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To make one of these images (see below) your desktop wallpaper in Windows...
1. Click on the link below the thumbnail image of the wallpaper which is the closest match to your monitor settings (800x600 or 1024x768.)
2. Wait for the image to load completely in the new window.
3. Click one of the wallpaper with your RIGHT mouse button.
2. Select SET AS WALLPAPER from the menu that pops up.

Note: this will over-write the previous "internet" wallpaper image on your desktop. If the first one you picked is the wrong size, you can follow the steps above to select another.

ptl wallpaper
legacyweb1 800x600
legacyweb1 1024x768

The following are the desktop wallpapers that MGM made available around Nov 1997 at thelegacy.com (site no longer available) in a special section for each of the "houses" on their site (London, Paris, etc.) They offered them for download as three BMPs per ZIP file (which took forever to download when on a dialup internet connection.) Each 800x600 BMP has now been converted to JPG and a larger 1024x768 version made.
All images are still copyrighted © by MGM but please do not direct link to them on this site nor publish them on any other web page. Thanks!

mgm ptl wallpaper blueprint 1
blueprint1 800x600
blueprint1 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper blueprint 2
blueprint2 800x600
blueprint2 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper blueprint 3
blueprint3 800x600
blueprint3 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper blueprint 4
blueprint4 800x600
blueprint4 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper door
door 800x600
door 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper gatehouse
gatehouse 800x600
gatehouse 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper ghost
ghost 800x600
ghost 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper lion
lion 800x600
lion 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper mansion
mansion 800x600
mansion 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper mausoleum
mausoleum 800x600
mausoleum 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper shaman
shaman 800x600
shaman 1024x768
mgm ptl wallpaper
zombie 800x600
zombie 1024x768