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William SloanWilliam Sloan
Former Precept of London Ruling House

[ Quotes ]

Age: Guesstimate: late 40s, early 50s

Family: Has a wife named Patricia and at least two children (don't know anymore than that.)


  • Precept of the Ruling Legacy House in London and head of the entire Legacy


Drove a Mercedes (see "The New Guard")

He's a "by the book" guy.

Apparently has had a long history of muted animosity with Derek. They don't really hate each other, they just don't agree on anything. In ways, they are alot alike. No matter how long either are with The Legacy, they'll never be "done."

Derek & Sloan had trouble in Nairobi & Al Khafar (not confirmed yet.)

Not comfortable with the desk job as Ruling House precept, but "someone's gotta do it."

William is very perceptive and has high powers of deduction. He knows everyone's dossier down to a letter.

He holds up his end when it counts.

Has non-Legacy informants.

Really cares but hides it under protocol.

Appears to be quit chummy with Derek's mother, Barbara.

Doesn't lose his cool in the field.

Significant Episodes:

  • The New Guard (Season II)
  • Lights Out (II)
  • Ransom (II)
  • Someone to Watch Over Me (II)
  • Let Sleeping Demons Lie (II)
  • Trapped (II)


Derek says to him: "My God. I've finally made it to Hell." Then Sloan says: "You look like hell." Derek replies: ""I was shot. What's your excuse?" (see "The New Guard" - Season II)

About Legacy work, to Nick: "It's not supposed to be easy, this Legacy work." (see "The New Guard" II)

"What would you have liked me to do? Break his kneecaps? Is that how Derek would have handled it?" Sloan questioning Nick about Derek’s typical procedure in "The New Guard."

"I won’t deny there are unresolved issues between us," Sloan tells Nick about he and Derek in "The New Guard."

"Oh, it’s your way or the highway, huh?" Nick’s question to Sloan in "The New Guard." "That’s right," was Sloan’s answer.

"We’re never done anywhere." William Sloan speaking to Nick at the end of "The New Guard."

To Derek (all from "Lights Out" II):

  • "One apology per conversation is all I allow myself."
  • "Unfortunately, the Legacy has never been short on enemies."
  • "Remember what happened to Pandora when she opened the wrong box?"

"Maybe living here behind this big desk has taken the edge off – being out there, the mission, a goal, the adrenaline, the risk. And if I was wrong, it was only my own life that was on the line." From Sloan’s Legacy Journal in "Lights Out!"

Nick jokingly referring to William’s compliment for him and Alex, "Was that just me? Or was that a compliment?" Alex said, "I’m not sure." See "Someone to Watch Over Me."

William, teasing Derek on the phone in "Let Sleeping Demons Lie," "I’d rest in peace, knowing that my last act in life was proving you wrong about something."

"How much injustice has been done in the name of good? How many innocent people have suffered and died because of the ideologies of zealots who believed that their way was the only true way? Maybe that’s one of the evils we should really be concerning ourselves with." William’s Legacy Journal entry in "Let Sleeping Demons Lie."

Sloan to Nick in "Trapped", telling him he hadn’t expected a big greeting, "This isn’t exactly a social call." Nick says, "Yours rarely are."

"The temptation to go over to the enemy can be very great. The power of the dark side can be irresistibly seductive to any one of us," Sloan says in "Trapped."

"Nobody appreciates your sacrifices more than I do. Because nobody knows, the way I do, how much courage the job requires," Sloan talking to Nick in "Trapped."

Mega-thanks to Emmalee for giving me her massive list of data that was the beginnings of the character and archive pages and for the Season Two quotes.

Content Last Updated: Dec 1998