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NOTICE: information provided in the series "bible" may not exactly jive with what we saw in the series. Changes were obviously made as the show was developed during season one. Comments were inserted by the webmistress to make the reader aware of inconsistencies between what is in this series bible and what we saw in the actual episodes.

A Format for the Series

The Show (pages 1-5 in the printed version)
"The Legacy" , The History , The Organization , The Membership , The Location , The Legacy's Beliefs and Battles , What is the underlying scientific/spiritual belief of The Legacy? , Why secrecy of the group?

The Characters (pages 5-13 in the printed version)
The Legacy [ Derek Rayne , Philip Callahan , Nick Boyle , Rachel Corrigan (and Katherine) , Alexandra Moreau ] Special characters featured in the double-length premiere , Additional Characters , Guest Stars

The Format (pages 13-17 in the printed version)
Story Requirements , The Legacy Writing Tenets , The Taboos , Ghosts and Demons , The Production Realities , Standards and Practices

The Episodes (pages 18-22 in the printed version)
Scripts currently in the works , Other Available Stories , Potential Adaptations of Classic Ghost Stories

Glossary (under construction)
(Contained within 50 pages, not including index, in the printed form)

Table of Contents and Index
Bibliography (links)

A Format for the Series and Glossary © 1995, 1996 Trilogy Entertainment Group.