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History of The Legacy

The Legacy is a specialized, secret society that has been in existence since the sixth century (500s A.D) or for 3,000 years....we don't know which is "more correct" because there are references to both! (It's a secret, eh?)

The Legacy is dedicated to collecting knowledge and artifacts, solving paranormal problems and protecting mankind from supernatural evils. They quantify and categorizes phenomena in scientific, rather than religious terms. They are the last line of defense against evil forces in the world.

Each location of a group of Legacy members is called a "House." Each House is run by a leader called a "Precept." Precepts are the only members who wear the ring with the insignia on it. The others wear rings but we do not know if they are Legacy-related or not.

The "Ruling House" of The Legacy is in London, England (see "Traitor Among Us")

Dr. Derek Rayne is the Precept of the San Francisco House, set in a castle-like mansion on Angel Island in the Bay.

They work under the guise of the Luna Foundation, a philanthropic institution which collects artifacts and antiquities. It is not known if the foundation is the guise of ALL houses or just the San Francisco one.

An Initiated Legacy Member who leaves, cannot return.

Houses can be turned to the darkside. (see Belgium House, Montreal House)

Both Legacy and Luna Foundation emblems are represented with an "L" entwined with serpents (?)

Legacy uses a Tribunal to judge members in a way that had been used since the time of the Druids. (see "Traitor Among Us.)

Either The Legacy or the Raynes (or both) are immensely wealthy, but financing is unknown.

All Legacy Members must keep written journals.

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