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Happy Birthday, Martin!
posted Friday, 28-November-2003
Martin Cummins was born November 28, 1969. Wish Martin a Happy Birthday

New fanlisting for P:TL het/slash fanfiction
posted Monday, 3-November-2003
If you are a fan of "Het" or "Slash" P:TL fanfics involving relationships between m/f, m/m or f/f characters, then please consider joining this new fanlisting: Poltergeist: The Legacy het/slash fanfiction fanlisting

December P:TL Schedule - Sci Fi Channel (US)
posted Saturday, 1-November-2003
Okay, this is weird... they were not done showing season 4 yet! But if what they have on the schedulebot right now for December is true, it sure will be nice to see season one eps airing again on the Sci Fi Channel.

Each of the following airs at 3:00 AM Eastern / 2:00 AM Central

Sat 06-DEC-03 Dark Priest
Sat 13-DEC-03 Crystal Scarab
Sat 20-DEC-03 The Signalman

(Note: these are the dates to set you *vcr timer* to since Sci Fi's schedulebot shows the date as being on a Friday.)

For quick access to P:TL airings on SciFi's schedulebot and to CONFIRM upcoming air dates/times, check out the links for your time zone.