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Season Two aired in early 1997 Showtime (US pay cable channel) and started into syndication (in the US) in Fall 1997.

In this season, they pretty much dropped the recurring character Father Philip Callaghan (with the exception of one appearance) and replaced him with the occasional presence of the London House precept, William Sloan. We continued to learn more about Derek Rayne, Rachel Corrigan, Nick Boyle, Alexandra Moreau, and Kat Corrigan.

22 The New Guard 33 Repentance
23 Black Widow 34 Devil's Lighthouse
24 Lights Out 35 Lullaby
25 Spirit Thief 36 Silent Partner
26 The Gift 37 Shadow Fall
27 Transference 38 Mind's Eye
28 Dark Angel 39 Fear
29 Lives in the Balance 40 Someone to Watch Over Me
30 Rough Beast 41 Let Sleeping Demons Lie
31 Ransom 42 Trapped
32 Finding Richter 43 The Choice