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Alexandra Purvis

Alex Purvis in season 2 ep, The Gift
(from episode "The Gift")





 At age 10 - Beautiful B/W Photo of Alex

January 27, 1988 (Age )

Fav Thing: her dog Snickers

Favourite Colors: Blue and Green.

Fav Food: Pizza Pops

Fav Music: Backstreet Boys, Bewitched and The Spice Girls

Fav Subjects in School: Literature, Reading, Science and Math

Fav TV Shows: Sailor Moon, Mad about You and Poltergeist:The Legacy (no surprise there!)

Hobbies: Swimming, Snow Skiing, Dancing, Horseback Riding and Sticker Collecting.

Family: sister Keely Purvis is also a child actress and has been in X2 and Marine Life.

Thanks to Penny Purvis & the IMDb...

2003 Agent Cody Banks - "Amy"

2002 Taken (television mini-series)
- "Lisa Clarke" (Age 13)

2002 Santa Clause 2, The - "Danielle"

2002 Now and Forever - "Young Angela"

2000 Marine Life - "Adele Nordstrom"
To escape her chaotic family life, a very mature twelve year old Adele tries to make sense of it all. Cybill Shepherd plays "June Nordstrom", the mother.

Alex won the 2001 Leo Award for Best Performance - Female of Best Feature Length Drama for MARINE LIFE (she even beat out Helen Shaver who was nominated in the same category!)

1999 A Song from the Heart [TV] = "Tina Comstock"
A love story about a blind concert cellist (played by Amy Grant) who falls for a self-centered pianist. (aka "Music from the Heart")

1997 Contagious (aka "Virus") [TV] - "Julie"
with Lindsey Wagner & Tom Wopat

1996 Ronnie and Julie - "Willa"
with Teri Garr. This movie aired March 30, 1997 and throughout the month of April on Showtime. From Penny - "Alex was very excited about this film as it was a romantic comedy and a very big role for her."

1996 For Hope [TV]
with Dana Delaney.

1996-1999 Poltergeist: The Legacy [TV series] - "Kat Corrigan"

1995 Dangerous Intentions (a.k.a. Deadly Intentions) [TV]
with Donna Mills & Corbin Bersen

1995 Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (The Annette Funicello Story) with Annette Funicello.

1994 Disappearance of Vonnie [TV] - "Amy Pickman"
with Anne Jillian & Joe Penny.

Thanks to Alex' mom, Penny, for providing her list of fav things and some filmography credit info.