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Most of these magazines (some with GREAT photos of the cast of P:TL) are still available for ordering and that info is posted on each article page. Complete list of magazines (so far) with P:TL articles between their covers.  Got something not listed here? Please do your fellow fans a favor and type up and send missing articles. Note: for the most part, misspelled names and misinformation within articles are left as they were published.  

Magazine Articles
Year/Month Issue Magazine Article Title and Description
2000 #16 Cult Times Special Ghost Busters - interviews with Martin Cummins and Helen Shaver about season 4 and their post-P:TL acting and directing projects.
1999 #8 Xposé™ Special Helen to Pay - interview with Helen Shaver
1999 July #34 TV Zone™ Special Tongeren and Groove - interview with Poltergeist and Outer Limits composer, John Van Tongeren
1999 Apr Vol 5 #9 Sci Fi Entertainment The Poltergeist Files - about P:TL's move to the Sci Fi Channel and some teasers about the fourth season.
1999 Feb #32 TV Zone™ Special Poltergeist – The Effects - interview with Sandra Aumont & Jim Finn and Top 10 Visual Effects Season 3
1998 #6 Xposé™ Special Rotten to the Core - production team discusses show
1998 #4 Xposé™ Special Ghost Writer - interview with Grant Rosenburg
1998 #37 Starburst™ Special RAYNEMAN - interview with Derek de Lint (season 3)
1998 Nov #39 Dreamwatch DÆMONIC Legacy - about the show and the then upcoming third season.
1998 Sep Vol 30 #5/6 Cinefantastique Poltergeist: The Legacy - Outer Limits' sister series moves to the Sci-Fi Channel
1998 Sep Vol 30 #5/6 Cinefantastique Creating the Pilot
1997 Oct #15 Xposé™ American Gothic - premise of the show
1997 Sep #94 TV Zone™ Derek de Lint - A Man with a Legacy
1997 May #10 Xposé™ The Exorcist - interview with Derek de Lint
1996 #1 Cult Times Special Ghost Busting - intro to the series
1996 Dec #5 Xposé™ Revelations - interview with Helen Shaver
1996 Jun Vol 11 #2 Reel West Ghost Riders - production of the series
1996 May - Showtime Behind The Scenes - on the P:TL set
1996 Apr #151 Fangoria Poltergeist: The Legacy Haunts the Tube - introduction to and premise of P:TL
1996 Mar Vol 2 #6 Cinescape Ghost Busters - intro and premise of P:TL
Chat Transcripts and other Interviews/Announcements
Year Date Type Description
1999 October 3 Chat Transcript Derek de Lint UNMODERATED Chat
1998 October 31 Chat Transcript Derek de Lint and Robbi Chong at SCIFI.CON 3
1998 October 21 Chat Transcript Brent Karl Clackson (producer)
1998 October 15 Chat Transcript Derek de Lint    hear the 58 min chat in Real audio!
1998 October 14 Chat Transcript Robbi Chong    hear the 52 min chat in Real audio!
1998 October 10 Chat Transcript Richard Barton Lewis (Exec Producer)
1998 May 17 Chat Transcript Writer - Jay Cappe (AOL moderated chat)
Miscellaneous Interviews/Announcements/News Articles
1998 March 31 Press Release Sci-Fi Channel and MGM ... complete a deal
c. 1996/97 unknown TV Gen web article Summer Sci-Fi Special: Restless Spirits
1996 April 18 Newspaper article P:TL premiering Sunday night on Showtime
A not-so-good review based on the pilot (the umbilical cord scene really turned people off!)
1999 - OFF-SITE articles Raj Manoharan's reviews of season four episodes