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posted Friday, 31-October-2003
On Halloween, what used to scare you as a kid? What scares you now? Post your answers.

18th Annual Gemini Awards
posted Friday, 17-October-2003
The televised night of this Canadian awards ceremony will take place Monday, October 20th on CBC Television. Not only is Helen Shaver be one of the presenters, she's one of the nominees, too! Helen is up for "Best Direction in a Dramatic Series" for Just Cause: Death's Details (Note: this category will be presented on a different night, Sunday, October 19th.) Visit geminiawards.ca to see the complete list of nominees and learn more about the Gemini Awards. 20-OCT-03 UPDATE : Helen Shaver won the Gemini for "Best Direction in a Dramatic Series"!

VCR Alert for Helen Shaver fans
posted Monday, 13-October-2003
Helen Shaver is playing "Sandy Moose", the wife of Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose (played by Charles S. Dutton) in USA Network's D.C SNIPER: 23 DAYS OF FEAR on Fri, Oct 17th at 9:00 PM Eastern and 11:00 PM Eastern. Visit usanetwork.com for more information.

VCR Alert for Martin Cummins fans
posted Thursday, 9-October-2003
Thanks to Julie F. for sending this MC alert to the LJs! Martin Cummins will be the bad guy of the week in the next episode (Oct 15th) of JAKE 2.0 on UPN. Visit UPN.com for more info on this show.

November P:TL Schedule - Sci Fi Channel (US)
posted Wednesday, 8-October-2003
Each of the following airs at 3:00 AM Eastern / 2:00 AM Central

Sat 08-NOV-03 Body and Soul
Sat 15-NOV-03 Forget Me Not
Sat 22-NOV-03 The Portents

(Note: these are the dates to set you *vcr timer* to since Sci Fi's schedulebot shows the date as being on a Friday.)

For quick access to P:TL airings on SciFi's schedulebot and to CONFIRM air dates/times, check out the links for your time zone.