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The Legacy is a secret-society that has been in existence since the sixth century (500s A.D.) It had its beginnings in England, where the Ruling House resides. The Legacy is dedicated to collecting knowledge and artifacts, solving paranormal problems and protecting mankind from supernatural evils. Over time, the membership expanded around the world. Legacy "Houses" were set up in other cities and countries. Each house has a "Precept" - a leader - that can be identified by his/her insignia ring. Dr. Derek Rayne is the Precept of the San Francisco House, set in a castle-like mansion on Angel Island in the Bay. Derek, Nick, Alex, Rachel and Philip work under the guise of the Luna Foundation, a philanthropic institution which collects artifacts and antiquities. Together, the courageous members of The Legacy search and uncover a secret world of terror as they resolve to defend the world against evil and darkness.

(See short character descriptions below.)

Derek Dr. Derek Rayne (Derek de Lint)
is a multi-faceted man and scientist, with a PhD in both Biological Anthropology and Theology. He heads up this particular Legacy house under the guise of the Luna Foundation (in his father's footsteps.) Under his wing are a special group comprised of four diverse individuals: Nick, Alex, Rachel and Philip. They are what he considers his "family" and even though they know him better than most, he still remains a mystery to them all.


Nick Nick Boyle (Martin Cummins)
is an ex-Navy SEAL whose father had been a colleague of Derek's. Nick prefers the physical, hands-on method of combating evil. He clashes with Derek's way of leadership on many occasions but has turned out to be more like his Precept - impulsive - than any of the others, much to Nick's surprise.


Alex Alexandra Moreau (Robbi Chong)
This funny, warm, curious, socially conscious intelligent woman relies on her scientific education, psychic powers and intuition to investigate the paranormal mysteries that abound the world. Alex was found while she was still in college by Derek Rayne, a Professor of Anthropology. Her skills make her the premier researcher for the San Francisco House.


Rachel Dr. Rachel Corrigan (Helen Shaver)
A psychiatrist with a need to be skeptical of what she cannot prove scientifically. She becomes involved with The Legacy after her supernatural encounter with a demon released from the Fifth Sepulchre which her daughter, Kat (see below) found whilst on a trip to Ireland to visit the graves of Rachel's husband and son.


Kat Kat Corrigan (Alexandra Purvis)
Budding with powerful psychic powers, Rachel's daughter is the focus of several episodes so far and is becoming rather involved with The Legacy herself. As a person cannot join The Legacy until they come of age, young Kat is not a member herself yet but under the tutelage of the SF House Precept, she will be a formidable team member when the time comes to make the choice.


Philip Father Philip Callaghan (Patrick Fitzgerald)
A gentle but fearless Catholic priest, believes morals and faith can fight against the proliferation of evil and sees the spiritual side of matters compared to Nick & Rachel's more skeptical attitudes. Well-educated, Philip has an extensive knowledge of religions and ancient languages and he has a commitment to saving the souls of makind, both of which are very valuable to The Legacy. However, he battles himself with loyalty conflicts between The Church and The Legacy.


Kristin Kristin Adams (Kristin Lehman)
On leave from the Boston Legacy House, Kristin uses the San Francisco team to help find her father. During the course of events, she becomes a member of the San Francisco House.
Wm. Sloan William Sloan (Daniel J. Travanti)
was the current Precept of the Ruling Legacy House in London and a more "by the book" type who uses unorthodox tactics and an aloof demeanor in his management of The Legacy team. He was a member longer than Derek but has apparently worked with the SF Legacy Precept in the past on more than one occasion.