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This mailing list is for persons age 18 AND OLDER ONLY.

Note: you will receive a message after you join
that will tell you where to send your age statement.

To join, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ptlfanfic/join (this will be easier if you already have a yahoo id set up)

To unsubscribe, send a blank email to ptlfanfic-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

General Information

PTLFANFIC List is for ages 18+ only.

This list is intended ONLY for the posting of Poltergeist The Legacy FAN FICTION, requests, critiques, comments, and discussion of fanfic.

Sexual/adult content is allowed but no "Slash" please, an established P:TL slash list already exists on yahoogroups.com

The listmoms are:

Mary Alice - (for questions of list policy, keeper of age statements, and more)

Clair aka "Clarianna" - (listmom for the LJs too.)

Rules and Guidelines

• No "actor" fanfic (write about the *characters*, not the actors.)

• No fanfic depicting real persons (like one of your friends) without express permission of the persons involved - have them email the listmoms with their written permission.

• NEVER send your stories as attached files and do not send graphics.

• Send email as PLAIN TEXT ONLY, not HTML or Rich Text Format. (this list is set to remove any attachments, including most viruses.)

• Do not post to the list someone's private email message/story without permission of the that person/writer.

• When quoting a previous post, please edit the quoted material. Use just enough to remind the readers what you are replying to, don't leave in the whole thing!

• Some subscribers may not be able to handle emails over a certain size so break the story up into pieces, label them (1/5, 2/5, etc.) and send them that way. Try to break them up so they are no longer than around 400-500 lines each.

• To help the readers follow your story lines, please indicate if the story is a sequel or prequel to a previous posting of yours and the title of the last posting.

• PLEASE, we're begging you, use SPELLCHECK *before* you send it.

• Need a beta reader? Post your plea there or on the list.

• Off-topic and non-P:TL-fanfic-related posts may be removed from the list's message archive at the list-owner's discretion to prevent a thread from continuing. Outdated info (like past monthly reposts of these guidelines) and duplicate posts are sometimes removed to make it easier for members to browse the archives for stories.

Story Template

For EVERY part (each email message) of the STORY sent to the list, please include the following in the SUBJECT line: Title, Story Part # of Total # (ex. 1/5), Rating

A TEMPLATE NEEDS TO BE FILLED OUT AND INCLUDED *ONCE* in either a pre-story post *or* inserted at the beginning of the first part sent to the list. The template is located in the FILES section of our yahoogroup.