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Kat CorriganKat Corrigan

[ Quotes ]

Age: Eight years old at beginning of the series.

Father: Patrick Corrigan (1958-1995) an architect, killed in a car accident in California in 1995 and buried in Ireland. (see "Pilot")

Mother: Rachel, a psychiatrist.

Brother: Connor (1982-1995) killed in same accident with his father and is buried in Ireland.(see "Pilot")

Occupations: School

Other: Has the "Sight"

Significant Episodes:

  • Pilot (I)
  • Doppelganger (I)
  • The Inheritance (I)
  • Revelations (I)
  • The Gift (II)
  • Transference (II)
  • Lullaby (II)
  • Fear (II)
  • The Choice (II)
  • Stolen Hearts (III)
  • Irish Jug (III)


Season One

"Sometimes, she reminds me of myself. We’re only children once and I hate to see her robbed of her childhood as I was robbed of mine." Derek speaking to Nick about Kat in "Doppelganger."

"There was really no choice for him, for me and maybe for Kat." Derek talking to Nick about Winston and Kat and joining the Legacy in "Doppelganger."

"If you feel sad, all you have to do is look in a mirror…because a mirror can turn everything around." Kat, telling Phillip how to solve his problem in "The Reckoning."

Season Two

To her mother in "Transference", "I wish we had a more normal life."

"I’ll still be different from everyone else. It’s true! That’s why I’m not making friends at school. I can see things other people can’t." Kat, speaking to her mother, in "The Choice."

Kat, answering her mother’s question about whether she wants to leave the Legacy, "But I have friends. Nick’s my friend and Alex understands me. And Derek. I feel safe with Derek. They’re our family now. I don’t want to go away and never see them again…This is where I belong. You do too! We’re home now." See "The Choice."

"They say you see yourself in your children. And while I know it’s true, when I look at Kat, I also feel afraid. Afraid that what I’ve done has placed her whole life at risk. We’re both bound to the Legacy with bonds we cannot break. All I ask is for the strength to see her grow, to survive." Rachel, talking about Kat, in "The Choice."

Mega-thanks to Emmalee for giving me her massive list of data that was the beginnings of the character and archive pages and for the Season Two quotes.

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