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Season One aired in Spring-Summer of 1996 on Showtime (US pay cable channel) and started into syndication (in the US) in Fall 1996.

In this season, we're introduced to and learned about the lives of six people (Derek Rayne, Rachel Corrigan, Nick Boyle, Alexandra Moreau, Father Philip Callaghan and Kat Corrigan), The Legacy and its "front" organization, the Luna Foundation.

01 Pilot 11 Crystal Scarab
   (double-length pilot episode) 12 The Bell of Girardius
02 Sins of the Father 13 Fox Spirit
03 Town Without Pity 14 Thirteenth Generation
04 The Tenement 15 Dark Priest
05 Twelfth Cave 16 Revelations
06 Man in the Mist 17 Bones of St. Anthony
07 Ghost in the Road 18 Inheritance
08 Doppelganger 19 The Signalman
09 The Substitute 20 The Reckoning
10 Do Not Go Gently 21 Traitor Among Us