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Due to no more new seasons of P:TL and the lack of interest in chatting regularly, there is no chat schedule. However, the #cyber_legacy_house chatroom is open for any fans who would like to use it. Disclaimer: the IRC server this connects to is not a part of legacyweb, it's on a publicly-accessible server where anyone can drop and the room is not moderated, so I would not recommend that minors use this chatroom.

If you do not have an IRC client, like mIRC or PIRCH, you can go to the #cyber_legacy_house chat page if you have a java-enabled browser.

If you already have an IRC client (like mIRC) I recommend you use that instead, as there are more features incorporated into it. Check out the how-to link to learn how to connect to the server.


If you will be using an irc client instead of webmaster's java irc chat, follow these instructions.

Server to connect to: irc.webmaster.com (port 6667)
(don't forget to "add" it to your list)

Channel to join:


To register your nickname, type in:

/NickServ REGISTER help

then hit "enter" key and follow the directions given for how to register a nick

How to identify yourself to the server when you enter if you have a registered nickname. Type in the following (replacing "yourpassword" with your chosen password that you previously registered):

/NickServ IDENTIFY yourpassword

then hit "enter" key