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Season Three aired in 1998 Showtime (US pay cable channel) and started into syndication (in the US) in Fall 1998.

In this season, Father Philip Callaghan did not make an appearance and William Sloan was dropped completely (see Trapped from Season 2) Much to the chagrin of a majority of the female viewership, the reoccurring character slot was filled by a Boston Legacy House member, Kristin Adams. We continued to learn more about Derek Rayne, Rachel Corrigan, Nick Boyle, Alexandra Moreau, and Kat Corrigan.

44 Darkness Falls 55 Metamorphosis
45 Light of Day 56 La Belle Dame Sans Merci
46 Enlightened One 57 The Prodigy
47 Stolen Hearts 58 The Human Vessel
48 Father to Son 59 The Covenant
49 Fallen Angel 60 The Internment
50 Dream Lover 61 Seduction full description added 01-JUN-03
51 Debt of Honor 62 Out of Sight
52 The Light 63 Last Good Knight
53 Hell Hath No Fury 64 Armies of Night
54 Irish Jug 65 Darkside