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OT: Mark Stern and Pen Densham (Trilogy E.G.)
posted Sunday, 29-April-2001
Mark Stern (who exec produced P:TL) and Pen Denshem of Trilogy Entertainment Group did a talk radio show on April 18th about the new season of The Outer Limits (not P:TL.) [ Thanks to Maryann who sent me to artbell.com ] You can listen to the audio transcript it at http://www.artbell.com/topics.html

Derek de Lint Video/DVD Alert
posted Sunday, 22-April-2001
The classic Dutch WWII film, Soldaat van Oranje, (starring Derek de Lint as Alex) has been re-released on video and now DVD

Soldier of Orange Re-Release
posted Saturday, 21-April-2001
The classic Dutch WWII film, Soldaat van Oranje/Soldier of Orange, (starring Derek de Lint as Alex) has been re-released on video and for the FIRST time on DVD

LEO Award Nominations: Helen Shaver and Martin Cummins
posted Tuesday, 17-April-2001
Martin Cummins was nominated in the following categories for WE ALL FALL DOWN: Best Feature Length Drama, Best Director of Best Feature Length Drama, and Best Screenwriter of Best Feature Length Drama. Nominated for Best Performance - Female of Best Feature Length Drama are Helen Shaver for WE ALL FALL DOWN and Alexandra Purvis for MARINE LIFE. Check leoawards.comafter May 11th for the winners.

April Global 100 Charts
posted Monday, 9-April-2001
#42 - Poltergeist: The Legacy (up from 44 on the TV Chart)
#60 - Derek de Lint (down from 41 on the Male chart)
#79 - Martin Cummins (down from 64)
#84 - Patrick Fitzgerald (up from 86)
#78 - Alexandra Purvis (Female chart)
#82 - Helen Shaver (up from 83)
#96 - Robbi Chong (up from 99)