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Title: Poltergeist: The Legacy - Frontiers of the Mind
Author: Mitchell Kaufman
Released: February 2000

"... factual and well documented occurrences of psychic and unexplained phenomena.

Spanning many years of investigation... In this rare new volume, renowned neurologist Mitchell Kaufman, MD, presents cases from some of the greatest psychic and supernatural investigators of the last centuries; cases that deal with famous people and well-known incidents. Read about the strange prophesies and occurrences surrounding the deaths of famous Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Relive the experience of the Titanic disaster as those who did before the ship sailed to its doom! Learn about the fascination both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had for the psychical sciences. And you'll be introduced to some amazing devices from the lives of Mark Twain and Thomas Edison, intended to communicate with the worlds beyond life and earth as we know it. In addition, Dr. Kaufman explains why medical science cannot exclude the existence of psychic phenomena in our everyday lives.

Mitchell Kaufman, MD, is an expert in research in frontiers of the human brain and a strong believer in psychic phenomena. He brings a fresh new perspective to some of the oldest questions of humanity in this new Poltergeist: The Legacy novelization series, based on some of the works previously released from the MGM Film Library." – Quadrillion Media

Publisher: Quadrillion Media
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 1581857020