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VCR Alert for Kristin Lehman fans!
posted Tuesday, 22-January-2002
According to a post in alt.tv.andromeda regarding upcoming episodes and cast information for Gene Roddenberry's ANDROMEDA (and double-checked at the official site, www.andromedatv.com) ... Kristin Lehman is playing the character "Molly Noguchi" in episode #213 Lava and Rockets. It seems to be airing around the second week of February on local channels such as UPN or FOX. Click here to find out which date/time/channel it will be on in your area. Other P:TL Alumni that were/are involved with this show include actor Brent Stait (he played "John Wesley Richter" in the P:TL episode "Finding Richter"), Allan Eastman (he directed my fav P:TL ep - Twelfth Cave!) as Executive Producer and Richard B. Lewis as Production Designer.