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We almost did not get a fourth season of P:TL because Showtime dropped it. MGM was lucky enough to get a package deal with the Sci Fi Channel (US cable) which included the production of ONLY ONE new season (the fourth) to be aired on Sci Fi in 1999. Season four started in syndication (in the US) in Fall 1999.

In this season, Father Philip Callaghan was back for a two-parter (see Unholy Congress and Sacrifice) and Kristin Adams hung around for awhile in the reoccurring character slot. Derek Rayne found love and tragedy, Rachel Corrigan dealt with typical and unusual pre-teen issues with her daughter, Kat. Alex kept getting her head turned to the Darkside (but at least she got to kiss Derek!) and Nick Boyle started looking more and more like precept material. The Beast Within is the season and series finale.

66 Song of the Raven 77 Unholy Congress
67 Bird of Prey 78 Sacrifice
68 Vendetta 79 She's Got the Devil in Her Heart
69 The Painting (no full description) 80 Body and Soul
70 The Possession 81 Forget Me Not
71 The Traitor 82 The Portents (no full description)

72. Double Cross

83 Gaslight
73. Brother's Keeper 84 Sabbath's End
74 Initiation full desc. added 19-JAN-03 85 Mephisto Strain (no full description)
75 Wishful Thinking (no full description) 86 Infernal Affairs (no full description)
76 Still Waters 87 The Beast Within

NOTE: Credits for this season's descriptions are not complete and main characters and guest characters lists may not be 100% accurate.