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[ Quotes ]

Age: Exact age unknown - early 40s?

Husband: Patrick Corrigan (1958-1995) an architect, killed in a car accident in California in 1995 and is buried in Ireland.(see "Pilot")

Son: Connor (1982-1995) killed in same accident with his father and is buried in Ireland.(see "Pilot")
Daughter: Katherine (Kat) who is eight years old (at the start of the series) and is gifted with ESP, much the same way Derek is.

Mother: Ruth Cantwell, who died when she was small (see "Inheritance" and "Reckoning")

Grandfather: Joshua Cantwell, a Satanist (see "Reckoning")

Maternal Aunt: Rebecca Cantwell, was a necromancer. (see "Inheritance")


  • Psychiatrist
  • Newest member of the SF Legacy House (see "Pilot", Kristin doesn't count since she's not "officially" a SF Legacy House member.)


Plays piano.

Lives in her own home, not in the castle on Angel Island. Does overnight visits with Kat every once in awhile though.

Emily babysits Kat when Rachel is away on business.

Was almost raped then burned at the stake as a witch by the Right Reverend Abraham Hawking, Leader of New Eden, who is waiting to reclaim the Earth after the Messiah returns. The Rev. had it in his head to re-populate the Earth starting with Rachel. (see "Town Without Pity")

Knows how to play Scottish bagpipes. (see "Lights Out")

Is still very much in love with her dead husband but is trying to move along. (see "The Gift" II)

Kissed Derek on the balcony on Christmas Eve at the SF Legacy House. (see "The Gift" II)

Even after all the supernatural/paranormal events that she has seen and been a part of, Rachel is still very skeptical or possibly in denial of believing in those kinds of things. (see "The Gift" II)

Significant Episodes:

  • Pilot
  • Sins of the Father
  • Town Without Pity
  • The Twelfth Cave
  • Man in the Mist
  • Doppleganger
  • Revelations
  • The Inheritance
  • The Reckoning
  • Traitor Among Us
  • The New Guard (Season II)
  • The Gift (II)
  • Transference (II)
  • Rough Beast (II)
  • Repentance (II)
  • Fear (II)
  • The Choice (II)
  • Stolen Hearts (Season III)
  • The Light (III)
  • Metamorphosis (III)
  • The Internment (III)
  • Seduction (III)


"This goes against everything I've ever learned in the medical field!" (said in many different episodes!)

"But Derek. Look at me. I finally understand what you’ve been talking about. Derek, I’ve never felt so alive." Rachel to Derek in "Town Without Pity."

"The moment I met you I thought your place would be with us in the Legacy. Now I’m certain of it." Derek to Rachel in "Town Without Pity." "So am I" says Rachel in response.

"Medical science does not recognize past life regression." Rachel in "The Man in the Mist."

"That which one cannot defeat, one begins to believe in." Rachel discussing evil with Derek (see "The Ghost in the Road").

"No, it’s not fair, it’s life." Rachel talking to Kevin Sumner in "Do Not Go Gently."

"You want life to be fair? Well, it’s not. You want God to make things right? He won’t without your help!" Derek telling Rachel she has no choice but to continue the fight in "The Reckoning."

"You were meant to find your way to the Legacy. You are part of us." Derek speaking to Rachel in "The Reckoning."

Season Two:

Rachel replies, "Doesn’t everyone?" when asked if she plays bagpipes (see "Lights Out!").

"It’s funny, isn’t it? I get paid all this money to help people deal with their emotions and I’m a basket case." Rachel, speaking to Derek in "The Gift."

"The moment of death is something every being must face. Some believe it’s a new beginning. Some people can’t face the prospect that it’s the end of everything. And some, like Stephen Romero, would make it their very reason for living. Thank God for the Legacy." Written in her journal in "Transference."

Discussing the events of "Lullaby", she says "…it renews my faith that the Legacy fulfills some greater purpose."

"Dr. Peyton told me you could start to unravel, any time." Spoken by Kat in Rachel’s nightmare in "Fear."

"Today I defeated the demon, but I didn’t kill it. I know that it will return, another place, another time, to feed on our doubts and insecurities. Only by confronting and embracing our fears can we face the demon head on and drive it out. And only then, can we find inner peace." Rachel’s Legacy Journal entry in "Fear."

"I’ve always been the odd man out – I’m the one always swimming against the current. There’s so many things I don’t agree with around here. The way the Legacy is willing to sacrifice anyone for the cause. The demands it puts on our personal life. The way we choose violence." Rachel trying to explain to Alex why she wants to leave in "The Choice."

"I’m a doctor. I’ve taken an oath to save life, not destroy it. Sometimes it seems like the only answer we have around here is death and violence." Rachel trying to explain to Alex why she wants to leave in "The Choice."

"Can’t you see it? This house is like a magnet. A lightning rod for evil and it’s just a matter of time before it destroys all of us." Rachel trying to explain to Alex why she wants to leave in "The Choice."

"She’s trying to blame everything on the Legacy." Alex, explaining to Derek why Rachel wants to leave in "The Choice."

"Rachel’s always had major doubts. Right from the beginning." Nick’s comment about Rachel in "The Choice."

"The real temptation here is the Legacy. Maybe it takes more strength to leave than to stay…The risks, the danger, the flirtation with death. It’s like an addiction." Rachel trying to explain to Derek why she wants to leave in "The Choice."

Mega-thanks to Emmalee for giving me her massive list of data that was the beginnings of the character and archive pages and for the Season Two quotes.

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