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LegacyWeb.com is in its third incarnation (major re-design) as of March 2002. It began in September 1996 as THE FIRST UNOFFICIAL WEB SITE dedicated to the series and its fans. At that time, Poltergeist: The Legacy had been airing on the US pay cable channel Showtime in the Spring & Summer and was about to start airing in syndication in the Fall of 1996. There was like NOTHING on the web (Showtime didn't really have that much) to help us fans find out more info about the series and its cast members. I was just learning how to make web pages and I noticed P:TL didn't have a fansite yet. I eagerly delved into making one, hoping that I would find other fans to chat with about my fav show. I didn't have to wait long before I had people from all over the world to discuss it with! :-) Best of all, the new site got noticed right away by the crew of P:TL and Mark Stern (Trilogy) who really seemed thrilled with the idea of P:TL having fansites and answered many fans' questions early on. (Answers can be seen in the FAQ.)

This fansite didn't start out as "LegacyWeb" but as "The First Unofficial Web Site for Viewers of Poltergeist: The Legacy." It began as only few pages and located on my web space that came with my ISP account. In the Spring of 1997, I registered the domain name "legacyweb.com" and found a web host ($ paid out of my own pocket every month for over five years now) and began improving and moving the site to its new domain. It grew and grew over time and then I also registered "thelegacy.org" as a "sister site" which enabled me to add things like a discussion forum, a FAQ db and lots of files that didn't fit on legacyweb. Over time, the web hosting provider for legacyweb.com improved its offerings greatly and has made the sister site not so necessary anymore. The basic "look" of the main page and navigation of LegacyWeb didn't change at all until early 2002. [ see screenshot ] Not that I hadn't wanted to totally re-design everything for years, I just had a helluva time finding time to accomplish that rather large task! :-) It does help that I have more experience now and can whip out pages, graphics and configure cgi scripts rather quickly.

I want to say thanks to all the wonderful friends who have met online because of this show and this site. A special mega-thanks goes out to the ones who have helped me out since the beginning to supply the rest of us fans with the much-needed and much-craved for fanfic and detailed episode descriptions (you'll see their credits on pages throughout the site.) There is no way I could've ever done all those descriptions by myself! (I'm a major procrastinator.) And a big THANK YOU to the powers that be at MGM for being such great sports and letting unofficial fansites exist on the Internet for this awesome show.

Enjoy the site!

Clair aka "Clarianna" (my first "netname")
Webmistress of LegacyWeb

PLEASE NOTE: Eventhough there are multimedia files on this web site for the fans' viewing/listening pleasure, MGM still retains all trademarks and copyrights to all Poltergeist: The Legacy™ images, video clips, and audio. Please do not download and publish the files to any other web site. Thanks!