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Happy Anniversary!
posted Sunday, 28-September-2003
Can you believe it's already been seven years since the following happened?

1) P:TL's first season aired on Showtime, went into syndication worldwide and many a horror/scifi fan was hooked :-)
2) The first unofficial web site for viewers of P:TL was started (which then became LegacyWeb.com several months later in 1997)
3) We found out just how many other fans shared an fascination with a certain dashing Dutchman when the first unofficial Derek de Lint site went live.

Time has flow by soooooooo fast, eh? Just wanted to let you all know how much I've enjoyed participating in these fandoms with you and providing these web sites. A special thanks to those who wrote all those wonderful P:TL fanfics, sent in news/info and wrote episode descriptions. Here's to another seven years and beyond!

Fans, keep your eyes open for captured LW pages...
posted Tuesday, 16-September-2003
Starting at 1:38:34 AM on Tuesday, September 16, 2003 and ending about 20 minutes later, a person from the Charlottesville/Lynchburg, Virginia area of the US whose ISP is Adelphia.net used WEBCAPTURE 2.0 to capture a long list of web pages and other files off of LegacyWeb.com. It could be totally benign and nothing to worry about but if you see that content re-published on another web site in the future, please notify me immediately. Thanks!

What to know more about WebCapture 2.0? It's the web capture function in a pc-based software program that can be used to capture files off the web. It did not appear to respect robots exclusion files or meta tags and it hit the server rather hard while it sucked up files and used bandwidth at extremely high rate (and guess who pays for that?) What is it not? It is most definitely not one of the "friendly" spiders/bots used by search engines. Examples of search engine bots would be Googlebot for Google, Slurp for Inktomi, ZyBorg for Looksmart, Fast for Alltheweb, and Scooter for AltaVista. (click here to learn more about search engine robots.)

October P:TL Schedule - Sci Fi Channel
posted Tuesday, 16-September-2003
Each of the following airs at 3:00 AM Eastern / 2:00 AM Central

Sat 04-OCT-03 Wishful Thinking
Sat 11-OCT-03 Unholy Congress
Sat 18-OCT-03 Sacrifice
Sat 25-OCT-03 She's Got the Devil in Her Heart

(Note: these are the dates to set you *vcr timer* to since Sci Fi's
schedulebot shows the date as being on a Friday.)

For quick access to P:TL airings on SciFi's schedulebot and to CONFIRM air dates/times, check out the links for your time zone