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You're invited...
posted Sunday, 30-January-2005
Has it been awhile since you had a good discussion about P:TL episodes? Wondering what other fans think about an ep or a character? Many of us fans still ponder those things and we can talk about all kinds of P:TL-related stuff on the Legacy Journals mailing list aka "the LJs" list. Our list has been around for almost eight years now, making the move from a Majordomo listserv to Onelist to Egroups and finally (we hope!) to YahooGroups. Sometimes there are only a few posts per month and sometimes a bunch... it just depends on what the topic of the day is. :-) If you are interested in joining, just go to http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/legacy-journals/ and click "join this group."

Happy Birthday, Alexandra Purvis!
posted Thursday, 27-January-2005
Send those Happy Bday vibes to Alex Purvis (who played Kat Corrigan in P:TL ) today! Alex was born January 27, 1988.