrily):

I told you I needed to talk to you when you got in tonight; now Rachel says that you're staying there all night? Did you not understand me?!

VOICE OF NICK (Irritated):

No, I didn't understand you; in fact, I still don't understand you! What's with you today, anyway? I told you when I left that I was going to come talk to Rachel. So what if it took longer than I thought it would. (Pause) I don't get you sometimes ... what's up?!

DEREK (Calmer):

There are some things I need to go over with you. I want you back here ... tonight ... understood?


Frankly, NO! (Pause) If whatever it is" is so important, why don't you just say what you have to say over the phone. I'm alone here -- Rachel went upstairs. So ... tell me what the problem is.

DEREK (Insistently):

This can't be discussed over the phone, Nick. There's no reason for you to stay there tonight. If Rachel hasn't made up her mind on whether she's leaving the Legacy or not by now, you're staying there tonight isn't going to change things! (Pause) It'll take you about an hour to get back here at this time of night; I'll be in my office waiting for you.

VOICE OF NICK (Angrily):

Well, you're gonna have a long wait then, cause I'm staying here tonight. Rachel needs me ... an' I'm staying.

DEREK (Angrily):

This isn't a request, Nick! I mean it! Your expected back here ....

VOICE OF NICK (Sarcastic/Interrupting):

... or what?! You're gonna take the keys to my Mustang away?! (Pause) Just kidding! (Longer pause) Look, let me start over here. I'm stayin' tonight cause Rachel's a little freaked out. Just before I was about to head out, we heard Kat upstairs. It sounded like she was screaming or somethin' and we both ran up.

DEREK (Concerned):

What happened? Is she alright??


Yeah, she's fine. Only every doll in her room was floating around in the air! Needless to say, it scared the life outta Rachel! (Pause) In fact, even I thought Kat was in some kinda danger. But, it turns out, she was doing it herself! She made it stop as soon as Rachel yelled at er. (Longer pause) So, now do you understand why I'm stayin' here tonight?

DEREK (Sounding distracted):

Yes ... yes, I do. (Pause) Kat was actually controlling it herself?!


Yeah ... it looked that way. Actually, she told me she was makin' em dance".


Where is Kat now?


She's asleep in her bed. (Pause) I figured I'd stay here tonight, have breakfast with Rachel and Kat, and then head back in the mornin'. I was gonna call and let you know as soon as Rachel went to bed. (Pause) When I leave in the morning maybe Rachel will want to bring Kat out to the Island. If not, well, at least she's not alone tonight.


Yes, I see. (Pause) Well, I want to see you the minute you return tomorrow morning -- with or without Rachel and Kat.



SCENE 21: Kat's bedroom. She is in bed under the covers, but still awake.

KAT (Mischievously):

It worked! And Mom let Nick stay over tonight! (Pause) That was pretty easy ... much easier than the last time I moved things around with my mind. This is a really cool game ... and I can do whatever I want with it!

SCENE 22: The Corrigan kitchen. Rachel is making breakfast at the stove and Kat is pouring orange juice by the sink. Nick walks in.

KAT (Cheerily):

Good morning, sleepy head!

NICK (Smiling):

Mornin'! (Pause) You're up pretty early for a Saturday, aren't ya, Kiddo?


Nope. I always get up early on Saturdays and help Mom make breakfast. Then I get to watch cartoons for a while -- right, Mom?


If you eat all your breakfast. (Pause/turns to Nick) I'm making scrambled eggs and bacon for Kat and I -- would you like some?


No, thanks. I think I'll just grab a piece of toast and some coffee. Then, I should head back to the Legacy House. Derek's pretty anxious to talk to me about somethin'.

KAT (Disappointed):

Do you have to go already?! I thought you could stay and spend the day with Mom and I ... like yesterday. That was so much fun!


Yeah, it was. But, I gotta get back to the real world, Kiddo. (Pause; he lifts her downed chin and says) You know how Derek can get ... (whispers) ... worse than Mom sometimes! (Normal speech) So, I better get back. (Another pause) But, if nothing is goin' on, maybe I'll be back later.

KAT (A little cheerier):


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