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posted Sunday, 29-August-2004
As most of you already know, the SCI FI CHANNEL hasn't aired any episodes since the end of June and it doesn't look like they'll be showing them anytime soon. They don't even have page up for P:TL anymore! (Which is probably a "good thing" since there was much there to begin with and what was there was a bit outdated.) Anyhow, the SCI FI CHANNEL is not the only place P:TL is being aired around the world. For example, if you live in Canada and get the SHOWCASE channel, you can see P:TL episodes repeated there regularly. See Fri-Sun schedules at showcase.ca. If you know where P:TL is airing in your neck of the woods, please let fellow fans know by replying to the Where's P:TL topic on the P:TL BB.