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[ Quotes ]

Age: Exact age unknown...about 28 in Season III.

Father: Jonathan/Robert Boyle (deceased) was member of Legacy and an alcoholic who beat Nick and his mother when drunk. (unbeknownst to Derek.)
Mother: Name & whereabouts uknown (to us)
Brother: never talked one it until mid-Season III and then he had just died.


  • Ex-Navy SEAL: quit because his entire unit was killed when betrayed by their commander.
  • Pilot - plane and helicopter


Gun owner. Uses 9mm and a 45.

Rides motorcycle, Drives 1964 1/2 red Mustang convertible.

Good at trivia (baseball, history)

Enjoys drag racing the clock to clear his head.

Had a female cousin, Sandra, murdered by a cult. They were very close. (See "Dark Priest")

Trunk of his car contains a phone, fax machine and a laptop computer. (See "The Substitute")

Likes the Three Stooges (refers to them as the "three highest forms of matter in the universe")

"No respect for forces he is up against," according to Father Philip Callaghan

Nick is mad at Philip because he's afraid if he leaves, the "family" (in the Legacy) will break up. (see "Pilot")

Fears commitment because he fears he will destroy everything he touches, like his father.

One ex-love includes Liz Barrow, a teacher. (see "Do Not Go Gently")

Resides at the castle on Angel Island.

He is not a good liar. (see "The New Guard")

Can eat anytime, even after seeing dead bodies. (see "Black Widow")

Realizes the Legacy, especially his team, is definitely worth his very life.

Loves/loved Julia. (see "Black Widow")

Will not compromise his principles.

Refers to Derek as "boss." (see "The New Guard")

Played baseball as a kid. Once tried to contact Babe Ruth through his friend Laura to get help with his hitting. ("Silent Partner")

Is called a Navy brat by Mike MacCreedy (which would mean either his
mother or father were also Navy.) (See "The Devil’s Lighthouse.")

Impulsive but doesn't see himself as such.

Knows absolutely nothing about fine art.

Nick's Mustang California license plate number: 3IG68529

Significant Episodes:

  • Pilot
  • Town Without Pity
  • Sins of the Father
  • Ghost in the Road
  • Dark Priest
  • Do Not Go Gently
  • The Inheritance
  • A Traitor Among Us
  • Black Widow (Season II)
  • Lights Out (II)
  • Dark Angel (II)
  • Rough Beast (II)
  • Finding Richter (II)
  • Silent Partner (II)
  • The Devil’s Lighthouse (II)
  • Repentance (II)
  • Shadow Fall (II)
  • Trapped (II)
  • The Choice (II)
  • Darkness Falls (Season III)
  • Light of Day (III)
  • Enlightened One (III)
  • Debt of Honor (III)
  • Hell Hath No Fury (III)
  • The Human Vessel (III)


Discussing the problem of the five Sepulchres: "Great. We've got ourselves an express elevator to Hell. Now how do we kill this thing?" (see "Pilot")

"Derek, watch out for Nick. He has no respect for the forces he is up against." Phillip warning Derek. "That’s his strength, my friend." Derek replies in "The Pilot."

A Legacy member who leaves the house can never return. I thought those were the rules." Nick speaking to Derek in the "Pilot."

"Still fighting fire with fire, huh?" Phillip, speaking sarcastically to Nick in the "Pilot."

"I can tell you this. You’re not the only one who’s had to face this kind of ugliness. Every one of us who is a member of the Legacy has had their soul turned inside out at one point or another. And we do it again, because it’s the most important thing we can do. What have you got to lose?" Nick to Rachel in "Town Without Pity."

"Remind me never to question your hunches." Derek to Nick in "Town without Pity."

Questioning Derek’s decision to let Alex handle a crisis on her own, "When did it become tactical procedure to send someone into the field without backup?" Derek’s reply, "Right now. And Nick, I don’t recall asking your opinion on this matter." Nick’s response, "Aye, aye, skipper." See "The Tenement.

"You make a commitment to something, you stick with it." Nick discussing Phillip with Derek in "The Man in the Mist."

When asked by Derek why he joined the Legacy, "Because I believe in what we’re doing, because it’s right, because we’re fighting evil, because we’re making the world a better place, because I haven’t got anything else to do!" (see "The Man in the Mist.")

"I think you’re mad at Phillip because, if he leaves, he’ll break up our team – the team that has become your family." Derek, speaking to Nick. (see "The Man in the Mist.")

When asked again by Derek why he joined the Legacy, "Maybe this is all due to the fact that for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m part of something special. Maybe I’ve finally found my niche in life and I just don’t want anyone else to rock the boat and maybe, that is the right answer and you’ll get off my case!" (see "The Man in the Mist.")

"The Legacy is built on passion -- the defense, the protection of everything that is worth keeping. If that’s obsessive, then that’s what I am." (see "The Ghost in the Road").

"Fifty-fifty odds. I’ve had worse." Nick talking to Alex in "The Ghost in the Road."

"That would have been bad." Nick’s response to Alex’s question "What if you shot yourself?" in "The Ghost in the Road."

"What am I, crazy?" Nick’s revelation that he removed the bullet before playing Russian Roulette (see "The Ghost in the Road").

"Your demon’s never satisfied, is he? They never are." Nick speaking to Dr. Brendan Slade in "Do Not Go Gently."

"I was afraid … of ruining everything I touched, just like my father." Nick telling Liz why their romance failed in "Do Not Go Gently."

"You’ve really got to wanna make it. Once you make it, you’ve got to believe in it to stay." Nick talking to Rachel about his stint in the Navy (see "The Thirteenth Generation").

"You go into combat, you’ve got to believe in the guy covering your back. I just didn’t believe anymore." Nick telling Rachel why he left the Seals (see "The Thirteenth Generation").

‘Nick, I guess you know, but I’m really glad you’re the one who’s watching my back" Rachel’s response to Nick in "The Thirteenth Generation."

"Nothing like that old black magic" Nick’s sarcastic comment in "The Dark Priest."

"How could this have happened? Here, in our own house?" Nick’s question to Derek after the attack by Levon Soltar’s spirit in "The Dark Priest."

"It actually worked!" Nick’s surprised reply to Derek’s plan to kill the demon in "The Bones of St. Anthony."

"More like ale with an attitude," Nick’s description of stout for Alex in "The Reckoning."

Season Two

"Get over it!" Nick returning Sloan’s words to him in "The New Guard."

"I knew your father. He was an impatient man, too. One of the great ones, your dad." Sloan to Nick in "The New Guard."

"Well, I hate to tear down your idol, Mr. Sloan. Pop wasn't much of a hero in the homefront." Nick, sarcastically responding to Sloan’s comments about his father in "The New Guard."

"Yeah, unfortunately for us." Nick’s answer to the sheriff about whether Sloan is with them in "The New Guard."

"I’ve been shot by nicer people." Nick’s feelings about the sheriff in "The New Guard."

"Sorry, Derek runs a more democratic ship. I’m allowed to think for myself." Nick’s response to Sloan’s admonition not to undermine him again in "The New Guard."

"I hadn’t realized how committed Derek is to the Legacy, to his friends, to us. I guess I never truly accepted how difficult a job he has. I know now that none of this will ever be easy. Like Sloan says, ‘it’s not supposed to be.’" Nick writing in his Legacy journal in "The New Guard."

"When Julia was alive, I was never sure about my feelings for her. It is strange that the loss of someone makes you realize their importance, too late. Now, in a sense, death validates living and letting go of someone brings you to the realization of how close you really were." Nick’s Legacy journal entry in "Black Widow."

Says to Derek after just spending & surviving the night with a succubus: "Great. I finally find someone I like being with, and she ends up being a nymphomaniac from Hell."

Upon opening the mysterious box: "Not exactly buried treasure." (see "Lights Out")

In study, which has just been completely trashed by faeiries: "Just your average beer drinking, chess playing things that go bump in the night" - "These guys are regular party animals" - and to Derek: "Wow, this guy was one move away from checkmate when you interrupted- no wonder they got angry." (see "Lights Out")

Francis is doing an autopsy. Nick comes in and asks if she ever sleeps. She says, "I do some of my best work at night, Nick". Nick replies with a smile, "so do vampires.". (see "Rough Beast") - Thanks to Kris K for this quote!

Saying begun by Alex and completed by Rachel about Nick, "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night … will stop him from getting from 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds." They are referring to Nick’s love of his car in "Dark Angel."

Alex, talking to Nick in "Dark Angel", "We’re just trying to get at the truth, the way you are. In your own inimitable, bullheaded fashion."

"You’re his right hand," Father Brendan says to Nick, referring to Derek, in "Dark Angel."

Nick’s "Dark Angel" Legacy Journal Entry, "I never realized how easy it was for someone to let evil into their heart. If something’s empty, you just fill it with whatever’s available. Evil’s always there for the asking – win, lose or draw."

"The first true test is silence," Nick discussing martial arts philosophy with Lucas in "Lives in the Balance."

"Some things you just can’t ride around," Nick talking to Rachel about why he has to find out if Richter is alive in "Finding Richter."

"Most of us only get one shot at life. John Wesley Richter got two. First as a soldier who saw too much of death to die himself. And second as the messiah for a strange and nameless god. Although there’s no way to know for certain, I’d like to believe his soul is at last at rest." Nick’s Legacy Journal entry in "Finding Richter."

"Four years in the Navy and I never got beat up as regularly as I do around here. I’m gonna start putting in for combat pay." Nick talking to Rachel in "Shadow Fall."

"You hurt her, I hurt you," Nick’s warning to Jeffrey Starr not to hurt Alex in "Mind’s Eye."

"When you go through what we go through regularly, nobody walks away unscarred," Nick discussing the effect the Legacy has on its members in "The Choice."

"You know where to find me." Nick telling Rachel she can always call on him for help in "The Choice."

Mega-thanks to Emmalee for giving me her massive list of data that was the beginnings of the character and archive pages and for the Season Two quotes.

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