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Philip CallaghanFather Philip Callaghan

[ Quotes ]

Age: Exact age unknown. Early thirties? (although he "looks" much younger.) Born and raised in Belfast, Ireland.

Mother, father and family live in Ireland still. His brother Michael was killed by an IRA bomb (see "Reckoning")


  • Parish Priest
  • Linguist - good at translating old languages


Plays soccer

A former flame, Ellen, killed herself after his rejection and return to the Church.

After "The Substitute," he returns to his parish and doesn't turn up in another episode til "The Reckoning" (in Showtime's order of episodes) when he comes back to the SF Legacy House, only to give Derek a seamless metal box with a note attached from his father, Winston Rayne.

Having a crisis of faith since his brother Michael was killed in IRA bomb blast (see "Reckoning.")

Significant Episodes:

  • Pilot
  • Sins of the Father
  • The Twelfth Cave
  • Doppleganger
  • The Substitute
  • The Reckoning
  • A Traitor Among Us
  • Repentance (Season II)


Season One

To Derek: "The Legacy has fought evil for nearly 3,000 years without my
help. I don't see why they need it now."
(see "Pilot")

Derek, speaking to Phillip: "My friend. You would forgive the devil if he came to you for absolution, but you won't forgive yourself." - (see

"The Legacy battles evil in every form it takes. We know it’s out there. It’s a part of the mortal world. And if I’ve learned anything, it is that the last battleground must be here," (pointing at his chest), Phillip talking to Derek in "The Pilot."

"Still pretending to be a priest?" said sarcastically by Nick to Phillip in "The Pilot."

"Don’t worry, I’m a saint. Not a martyr." spoken by Phillip in "The Pilot."

"Unless you wanna fight me for it." Phillip’s answer to Derek’s question whether he wants to translate the scroll brought by Randolph Hitchcock in "The Twelfth Cave."

"I think that if strapping on holy water is your idea of preparing for this guy, yeah, you need some help." Nick’s reply to Phillip’s question as to whether he thinks he needs help (see "The Substitute.")

"Maybe you should put your collar on." Nick tells Phillip. "What for?" Phillip asks. "So we can ask the questions instead of answer them." Nick says, before they go to visit the crime scene (see "The Substitute").

"I knew that collar was good for something. You’ll have to let me borrow it sometime." Nick tells Phillip. Phillip’s answer "What, so you can dodge past police lines and have women throw themselves uncontrollably at your feet?" "That’s cold … Icy," replies Nick. See "The Substitute."

Nick to Phillip: "And return to hell without thy hand?"
Phillip's reply: "I made that bit up, but I believed it." (see "The Substitute")

"Keep the holy water handy," Nick’s goodbye comment to Phillip in "The Substitute."

"You’re the coolest priest we’ve ever met." Joe Dawkins’ comment to Phillip in "The Substitute."

"Divided, as ever, despite the promises. It’s really upsetting when they use the love of God to generate so much hate." Phillip’s answer to Derek’s query "How’s Ireland?" in "The Reckoning."

"I was the sinner." Phillip’s description of himself, in comparison to his late brother, Michael in "The Reckoning."

"What sort of God allows this to happen? … How do I fight for a God who would let this be? I mean, if this is a sample of his justice and mercy, then I’m afraid I have to pass." Phillip describing his crisis of faith caused by the death of his brother, to Alex in "The Reckoning."

"I think Derek would say that we should be for the truth, even if it’s not what we want it to be." Phillip discussing Derek’s "trial" with Nick in "A Traitor Among Us."

Season Two

"I’m wondering how any of us got here. How we were called to this work – to the Legacy. How, no matter how hard I try to get away from it, it always seems to find me again." Phillip telling Derek about his frustrations in "Repentance." Derek’s answer is "Something larger at work. Destiny, I suppose."

"That night was one of the most difficult of my life and one of the most difficult for my friends at the Legacy. I thank the Lord it ended as it did and no more innocent people died. This guilt I feel at hurting others is overwhelming." Phillip’s Legacy Journal entry in "Repentance."

Sloan, giving Nick is opinion why Phillip left the Legacy, "Couldn’t stand the pressures of the job. Odd, how a man of so much faith, could have so much fear." See "Trapped."

Nick’s reply to Sloan, "I’m sure that Phillip has his reasons for quitting. But cowardice…cowardice wasn’t one of them." See "Trapped."

Mega-thanks to Emmalee for giving me her massive list of data that was the beginnings of the character and archive pages and for the Season Two quotes.

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